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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 20, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   February 20, 2013

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  1. First !

    Btw the running time for Man of Steel is 148 minutes, epic !

    • That is a much needed length.

      Congratulations on being first.

      • LOL

    • I just hope it lives up to it’s potential. Really hoping that MOS is a blockbuster so that it can hopefully usher in more of the DC universe on screen.

    • I’ll drag my DC-hating flatmate to this movie.. I hope the pace of the film is good enough because otherwise he just won’t shut up >.<

    • I’m looking forward to man of steel.

    • Noice!

    • How do you know 148 minutes of film is gonna be epic if you don’t mind me asking? TDKR was a long running film but imo, it wasn’t epic.

      • Many believe it was epic, but runtime doesnt depict that like you saidpi

        • @ Trey

          Many others would beg to differ about it being epic or being a great conclusion to the trilogy even.

      • The running time is epic, you will have a long journey with clark kent

  2. Lets say Daniel Craig never played James Bond…

    Do you think he could’ve pulled off Batman? I’ve always believed he could play an incredible Mr. Freeze, but then I looked at Batman.

    It will never happen because of already being 007, but I just wanted to know what you guys thought.

    • Actually I could see him playing a serious version of the riddler.

      • that’s actually a good point! :)

    • I don’t like Daniel Craig as Bond. Or I just don’t like the Bond movies hes been in. He is a good actor. But his films are nothing more than a British version of the Bourne series. And I really didn’t like them.

      I think as Mr Freeze yes. And Dr Strange.

      • He’s good in Layer Cake.
        Its a good film also :)

      • @ leathercheerio

        Well considering Bond has been around for 50 years it really is a case of ‘Bourne’ being an American version of ‘Bond’.

        All ‘Bourne’ served to do for the Bond franchise was to modernise Bond, which was overdue anyway.

        • Sorry for the miss communication there… What I was trying to say is that the Dan Craig “Bond” films look like the Bourne movies. Not that the Bourne movies look like any previous Bond films. I don’t like the Bourne movies, therefore I don’t like his Bond films. Does that help?

          • Then you’d hate the Ian Fleming books. Daniel Craig is the spot on representation of Fleming’s vision in terms of personality and character, hell even Fleming’s family said Craig is how he would see Bond today aside from the blonde hair but it wouldn’t really matter to him.

    • Officer Rick Grimes as Batman.

    • @ACW

      What if Bale becomes the next 007?

      • I thought he would’ve been great…if he hadn’t already been Batman

    • For me, the diffinitive feature of a good batman is the chin. (call it wierd, but the chin is all you see of him after all…) DanC totaly has the chin, unfortunatly, 40’s is a little to old to play batman.

    • You’re right about him making a good Mr Feeze, but I can’t picture him as Batman.

  3. I caved in and bought the entire series of Smallville. I got sick and tired of waiting for the discs from Netflix. I can’t complain though… it retails for almost $250 and I got it for $90 after using a promo. $9 a season is a steal!

    • Sweet buy! I am rewatching the series, and i am at the beginning of season 3. funny/wierd thing: about a week ago i had a flu/fever, and i had been watching so much smallville, that i was haveing smallville flavored nightmare/delirium.

      • I’m in the middle of 4 right now. Alicia is back. Lets see where this goes.

  4. Ok so I went to see A Good Day to Die Hard yesterday and let me say it is one of the worst films I have ever paid to see!

    John Moore is an awful director and takes the shaky camera style to a whole other level, Bruce Willis should also just retire now, he has clearly given up on acting, he barely even says a full sentence!

    There is no script, it makes no sense, the character of John McClane has been turned into an arsehole!! He keeps moaning about being on vocation when he clearly isn’t?!

    I’ve never been more disappointed in a movie in my life! Plus in Britain it has a 12A rating, so it felt like I was watching a edited for tv version! Zero swearing, poorly edited violence and no character development!

    When the twist comes at the end I was still wondering how they drove the 600 miles from Moscow to Chernobyl in like an hour and manged to walk around a highly toxic environment in tshirts when all the bad guys have those Hazmat suits on!!

    Words can’t describe how bad this movie is and my worst fear is that with good box office they will make another one!!

    • you forgot the awful shaky cam.. ugh I almost hated that movie, but compared to some of the tragedies I’ve seen this one is only mildly bad in my standards lol

      • Yeah i mentioned that, for me this movie is everything that is wrong with this current run of old school action movies, they used to be aimed at adults and were cheesy but violent and enjoyable

        With Taken 2, Expendables 2, Bullet to the Head, The Last Stand and now this turd of a movie, it’s pretty clear that all creativity has been substituted for quick money aimed at the 13 and under market!

        We watched these movies as teenagers even tho we weren’t supposed to, now they are the target audience!

        • yes, I agree about the creativity being gone from it.. from all mentioned I enjoyed The Last Stand tho. I found the humor in it pretty good, but other than that it was really flawed. Bullet to the Head and Die Hard 5 were mostly annoying. shame

          • Aww I missed the last stand at the cinema, plus you can forgive Arnie for being a bit rusty with his acting, but Willis has no excuses!

            John McClane is the character that made his career, it’s a shame that he doesn’t value that as much as his fans

    • thanks for saving me doc i actually thought that the positive buzz during the early stages made it very promising thanks again for saving me from torture

    • OK so after this discussion i ‘ll go and watch R.E.D and have a good time
      I would definitely recommend it to all who watched Die Hard 5

  5. Ok. I know I’ve talked about it before. But I was just wondering what everyone’s opinion is on Sons of Anarchy. I started watching this show during season 2 and immediately had to go out and buy season one. I have been addicted ever since. I have made it a point to convince as many of my friends as possible to watch the show. My mom and two sisters were the first victims of my pro SOA agenda. And now it is their guilty pleasure as well, my nephew is actually named after the main character. My roommate and his girlfriend were the next to go, again addicted. And I have now converted at least a dozen people at work. I loan out my bluray copies of each season to anyone who asks.
    Now I want to know the opinions of people who, like me, watch alot of tv and movies (and maybe spend more time reading comics than they would like to admit). Now I will agree, the last two seasons have not been up to par, but the first three seasons of SOA are some of the greatest television I have watched. The cast is great, Charlie Hunnam, and Ron Perlman are awesome (and not to mention the show stealing performance of Ryan Hurst). You can’t help but love (or love to hate) each and every character of the ensemble cast, and truly care what happens to them.
    The season finale of season 3 is my favortie episode of all time.
    Plus the music is awesoms.

    And I really hope Charlie Hunnam works out as a blockbuster star with Pacific Rim coming out, and Crimson Peak.

    • General,

      Your not the only one building up sons followers. I delved into the series right around season two as well and never miss a Tuesday night episode. I consider it more important than, well just about anything. Over the past three seasons I have managed to convince 10-12 people to start watching. Every Tuesday we meet at someones house and watch it as a group. Screaming, cursing, or whatever, we always have an awesome time. Brings some beers and pulled pork and it really can’t get any better. The last two seasons have been a little disappointing, but I watch it none the less and still freak out like a child. Season three was definitely the pinnacle of the show, no doubt. I really hope they do some more out of country traveling again, and we see some old faces, or bring them over to Charming. I love almost all performances in the show, but I would have to say my favorite character is Tiggy or Chibbs. Chibbs is just dead serious about the club and Tig is just a truly disturbing man on so many levels. I hope as well that Pacific Rim is a blockbuster, it truly looks like a spectacle. Hunnam is a great actor(Have you seen Green Street Hooligans?) and the rest of the cast looks dynamite as well. One of my most anticipated movies of 2013.

      Ps – Keep watching fellow rider.

      • GSH is an awesome movie. Frodo as a scrapper. Priceless.

        • “Like bees and honey for money”

      • I have not seen Green Street. I have heard good things (except about Charlie’s accents which is apparently atrocious). But I am glad to hear that I have not the only one who finds this show awesome.
        By the way, if you have not watch HBO’s Deadwood you need to, because almost every supporting character from SOA is from Deadwood. And it is a great show. All the actors from Deadwood that don’t work on SOA are on Justified.

        • I have started watching Deadwood. It is a pretty damn good show, just kind of staled for the moment. Busy with other things and I’m not a big fan of watching shows that got cancelled too early, but I’m sure I’ll get around to finishing it. You should watch Green Street, I promise it will not disappoint. Seriously, it’s about soccer(football) gangs that beat the piss out of each other after every match, and not being a pu$$y.

          • Well at least you have 4 good seasons to watch.

            Interesting to watch Garret Dillahunt return to play several characters.

      • Green Street is hilariously bad imo. Elijah is the most chronic piece of mis casting i have ever seen.

        I have several friends who are West Ham fans and they totally cringe at the thought of that film!

    • Highly dislike the show. Thumbs down from me. I’ve tried watching it. Have friends that are really into it. But I guess from having an association with the real thing, the acting biker really bothers me.

      • I can see how that would be annoying. And I understand that it is Hollywood and they have to make it appeal to a broader audience, but I think Kurt Sutter does a good job of throwing nods to the real biker community every now and then.
        I mean he lived with the Hells Angels before scripting the show. And Sonny Barger, a founding member, has been a recurring character for a few of the seasons.

      • That’s truly funny. I think that bikers are the only people who don’t like the show that about bikers. I’ve heard the same thing from quite a few bikers I have asked about it. Almost everyone else, seems to enjoy it. It is fictional and can have some really good acting and writing, if you can’t appreciate that, why watch anything?

        • I totally get what you are saying but its human nature to nit pick at everything. When I was active duty, we commented about the reality of how a soldier would hold his weapon or even how the uniform was improperly worn. Im sure the same can be said for law enforcement with SWAT style movies/shows. I myself am not a biker per say. I do own one but I am not part of an MC. My friends are and you are correct, they don’t like the way they are portrayed by the actors. As it goes for Sonny and the Hells Angels having ties to the show, it is very slim to none.

  6. So i heard this rumor… Nicholas Hoult As A Young Han Solo.


    • He’s a good actor imo, but all wrong for Han Solo. I hope the rumors aren’t true.

      • Apparently, Bryan Singer addressed the idea and was even pushing it. The only thing i ever liked NH in was X-Men.

    • James Franco would get my vote if it was gonna happen anyway.

      • I like Josh Holloway as Han Solo but he has a southern accent and blond hair so I doubt it would happen. Plus J.J Abrams already used him on Lost.

        • Franco has the same sh*t eating grin that Solo had.

  7. is A Serbian Film really that bad? I mean, is it a tragically bad movie or bad in a fun way.. I’m thinking of seeing it

    • It shows a new born baby getting raped, nuff said!

      • what???

          • oh well..

          • Irreversible was one of the most realistically brutal films i ever saw and felt like i needed a 2 hour shower after watching it. the fire extinguisher scene was pretty horrible as well.

    • I haven’t seen it, but “fun” is not a word I’ve heard used to describe it.

  8. Primeval New World has come to its first seasons conclusion. I think it deserves a second season as it really has a lot of growth potential, especiialy with the crossovers between Primeval and New World.

    • i definitely agree with you there’s still too much to explore

  9. And now, the ultimate debate that will never have a solid answer because it is impossible:

    What do you feel is the “greatest” movie of all time?

    • Hmm possibly The Greatest, starring Pierce Brosnan and Carey Mulligan? 😉

    • Being a total genre fan I’d say “Aliens” is a pretty good contender (the original cut, not the extended one). Great cast, great drama, great sets, great lighting, great camera work, great music, great sound design (although I can’t help but notice the elephants trumpeting in the alien screams) and everything pays off perfectly.

      Unfortunately it’s not as clear cut, because “Blade Runner” and other movies are similarly fantastic in their own way.

      • Jaws is one of my all time greatest movies

        • Yeah! That’s the problem. There are just too many great movies to pick just one.

          • Shawshank redemption or vertigo

      • @ TheLostWinchester

        Always preferred the extended cut myself, just love those sentry guns.

    • Easy, The Princess Bride!

    • One the best movies of all time imo comes to mind is James Cameron’s Titanic.

    • Fight Club has the best execution of any film.
      The acting, story, shooting, humor, pace, action all meld perfectly.
      Nothing is wasted and everything perfected.

      Also theres a p3nis at the end.

    • Star Wars Empire Strikes Back!

    • Forrest Gump

  10. Just finished rewatching Burn Notice season 3 and Person Of Interest season 1 and it was awesome. Anyone else watch this incredible show?

    • POI and elementary are my daughter and i/mine (?) regular Thursday night routine.

      can i get some help from the grammar police? my crs (can’t remember $h!+) is kicking in tonight.

      • jeffro i agree with you man and if u wanted to watch one of the best bromance of recent times i would definitely recommend Suits(ON Thursday)

  11. If a Flash movie were made should he wear and armor or literally just a costume? I personally lean more towards the armor but I know others have their own opinion. What do you think?

    • Imo. i wouldn’t have him wear armor. Same goes for Batman for a change before the New 52 comics he used the dark to his advantage as he agile to escape gunfire,etc. sometimes he got shot or cuts through his costume. Its what made him human & vulnerable compared from the other members imo.

  12. Idk much abour comic books, only what cartoons and people have told me, so correct me if im way off base. Im watching earths mightiest heroes and i wonder id edgar wrights antman will turn out like the episode “to steal an antman”. Most likely without luke cage and ironfist. Essentially scott lang steals the suit from pym and uses it for burglary to save his daughter

    • I actually liked that story line, but ‘m not so sure it would suit a movie. most likely it will concentrate on the origin story.. in the animation the follow-up was a lot more interesting imo, him turning into Yellow Jacket :)

      • I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Ultron in the Ant-Man movie, at least in passing like it’s a project he’s working on.

        • oh that would be awesome!

      • It was my favorite episode and i thought edgar said someone takes the suit, and its more of a thriller than a action film.

        • hmm. it could be awesome, I won’t mind seeing it.. but we’ll see

  13. Any news on a Shazam movie? Would you want a Shazam movie and if so would you want it done like the new 52? For those of you who don’t know Shazam is about a kid who says Shazam and magic turns him into an adult super hero powerful enough to beat Superman. In the new 52 he is an angry little trouble maker who hates adults because his parents left him.

    • Have you seen the animated short? I think it’s The Return of Black Adam or something like that. It was pretty enjoyable though and takes care of his origin and sets up a relationship with Superman. Something similar to that short could work well IMO.

      • Yeah, I have seen it I actually liked it but I like the new 52 Billy Batson a little better because a person can relate to him more. I wish WB would do something with this hero though because it could appeal to more people than they realize. Overall I liked the cartoon though.

        • Does he have his own series or is he part of another comic? I’ve only really read the Green Lantern comics, Death Stroke, and Batwing out of the new 52 so far.

          • Nevermind. I forgot he had a backup feature or w/e in Justice League. Probably forgot it because IMO, Justice League was rather forgettable. I don’t think i read past the second story arc.

            • I bought the Justice League #0 and it has Shazam’s origin story with no Justice League in it at all. I wish they would just give Shazam his own comic because he needs to be made more popular so they can make a movie. I agree with you though that Justice League is forgettable. I only buy the JL comics because of Shazam.

  14. Likelihood that in phase two a major marvel player will be killed off? I can only really see Hawkeye or Black Widow biting the dust.

    • That would be an X3 mistake that I feel Marvel studios wants to avoid.

      • Id like to see ironman die, nothing against him but the stakes need to be raised. This everyone prevails junk gets boring. The avengers handled loki and 1000 chitauri with ease… make someone a threat

  15. How do people feel about Marvel movieverse and the Sentry? Do they try and include him or just write him out as he is to much like Superman to the non comic reading audience.

  16. Words way overused by SR and readers: “mythos”, “epic”, “pass the torch”. Just pointing that out, not sure why.

    • LOL yeah i have noticed that… also “dark” “Gritty” “down to earth”…

      • and lets not forget “similar to Nolan’s take on batman” although that one seems to have died down somewhat.

        • Also abbreviations that took me ages to work out –

          LMFAO (only kidding)

          • Some of us still can’t work out what the hell they mean.

            Come on, put the translation next to it will yah!



          • Now let’s see….

            DOFP – Diving Of a French Pier (those crazy French!)
            AGDTDH – Any Good Dramas That Dry Hump (what the?)
            FTW – Fossils That Walk (doesn’t sound right)
            MCU – Multi-Coloured Undies (oooh, don’t think so)
            LMFAO – Large Male Frogs Attack Ohio (I’m only kidding too!)
            TDKR – Total Donkey Kong Rules (don’t think I passed the test!)


    • Its for SEO. Just like the back links to the other articles and the references to the originating story from another website. Geek stuff.

      • What’s SEO?

        • Hmmm, Screw Every One?

        • Search Engine Optimization.

  17. Is direct tv about to lose channels?

    • 1st quarter is coming up and if TV providers don’t renew their contracts with networks, then they came provide their programming. It happens every year.

  18. Guys I think one of the best Bromances on television is on
    Suits what do u guys think about that???

    • Nothing beats what Entourage had.

      • Yea its one of the best but have u watched Suits its freakin awesome.