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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 21, 2014

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  1. I AM GROOT!

    • I was disappointed Groot didn’t get to say his line in the trailer. I’m wondering how they are going to do his voice.

      • I’m thinking it’ll be very Iron Giant-y. It is Vin Diesel after all.

        • I have this branches breaking kind of voice in my head that I think world be cool. You’re probably right, though, but an Iron Giant-y voice would be cool also.

          • I think Iron Giant-y would be great!

            Just do that voice with a dash of Treebeard (instead of the mechanical flourishes they added with Giant) and it’d be perfect!

      • It will be something like:

        “The things I do for my galaxy.”


  2. Good morning all…

    Happy Friday! :)

    Whether you’re a fan of Marvel and their movies or not you have to give them credit for having a lot of guts. All the fervor the last few days over the Guardian of the Galaxy trailer, character introduction videos, the very cool poster and hearing Rockets voice has made a believer out of many fans (me included) that thought GotG was a bit of a stretch even for Marvel.
    But everything I’ve seen and everything I’ve read seems to indicate that this is going to be another huge hit for Marvel with sequels sure to follow. 
     The “You’re Welcome” (hilarious!) on the poster shows the kind of confidence Marvel has in this property. I just love the attitude Marvel has about this movie, (and frankly all their movies.)

    Good for them and congratulations on having the guts to not only believe in this property enough to make it a movie reality, but to have apparently pulled it off successfully. I cannot wait to see this film.

    Incidentally, in listening to Rockets’ voice it reminded me a bit of
    Joe Pesci’ s character Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas. I really think Bradley  Cooper nailed the voice perfectly.

    One note on the new Godzilla poster; WOW is he really going to be that big?! If he is, that is great, IMO; the bigger Godzilla is, the better! If the story is good, which it should be, WB has gotten Godzilla right. I cannot wait to see him on the big screen.

    • @ Stark

      How do you feel about the guy in the role of Lex Luthor in MOS sequel? Imo he doesn’t seem intimidating as Lex would be face to face to Superman. Maybe it’s just me.

    • The “You’re Welcome” was the best part of that poster! The whole poster was awesome, but that was the cheery on top!

      I was also surprised by the size of Godzilla in the poster, and am anxious to see if they can pull it off. I think they will.

  3. So this is in reply to Stark’s comment but I wanted to ask this to everybody.

    If GotG WASN’T a part of the shared universe that Marvel Studios had created and this was just another CBM, do you think it would do NEAR as good at the Box Office?

    I honestly don’t think so. Piggy backing off of the success of 8 other films will help get this property off its feet. But if it had nothing to do with that universe, I think it would have mediocre success.

    • @ LC

      I don’t think it wouldn’t neither.

    • @ LC

      That’s a great question LC. I think the studios reputation does have a lot to do with it. I’m more inclined to look at something from Lucasfilm, for example, because I loved Star Wars and Indian Jones. My enjoyment of those properties buys the studios automatic grace and interest with me on new properties.

      If GotG were made by another studio, my excitement level would be somewhat based on what that studio had done in the past. For me personally, I love sci-fi stuff so regardless of who made this movie, it would certainly have my interest. If I hadn’t already read them and was new to the characters based on what I’ve seen thus far, I would go buy the comics and start reading them. For me personally, Marvel has built up enough trust with me, (despite IM3), that I trust they know what they’re doing when it comes to new stuff like this.

      • @ Stark

        Hows you & Pepper? What details do you think the new Superman costume could use? Just curious.

        • @ John McClane

          Pepper is good, thank you. Still bugging me to get married. :(

          Really, just a slight alteration on the color is all, if that. Although, after watching MoS so many times now, the new costume has kind of grown on me.

    • @LC

      I agree; having the proven success of previous entries solidifies your position as a dominant force at the boxoffice. I’m sure if it wasn’t for the branding this property would have had either a much lower budget or John Carter like reception/success.

      To Stark’s point below; LucasFilms defintely has my interest whenever they come out with something. So does Pixar, Syncopy, A Band Apart and BadRobot. Studios that put their heart and soul into their projects and are not just there to pump our trash are my saving grace at the theater.

      • I would bet its success would be similar to Pacific Rim’s and Green Lantern. It will make enough pay itself back but not enough to warrant an immediate sequel.

        • @ LC

          I think it would do better than PR because there is a comic book history behind and it is somewhat of a popular series. I think it would do better than GL because the story is better and it’s all space based, not back and forth between earth and space. Plus IMO, the overall collection of acting talent in GotG is better.

          It would be interesting to see what would happen though.

    • I think GOTG and Marvel’s uber-successful shared universe are inseparable from eachother. I say that because GOTG literally WOULD NOT EXIST if not for the success of the other Marvel films.

      If not for the success of the other Marvel films (or if it wasn’t “piggy backing” off their success in your words) GOTG would not have the same talent in it, it wouldn’t have the same budget, it would’ve ended up being done very poorly, and yeah it wouldn’t do as well as its going to now.

      Now if you would excuse me I need to chant a song that’s stuck in my head:


      • I agree. I don’t think it would exist either but I didn’t think The Lone Ranger or John Carter would have ever been considered also.

        I guess my question is (since Ive never read the comics and know nothing of the property) GotG good enough to hold itself on its own?

        • I really don’t know. A friend of mine is reading the 2008 GOTG comics series (the one the movie is based on…. I think) and he’s half way through. From what he tells me it sounds pretty nuts, which is perfect for James Gunn now that I think about it haha.

          Personally I think it’s too weird to stand up on its own, but the internet is going nuts about it so maybe I’m wrong…

          So psyched to see it though. That song is STILL in my head.

          • I wish it the best of luck! I know I am going to see it in theaters.

        • @LC
          Interesting. I would say yes. It would have the potential to stand up on its own. But I’m basing this off of the source material and not the trailer and subsequent character intro footage. Those bits alone wouldn’t garner a sizable box office return without the studios existence. At all. The general public wouldn’t care less.
          However, if a standalone Guardians film was made, based on the source material’s character and narrative, I’m sure it would create a cult following. The worst that can happen now Iron Man 2-like situation BECAUSE of it’s connection to Marvel Studios.

          • Sorry for the grammar! Typing too fast, making lunch and trying to watch Riddick…..LOL.

    • Not a snowball’s chance in H3!!.

      Marvel is “hooked on a feeling, high on believing, that (we’re) in love with (them).”

      • I like MOST of their stuff. Don’t love it LOL.

        • I like, don’t love Marvel movies too. Just trying to be clever and pithy.

          Kevin Fiege said a long time ago that they operate with the understanding that all general casual movie goers have at least one friend or family member who will explain all the connections of the Marvel Universe. Most people aren’t interested, aren’t listening and taking notes, but the message they come out with will be, “This connects to the next Marvel movie, especially Avengers. Maybe I should see it.”

          I know I’ve told several people about GotG, and explained the connection to Avengers. I’m one of thousands doing Marvel’s work for them, pro bono. Marvel will probably show a split-second glimpse of Thanos in ONE of the trailers before release, just to reinforce and cement into the minds of general audiences what we nerds have been babbling on about.

          GotG is risky, but nowhere near as risky as if it were completely stand-alone. Still, I think they are executing a brilliant strategy so far. Reaction to the trailer is “what is that?” Perfect for now.

    • @LC
      As usual, it’s been a little while and I hope all is well.

      In response to your hypothetical, I think GotG could easily stand alone as a solid CBM. Solid enough to warrant a sequel, I think not. It’s connection to the marvel universe would be the reason it gets another installment. I like to think the casting of Chris Pratt would peak my interest, always interesting when an actor makes that transition. Well not always, but when it’s done well it is. lol
      However, much like the moron sports announcers when they say “if the playoffs started today…”, well they don’t. It’s difficult to honestly answer ‘if this wasn’t connected’ cuz we all know it is. I will admit my interest would be dropped to Lindsay Lohan in rehab levels if I were to know going in there was ZERO chance I would get to see Thanos again.

    • @LC

      That’s a really interesting one, because it certainly wouldn’t have generated this kind of interest beforehand, but it’s debatable whether many comic books would have these kinds of fully-formed characters and backstories to go with them. Definitely any original SF film not based on either a comic book or established SF novel would be a rarity if its screenwriter even bothered to lay the amount of world-building groundwork GOTG can draw from.

      • Meaning that that might make all the difference as to whether people engage with the characters or storyline, same as they did with Star Wars, which seemed to be coming from a detailed and intricately contrived universe right from the start.

  4. @ LC

    In reply to your question. I feel GotG might not make as much money if it wasn’t part of Marvel’s shared universe.

    @ Stark

    How do you feel about Lex Luthor’s casting in MOS sequel? Imo the guy just doesn’t seem intimidating as Lex face to face to Superman. Maybe it’s just me?

  5. The things I dont like about wonder woman are

    1. Women want her to represent all women.
    2. Men want her to represent how they think women want to be represented.

    Yknow instead of just trying to make her an interesting character in as story.
    And whenever people try to characterize her, say humorously or a bit naive, viewers react with
    your making women look stupid or ignorant.

    3. Presenting her as an normal savvy American woman.

    How Wonder woman was portrayed to me(mostly in JL: unlimited) was she is basically a calm white woman with no accent and familiarity with the modern world as if shes always lived there. When she in fact grew up on a sealed off island of a warrior women culture

    4. That outdated spangly America costume
    First off it outdated, its like the first design, like how batman used to be all blue, second its american colors yet she isnt from nor should she represent America in her battle armor.
    I like her odyssey outfit but Id prefer just red and gold armor and dark blue kilt

    5. Making her the Love expert
    A trend I see in all things, just a nitpick, Shes a woman, therefore an expert on how relationships and love should be/work/function.
    Anyone got relationship troubles? go talk to the woman about it she’ll know exactly what to do.

    • I read somewhere else on the internet:

      Wonder Woman in MoS 2 would be a remnant of the Fourth World, where she’d have knowledge of the New Gods and of Darkseid. She comes to the Fifth World hoping to recruit the “gods” of man and essentially people who would become the new “gods” of the Fifth World (Superman, Batman, etc.) to seek them out and train them for a confrontation for when Darkseid would eventually come to destroy these new “gods”. Essentially building on Kirby’s Fourth World with modifications.

      I’m pretty ok with this, even ecstatic. I’d very much be enthused if the incorporate something like this into the DC movie verse. And I also hate that of all the material to do a shared universe for in the animated movies, DCAU chooses New 52′s JL verse. Azzarello’s Wonder Woman is pretty good though.

      • It sounds intriguing, as long as they give the character a distinct purpose and make a woman superhero believable I will be happy.

        • The way I see it is that it’s a good tie in between things ancient and cosmic in DC, the ancient being the pantheon of Greek gods and cosmic being Darkseid, Apokolips, and New Genesis. I think this way would establish a good cohesion. This is all speculation and story spinning on my part:

          The Greek gods could be part of the Old Gods or the gods of the Third World. They could have been part of the conflict between Apokolips and New Genesis later on. Since Apokolips resides in a sort of pocket universe that’s only accessible by boom tubes, they could do the origin of the Amazonians and Atlanteans this way. Those two races could have been part of the conflict. A group of Amazonians were sent to Earth as refugees from the war and to scout out the new world. They sent just women because they didn’t want the possibility for men’s testosterone-filled conflicts arising and because women were thought to be the more level-headed in their society. The Atlanteans were also sent as remnants of the war which destroyed the rest of their race. The two groups manage to escape by boom tubes and cannot go back. They’re forced to reside in Earth in secret because their gods wished it so. They could also explain why the Greek gods aren’t around so much anymore. They could have perished in the war or hid themselves away fleeing from the war. There’s lots of tie-in possibilities. Here’s a good link explaining some aspects of the different worlds:

    • @cody:

      To me, Wonder Woman is kind of like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

      She’s curious about the “outside” world and want to be “part of” it. :)

      She chooses USA colors because that’s where she ended up but I agree that it should be nation neutral.

  6. I don’t like the New 52 Wonderwoman nor New 52 comics itself.

    • Im under the impression new 52 WW is better.

    • @JM,

      Hey, have you checked out Leff Lemire’s writing on Animal Man and Frankenstein: AOS? (Heck, I suggest reading anything by him. He’s very talented.) Also, how about Kyle Higgins’ writing and Eddy Barrows’ art on Nightwing? They are really good.

    • The New 52 Aquaman series is great! Geoff Johns’ run was fantastic but was starting to lose steam at the end. Jeff Parker took over a few months ago and he has breathed new life into the series. I deffinately reccomend it!

  7. Ok I have to ask this, are old CBM considered campy just because they’re 20 to 30 years old or reaching up there? Or is it said by some people of their preference?

    • I think CBMs started getting better going forward after 2000.. are you talking about 90s CBMS? 80s? Obviously it varies from movie to movie.

      • @ movieDude

        70′S 80′S, 90′S, Doesn’t matter.

    • Old CBM’s aren’t all campy. For instance, Lundren’s Punisher movie IMO is far from campy. X-Men’s first film in 99 wasn’t too campy. It was actually kind of dark. Toxic Avenger wasn’t campy. It was super violent.

      I would consider Story’s Fantastic Four movies campy though.

      • not to be “that guy” but X-men (if we are both thinking of Bryan Singer’s X-men with Picard and Gandalf in it) came out in 2000.

        I only make the correction because that movie is the exact reason I said CBMs got better from that movie on in 2000, I just didn’t mention the movie specifically before haha..

        • Sorry, I shouldve been more clear.

          • I was wrong about the year too lol. It was in 1996.

            • what the!? I’ve never seen or even heard of this?! interesting.. might have to check it out.

              • Its on Youtube.

                • I can’t watch it now… cuz I’m at work *cussing under my breath*

                  Can you give me that youtube link to watch it later?

                  • I forgot that this site now embeds youtube links LOL

                    • me too haha… Thanks!!

      • @ LC

        Reason I brought up the question was I been told Burton’s Batman films for example are campy aswell Christopher Reeve’s Superman films. And age in time has everything to do with it.

  8. Happy Friday Ranters!

    Apparently it’s supposed to get warm and rainy the next few days up here in the NorthEast; hopefully that’ll get rid of some of the snow.

    I’ve been extremely happy for the first big push of GOTG marketing and am excited by all of the positive buzz circulating. I’ve noticed CAP has taken a bit of a back seat for this initial wave but I’m still excited for that movie soon as well.

    On another note; has anyone else noticed the abundance of trollers/scammers in the comments sections on some of these open forums or high volume articles? Go to YouTube if you’re going to troll kids. I rather enjoy reading the comments on here and it’s really annoying seeing a thread filled with them.

    • You’re in the NE too? I’m from UT. We had snow on Wednesday I wasn’t too excited about it to be honest haha..

      GOTG looks fan-freaking-tastic. I am also loving the positive buzz.

      As a rule of thumb I generally don’t comment on articles that have a huge amount of comments on them. More comments means more commenters means more a$$holes that only get on here to troll and bash stuff. So I usually just read the articles maybe peruse the comments section but never touch it if there’s a lot of people on there.

      • Ahh – My last comment was blocked because I was trying to quote some of the spammers lol The people offering fake work for hourly wages are what I was more or less referring to. The regular trollers I can tolerate.

        I’m right outside of Philly actually. The snow around here is just getting ridiculous. There’s a mountain of now dirty snow in my parking lot at work. It’s like another world here. How do you like Utah?

        Have you read any of the GOTG comics? I just started reading some of the newer 2008 versions. I haven’t read the old ones with Yondu but am hoping to pick up some of those volumes before the summer.

        • I work in SLC so we get a decent amount of snow. Recently there hasn’t been much of it though. Last Tuesday felt really nice weather-wise. That was a nice change. All the stuff from Wednesday has melted already (except for up in the mtns). I’ll bet Philly’s a lot worse haha.. you have my sympathies.

          Haven’t read the GOTG comics. A friend of mine just downloaded them the other day (the newer 2008 stuff that’s more what the movie’s based on) and he’s half way through, he says they’re pretty nutty and the team isn’t even really “together” yet, but its supposed to be a good read.

          You hate the bots more than the trolls? I don’t know which I hate more haha

  9. Margot Robbie for Ms. Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. So it has not even finished yet ! And it’s only Feb BUT I am already calling TRUE DETECTIVE the tv show of the year ?

    • i am waiting to binge watch this…

      • How many episodes is it gonna be?

        • 8 i think…i am jonesing to watch them, but a friend told me it plays out like a movie so i want o try to experience it on a sunday night binge with the wife

  11. Anyone know anything about this new CustomPlay player thing? I was gonna try it but wanted to see if anyone has used it yet.

  12. What happened to Yondu Udonta


    Green Lantern/Hal Jordan- Jake Gyllenhaal

    Carol Ferris- Michelle Monaghan

    Sinestro- I have no idea.

    Kilowog- Michael Jai White

    John Stewart- The Rock

  14. Hey does anybody on here watch Game of Thrones? I swear I post about it every OD and nobody seems to care haha..

    I just finished season 3 last week. Really pumped for season 4 in April.

    • edit: I’ve posted about it for the past few ODs since I started watching it.

    • Honestly Ive never seen it so sorry for ignoring you. I just started watching The Glades this week. It’s a pretty cool show.

      • hahaha thanks for the recognition LC I appreciate it. I was beginning to think my posts were invisible.

        Glades huh? just imdb’d it. looks interesting.

    • @movieDude
      I watched the first 2 seasons and a few episodes of 3 and I loved it. An amazing series. I plan on tackling the books this summer! I need to get caught up tho. Haha personally I’m convinced HBO can do no wrong!

      • It’s sooo good! I’ve heard the books are great too. I don’t know if you’ve heard already but $hit gets real at the end of season 3. Brace yourself man!!

        In terms of HBO this is the only series I’ve watched of theirs. What other great shows have they done?

        • @movieDude
          Haha oh yea the Red Wedding right!? That’s why I need to catch up! But oh man, HBO has had some great shows. Boardwalk Empire is really good, so was Entourage. East Bound & Down with Danny Mcbride. Flight of the Concords is hilarious! Veep is good, I saw a few episodes of The Newsroom and it was very well written. As far as fantasy goes, the first few seasons of True Blood were decent but I only watched it to review it. My all-time favorites tho, hands down, Sopranos and The Wire.

  15. Finally Back on Internet especially on OD after one Month.!: :)

    • Welcome back, SumitSJC!

  16. you can ban me if you want but, GO CANADA GO

  17. Did anyone see Enders Game or that new Riddick? I was in a sci-fi mood after all the Guardians hoopla so I grabbed ‘em yesterday but I’m hoping they’re not terrible. I was told the Ender book series is awesome so I plan on reading it soon. I just never thought I’d check these out so I skipped the reviews. .

    • Enders was very good. Riddick was pitch black more of less beat per beat.. But swap out colonist for mercs and flying sonar beasts for burrowing scorpions like beasts. Its still worth it and interesting to watch, a few good moments but its trying hard to make Riddick look cool.

    • As a big fan of the book Ender’s Game, I thought the movie was great. It’s a really hard story to adapt and I thought they did a great job all things considered. I would say its worth seeing, but I’m biased haha..

      If Lazerblazer says Riddick is more like Pitch Black that’s good for me. I really enjoyed Pitch Black, I heard the Chronicles sequel thing was a joke and skipped it, if the new one is more like the original then I’ll prbly check it out.

      • Yeah, “Riddick” is definitely more like “Pitch Black”. The whole vibe with the mercenaries and fighting the local fauna is very similar. But I don’t agree that “The Chronicles of Riddick” is a joke. I enjoy it a lot and although it’s different than “Pitch Black” and “Riddick” it makes that movie universe a whole lot richer.

        • Thats just what I’ve heard about Chronicles. I’m sure its not that bad

    • I think they are both very good. Riddick is kind of like three short films rolled into one. It is one coherent story, but the three acts are distinctively different, which makes it an interesting watch.

      Ender’s Game could be described as Starship Troopers Light. A bit heavier on the story and drama but without all the nudity, violence and language. It’s good and has a great ending.

      • @thelostwinchester
        You’re right, I did get that vibe from Riddick, like 3 short films in one. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it more than Chronicles, plus that Pitch Black feeling gave me a welcomed dose of nostalgia.
        Ender ‘ Game is next on my list of books to pick up. I can’t wait to read it now! I wish a sequel film was in development. The cast was perfect!

  18. A buddy just told me the fruitvale actor is officially a lock for Johnny Storm? I think that a great choice but I’m sure this will devide people on here when the story breaks. Personally if they really wanted to say something about the casting i would have casted him as Reed Richards. That would have been better.

  19. Good for Canada.

  20. GODZILLA!!!!!!

    Hopefully with the release of the new poster it means we will be getting another trailer soon.

  21. Cyclops, Gambit/Rogue, Archangel, Sinister, (AWESOME) Juggernaught! and Blob, Sabretoothe, Beak!!!Jean, Storm, Colossus, Iceman, and some more Nightcrawler. These are some characters who really need some better story in the x-men films Bring it! lol no really I want to see it. I say Colossus, and Iceman because I think they will die off early in DOFP and with Apocalypse coming in a few years I think that doing two films back to back would allow the creator of the films to really be able to bring these characters back in giving each characters their own screen time over magneto/Wolverine and have the time to do so and still give Magneto/Wolverine their time too.

  22. Has anyone seen the action figures tied to Cap2? There seems to be some spoilers there or at least stuff not shown in trailers yet.