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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 19, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 19, 2014

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  1. So the GotG trailer has finally been released.

    Ill watch it definitely. I watch all CBM’s. To say that I am excited like I was for Phase 1 movies though would be a lie.

    • the second Ice Cream never tastes as good as the first one, but Cap and GoG has got me excited again, but i’m trying not to get too excited after IM3 and Thor2

      • I liked Thor 2 a lot. I mean… I love Hemsworth as Thor. So there LOL. IM3 will always be terrible to me unfortunately. Cap 2 looks good and GotG looks good. But they all still seem less exciting than the first wave.

        I am hopeful for a Doctor Strange movie though.

    • I thinkk part of the issue is that people want something new and refreshing. A new character. It seems that people are most disappointed in sequels. Maybe this will be different.

  2. Stayed up for the GOTG trailer. Effects look great. It had that comedic feel I figured it would have on the first trailer. Hoping the next one dives into the story a little just so general audiences know what the heck they’re excited to watch. I didn’t like how the went right into commercial right after the trailer was shown though. I would have loved for them to talk to Pratt a little more after about what they should expect from this movie. Feel like he should have been a guest on the show, maybe then he could have talked about it a little more.

    What did everyone else think?

    • I didn’t catch the show. I waited for the trailer to debut online.

      • Ah…smart. I didn’t think it would be online so quickly, but I guess I’m oblivious. I don’t really watch late night TV…and that reminded me why lol

    • i was watching Kimmel but somehow i missed it (half asleep)…i think it was online 5 mins later so i REALLY didn’t need to sit through O’Rielly

  3. Pratt will be Marvel’s fill in/replacement of RDJr going forward, I’m assuming, which is a smart move on their part. I’m happy the entire cast is embracing Gunn’s weirdness on this. I hope a sequel comes out 2016 as rumored.

  4. Just watched the Winter Soldier 2nd trailer again and I have to say, Cap2 and Guardians make a good pairing this year. I’ve damn near forgot about the other two major CBM’s coming out!
    But I still wonder, who cast Sebastion Stan as BUCKY!!

  5. Oooga ooga chucka!

  6. Anyone notice these zerg link things popping up at the top of articles?

    • I noticed. I wonder what’s up with that.

  7. I’m seriously giddy at the fact that Rocket Raccoon is going to be the most successfully marketed thing Marvel has had since Iron Man. A Raccoon with a laser bazooka has gotten off the ground before the most recognizable female superhero ever. Sad but funny.

  8. Ya, I’m using my phone so they’re floating all over my screen. Damn ZERG!

    • hahaha I noticed that last night when I was on the mobile site. Probably from ads…

  9. Do people watch Kimmel? I had to put him on mute until the trailer. I try not to judge tv personalities who aren’t actors but Kimmel is terrible. I only watch Craig Ferguson.

    • Yeah, I really can’t stomach him. The only guy on late night TV that I watch from time to time is Fallon and that’s very rare.

    • Wasn’t Ferguson on Old School?

    • It’s a matter of taste. I like both Kimmel and Ferguson actually.

  10. Did y’all catch the rap sheet on quill? About 1:19 in. One count of sex crime. Read what it was. Hilarious

  11. Good Morning all….

    I have to admit, I was skeptical of Marvel doing a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but after that trailer, I’m excited for it. Chris Pratt is a very funny guy, and could be the next RDJ for Marvel. He has that kind of humor and charisma it seems.
    I would’ve liked to hear Rocket do more than just spit, but I’m sure he will speak in another trailer. I’m very curious to hear his voice. It’s just one trailer granted, but so far, it looks like they got it right.

    • I like that they’re keeping things close to their chest with Rocket Raccoon’s voice and actions or Groot’s. Kinda similar to not revealing Godzilla in the first trailer.

      I’m on the same boat, I was a bit skeptical but that trailer sold me. Very fresh and new, well character and premise wise. While I thought some of the jokes were amusing, I thought they were somewhat dated. Like the beginning where they cut the music for Starlord to repeat his name, kinda been done to death in other films if you ask me. The middle finger ‘machine’ part, I found, was pretty funny though. Can’t wait to see more of this movie!

    • @ Stark

      Seems like Robocop ain’t doing so good because of the Lego Movie & some other film. Way I read it, it’s unlikely we’ll see a sequel.

      I have to give it 2 stars. Michael Keaton is a actor I liked but was not the villain I was looking for. The guy who played Robocop was great aswell Samuel L. Jackson. Jackie Earl Harley was good as a baddie but not great. It was too bad most of the film he was in that black robo suit.

      I may be in the minority but I think I enjoyed Robocop 3 as a PG-13 film alittle more than this. It was nice attempt if only they went R rated stuff.

      • I got to see the new “Robocop” this weekend, and I actually enjoyed it. In fact, I preferred certain elements of THIS version to the original (besides just the advancements in filming). I would easily give it a 3.5/5.

        • @ John McClane
          @ Archaeon

          I still have yet to see Robo Cop. This past weekend Pepper wanted to see Labor Day, so we did, and then we saw The Lego Movie on Saturday. Labor Day was surprisingly good, but I felt The Lego Movie, while very cute, could have been better. Josh Brolin is a quality actor by the way, IMO. He did a great job in Labor Day.

          • @ Stark

            Sorry bud, thought you seen Robocop. My apologies. I spoke my mind about it already, still love the original. It was new, I give them that but not… well see for yourself.

            If I were to choose to buy the film, it would be from the $5.00 bin. That’s more than a dollar!!! Ha

  12. Guardians of The Galaxy Trailer = Great!

    All DC needs to do now is make a new Green Lantern movie, anybody have ideas for a plot?

    • Soft reboot. Not totally ignoring the first film but move on from it and make a Lantern Corps film.

    • Green Lantern First Flight
      Not read a green lantern wiki and throw information at the audience
      Hire good charming/charismatic actors, not just sexy guy Ryan Reynolds
      Ground the characters, use logic, make sense, stay away from campy bs, use actually funny clever comedy, not be relationship soap opera bs
      Start with lower level villains, not a f*cking giant colossal monster boss, give them focus and characterization.
      Have the green lantern construct feel more mechanical/simple and dont make random objects
      Stay in far space or on earth but not both for one film.
      F*ck I hate Ryan Reynolds……

      • I agree… Except for the “sexy” part… And have a LANTERN war! It would just be cool to see different colored lanterns and big zero gravity fight scenes like in Ender’s Game only with rings and lanterns.

        • What do you mean the “sexy” part, his abs are all he has.
          Despite what people say I find him not funny at all.
          Some say hes charismatic but I find his acting flat and stale
          I think hes just hyped but really isnt stellar at anything.

    • Have it be a Green Lantern Corps movie. Not a (Hal Jordan) Green Lantern movie. This way we can have multiple humans to relate to and have it take place fully in space. Change the villain to Sinestro and leave it with a Lantern War about to begin.

  13. This weekend I watched several more films that I haven’t seen before:

    Grudge Match: Decent. 6.5/10
    American Hustle: Good but I thought SLP was better. 7.2/10
    The Internship: OK, got better towards the end. 6/10
    Last Vegas: Pretty good, one of the better comedies I watched this weekend. 6.8/10
    Homefront: Wasn’t as good as other JS films, but was pretty intense. 6.4/10
    Warm Bodies: Surprisingly good. Nicholas Hoult is a good actor. 7/10

    and the GotG trailer was awesome! Glad it comes out the day before my birthday!

  14. Flash should get a film before GL, the last GL film left a bad taste in me still.

    • I think we should but given WB’s financial interest I think we might get one when the JLA movie gets made. I think we will see a good dose of Superman, Batman, Wonder Women, and Green Lantern before The Flash makes his appearance on the big screen. WB(CW) has a huge investment in The Flash series later this year and I think later down the road we might start seeing a shared TV/Big screen world. The good thing about that is that Arrow is far superior on their series than AOS and seems to make good on their “easter eggs” LOL so therefore it isn’t hard to believe they would be an excellent candidate to start experimenting with a shared universe series.

  15. So I have a question for the Scranters and anybody else that wants to chime in. GotG trailer and concept brought this to my attention and made me realize this is in a lot of films.

    Earth creatures like racoons are also an alien race? Same thing with walking/talking trees? Why aren’t these issues ever looked into? If there is a race of racoons that have their own planet and government, but on our planet they are simple animals that usually carry rabies, what does that mean for the race itself?

    • @ LC

      Do we know a talking raccoon from space would have rabies? Whatabout a hidden city of gorillas, especially one known as Grodd and numberous characters in DC comics?

      • Agreed! All earth creatures that somehow have a planet of their own but are a superior race to their earth form?

        Doesn’t that say something about the earth species? Are they in fact, aliens?

        • @ LC

          I’ll have to go through my DC/Marvel books on the issue,lol.

        • …and remember that Douglas Adams had the dolphins, and “ST IV: The Voyage Home” had whales… :D

          • In The Voyage Home, wasn’t that a device that was looking for the creatures that used to be there?

            • Yes, the space object was just a massive probe, but it was sent by whatever alien species/race the whales originally belonged to before their colonization(?) of Earth. The probe returned to Earth every so often to check up on them…when they didn’t respond in the ST future, THAT is when the trouble started.

          • Hitchhiker’s Guide had whales, dolphins, and smartest of all, mice.

  16. That GotG trailer was great. Introducing the main characters before we get into anything else was a smart move. All they have to do is keep marketing it right & they will have a great weekend. I also love how all the Marvel Studios films have the same “look & feel” for lack of better words, regardless if it takes place entirely on Earth or on other worlds. Even with the completely different tones of this & the Winter Soldier, it all looks part of one cohesive universe. Cannot wait.

  17. The Equalizer, Man From U.N.C.L.E., Doc Savage…anyone heard any more updates on how or when these are progressing? Info regarding thee flicks has been mighty quiet lately.

  18. I saw the GOTG trailer this morning. I must say I was a little worried about the film but this trailer has me on board. The tone of the movie seems to be in line with the comics and I for one, am fine with that. I can’t wait for the second trailer to hear what Rocket sounds like. Groot only really says one thing and with Vinny doing the voice it’s not that hard to figure out. I can’t wait for this movie. This paired with Cap 2 is going to be great for Marvel