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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 22, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   February 22, 2013

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  1. I am excited to see what Michael Bay is going to do with TMNT. I might be alone in that subject but whatever. He didn’t “r a p e” anything of mine as some idiots may say.

    I also just finished season 4 of Smallville. It’s really picking up. Lex is getting meaner every episode. I’m really glad I bought that box set. It’s really awesome.

    • well… from what I know bay’s turtles is the following: they’re aliens, they aren’t turtles that were mutated from ooze. they’re battling the us army or cyborgs or something.. idk that was an early script that was either reworked or scrapped I’m not sure. Either way I think its gonna suck hard.

      Yeah smallvilles not bad when it doesn’t oversaturate itself with pointless angst and teenage love plots.

    • The TMNT reboot looks promising. The only thing that has me concerned is they mentioned that the turtles would be motion captured for CGI as opposed to live actors in turtle suits.

    • You Haven’t seen Lex be mean till his final appearance. That’s when Michael Rosenbaum proves himself to be the Best Lex yet in live performance.

    • He is very talented and seeing as argo one every pre cuser its expected to win best picture come sunday. The town is my favorite of his followed by gone baby gone then argo

    • my favorite is Argo, for sure. but I thought Gone Baby Gone was amazing and gorgeous as well :)
      I hope Argo wins best picture. it’s my favorite out of all the oscar nominated films. and when it comes to this award season in general, I’ve been happy with the majority of it, so I can’t wait for the oscars!

  2. Who would you rather see as Spidey in the Avengers ? Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield?

    • If it was only the first two films I would Tobey beats out Andrew, he was just more similar to the comic book Peter Parker. But after the third film I can only picture him as the whiney little a$$ that was on the screen for more than half that film. But I have to say that after watching the Amazing Spider-Man I was impressed with Garfield. And I think he is only going to grow into the role. Plus I feel that he would have better chemistry with the rest of the avengers, especially Stark

    • Maguire, DEFINETLEY Maguire.

    • To be honest, neither of them. I don’t really thing either fit Peter Parker very well.
      If those were the only two actors left on earth and I HAD to choose, I would have to pick Tobey. Garfield is just awful.

    • Tobey. Garfield was a horrible choice for Spidey.

    • Garfield, DEFINITELY Garfield. 😉

      • LOL

      • Garfield

      • Garfield by miles and miles.

        Maguire? Lol

      • @ The Avenger

        Yes, definitely, I can see a giant, orange, lasagne loving cat . . . Oh, wait, you’re not talking about a cat!

        You mean the ‘other’ Garfield!


    • If I had to choose between those two it would be Garfield.

      I don’t care much for kid Spider-Man in general. I much perfer the storys of the grown Peter Parker.

      • Me 2 here.. I didn’t enjoy amazing spiderman(Tobey’s spidey 1 and 2 had better action overall) but definitely Garfield is better choice.

    • Tough question!

    • Tobey fo sho. He’s got more of the physicality for it.

    • @ Amazing

      Thats a tough question,lol. As Spidey, aslong as no dancing,over drama for Gwen or MJ,more humor,etc. ID go with Maguire because i enjoyed Raimi’s first two films a great deal, the 3rd & TAS to lesser extents.

  3. With all the big name movies comming out this year, what for the movie they would like to see out-gross Avatar?

    • Superman

      • Same here. Plus, i think it has the best chance.

      • what about iron man 3 and thor2?

        • wait…no only iron man 3.

        • Sorry I Dont think a Marvel Movie will ever beat out Avatar…

          • +1

            IMO if any Marvel movie had the opportunity to beat out Avatar, it would’ve been the first Spider-Man. Everyone loves Spider-Man, people are begging to have him in The Avengers. And the Raimi series was the first of it’s kind, the same impact will never come around in future reboots.

          • The Avengers out-grossed both TDK & TDKR so imo, A Marvel movie would come closer to beating out Avatar before DC.

        • Neither of them look even remotely interesting to me.

          Every movie has the chance to do a different version of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…but I’m going to get up” and IM3 does not look like its going to add anything different to set it apart from the rest.

          Thor 2, well, I’ve never liked Thor. I’ve liked Norse Mythology Thor, but not Marvel Norse Mythology Thor.

          • @ACW 007 I see where you’re coming from and I respect your opinion but for me Thor worked because of Chris Hemsworth. He absolutely killed it in that role. The movie was a hard sell with the blending of 2 universes and whatnot but Thor was just such a real character to me (due to Hemsworths performance) that I couldn’t help but enjoy the film.

            I’m excited to see what they do with Thor 2 later this year.

      • To be honest, I don’t think Man of Steel will out perform either Iron Man 3 or Thor at the box office this year. Especially Iron Man 3.
        I just have a bad feeling about this Superman movie/story. I hope it isn’t and I want it to do well, but I think it might end up being a Green Lantern type bomb at the box office.

        • the only movie I can imagine beating Avatar in the near future would be either Avengers 2 or Star Wars Ep 7, depending on the hype around it and who’s in it.

          • Ok, that would be the case(Something of already mega established sequel having chance to come close to Avatar). But I would think just in domestic terms, right?(and let’s assume when I say domestic, it’s USA). Oversea record is entirely out of reach for anyone at this point other than JC’s sequel itself.

          • hafta agree, @stark Much as i would like to see MOS beat out Avatar, big-hype, established-franchise movies have the only chance…imo

          • The only thing with a chance of beating avatat is avatar 2 or the avengers 2

            • Or JL if they would set it up right.

    • There isn’t enough audiences to outgross Avatar from any movies coming out next year.
      Let’s not forget what a phenom Avatar was. And let’s not forget why Avatar is the way it was. James cameron has both touched the action/sci crowd w/ his early legendary blockbusters and he completely won over both young and old generation, especially on female side w/ his titanic. He’s probably one director who can bring out all kinds of audiences who normally would not go to event movies. He’s a pioneer in 2 fields. Female action lead role and technology. People go to his movies, and expect to see something they have never seen and experienced. That’s why I also think it takes so long for him to come out w/ his movie.

      I don’t care what movie comes out.. it’s not gonna bring those old folks who normally don’t go to event movies to go to other movies. For next JC’s movie, they will come out. It’s that simple.

      • +1

      • +2

    • I doubt any of this year’s movies will out-gross Avatar (or Titanic for that matter), but out of all the movies, MoS has the best shot imo.

      Of course, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Hobbit Pt2 (Pt1 is now nearing $1billion worldwide) and Thor 2 will make bank too… and I still think The Wolverine will be the biggest surprise hit of the year.

      • Love Wolverine movie.. I hope right director is making the movie..

    • Avatar was released in winter against no other blockbuster type movies. Summer blockbusters have a big one released weekly or at least bi-weekly. For that reason, none of this year’s SUMMER movies will out gross Avatar.

      • Untrue because its second weekend it went up against sherlock holmes and the alvin and the chipmunks both of which made over 200 million dollars

        • I forgot about Holmes…which I saw many weeks before I finally gave in to go see Avatar. But I was speaking more on the lines of huge blockbuster movies that make at least half a billion in their run at the box office. MIB 3, Ted, Brave, Madagascar 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, TDKR and Ice Age all made at least 500 million last summer. It’s going to take some sort of special event movie to break Cameron’s record…even the Avengers came up a billion dollars short.

    • any movie, I hate avatar.

  4. you guys think there should really be a Mama sequel?

    • no to the mama sequel. Not to give anything away, but I don’t know how they can have one.

    • haha was that movie really that good or it just did that good at the box office? i dont know bcuz i haven’t checked out the grossings or been on screenrant for a long time cuz i haven’t had time.

  5. who else wants BLEEDING EDGE to debut in iron man 3??

    • hey does anyone know if marvel offered drax the destroyer to dwayne johnson?because he would’ve been awesome as drax…or does that conflict with his former talks with dc about lobo?

      • I don’t know, but I do know the Lobo movie is dead at WB/DC.

      • Didn’t Marvel cast Jason Momoa for the role of Drax?

        • Heard a rumor that they’re doing more screen test for that role. Apparently momoa not satisfied with Marvel ‘s offer. Again just a rumor.

    • Uhh, no. Im cool with the Extremis for now. Lets hold off of the suit coming out of his body idea for now,

  6. i need more marvel news…pleeeeeease…

  7. I commented on a thread earlier in the week regarding the Green Street film with Elijah Wood.

    If you have seen it, then I’m sure you have your own opinion on it, but in my opinion it’s not a great film and Elijah Wood was a terrible bit of mis casting imo.

    However I do generally like his work.

    So it got me thinking who/what would you say was the worst piece of mis casting you’ve seen?

    • Christian Bale as Batman… Just to get a rise out of people

      • most def!

        • Val kilmer as batman

        • Mos Def would make a terrible Batman! (^-^)

          • He would make a good Riddler though…

            • Aha! You may be on to something there. I guess the riddles would have better rhymes.

  8. If you could play one Super Hero in a movie who would it be?

    • I can’t narrow it down to 1. Im a bit of a smartass so I would have to say Spider-Man, Deadpool, or Wolverine

    • Probably Spider-Man.

      As an actor in training, I like to explore things in a super hero universe I feel can flesh out as fictional characters that can influence someone every day, whether they be a hero or a villain. I see a tremendous positive influence in the character of Peter Parker.

      I would say Batman, if he could understand that someone like The Joker should not be around to keep killing the innocent people he claims to protect. I admire the passion to find some other way aside from killing to solve a situation, but if Batman got his hands on Bin Laden, he would’ve let him live. People like The Joker cannot be reasoned with. Its kind of selfish to let him live only for yourself and not for the sake of the people you “protect”. The rare occassion I agree with Jason Todd in Under the Red Hood

      • Spider-Man doesnt kill either. The same argument can be made for him and the Green Goblin, and he even knows his secret identity.

        • The Goblin is an addiction. Both Norman and Harry Osborn have freed themselves of it before, The Joker is permanently insane.

          • That’s a good point. But I bet it doesnt make the hundreds of people they’ve murdered feel any better

            • You CAN reason with the Osborns though, they can be helped to make sure the Green Goblin won’t rise from their cause again. I’m not saying kill every single person who has murdered 1 person, that doesn’t solve anything. The Joker

              You are looking more towards someone like Carnage, a nightmare thats even more evil than The Joker. Spider-Man simply cripples Kasady by removing the symbiote and then throws him back in jail, even trying to destroy the symbiote before it can get away.

    • There are no overweight superheroes. :(

      So, I’d be Kingpin!

      • Thing is kind of chubby (esp since Chiklis played him).

        Although my favorite is Batman… Hulk is the strongest there is!

      • There’s Bouncing Boy from Legion Of Super Heroes, or maybe be Etrigan( The Demon)

    • Give me a superhero who doesnt have to much muscle mass, who everybody loves, who has an awesome costume, and a believable origin, 😉 and i will play him.

    • For Marvel, I’d say Thor. It makes sense for me. For DC, Aquaman.

    • Well I’m not an actor so I would not recommend myself to be in a film. If I could be a superhero for a day, I would be Vision so I could untraceably put billions in assets to my name.

    • @ Writer

      If i could play a hero on film, it would be Superman. Because i grew up on a farm earlier in my life & lived a life kinda like his in my own ways. I felt like what he did in high school for one. He was the first hero i set eyes on & the hero i see most as iconic of all time.

      • Then again if i went my dark side, id be The Punisher.

    • Guess. 😀

  9. Now that we know that a Dr strange movie will be part of Marvel’s phase 3 ,I wonder if they will entertain the idea of a defenders movie with strange,The hulk, Luke cage, and namor the sub mariner? That is if they own the sub mariner movie rights. I believe ghost rider was also a member of the defenders. Marvel definitely at some point needs to get those movie rights back because I doubt Sony will try and do anything else with that Franchise after the last movie bombed.

    • If Marvel got the rights to Ghost Rider back they should quietly reboot Ghost Rider and Blade in the same film and Dare Devil and Punisher in their own film as well. I don’t think they should try and make the reboots of any of those characters blockbusters to start. Make them good but not super hyped.

  10. I’ve been thinking about Star Wars a lot lately (for obvious reasons). And I’ve come up with the conclusion that the rebellion had a horrible relocation program. Obi-Wan Kenobi moves to Tatooine to hide the son of the most powerful sorcerer in the galaxy. Ok, let’s examine this:

    1) Relocation entails getting new identities. Obi-Wan Kenobi chooses the name Old Ben Kenobi…and Luke keeps Skywalker as his last name.
    2) Normally for protection, they would want to remain anonymous and not move to the home-world of the person they were hiding from…and if for some odd reason they did move there, they shouldn’t keep their last name (see #1).

    • +1,000,000

      A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, they haven’t quite understood how to drop off the face of the Earth…or Tatooine…

      I would’ve sent him to Kashyyyk, then have the movie be called “Star Wars Episode IV: Dances with Wookies”

      • I want to see that movie now.

    • Federal Witness Protection Program…Only reaches to Jupiter.

      • I was going to say something in the range of Federal Marshalls but you beat me to it.

    • Don’t forget Louie, Justified, and The Shield (although I admit I stopped watching after season 5 cause I got pissed, I will have to finish it someday)

  11. I don’t know if any of you are into this type of discussion but w/ my buddies, we always argue about superman vs flash. I know there are tons of articles on line regarding this but consider this. If flash can come close to speed of light or faster(and superman cannot).

    But everytime that gets me. If it takes infinite amount of energy to move any kind of mass near speed of light(or at the speed of light), doesn’t that mean flash is that strong? and perhaps stronger than superman at that point? and therefore flash can win(not in race, but in fight) against superman? Silly, I know but hey.

    • The flash is rediculously overpowered, he can run so fast that he bends his molecules and goes inside of you and blows you up…. which may work against supes

      • Nice one! love the helmet under his foot…

        • I thought that was pretty sweet, too. Made me a little more excited to this film.

      • yeah, the fact that the iron man helmet is in his feet makes me happy lol

        • Hooo boy… :)

  12. Did anyone here enjoy A Good Day To Die Hard who seen it? I saw it this week with some co-workers and thought it was just good not great.Should they make more and kill off Mcclaine or let it ride off in the sunset?

    • Well, to be fair, last movie wasn’t that great either, but it was entertaining.. Perhaps they can make one more and kill him off although I don’t think style of movie will fit w/ him dying..

    • @ Hi-C

      I seen the Die Hard 5 last week & while it had better action than the last film, the plot & some the scenes in the film didn’t make sense & plain sucked. I just hope IF they make a 6th film, it won’t have his kids or his wife in it. I hope he’s solo with no-one by his side to help like in the original next time. That’s all i gotta say. I only seen it once. The ending sucked but different from previous film’s endings. I’ll give it that.

  13. How do people feel about the over sexualized costumes of some of the female superheroes and how they would work if brought to the movies? Would you stick with honoring the comics or adapt them so they are not so obviously eye candy.

    Some examples: She Hulk, Miss Marvel/Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Wonder Woman.

    • they really need to make the costumes not so sexualized. some of them don’t even make sense, sometimes breasts just can’t do that hah

    • Really? I am a guy.. so yes, I enjoy overly sexualized costumes some female superhero wears.. How do we know if some stuff that these male super hero’s are wearing is not sexual fantasy for woman? They all wear tight and bulging stuff.. I don’t see the difference

      • I see a couple of big differences! (^-^)

    • As a father of an adorable little girl, I insist that they change those overly sexual costumes. I do not want these characters wearing something that is entered into some perv’s spank bank. In a time of the internet, do we really need these characters parading around half naked on the big screen? Because if you really want to see nudity, Googling the correct phrase will take you to a plethora of websites. Plus, the adult film industry keeps making XXX porn parodies for superheroes.

      • Hey I understand you are a father of an adorable little girl(congrat btw), but hey this is how sexism starts.
        Why is it more accepted that guys are half naked in screen and it’s perfectly fine but if girl is almost half naked, it’s perv’s world.. ?? Does that make sense? I don’t get it.

        • (btw, I don’t mean any dis-respect on you being father to an adorable girl)

          • No disrespect taken. I was a guy who enjoyed strip clubs and things of that nature…that all changed 4 years ago.

            I think it is all in context. In John Carter, everyone was dressed similarly and I took it as that Mars = dressing half naked. The aliens, the men, and the women were all equal in that regards. In Warrior, they are MMA fighters, so it is the men’s uniform to be shirtless. I’m not sure if any Superheroes have sexualized costumes on film. I know they’ve shown Thor and Captain sans shirts, but it was for Captains origin…wouldn’t make sense to step in that machine with your clothes on. And Thor was to…well, it was pointless, perhaps to show Jane Foster fall head over heels for his abs? The point is that they don’t prance around half naked for the entire film. Spidey wears tights. Iron man has armor. Bats has his suit. Supes has a cape. The Hulk is topless…but he is also a CGI rage monster. Wonder Woman needs to put some pants on…that’s all I’m saying 😉

        • I can’t speak for the female gender. But despite the fact that men are sexualized in media as well. Men tend to have an easier time making progress in life have it be social or career despite their looks. Think how many more “ugly” men work in Hollywood than women.

          Not trying to generalize but yes I’m generalizing.

      • + infinity -1 @Professor

        (Except i dont have a kid.)

      • Very much agree. This kind of thing never bothered me until I had daughters. These superheros should be icons that we should like our kids to look up to. But when the heroines are barely clothed what kind of message does that send.

        • I know what your saying. Having a daughter is a wonderful thing that ruined my entire outlook on the world. I never thought I’d be the one thinking that some model/actress should put some more clothes on. In fact, I used to campaign for the opposite.

          • :-). Ok guys. I see you guys point and its cool. I def agree that it’s mostly in context. I guess my point that I really wanted to make which I didn’t was that there are guys who enjoy looking at very sexy woman and doesn’t necessarily have to labeled perv. But I know how that sounds. :-)

            I love this site and I love having discussion about this stuff( well mostly directly about movie)

            And yes I agree that overly sexual dress for the sake of looking like sex object for super hero has to go!

    • @ Aaron

      Im old fashion so, somehow make the costumes not over sexy. WonderWoman could work with a write script & story without pants. She’s not the girly girl type despite her looks you know? Same with Hawkgirl. Im sure they could make a great costume for these characters for both DC & Marvel aslong they really pay attention & not overdo something on the costume.

  14. Anyone know or think there’s gonna be a sequel to Reel Steel? Did the film make enough or well liked?