Open Discussion – February 24, 2014

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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 24, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   February 24, 2014

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  1. Good morning Scranters! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Today is my birthday and my goal today is to get as much free stuff as I can. You can follow my twitter if you’d like to see what I can gather. It’s embedded in my username.

    Have fun today!

    • Happy b-day…

    • Happy Birthday LC!!

    • Happy Birthday, LC!
      Carpe diem!

    • Happy Birthday LC!! Watch your favorite movie or something

  2. So, after just watching the ASM2 international trailer, I have my order of anticipation for the upcoming Marvel character movies…

    1. X:DoFP
    2. ASM2 and CA:TWS (tie)
    3. GotG

    CA:TWS would likely have been #1 if I had not already experienced IM3 and (to a much lesser extent) T:TDW and had some of my excitement for Phase 2 reduced.

    Let’s see what happens…

    • I think Thor: The Dark World is beyond boring, it was just bad. The villain was extremely forgettable and Loki was pretty much the driving force of the movie. It is my second least favorite Marvel Studios film right before The Incredible Hulk.

      • I don’t know what everybosy is talking about T:TDK was a good movie.
        Was it amazing? no! Was it a fun action comedy film with tons of punchlines and some cool action scenes? Hell Yeah!
        I rather see a film like that then a boring “superman destroy entire city with effects we all saw in ‘2012’ and acting like Kristen Stewart ” any day of the week. (And no i’m not a marvel fanboy just CBM fanboy )

        • You don’t have to attack Man of Steel to justify why you think Thor: TDW was a good movie, it just makes you sound fanboyish. I thought Man of Steel was great and a majority of Marvel’s movies, Thor 2 was just terrible.

          • @Joshua W.
            I didn’t ‘attack’ Man of Steel just to justify why I love T:TDW
            I just made a compression between a CBM I likes and one I didn’t.
            I could have chose any other CBM that came out in recent years (Green lantern and spider man 3 come to mind) but Man of steel was more relvent.

            off course that my opinion of a movie for better or worse is not by any means a try to discredit yours. sorry if it seemed a little harsh (and for my bad English :) )

            • It’s all good it seems like people always try to put down Man of Steel to praise Marvel’s movies.

              • and vice-versa.

                MOS fans do the same.

                In fact I think MOS fans are more vicious with their criticisms. Not here on the OD mind you! At least not usually… More on the other SR articles.

                I like both, I’m just making an observation.

                • I understand what you’re talking about.

  3. You can tell everybody
    Im the man Im the Im the man
    Yes I am Yes I am Yes I am
    I am the batman.

  4. Margot Robbie for Ms. Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I like Emily Blunt for Ms. Marvel

    • At first, I was like “Who?”
      Then I googled her.
      Now I agree with you.


      • Thank you Thank you Thank you, *bows*

      • I would pick Tricia Helfer, who was the human-cylon in Battlestar Galatica, who, I think, best personifies Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers. Another favorite possibility is Katie Sackhoff. She’s been itching to get into the comic book/movie scene and her persona fits the bill quite well. Emily Blunt is a fantastic actress and is very beautiful but I think that’s just way too easy of a choice.

        • I never cared for Emily Blunt. Emily Blank is more like it. I don’t find her appealing. She always has that same blank look on her face like Nic Cage or Shia Lebarf…

    • I’m sure anyone who’s seen WoWS would agree with this haha (for obvious reasons)

  5. I hope you’re all having a great monday!

    I have some casting suggestions for DC specifically Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris commonly known as Green Lantern and Supervillain Star Sapphire..

    Hal Jordan- Jake Gyllenhaal

    Carol Ferris- Michelle Monaghan

    Tell me what you guys think! Could they work?

    • Pretty Good! Jake G. proved himself in Prisoners, from what I’ve seen of it. He’d be an ok choice, unless DC screws over GL again…lets hope they don’t, such a good character with a powerful message, that was wasted…

    • I think those could work and be really good. Both actors already have a fan base and are already excellent at playing different roles. However I don’t think that DC/WB will green light a Green Lantern film because of the rejection of the first film. Although if it was said to be a Green Lantern Corps film it very well might intrigue WB because you would be appealing to a much wider audience.

      1. John Stewart (African-American audience)
      2. Guy Gardner (The hot headed audience)
      3. Hal Jordan (The more militaristic “good guy” Audience)
      4. Simon Baz (The Muslim Green Lantern)

    • Hey Josh

      Y’know Captain Carol Ferris was in Man of Steel, right?

      • I thought it was just an allusion to the character because her last name was Farris not Ferris

    • Hooked on a feeling was one of the good parts of that trailer.

    • I don’t think it was an Ipod, it was a cassette player.

      • @ Zipper

        You may be right about that.

        • It was a Walkman. How dare you, sir.

          • i wonder if they will use the term walkman, as that is a sony trademarked name.

    • the same Same song I am Listening to right NOW.
      so I already Hooked on this Movie for Great Feelings.

    • The Same song I am Listening to right NOW.
      so I already Hooked on this Movie for Great Feelings.

    • I do that a lot with trailers.
      For example, I got into the band Health when I saw the Max Payne 3 trailer (which is a fantastic soundtrack), and I found Zack Hemsey thanks to his music used in the trailer for Inception.

    • The Robocop remake is better than the original?! Blasphemy! haha I jest.. That’s cool though, I’ll have to see it for sure. I really liked the original after finally seeing it last month.

      700% is very good. Good jorb Marvel.

    • funny thing is i sell vinyl online and a couple days ago i sold the both LP’s in the same day ha, they have been in my inventory for over 8 years atleast 😀

  6. I believe that if all the movies or television series that are based on the Marvel Universe Characters are produced by the same production house then it wud b gr8 as there can b a greater continuity n more relation between all those movies

  7. Site question and/or request:

    Is there anyway to keep the AOL trailers from auto-playing when the page reloads? Take the previous story about the TASM2 trailer. I watched the trailer. Scrolled through the comments. Wrote a comment and submitted it. The page reloads to my comment and I hear the audio from the trailer playing, have to scroll back to the top and hit pause. I know it probably has more to do with AOL’s embedding…

    • Zipper,

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll soon be switching to a different player and I’ll see about changing the setting from autoplay to click to play.


  8. What do you guys like for phase 3 Black Panther or Doctor Strange? and also which do you think is more likely to happen?

    • Doctor Strange is happning! there is no doubt about it.
      I think that black panther is not in the cards for phase 3.
      2 new (main) avengers without taking one off (Cap , Thor and Iron man will all be in avengers 3) it’s more then enough.

    • @ Korey

      I would like Black Panther for sure but I think Dr.Strange will happen.

      • @stark i agree completely disappointing because i really wanna see wakanda in the MCU/

    • i have a feeling we will be seeing Black Panther sooner then we think…i remember reading about it over 10 years ago when i think Wesley Snipes was attached to it, and the MCU already lends itself to him being introduced easily, maybe i’m dreaming ha.

  9. So 24 and Heros are back and Farscape is getting a movie (and lets not forget Arrested Devolpment). Do you think it’s a good move or just another syptom of the unoriginality cancer going through Hollywhood?

    And do you want to see any other programms come back to life?
    I hope to see Stargate, Firefly and Flashforward coming back, I thinkthey all have much more to offer.

    • I want ABC to bring “V” back! Or at least another station to pick it up.

      • I wanna see HBO’s Carnivale being brought back. And since 24 is coming back, I wanna see Spooks back as well.

    • I’m very excited to see the return of Jack Bauer, but after I watch the show, I have to do something to calm me down, like read or do a crossword puzzle. Going to bed right after watching an episode equals sleeplessness.

      • Honestly (this may be disturbing) but watching 24 relaxes me… However if you make me play a game of “Pong” like from the old game systems and I’ll have to read a book or do a crossword puzzle because I get super stressed.

        • No, it’s not disturbing. My wife’s as cool as a cucumber and teases me for working myself up over it. I love getting into it.

          BTW, I grew up playing Pong and still have the console from Sears. Awesome game! Glad to hear someone else has good taste in games! :)

    • I don’t think there’s an all encompassing answer to this question, it depends on the show really.

      But yeah all the 24 fans I know are crazy psyched for the new tv-movie thing, and I loved season 4 of Arrested, even if it was somewhat inferior to the previous seasons.

      With Firefly it might be too late to bring it back. Fillion is busy with Castle, Joss has become a hot commodity after the Avengers, and the cast has all aged a decade. Don’t get me wrong I love the show to death (and Serenity) but it might be too late for that one imho.

      I think your answer would change with each tv show. You have to consider how long its been since it originally aired, which characters are going to be in the show, is the new story worth telling. Idk… lots of stuff.

      • As much as firefly goes i Think as long Joss Whedon will be at the helm he can do whatever he want with it including new cast. He had a seven seasons arc story(!!) for the show and i think that in the end he is the most important piece in that puzzle (without taking any respect from the great actors in the show!!)

        And i’m too exited for 24 return (and wish for at least stargate will do the same) but as more shows are staring to make a comeback I fear they will do one (or hundred) to many based on their past popularity. can you imagine a ‘House Reborn’ Miniseries?

  10. What does everybody think DC/WB will announce at Comic-Con? Green Lantern? Wonder Woman? Flash?

    • Unfortunately I don’t think they are going to announce new film in comic con at least not as part of the DCCU.
      But IF they are going to announce anything i think it will be WW. The flash is coming to TV and I think Green Lantern is still scorched as a failure in fans minds and they will want to distant them self from it for a few more years.

      I think most of the panel will be about Batman/Superman, and maybe a little bit about the Sandman movie.

    • the Batsuit or Batmobile

      • Hopefully both

    • Someday I hope my wish of a Nightwing movie comes true.

      • Don’t we all?

        • :)

  11. So… who wet their pants with excitement over the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer? I had to change my underwear… twice. I love how this movie is self-aware and knows it’s goofy but still has that awesome action/seriousness around it. I think this movie is gonna kick arse!

  12. Hello everyone Happy Monday
    Is anybody looking forward to 300: Rise of An Empire? It could be better than the original 300.

    • Me.

    • I’m more excited for other releases that month (the wind rises this weekend, then grand budapest hotel, later noah…), but if it becomes my best option then sure.

  13. I’ve had so much coffee today. That seems to be the go to free item.

  14. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys!

  15. RIP Harold Ramis…

    Does this kill any chance of a Ghostbusters 3 now?

    • Hopefully.

  16. Has there been any news on the Netflix Marvel shows recently? I havent seen any in a while. Wondering if casting/filming has started to happen yet.

    • They have those two show runners set so now I think they’re busy with pre-production. Casting and such will come later this year.

  17. So was watching the Back to the future trilogy and started laughing when he went to the year 2015. I never really thought about it until now it being a year away. Wheres my hoverboard!!!!!

  18. A reliable source tells me that Ms. Marvel aka Captain Marvel is currently being casted/tested and will be announced within a couple of months. Im excited!!

    • I’m really hoping you’re wrong, Wonder Woman needs to have her day in the sun before Ms. Marvel, even though I love both Wonder Woman just deserves more.

      • I DEFINITLY agree with you! Love Wonder Woman… Though a Captain/Ms Marvel movie may not be in development yet, the character can still be introduced in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Maybe as a cameo or after credit button…Thats what i meant to include on my last post.