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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 15, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 15, 2013

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  1. According to the Daily Mail, Sam Mendez is in talks to direct Bond 24, and they’re also saying Bond 24 and 25 will be standalone films (so, apparently, no more two-part story line)

    • I prefer it that way, to be honest

      • me too.

    • Awesome!

      Still say they should head to an arctic/snowy environment. When I played “GoldenEye 007: Reloaded”, there is a level outside in the snow and you catch a brief glimpse of Craig’s character model in the snow camo.


      Oh and by the way, where is Kincade going to stay now that his house has been blown to bits? I just now thought about that

      • I heard they built him a helicarrier… apparently it is guaranteed to be Machine-gun proof. however, it does show a vulnerability to explosive arrows…

        • That just made my day sir. If I had a Like to give, I’d give it to you.

          • Why Thankee sir! i have had the flu for the last 48 hours, and this boosts the morale!

  2. I am very much enjoying “Face Off” season 4, so far. A lot of the designs are more appealing to me than in past seasons by this point in the competition, and the show is maintaining that mature, positive, “work ethic” attitude (no sniping or backstabbing…at least, none shown in the edited episodes). The judges also seem to be getting rid of a lot of the chaff a bit more effectively (read: quickly) than in the past. Hopefully, with that web series for second chances for NEXT season going on, the show will not resort to the gimmick of bringing back a thrown-off contestant THIS season. That was the only real weakness of the 3rd season, IMO.

    Looking forward to next Tuesday…

    • Concur. At this point, it seems like Anthony will be the winner, as his talent is extraordinary. I wouldn’t be suprised if he has already gotten job offers.

      • It’s looking that way to me too.

  3. Question of the Day at work:

    Is there a movie character that has disturbed you or freaked you out?

    The first one I thought of was Dennis Hopper as Frank in Blue Velvet. Crazy and unpredictable, just like one of my ex-girlfriends.

    • The Creeper from Jeeper Creepers

    • So many…
      The first person that comes to mind was Marion Cotillard in Inception (the first time I saw the movie, it felt like she was about to jump out of the screen and physically assault me) and the most recent would be the Engineers from ‘Prometheus’. When I was a kid, Gollum freaked me out so much that I could never sit through an entire viewing of a LOTR movie lol.

      When it comes to movies, I get scared and freaked out pretty easily, so yeah, most horror movie creatures & characters would be on the list too.

      • Oh, and Beetlejuice from the ‘Beetljuice’ movie always freaked me out as well.
        Wait, how many times did I say Beetlejuice?!! …oh crap!!!!

      • Good call with Marion Cotillard

    • kevin bacon’s character, Sean Noles from the movie Sleepers. Just a creepy slime ball of a guy. I know it’s wrong, but to this day I still don’t care for Kevin Bacon because of that character he played.

    • Giovanni Ribisi in “Ted”. But he also made me pee laughing.

    • More of a scene for me–the scene from the Raid where the little guy fights the police captain then slowly grabs the captains head in his hand before snapping his neck. There was something so realistically brutal about the scene. The conscious captain knows he’s about to have his neck snapped but is to beat up to effectively fight back.

    • Chucky freaked me out as a kid. The killers in the Strangers freaked me out as an adult.

      • Anthony hopkins in silence of the lambs.

    • when I was a kid I was super freaked out by the head witch in the witches, and the aliens in mars attacks, and…. oh when I was really little I was scared of the purple monster from ghost writer! that corny kids show. haha memories.

    • Kevin Bacon in The Hollow Man and Christopher Walken in every damn movie he´s been in (except for The Dead Zone).

  4. Meteor Hits Russia.

    500 Hundred People injured.

    Property damaged.

    Newest Diehard was filmed in Russia.

    Bruce Willis?


    • The footage of that meteor is incredible. I saw one report saying 950 hurt and some gravely a moment ago.

    • God or something in the universe didn’t like A Good Day to Die Hard hehe.

      • Oh, but I hope those people are ok.

    • Some Russian leader said it was an attack from America. POTUS better put a ban on assault meteoroids quickly.

      • holy crap I’m just reading about that.. thats crazy stuff.

      • I don´t know where you get your “news” from, but Putin is the only russian leader there is. And he never said such a thing… -.-

          • Leathercheerio, putting the “smackdown” on Scapegoat. I also heard about this report. Scary, that there are leaders like this who would immediately jump to such erroneous conclusions.

            • In defense of Scapegoat.

              The person in question Vladimir Zhirinovsky is leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. Pretty much, the losing party. His government involvement is akin to Ross Perot.

              As Vice Chairman of the State of Duma, he is pretty much like a senator.

              He thinks the US fired a missile at Russia or some other device, but since the fragments do not correspond to anything on earths Periodic Table of elements that is earth based.

              Hes your crazy bunker building uncle.

  5. Bond question…..
    When Daniel Craig finally packs it in….
    Who would you want to take over the 007 role?
    My choices: Tom Hardy, Gerard Butler (sexy Scottish accent),

    • JGL. lol

    • Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba or Tom Hardy.

      • Oh… yeah… Strike JGL…Fassbender would be amazing!

      • I second this. Not sure what order I’d rank them but all would be great.


      • Really? I thought he sucked, along with the rest of the cast, in “Lawless”.

        Besides, they usually don’t pull big name actors for James Bond, its James Bond that makes them big name actors.

    • Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell.

      • Adam Sandler?

    • Ralph Garman…using his impression of Christian Bale from the set of Terminator Salvation

      • Idris elba

        • I think they should give Bond a rest once Craig has finished his run of movies

    • Christopher Lee

  6. So, Simon Baker gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which kind of makes me curious as to what the criteria is to get one these days.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Simon Baker, but just looking at his resume on IMDb, well nothing there to get excited about, and the majority of the stuff on there I’ve never even heard of.

    So have they lowered the standards just a tad these days?

    • you need to shake hands with red john)

  7. Haven’t heard any Prometheus sequel news for a long time? Anyone know any thing or have thoughts on what they should do for the sequel….?

    • I want noomi rapeface’s ship to crash on the planet that ripley finds the aliens on however many years later. that way theres actually some continuity with the rest of the franchise.

      at the same time I want some answers about the engineers and junk, but not if its overly complicated and hard to follow. I do definitely want some alien carnage for the sequel tho.

      • Why are you being so tasteless with her name?

        • sry its a reference to the honest trailer for prometheus… my bad if it was offensive. she rocks btw, great actress and everything.

          • Oh, okay…fair enough.

  8. @elmayimbe of Latino review is supposed to have another big scoop later on today. Might be related to star wars. Can’t wait to find out later on.

    • I am always amazed at how often Latino Review get so many incredible scoops!

      • I am always amazed how quickly people forget all the BS they report on and only remember the few times they get things right.

        • Only story they got wrong so far that I know of was the black panther story ,although I think it probably was true for a minute then Marvel pulled the plug on it. I still feel confident on their scoops.

  9. You guys need to do a thread for Steven Soderbergh, since the man is retiring from filmmaking :(

    Do like a top 10 of what you guys think are his best movies.

    • well we all know that oceans 12 wouldn’t be in that list

  10. Saw battleship last night, talk about an epic fail.

    However I’ve been enjoying Ultimate Spiderman and Transformers Prime. Anybody else feel these two shows are better than the movies?

    • You think Battleship is an epic fail, but you enjoy the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon?! Are you high?

      Battleship was a let down, yes. But how can you enjoy Ultimate Spider-Man? Let alone think it´s better than the movies?! Even Spider-Man 3 was way better than that crap show.

      • I think Hasbro should do a Magic The Gathering movie. One about the Planeswalkers to make up for their Battleship dud.

    • I like Ultimate Spiderman too. I don’t take it seriously by getting overcritical and enjoy it for what it is. I let my mind go, you know?
      I can’t say if it’s better than the movies. It’s hard for me to compare the two mediums but I do enjoy the show.

      • Yeah I enjoy it as well, it’s on Disney XD and aimed at kids who are around 11 or 12, if as an adult you don’t like it, go back to your comic books or the 90′s show, they still exist, they haven’t been deleted

    • spectacular spiderman was way better, not even comparable.
      Too bad it got canceled.

  11. just seen the fast and furious 6 spoiler posted on this website and it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Again, will we see Star trek into darkness in imax 2d for 15/70?

  13. What female heroes should have their own movies? I think an Amethyst Princess of Gemworld could actually appeal to more people than a Wonder Woman movie could but what do you guys think? Warner Bros. could at least beat Marvel to the first “successful” female super hero movie.

    • I’ve always leaned towards Marvel as a kid… Carol Danvers aka Ms Marvel would be cool… The nerd in me would also love to see She-Hulk, but I think that would be a tough sell to the mainstream. Black Widow is already established in the MCU, so that might be easier.

      • It has nothing to do with being easy. Being easy is a cop-out excuse for making money.

        A Black Widow movie? I’d be bored to tears, I honestly could’ve cared less for her in the movies shes in so far.

      • The females tend to be less interesting either because;
        -they dont have villains
        -or interesting villains
        -they arent heroes
        -or dont have cool back stories
        -or powers
        -or are just counterparts to others

        Top this on with the fact that these films have a generally male audience and we’ve got problems.

        • that said I think Zatanna would be cool because a true magical hero hasnt been done yet.
          Shes smart, sexy and is unique.
          has a concept the general public can get being a magical magician.
          and would have interesting stories/villains

          her or power girl.

          • @Cody

            Have you heard of Amethyst? I am a guy and I love her comics because she actually does use magic and she uses a sword. She has an amazing back story but I haven’t read the new 52 reboot of her yet so I hope that is good. Seriously though she is awesome. She is not a counterpart, she has a villain, he’s an interesting villain, she uses magic and she will bring a new audience to the theaters.

            Oh and I like your avatar… Jake is awesome.

            • nope never heard of her and thats bad seeing how I follow comic news and podcasts.

    • I’d love to see a Ms Marvel movie (starring Yvonne Strahovski), and of course, Wonder Woman is high on the list as well.

      • Should the costume have pants or no pants?

        • That’s probably the toughest question anybody has ever asked me.
          I honestly don’t know how to answer without typing out a 3000 word essay…

        • LOL all the guys on here are like, “no pants”…

    • Spider Woman has a great back story and plays a big part in some Marvel stories.

    • I keep hoping for a film based on “Death: The High Cost of Living”. Now, THAT would make for a fantastic film of a female comic character!

  14. Anybody at Screen Rant have any updates or information on RDJ resigning with Marvel for a multipicture deal? I keep hearing he only wants a picture to picture deal.

  15. Just watched the Smallville episode with The Flash on Season 4. Pretty neat. I also find it cool that they use almost all the original Superman film big names for characters. Weird how Zod does the voice for Jor El though.

    Anybody think Manu Bennett isn’t the REAL slade Wilson??

  17. Check out Touch tonight at 9pm. I’m guest starring. :)

    • I’m a big fan of that show. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

      • Me neither. At least not before tonight’s episode. ;)

  18. I wasn’t sure what website to ask this on but I’m a pretty huge fan of screenrant so here goes.

    I’m a realative novice at comic books, most of what I’ve read has been of the DC variety or Vertigo (owned by DC i think?) And I’m looking to embark on some Marvel stories. I loved the phase one Marvel movies and Avengers was obviously a real hoot. I’m looking forward to phase two and the Gaurdians of the Galaxy sounds especially fun. Does anyone have any recomendations of where to start? I’ve heard good things about the Civil War story arc, and they are avaliable in paperback volumes which I prefer.
    All sugestions welcome, thank you!

    • Great question. Civil War would be good. Go to your local comicbook shoppe and ask the guys there too. The guys that work and hang out there are rediculiously knowledgable about this stuff. Just a thought.

    • The Venom/Carnage storyline is my favorite. The Wolverine Japan storyline by Frank Miller of which the upcoming movie is based on is damn good.
      Civil War is really good but I think you should try to get to know the characters better before you get into that one. There’s a lot of history thrown around in that storyline and knowing the characters makes it a juicier read.

    • If you´re into the Avengers, I suggest the Operation Galactic Storm storyline. For X-Men, Legion Quest/Age Of Apocalypse. For Spider-Man, you should read Maximum Carnage. And since Iron Man 3 is a loose adaption of the Extremis story, you might wanna read Warren Ellis´ Iron Man – Extremis.

      • Thanks for the suggestions! My nearest comic shop is an hour and a half away :P but I will definitely check those out, thanks!

  19. Anybody know when Anchorman 2 starts filming? I thought it was this month some time but I haven’t heard anything about it for a while. I just have that on my mind cuz I watched The Other Guys and Casa de mi Padre this last week, both of which are Will Ferrell/Adam Mckay collaborations like Anchorman.

  20. Gemma Arterton was on radio 1 this morning. She is very funny, great at voices and has a photographic memory apparently. All that and wrapped it a very pretty package.


  21. Question. What’s everyones opinion of the worst sequel to any franchise that isn’t CBM related? One that comes to my mind is Jaws:The Revenge. Can’t beat the original, Jaws 2 was a great sequel imo. Jaws 3 imo was good,atleast decent to say the least but they should of ended it there. Not only did they intend to ignore the 3rd film, but imo they killed the franchise. Only thing good that came out of it was it upped Michael Caine’s career. I only watch Jaws 1-3 to be honest.

  22. When i think of the original Halloween films. I wished they ended it with Halloween 2. Mainly because Halloween 3 had nothing to do with Michael Myers in the first place. When they brought him back for 4-6, they ignored those films for H20 Which wasn’t too bad till the ending but Halloween Resurrection killed the franchise for me.