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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 26, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 26, 2014

BTW, we don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve made a few changes to the site. We’ve gotten rid of slideshows and will be pretty much eliminating multi-page articles (except for spoiler protection). Also, image gallery posts now have nice big images right in the article, plus pages should also load faster now. Finally, we’ve also opened up the top navigation area a bit to make things easier to see/click on.

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  1. So reasons why I Love True Detective:

    1. Episode 1
    2. Episode 2
    3. Episode 3

    You get the point. Is this show is great or what?

  2. We’ve only had 1 episode here in the UK so far…but it is goooood…

  3. Good Morning all…

    That Godzilla trailer was amazing! IMO, it looks like they did it, they actually got him right. His roar is great, (possible a little long, at least in the sample they gave, but still great), and he looks great. I can’t get over his size. WOW! Very cool!
    I can’t wait for this movie!

    I read where Kevin Fiege said that a star is not required for Dr. Strange, and I tend to agree with him. Marvel has a neat and unique way of casting perfect people for their roles whether they’re stars or not. They seem to pick the right person first and then think about star power later, if at all. It’s worked very well for them so far, so whatever choice they make, I have faith the it will be the right one.

    Am I the only one that thinks Spiderman 2 might disappoint a bit? It seems jammed packed, and I can’t really get a good handle on the story. Maybe it’s just me.

    R.I.P Harold Ramis

    • See I was very disappointed with the Godzilla trailer. I think my expectations were too high and they didn’t show enough. I’ll still see it but it didn’t get me overly excited.

      • Im with you to a point. I was disappointed in the new trailer but the original teaser was awesome IMO

    • I also think that TASM2 might not do as good as the first. Based on all the trailers it just seems like there’s soo much action and less on the story aspect. I hope I am wrong but I just have that feeling like the story will fall flat. Right now I am just waiting for word of mouth to see if I will see it at the big screen

    • @ Stark

      I agree w/ Kevin Feige and Marvel’s way of casting as you said. I wished WB/DC were the same on their casting.

      Do you think Superman’s costume should be brighter since Batman is within the film aswell since they’re known different from each other.

      Imo, Ghostbusters 3 should be not be made. My respect go to Harold Ramis’s family & friends.

      • @ John McClane

        We don’t know that WB/DC isn’t the same on their casting choice. They my be perfect as well, we just don’t know it yet.
        A rule of thumb that I have adopted when it comes to WB/DC movies is this, I’m going into them like I’m being introduced to those characters for the very first time; no preconceived notions (other than Superman, because we have MoS to build on), and no history. I’m doing that because I think that’s how they want us to view the movie, with new takes, new views on these new iterations of these characters. I think that’s the smart play when it comes to WB/DC.
        If I go into it think “this is exactly how WW needs to be for me to be satisfied with this movie”, I lose.
        Like I’ve said before, I’m not doing that again. Let’s just wait and see what WB/DC has up their collective sleeves BEFORE we judge the casting choices.

        So Superman’s costume brighter and Batman’s darker? I could see that.

        As far as Ghostbusters goes, I loved the first one, hated the second one and would love a third one. I can see the value of a brand new cast and also the value of bringing back the old cast. So I guess IMO, a meshing of the two would be the best option. It would be like they did for the Ghostbusters video game story.

        • Wow, great thoughts about DC they make a lot of sense.


    • I have some concerns for ASM2 as well, and I think it’s why (at least personally) 2013 was a bit of a disappointment movie-wise. There’s so much hype built up for so many of these movies now that it’s almost impossible to live up to them by the time they actually get to the theater. That’s why I’m trying to cut back on how much info I read and trailers I see for the movies I’m looking forward to.

    • I understand your point (ASM2), but if you think about it, how much can really be expected from a teenage Spider Man storyline. Most of Spider’s dramatic plots come when he is an adult and has to deal with adult issues. Personally I’m not expecting too much story wise from this film but that might not be a bad thing. I mean isn’t it still awesome just to watch Spider Man swinging around and fighting bad guys for two hours?

  4. So given the release of Thor: The Dark World on BluRay yesterday, I figured I would defer to the internet on something I still can’t figure out. In the final fight scene, why does the white half of Malekith’s face turn all black (or at least become darker)? I feel like that was a bit random in the movie and even though it’s a small detail, it’s been bugging the crap outta me since seeing it.

    • Did Thor zap him with lightning do change him?

      • Right, he gets half his face burned by Thor on Asgard, but in the final scenes, his non-burned side turns noticeably darker (almost black) for some reason, at least compared to the white skin he had earlier in the movie.

        • I believe it was his power, his magical Dark Elf power. He was trying not to get hit by the iron rods that thor was throwing I believe? Iron is his weakness. I remember while watching the movie I remembered what was going on. Now I can’t…I need to watch it again I guess. Darn, now it’s bugging me!

  5. The mighty Ultron, with an appearance by Tony stark!

    • I have actually seen this movie…. when it came out….. :D Yet there were no subtitles… :D

    • His power is to impair our hearing…xD That was pretty good for James Spader, must say. at the end though…he falls apart. But, lol.

  6. Good god the Godzilla trailer! Thats my 2014 movie right there. The superheroes movies (as good as I’m sure that can potentially be) can take a back seat for my new no1.

  7. I’ll say it again because it’s the obvious choice, she’s just perfect! Margot Robbie for Ms. Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She’s right age, has the look, and is…ermm…hott!

    • I like her in the looks department she could certainly fill out that suit but I don’t see her as a Carol Danvers strong woman, but actors are put in roles to act so I’d be happy if they gave it to her.


    • I don’t think Robbie would take a franchise superhero role ya kno. After doing a Scorsese film she’s probably looking at more dramatic roles. She would be awesome as Ms Marvel tho.

  8. So… what does everybody think the line-up for the JL movie will be?

    I’m thinking Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern. I don’t think Warner Bros. wants a flash running on both TV and movie universes.

    Also, I watched Captain Phillips over the weekend and it was amazing I must say, Wolf of Wall Street was too explicit for my tastes it took me out the movie.


    • @Joshua W:

      You can’t have a JL without Flash… or Aquaman.

      The first 6 have to be Bats, Supes, WW, Flash, Aquaman and GL… it’s that 7th that I’m torn on. The old-school JL had Martian Manhunter, but the new 52 has Cyborg (and I’ve also heard that it should be Hawkman).

      • I would love to see Flash and Aquaman in the Justice League movie but I just don’t see why it’s necessary for DC to have both versions of the same character running, there is a plethora of characters for The CW to choose from to make series out of.

        I think they will use Cyborg, Martian Manhunter is too much like Superman in his origin and somewhat his base powerset. Cyborg also provides a different kind of link between Superheroes and Humanity than Batman does.

        I am hoping flash is in the JL but I just don’t know if he will be.


        • Since they take creative license with the films anyways, what about making the 7th member a female (so that WW isn’t too outnumbered)?

          Either an established heroine or maybe do a flip, like a female Martian “Man”hunter (get it?) or a female Cyborg. Heh.

          • I could see a Vixen or Hawkgirl character if they wanted two female characters and to go realy out there Big Barda or Donna Troy would be cool to see and spin-off with Cyborg in a Teen Titans movie (never happening).

      • @ Big Nerd

        I tend to agree with you. Flash is integral to any JL team up, IMO. I don’t know how they are going to work the TV heros, Arrow and Flash, into their movie universe, but they should. Flash because he’s important to the JL and Green Arrow because he’s super popular right now, and that show is just awesome. Aquaman is also important to the JL, but he might need a solo movie first, before a team up, IMO.

        • Do you think the TV shows are going to be a prequel of sorts to the movies?

          • @ Josh

            Well, I’m not sure  how Arrow and Flash  can’t be some kind of prequel.

            IMO, currently the Arrow and MoS timelines/universes don’t sync up. Something as huge as first contact would be world wide news and yet there has been nothing mentioned on Arrow thus far. So, Kal  hasn’t made an appearance yet in the world, according to Arrow. That’s not to say that he doesn’t existing in the Arrow universe,  just that the events of MoS haven’t happened yet in the Arrow world.

            They could end season three of Arrow and season one (?) of Flash with showing the events of MoS happening on TV, then when MoS 2 comes out everything would sync up, opening the way for both Flash and Green Arrow to be included into the movie universe and thus JL.
            Just some thoughts.

            • I think that’d be a great way to explain the differences in the timelines and also since Man of Steel didn’t ever mention any other heroes (even Batman) perhaps they are all local heroes and maybe the flash is thought of as a legend or myth, we will see if they are connected depending on where the story goes with both shows.


          • @Josh
            Do you think BatsVsSupes will have an already established JL? I’m picturing the film taking place a while after MoS and not necessarily being Super man’s next adventure. Showing Bats and Supes’ falling out, rather than their meeting, ya know.

            • I don’t know, I think that’s an interesting theory but WB needs to make all the money they can, skipping the first JL movie for BvS wouldn’t be making money it would be losing it.

  9. So that Godzilla trailer was super awesome! I’ve only seen about 8 times but plan on watching it a couple more times. If it wasn’t already at the top of my list for 2014 films, that trailer would’ve put it there. Definitely my most anticipated film in a long while, even more anticipated than the Avengers.

  10. I think Zatanna would be a cool character to show up in upcoming seasons of Arrow/Flash. Thoughts?

    • Yes, please!
      Zatanna = homina homina homina!

    • I am hoping they use Zatanna in Constantine on NBC if that show turns out to be any good, if it isn’t Zatanna would be really fun on Arrow.

  11. Yknow why I liked man of steel, because it realistically portrayed destruction that a world transforming machine and that of when super beings are fighting, one of which wishes to destroy everything.
    How incompetent are the aliens of Avengers, even with giant space whale monsters, so little/minor damage is made, looks like every bystander could get out without a scratch, just some smudges.
    …..what was even their plan then, if the movie wasnt biased to show the heroes are good and government dumb, the government couldve just flown a nuke into the portal and that wouldve been the end of it.
    The Avengers only defeat the hoards because that nuke was fired, just one nuke at that, we have loads!
    They couldve shut off the portal sure, but the nuke was instant victory, killing off every alien apparently. Whereas each one of the kryptonians was an individual destructive force.
    Man of Steel should be given more credit for not catering to sentimental hero can save absolutely everyone in these outrageous situations bit.

    • I argue that the Avengers isn’t as “magnificent” as people make it out to be, the only thing it set records for was Box office, The Dark Knight is what inspired true quality in CBM’s.

    • That major plot hole still kills ‘The Avengers’ experience for me. Loki just left Nick fury on the floor when he should have killed him. The movie had a brilliant concept but they screwed up the prologue, the most crucial part of the film.

    • Well of course the aliens were fodder, who wants to see The Avengers get their a$$ kicked? How many Kryptonians were their? Three? If their were hundreds they would have been easily beaten too, or you would be looking at a 4-5 hour movie, lol.

      The government did fire a nuke to blow up the whole island. Black Widow could’ve closed the portal, nuke or not, and the they would have just cleaned house with the rest of the scrub aliens left. Yes, the Chitari all dropping when the mother ship blew up was cliché, no doubt, but again we just had a good 45 minutes of the team mopping the floor with these guys, the movie has to end sometime.

      • The Avengers was so meh, other than the humor

        • That’s fine. I enjoyed it. Hulk beating up aliens, Hulk v Thor, Thor v Iron Man, the scene where the camera followed the whole team as they were fighting through the streets.

          I would believe if you said it was meh except for the action but how can you say a 45 minute battle scene with all those guys was meh? I get that you’re not as excited as, say….. me, but meh action? No way!

          • Before Man of Steel came out I used to watch The ending of Avengers all the time, but it seems like MOS ruined me, I LOVE that movie so whenever I watch other CBM’s they always seem to pale in comparison Man of Steel’s scale was just so big it opened up something huge, with action that is.

      • The point is they basically werent a threat at all, they did so little damage to one city and one nuke killed them all.

        Whereas in man of steel, one kryptonians going all out with another trying to stop them cause major damage and its only by timing a time/space bomb kamikaze that gets rid of and killing the leader stops them, so the hero was needed.

        Yet people say the Avengers were better for preventing so much destruction, when in reality, there wasnt much of a threat. Not even state military shows up to fight, its just cops, of course the aliens look like a threat when all you have are local authorities.

        • I don’t think they were “better” for preventing such destruction. To be fair, until MOS 2, we don’t really know how they’ll handle the destruction aftermath. I mean shouldn’t half of the population of Metropolis be dead, at least.

          Absolutely agree that the aliens weren’t much of a threat, but that’s what leads to the end credits scene. Thanos thought that’s all he needed to send.

          I agree MOS had more realistic city destruction, I just don’t think The Avengers needs to be put down to reach that point. Both movies are great in their own right. To me anyways.

          • You do realize that compared to the size of Metropolis only about 1/10 of the city was destroyed right? Nowhere near half of the population is dead.

            • Okay. 1/10 of the population is dead. Sorry, I didn’t know you had the actual numbers. Still a huge chunk of a city….. dead. I’m interested in how they handle it. That’s all. I think the point I was trying to make was pretty clear no need to be nit-picky.

              • I’m just going off of what they showed in the movie, unless everybody happened to be in that part of the city….

                How long do you think it was between the Zod kill and the drone crash?

                I’m thinking it’s been months, they government is spying on him because they don’t trust him, I think that is a hint to the plot of BvS.

                The point was clear no problems here!

                • Oh yeah, no worries. It looked like the downtown or business sector part of the city, that’s all. I think there was probably a lot of people in that radius and there is no way many survived.

                  I agree final battle was amazing in MOS, I bought the Blu-ray. For me, at the end of the day, for me, they’re both great.

                  • @ MovieB

                    How much destruction, people killed would you say happened in The Avengers? Think of the here & there when those aliens popped out of nowhere with only NYC police spreaded while The Avengers do their job.

                    There were candle-light virgils afterwards w/ pictures of loved ones. Of-course the price would be more if the nuke hit the city.

                    • Oh there were definitely a lot of casualties in The Avengers. I just think there was probably more in MOS because the city was literally being dribbled by the world engine.

  12. Is anyone watching Helix on SyFy?

    It’s actually getting interesting, but I have a feeling it won’t make it past this season.

  13. LOL, wow, quite a reaction to the site changes I mentioned in theis post. :-P

  14. These commercials are probably regional, so maybe not many people would have seen this. But have any of you seen that Xfinity commercial where two guys are out in the middle of the great outdoors on horses sitting in front of a big canyon and one guy asks “Where else can you get this?” And the other guy, marketed as the “cool” one responds: “Just about anywhere” and you see him watching a tv show or something on his tablet??? And somehow, the point of the commercial is that the 1d10t with his face buried in a tablet while there is THE GREAT FREAKIN OUTDOORS in front of him is the “cool” one and the one that’s actually enjoying the nature and the things they can only experience there is the “lame” “dish head” as they want to call him… I don’t get it, how is that cool? If I was out there, I would have taken that tablet from him and thrown it into the canyon and it would have been doing that person a favor… So pathetic. If that’s “cool” then please let me be lame.

    • You do see the irony in what you just wrote? Some people like technology more than the great freakin outdoors as you put it. How is that pathetic? Is what you like only considered cool, and what others do considered pathetic? Pretty lame man.

      Also, I’m guessing Xfinity is trying to sell the tablet not the outdoors so you know, there’s that.

      • Sorry, I kind of subscribe to a more “old fashion” thinking where you’re considered more capable and interesting if you do things outdoors than if you’re a fat ass staring into a screen 24/7. I’m weird, I know. Yah, I guess now-a-days you’re cooler if you’re a hipster that takes pictures of your food and can’t even stop plucking away at your phone for a few minutes to drive safely than someone who actually gets off his butt and goes hiking, mountain climbing, horse-back riding, etc. Psh, what a lame ass. I mean, who wants to see a wild brown grizzly bear catching a salmon out of a stream or a majestic bald eagle soaring through the air when you have your tablet to watch some silly sitcom you could watch when you’re at home. Obviously the Mindy Project or whatever is so much more important, duh!

        My mistake man, how could I mistaken what a true bad-ass is. They should redo that commercial where when that other guy asks about the outdoors the cool guy opens an app on his tablet (like a boss) that tells off that other guy for interrupting his marathon of Girls…

        • Bwahahaha. I wasn’t saying one was cooler than the other. You were. That was my point. You were mad at the commercial for showing the techy guy as being cool. Instead of saying people could enjoy both you put down the techy guy exclaiming that that the great freaking outdoors is cool and the tech guy is an idiot. Which is why you were mad in the first place. I was point out the hypocrisy in your statement.

          I also pointed out that you seem to understand the point of a commercial, and the purpose of selling a product.

          • Duh I understand the commercial’s intent, but their target audience is definitely not someone like me who would intentionally shut off all of my electronics so nothing interrupts my enjoyment of the outdoors. And there’s absolutely no hypocrisy in my statements. I simply think it’s stupid to fly/drive/hike so far out into nature just so you can do something you could do at home. If you don’t find that stupid, then fine. I guess I’m the odd person here for not wanting to have my face buried in a little backlit screen while nature passes me by.

        • I was pointing out that you were being a hypocrite. Over your head apparently.

        • @Ken J – I like the truck commercial of the guys driving around holding their cellphones up saying “Nope. Not yet”. You think they’re searching for a signal only to realize they were looking for a place WITHOUT a signal :)

          I know a girl who starts the 6 month trek up the Appalachian Trail tomorrow. I wish I had that kind of free time. I’ve heard it’s a wonderful hike.


          • Please inform her how lame she is, you’ll be the one she should be jealous of since you’re at home where you can watch TV… :-P

            But seriously, yah, I wish I had the time and money to travel and see more nature. Around where I live it’s pretty limited. Well, not really, lots of outdoors and stuff like that, but it’s very flat here, so not a lot of variety in landscapes…