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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 18, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 18, 2013

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  1. If Harrison Ford is really back for Star Wars, I am hoping both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher reprise their roles as well. They may no longer “look” like Hollywood A-listers, but who cares? They are the actors whom most of us remember fondly, and the writers could script something for them that would be appropriate for their age.

    • Definitely, well said.

    • Agreed!!

    • I’m with you guys all the way I want them to bring back Hamil and Fisher and I think there’s a safe bet that they will beause if they’re getting one of the main characters back from the original trilogy who’s to say they won’t get back the other two main characters from the original trilogy, I think its a safe bet in other words. I would love for them to come back anti thik they want to come back as well, if the recast them I can live with it but I’d just rather have Fisher and Hamil back.

    • If Disney wants Hamill and Fisher back, they will be back. They aren’t in the position to decline that kind of money. ;)

      • It could be a return to some stardom for them. I would not want them to be recast, especially if they are bringing back Ford to reprise Han Solo. Wouldn’t make a lot of sense, imo, to bring back one and recast the rest.

      • And didn’t Hamill already lock on to reprise his role in any future movie that would feature him.

        • Haven’t heard that. I can envision his character, Luke, as someone comparable to a new Yoda, teaching a student or two, or maybe even a whole class of young Jedis. He doesn’t necessarily have to headline, nor do Ford or Fisher, but they should all have meaningful roles.

  2. @Scapegoat: I finally got myself a facebook, so if the invitation still stands, I’d really like to join the group.

    • Don’t let the hackers get you!


      • lol +1

        (Not saying anything against FB… I personaly stay away it… not enough time in my world.)

        • That’s always been my thing too. I don’t have enough time for it, and it can be pretty dangerous and invasive to one’s privacy (and my privacy is something I value), but what can a guy do?
          Peer pressure got to me lol ;)

          • It can only invade your privacy if you let it. It´s your choice how much you reveal about yourself.
            As for the invitation, I´ll ask the others. Sully311 and INK are ok with it, as am I. But I need to know the others opinion, I can´t decide this on my own. But you can add me, if you want. Search for

            Dirk Antosch

            There´s an old account I´ve set up years ago, that doesn´t have a profile pic, and my current one with me, playing bass on the pic. That´s the one you should add.

            • @Scape, I sent you a request (just look for a kid with pretentious shades and a beanie ;))

            • While we are self promoting, click on my avatar name and check out my YouTube page!

              Those who do will recieve much gain mysterious powers! ;)

              • Ummm… yeah, that was supposed to be without the words, “Much gain” :P

            • I just wanted to ‘like’ it, when I noticed I already did that. You should post more stuff though.

              • I know I should. I went on hiatus when the boy was born at the end of last year, so I’m now I’m trying to write a blog per week. I’ll attempt to do more with it in the future.

                • That´s cool. I like your writing style.

                  • Thank you

    • You have my sympathies.

  3. Sad news about Mindy mccready. I don’t listen to country, but this is very disturbing news. It was just last month or so that the baby’s daddy died the same way. Hate hearing news like this especially when those involved are young and have more life years ahead of them. Be thankful to see another day and appreciate life at it’s fullest fellow ranters.

    • Thank you so much for the video Avenger i just watched it it’s absolutely terrific

    • Just watched it. It was great. The First Avenger was probably my favorite films from the marvel universe.

  4. Khal Drogo as Groot. I’m pretty excited.

    • Wasn’t he cast as Drax?

      • you’re right. Im stupid. I apologize

    • Call me the classic male movie-goer, but i am moe intrested in the casting of the chick with the sword…whose name eludes me momentarily. A CBM of a superhero with a sword would be awesome!

      • Gamora? lol I’m female and I’m looking forward to her casting the most as well :)
        she’s equally hot and badass in the comics so I’m curious who’ll play her

        • Ahh… kindred souls… you,… uh, wanna know my,… uh, secret identity? :D

          • lol sure

            • On YouTube search “Superhero Cafe”. in most of them, I’m the guy across from superman…not the voice mind you, just the individual portrayed.

              • :D

    • Agreed I think he’ll do a fine job in Gaurdians of the Galaxy, who do you want for Rocket Racoon and Groot General? I’m the guy has posted at least three or four times Ray Liota as Racoon and Dennis Haysbret as Groot

    • Who as what now?

  5. Question. What’s everyone’s opinion of a worse sequel to a franchise that comes to their mind that isn’t CBM related? For me Jaws: The Revenge was the worse sequel in that franchise. Nothin can beat the original & Jaws 2 was good sequel. Jaws 3 i thought was decent. But the 4th film killed the franchise for me while it ignores the 3rd film’s events.

    • There should never have been a Jaws franshise in the first place! Jaws is a classic and said all it had to in one amazing movie!

      Awful sequels that’s spring to mind include

      Terminator 3 – talk to the hand? Seriously?
      Taken 2 – one for the kids
      The Expendables 2 – another one for the kids
      Halloween 3 Season of the Witch?- Michael where are you?
      Friday 13th Part 5 – Roy who?
      Indiana Jones 4 – Mutt Williams?!
      Robocop 3 – Jet pack what?!
      Predators – why is Laurence Fishburns character so fat if he’s been scavaging on an alien planet for god knows how many years?!

      • IMO
        1)All the Ice Age movies after two
        2)Same suit for Shrek
        3)Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and (soon to follow) 5
        4)The Saw series part four and up
        5)Texas Chainsaw should only have had one movie

      • Predators was awesome.
        Maybe he was fatter?

      • T2 had humor aswell. “Chill out, dickwad”, Terminator smiles when saying Trust me. I agree about Halloween 3. Lookin back at all of the original films, they should of ended it after Halloween 2. Friday The 13th Part 5, i agree with, but it wasn’t worse than Hallowen 3 was it? Agreed on Indy 4. Agreed about Robocop 3. but jetpack & new arsenal was nice touch imo. And Predators didn’t impress me much as trying make it like the original,mixed the Alien franchise touch. Even AVP to a small extent. Predator vs. Predator?

        • yeah T2 did but it worked because we hadn’t seen it before and we were invested more in the characters IMO, T3 just seemed to try and riff on everything before it and failed

          Predators had a serious lacking of originality and Gary Busey!

          Hope to see the Robocop trailer this year, I love the original, do you think they can make it better?

          • It worked in T3 aswell because the Terminator was only mimicing what is said to it with a hand gesture. In T2 extended we see John teaching the T-800 how to smile while it scans person’s smile & tries to do it. In the theatre cut, the T-800 just looks back & smiles.

            I think you got Predators mixed up with Predator 2 which imo i thought was decent. I thought it nice they atleast tried to do something different.

            Do i think they can make new Robocop film better? Not better than the original. I enjoyed Robocop 2. Hated Robocop: Prime Directive movies alot more than i did Robocop 3. So far everything about new film i don’t care for. Dunno if i’ll go see it.

      • The Matrix Reloaded…..
        So depressed after seeing that s***e. feeling a bit down thinking about it now….

      • The wrath of the titans…..
        Wow, that was horrible!!!!

    • I agree about Jaws: The Revenge as being #1.
      Rocky V was the most unnecessary film that I’ve ever watched in a franchise that I found enjoyable.
      Both of the Matrix sequels just pissed me off because they ruin such a great first movie.
      Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls…why? Dumb and Dumberer…seriously, studio executives thought this was a good idea? And lastly, any sequel after the first Police Academy.

      I know you said not CBM related…but I have to (look at my avatar):
      Spider-Man 3 – was so bad that it made #1 and #2 worse. Think of the overarching storyline of Peter and Harry’s relationship. It built up for this epic showdown and what did we get? Amnesia. Then Emo-Parker. Then Topher Grace as the worst version of a classic villain. Watching this movie for an Spider-Man fan is like having Rocky Balboa use your scrotum as a speed bag…or getting kicked squarely in the nuts by Ray Finkle.

    • @ Wally

      I will go more recent.

      The Final Exorcism…PART 2!

      I mean if it were the Final Exorcism, why is there a Part 2? Is there going to be a Final Exorcism Part 3?

      • You mean The Last Exorcism?

        Im looking forward to part 4 ‘Finally Exorcised’

        • D’OH

          Thank you good Doctor.

      • I never seen the sequels. I stuck to the original. Like TCM franchise. I only own the original film from the originals & not the sequels that followed. I did however enjoyed the newest one more so i’ll probly buy it.

        • That was to Jeff W btw

          • Lookin back at the original Halloween films, i think it was best it ended with the second film. Of-course they brought Michael back to revive the franchise. I thought 4 & 5 were good for what they were. I always enjoyed Donald Pleasance’s involment in the franchise. Even in the despiteful Curse of Michael Myers. H20 was good but wished they stuck to the original idea when a student mentions Jaime being killed during class & JLC’s character grieves in another room. Halloween Ressurection imo just sucked & wasn’t because they killed off Laurie. H20 should of been the last.

    • That’s a pretty good choice I thought the Highlander series disappointed me as much maybe more than the Jaws series. The story setup for number two was definitely weaker than the first one and by ‘Endgame’ which you would have to sit through the TV series to appreciate had me thanking Hollywood it was the last.

      Here are some others in my opinion that were not as good, horrible, or just plain unnecessary.

      ‘Godfather III’
      ‘The Two Jakes’
      ‘Speed 2′
      ‘Howling II’
      ‘Caddyshack II’
      ‘Dumb and Dumberer’

      • Oh I totally forgot about the Highlander series! The first one was epic awesomeness, the second one they were actually aliens?! Jesus!

        Yeah The Two Jakes was awful compared to Chinatown, turned it off after 40 minutes, Jack should defo stick to acting

  6. Hmmm, does anybody else think that the Thunderbolts might show up in the marvel movie universe? yes I know that would have to mean most of the avengers would have to disappear, but I think its an interesting thought, and would make for an interesting movie. anybody else have thoughts on this?

    On a related note, anybody else think that Baron Zemo, or Baron Von Strucker might show up in CATWS? I have a feeling its likely

    On an iron man note, I have a feeling the extremis armor is going to get destroyed 1/3-1/2 way through the movie, proably by firepower(anybody else wondering what he and coldblood are going to look like just a thought)? and why do I get a feeling Justin Hammer might be behind firepower this time around……

    also, is anybody else hoping Henry Pym will show up in the avengers as Ant-Man, so that Lang can steal the suit in the Ant-Man movie, then Pym will reappear as goliath or YellowJacket in a later film? just a thought

    And on the final note, anybody else think that the Geek Pick guys should find an evolution of Ironman chart? and perhaps one of Henry Pym(ant-man, Giant-man, Goliath, Yellow-Jacket, and the costumes of his sucussors in the roles as well), just a thought

    • 1. Hopefully not
      2. I’ve been hoping for Zemo being in the sequel ever since Cap:TFA.
      3. If the trailer’s anything to go by, probably
      4. If Pym doesn’t appear, it would suck
      5. It would be cool to see

      • What would you have against the thunderbolts, a bunch of supervillians posing as heroes, then actualy turning into heroes would be quite interesting, wouldnt be till phase 3 or 4 of course.

        And also, anybody else think we might get a silver Centurion armor, I mean its as much of a symbol of Tony’s rebirth as the tin-man was, it was yet another new beginning, add to that it has a bunch of awesome tech weapons, which we still havent seen(camo mode, particle weapons that gain more power the further they go, disenagration strength repulsors, etc)

        • …I’m so embarrassed. For some reason I thought you said ThunderCATS, which now that I think about it, makes no sense :|

          Anyway, ThunderBOLTS would be cool, but I don’t think they should be the main antagonists. An appearance, or at the very least, a reference, would be cool to see.
          If Marvel’s going to go with a supervillain team, the Masters Of Evil should be first on the list imo.

          • Of course, you cant have the thunderbolts without the Master of evil anyways, as they were an evolution of one incarnation of the masters. So you have to have Zemo come first, then the masters, then Zemo collects the remmants of the masters, gets a bit of new blood(including one or two actual heroes). and of course they would end up coming into conflict with the hulk or captian america

        • The suitcase armor from Iron Man 2 was based on the Silver Centurion design…

          • color scheme, somewhat, but in design not really, no shoulder-plates, and no really modified helmet, or any true design tweaks that make you feel like he is a re-risen warrior and definately none of the advanced tech

    • I said a few time I would love to see a Thunderbolts movie. I know it would be tricky. But with the pace that Marvel is putting out movies. How long will it take to get to Moon Knight and Ares?

      • moon Knight would be interesting, but very dark, and I think we would need Hercules joining the avengers before we would get Are’s

      • Hm. Moon Knight. As you guys might know, I´m not quite a Nolan fan, but I think he could do a great adaption of the Ultimate version of Moon Knight. With all those split personalities.

        • Dude, he has always had multiple personalities, thats always been one of his trademarks, and classic works as well as ultimate.

          • I know, but the Ultimate version really played it out like it could be a real guy, not a comic book character.

      • you know, I just thought of another character who would be interesting to see, though there is only one way it would happen, and that would be NightHawk, and that would be in a Defenders movie, kinda of a left field ball, but a kinda interesting one at that.

  7. Just read the latest issue of Game Informer and apparently Marvel and TT Games are moving forward with a Lego Avengers video game. Any thoughts?

    • Hoping for the many alter-egos of Henry-Pym, and perhaps some classic retro outfits as well(like 60′s iron man)

    • What´s the deal with all those Lego video games?! Can´t we get a proper Avengers game first?

      • Marvel ultimate alliance

    • It’s not just the Avengers though, its spider-man, fantastic four, wolveriene, deadpool, the whole shebang I think. Even galactus is suppose to be in it in some capacity.

      I agree with scapegoat we need a legit Avengers game, pronto.

  8. What “unknown” DC super hero movies would you want to see? Would you want the movie to be Nolan’s “dark and grittier” version or something else? I personally like the Suicide Squad movie with Nolan’s version but produced by a different director.

    • Im willing to take the criticism; but Blue Beetle. Im not exactly sure why, i just think it’d be really cool.

      • I thought so too. People actually don’t give him much credit but he is actually one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. I think a computer animated armor could be cool especially when he turns his hands into blasters.

    • I know it would never happen, but I would like to see a film (or maybe that tv series that was mentioned when “Smallville” ended) about Teen Titans’ Raven. She could fit the “dark and gritty” tone Hollywood is obsessed with nowadays. Too bad that would never happen.

      You would probably need to do a Teen Titans movie first, and that shouldn’t happen until after a Justice League film.

    • I’m not sure if he counts as unknown, but a nightwing series would be awesome

  9. I finished reading Catching Fire over the weekend. Though I was not really impressed with first movie the books are much better then I would have expected. The books are young adult for sure but I feel like they got a bad wrap. I was hesitant at first thinking it was just the next Twilight like many others thought as well. But if you like reading sci-fi it is worth you while to check them out.

  10. What if one solo movie for Star Wars was bout Kyle Katarn? What do you guys think?

    • That would be cool, someone I think would be awesome to come to the big screen would be Corran Horn, now that could be interesting, because there are quite a few aspects you could do it from, from rouge squadron, to a movie version of I, Jedi, to a number of other alternatives as well

      • The warehouse ambush, now that would be interesting on the big screen XD

      • I wasn’t familiar with the Corran Horn guy until I looked him up on the internet and I really like the rogue squadron perspective of him. It could potentially be a really cool movie.

  11. Watched ‘War Horse’ yesterday. Such a great film. I’m surprised how underrated it is on sites like RT and IMDb.

    It’s not the type of movie a person can watch over and over again, but it’s definitely Spielberg at his best (instant classic imo).

    • Yeah I agree, saw that at the cinema with a hangover so was a bit more emotional than usual, enjoyed it tho, not really got an urge to watch it again, bought it on blu ray cuz its Spielberg but its just sat there in the plastic

    • I liked it as well. It’s overly schmalzy and verging on self-parody in a few places, but all things considered it’s really good. I loved the scene with the British and German soldier helping him out of the barbed wire.

      • I couldnt stand that film, irvine was terrible imo and spielberg has becone way to over dramatic over the years

  12. When will there be a ‘Hangover Part III’ trailer? It comes out in a little over three months and there has not been a LICK of marketing yet. What’s up with that?

    • Hopefully all of the cast and crew got spiked with roofies and forgot that they even made it, doing us all a favour!

      • LOL, we can only hope :)

      • I liked the first two Hangover films.

    • I wouldnt say best ever but its rather fantastic. Ive always considered the shawshank redemption and vertigo the best ever

    • Also i think the dark knight matches up well with it

      • Are you really comparing Fight Club to TDK?! You gotta be kidding.

        • Well, both are VERY controversial films…

        • Yes i am comparing the two films. Both hold top 20 ratings on imdb, empire magazine top 500 and are both on almost every top 25 films of the decade list

    • I think the better question is, is ‘Fight Club’ better than ‘Road House’??

      • I think the even better question is, is ‘The Dark Knight’ better than ‘Black Knight’??

  13. He guys a have a couple questions about Stargate. i just started season 6 and i see that Atlantis started airing concurrently with season 7 or 8 or SG-1. I was wondering if i should start watching them both at the same time or will i be able to finish of SG 1 before starting Atlantis.

    Also i see SG 1 had to movies released so can i watch them as soon as i finish the series or should i wait until i catch up on Altantis if there is some overlap and references in the films that i wont understand without watching Atlantis?


    • You can watch the series separatedly. Personally, my favorite was Atlantis. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and was sorry when it ended. Wish they would have made some follow-up movies.

  14. one problem with comic book films is using up all the good villains too early. The reason why you need to wait for those villains is because there`s no justice if you receive a level of a challenge you`re not ready for and hope that a miracle will come and gift you like a “chosen one.” Also u can`t change the science of villains. You can add to science but you can`t change the science of the real world.

  15. whats going on with direct tv where it says i may lose channel 17(fox) and 30(wgn) and who knows how many others.