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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 25, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 25, 2013

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  1. Do you think we will get to see Steve Rogers wield Thors hammer in the avengers 2. I know it has happened in the comics and I think it would be pretty cool to see.

    • That would go a long way toward showing just WHY Cap is so admired and respected…Thor’s hammer can only be lifted by the noblest of hearts.

    • I’m a HUGE Thor comicbook fan and I’ve been hoping for that ever since they first announced their plans for an Avengers movie. I would hope they save it for Avengers 3 though.

  2. Didn’t watch the Oscars last night as I had to work, but I understand Seth macfarlane was his usual self with sexism, and off the wall borderline racist jokes. Even heard he sung a boobie song.

    I say oh well academy you hired him to be the host, so you get what you paid for. And quite frankly I say alright to Seth for spicing that yearly boring ceremony. Hope he returns as host next year. Night folks.

    • It was still incredibly boring.

    • yeah, I don’t think he managed to change anything. the show was overly long, again and boring at times. I’d prefer if he doesn’t return as a host

    • I didn’t watch the show. But looking at the results it seem they did the usual thing of give every film an award even if it wasn’t who deserved it for that category.

      • I liked seth a lot what i didnt like was the theme… musicals? Its not like chicago was the greatest best picture winner ever

    • “We saw your boobs” was hilarious. Probably considered inappropriate for the Oscars, but I didn’t care because I’m not a high-class snob…however, it would have been a great SNL skit.

      • Thought it was more adolescent than hilarious, and I am not a “high class snob”. Just don’t find jokes about “boobies” funny, but then, you get what you pay for, and this year, they paid for Seth McFarlane.

        • Everyone has different tastes. It was funny because there is a stigma with the Best Actress category that if you show skin, you’ll win. And I wasn’t calling anyone who didn’t like the song a high class snob…I was referring to how people feel the Academy Awards should handle themselves…a classy gala event.
          As for McFarlane, the best line was right after the song when Captain Kirk told Seth McFarlane that he’s going to join The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles in July 2015. Self deprecating humor…got to love it. But I agree, he did not fit well with the “classiness” of the Oscars.

  3. Wanted to say I watched the GL/YJ anamated shows yesterday. All I can say is why are they canceling these shows? Things are starting to get interisting on both shows. Young Justice is realy getting good with Nightwing is finaly putting it togher and finding out whats what and the bad guys invasion is not going as well as they hoped.

    • I blame global warming

    • Yeah. It’s a shame. Young Justice & GL: TAS toys are just not selling well. That’s why Beware the Batman and the new Teen Titans are geared even more towards kids. Same thing happened with Avenger’s: EMH and Spectacular Spiderman

  4. I watched a slew of dc animated films last week my favorites were under the red hood, JL
    A new frontier and the others were all pretty good, all star supes, batman/superman apocalypes, jl doom

    • Mask of the Phantasm is great as well

    • Ah yes, Under the Red Hood.

      The one time I agree with a villain to an extent (Red Hood on why Batman won’t kill The Joker, while he understands letting other villains live)

    • jl: a new frontier is probably my favorite dc animated movie! it’s amazing in every aspect :)

      • I hope the writer of JL. watches New Frontier. Great movie. Shows you that you can properly balance a superhero team up with 6 characters with each having a satisfying arc.

  5. So was Batman:Subzero. That movie was better than Batman & Robin was despite being animated. It was gonna be in theaters that same year but it was pulled because of Batman & Robin’s backlash in theaters.

  6. I also wish they could back to the Timmverse with another season of Superman:TAS that focuses on Superman gaining back the people’s trust after the events of Legacy parts, 1&2. More JLU episodes would be nice.

    • I rather WB would just expand the Young Justice universe with a Superman spin off show.

  7. Jennifer lawerence is so beautiful

    • Random…

    • weird nose.

    • Pouty… or perhapse sour… she can act though.

  8. Anyone think theres gonna be a sequel to Real Steel?

    • I enjoyed Reel Steel, but the movie was satisfying enough to not warrant a sequel (although that has never stopped Hollywood before).

      Also, we won’t need a fictional account of robot fighting anymore since it’s becoming a reality with the Robot Combat League debut tomorrow night on ScFy!

      • *EDIT* Real Steel

      • Robot Combat League?

          • Looks better than “RC cars with saws” show that came before this.

            • Battlebots? That’s a major factor in origin story of Grant Imahara. Legend says he was bitten by a radioactive combat robot after one of his numerous losses. Afterwards, Imahara emerged as an electronics wizard. Meanwhile, the illusive Hyneman approached him to join his unique team, the Mythbusters.

              • Wow, I didn’t know that guy was on that show. I didn’t watch much of it, because they spent to much time talking and not enought time Battleboting.

                • I didn’t really watch it either. I heard about Grant’s involvement while listening to the Nerdist podcast when Chris Jericho was promoting the Robot Combat League. Apparently, he never won.

      • Hmmm that reminds me i havent watched through the wormhole in a long time

  9. If you could play one Comic Book Villain in a movie who would it be?

    • @ Writer

      Id probly say id be Darkseid.

    • Magneto.

      • Ras al ghul

    • The new Goblin from SM3

    • Judge Death

    • Doomsday – Since I’m “playing” him in a “movie,” I’d prefer a character with no speaking lines.

    • For Marvel, Hawkeye when he debut as a villain.
      For DC, Sinestro.

  10. as a human villain, id be Lock-Up. What about you Writer?

    • @ Wally West

      Personally I am not sure what villain I would want to be. I fit many of the profiles but I think I lean more towards the character of El Diablo. I am not Mexican but I can relate to this DC villain because he views himself as evil yet he attempts to do good.

  11. Anybody recomend Cabin in the Woods?

    • There is one part of that movie I enjoyed. It had to do with an “army of nightmares”

      Other than that it’s a typical Whedon one liner fest.

    • A bit forgetable, but no worse than many, many other horror/thriller films. It’s similsr in feel (but not plot) to something like “Scream”.

    • Do not listen to these two, Its Awesome!

      • twas ok, really liked the last 30 minutes or so though.

  12. I saw “Man with the Iron Fists” over the week end. Amazing set pieces and cosumes. But man was that script bad. I really wanted to like this movie too. Still waiting for a great modern Kung-Fu movie.

    • Man of tai chi

    • Definitely Argo was good movie. Still don’t think Ben can handle big time budget action movie.
      Just saw “Life of Pi”… Freaky ending I might say.
      What Oscar?

      Yes, I am also waiting for some AWESOME kung fu movie

      @Professor Procrastination
      I think Real Steel made too much money to not come out w/ sequel.. But signing up Hugh jack is another matter.

  13. Lets Look into the future a little bit .
    Once RDJ is done with the role of Tony Stark , who would you like to take his place ?

    • Paltrow…. ;)

    • I think I see a Time-slip coming….. for you marvelites who catch the reference, kudos to you

  14. Question for everyone. Outta all the mutants who been X-Men in the comics, who would you be & why? For me it’ would be Wolverine from the 90′s animated series. Because of what he says in the episode (Deadly Reunions) when he tells Sabretooth… Wolverine: You always liked pushing people smaller than you. Well im smaller, try pushing me! It’s because i had to put up with more than one bully in school.