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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 14, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 14, 2014

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  1. GOTG trailer next week ahhhh!

    Since we had to reschedule last week, my daughter is my V-Day date tonight to watch the Lego Movie. Pretty excited.

    Anyone have any random movie suggestions for the weekend?

    • thats cute ha…

      i am gonna be seeing About Lastnight with the girlfriend so should be fun, eventhough i can’t stand V Day, overrated but have to give in :D

    • If you would like to see a very good science-fiction movie that is completely devoid of explosions, monsters, spaceships etc.: Man from Earth.

      Just a bunch of people in a cabin talking about interesting topics hinging on a unversity professor who is about to skip town after people started noticing that he didn’t age in 10 years.

  2. Good morning all….

    Happy Friday!! :)

    I was happy to see Arrow was picked up for a third season. It was kind of a no brainer for the CW, but I’m happy its official nonetheless.

    I may have missed it, but does anybody know if ‘Beware the Batman’ is ever coming back to the Cartoon Network, or if its just done?

    Going to check out The Lego Movie & Robo Cop this weekend me thinks.

    • Happy Friday, Stark! As for BtB, I think it’s still on hiatus, which is frustrating. CN said it would return in January, but obviously, that’s not the case. I’m still upset over the cancellation of Young Justice. Superb storytelling with great characterization, decent viewer ratings, and it even won an Emmy for animation. My daughter and I had fun watching the show together (and BtB as well), so for what it’s worth, I helped her pen a letter to CN, requesting they bring back the show. We never heard back. Maybe we’ll write another letter for Batman.

      Many shows I enjoy end up being cancelled, but that’s the risk I take with any TV show.

      • @ $2

        I liked Young Justice as well and was bummed when they canceled it. CN does some strange things with some good shows. BtB wasn’t great but it was good, I hope it returns.

        • CN thinks action cartoons are slowly becoming un-popular. They pulled BtB, I hated the animation imho…I can’t stand that type of fake clay-mation type thing they had going. As far as CN knows, it’s not returning :(. BtAS is still the BEST super-hero cartoon ever imo. Then follows the 1994 Spider-man, such great cartoons, got the complete series of them both :D Good summer vacation car movies, if you know what I mean :D

    • @ Stark

      Do you think Superman’s new costume could use brighter colors from now on unlike what it looked like in MOS? I plan to see Robocop w/ friends when roads are good enough, damn weather. Right now im watching the Robocop trilogy & the series.

      • @ John McClane

        I think they could switch it up a bit. After watching MoS several times, the suit colors didn’t really bother me. I have a feeling with every new movie that they make, a slightly diffrent suit will be used, if only for a short time. They have to boost those toy sales you know!
        I wouldn’t mind I more traditional throw back suit, (without the underwear ), but I doubt wel’ll see that in this iteration of Superman.
        Careful with that weather!

        • @ Stark

          In detail what would you wanna see in the traditional throw back suit? You don’t think Batman would wear underwear if Superman doesn’t or his costume looks like he’s wearing some right.

          On a scale of 1 to 5, how was the new Robocop btw?

          • If they ever go with the throwback… the yellow hope sigil on the cape

          • @ John McClane

            I might be neat to see the original colors, (light blue, bright red cape) maybe the original “S” symbol, stuff like that; more for nostalgia than anything
            IMO, I don’t think the underwear on the outside is a good look for today. It was cool back in the day, but not now, on either of them.

            Haven’t seen Robo Cop yet, probably tomorrow.

  3. i have just begun to watch House Of Lies…so far so good, i am at episode 5, is it worth sticking too or does it get repetitive?.

    loving Kristen Bell and Don CHeadle in this

    • You’re in for a treat. Season 2 isn’t as good as season 1 but the show is overall brilliant.

      • nice..i have been impressed so far

  4. House of Cards season 2 is AWESOME!!

  5. Stuck at home from the snow and ice in Virginia. Anyone else make it through the snowstorm?

    Very sad to hear about the passing of Ralph Waite. The family and I have been watching The Waltons season by season, and I enjoyed watching the show as a kid. RIP.

  6. So…….. DC has been pushing a lot of different things and it all is looking really good…too good.

    They have been establishing multiple characters on TV that seem to be too good to not be included in the movie universe. I don’t think DC will do a flash movie, but if they connected the TV and movie universes they will already have their flash, and if they didn’t want to use another Super, Green Arrow would fill the spot of MMH or Aquaman so the roster would be Superman, Batman, WW, Flash, and Green Arrow. Green Lantern and Flash are good friends so I could see them hinting heavily at the character in the TV universe but he would never actually appear with the ring. I don’t think they should connect but I even saw a quote from someone involved in Gotham that said it was a prequel series to the movies, just to establish the Batman villains that have been PROMISED to appear and they’ve said Catwoman will appear and everything. By the time Batman vs. Superman comes out, and if all of these shows are successful Arrow will be in season 5, Flash will be in season 3, Gotham will be in season 3 as well, FOX is affiliated with The CW but probably no major crossovers.

    I doubt that they will do this but do you guys think it could work? I personally don’t want it because it would handcuff the writers creatively to fit the movies rather than the TV fit the TV.


    • Yeah, it seems like there is the TV world of DC which so far has done an excellent job with handling Arrow on the CW and then there’s the big screen world in which The Dark Knight trilogy was a success but with them starting over it’s really up in the air. I loved MOS but I also didn’t think it lived up to the hype and didn’t make the kind of numbers that WB was hoping for(WB in an article before the release was hoping for IM3 type of numbers). With everything happening in Batman vs Superman, I am a little worried that it won’t hit the numbers they are hoping for. I like that they are taking some chances with the movie but it may come down to maybe they took too many chances in the form of casting. I hope it all works out because I really want a JLA movie but if they don’t get those numbers I have a feeling WB will pull out the “well, it was sort of a JL movie of sorts and it didn’t work out” type of explanation. I am okay with Affleck as Bats. I have just come around with Gadot as WW but now Eisenberg as Lex? The whole Ledger/Eisenberg comparison is fine and all but that’s just one character and what about the other. Too many chances/experiments with casting choices

      • Yes, Man of Steel didn’t perform to the numbers they wanted but by no means did it do bad, I loved Man of Steel, I am a huge Superman fan (multiple incarnations) so when people say you can’t be a fan and like this movie they are wrong. He killed because Zack Snyder wanted to explain his aversion to killing, and he did save people, people seem to forget the whole oil rig scene, the bus scene, him saving Lois Lane twice, him saving the military guy from the falling helicopter AND the guy who was going to get curbstomped by Faora. In the final battle he couldn’t save anyone because he was getting his butt whooped, did nobody see him get thrown through all of those buildings? He didn’t take the fight away from Metropolis because most of the time he was chasing Zod, the flying scene and the whole point of the fight was to cause death, and destruction Zod was looking for blood. Zod didn’t really want to kill that family, he was broken to the point where he was giving bait for Superman to end his life just like Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. (Sorry for the off-topic rant ahah started typing and I couldn’t stop).

        Anyway, I never expected Man of Steel to make over 1 Billion, I was expecting about $750 million at the most because at this point a lot of people aren’t big fans of Superman, and Batman is the real money maker for DC. I think Batman vs. Superman will perform very well, dare I even say Avengers 1 numbers… not 2 that’s another ball park for Justice League to play in haha. Batman is HUGE and as soon as people see a trailer (if it’s good) they will be on board. I told my friends about Batman vs. Superman the other day and all of their eyes lit up (they are NOT comic-book fans) It really made me feel like WB knew exactly what they were doing adding Batman to MOS 2. I also told my friends about all of the castings, the only ones they didn’t like were Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg, someone didn’t like Jeremy Irons but they are a Nolan Batman fan, not much more. I don’t think they are taking chances with the casting choices as much as they know exactly what vision they want for the characters maybe not story but the characters yes.

        I think the merging of the universes should be considered 2 years from now if they do want to do it, as all of the shows will already be awesome or cancelled then they’ll know if it’s worth merging. It would eliminate the need for a flash movie, or if they wanted to shoehorn Green Arrow and Black Canary into the background of a Justice League movie they could do so with no explanation other than watch the TV show bro. Also, the actors are very TV though so maybe they wouldn’t work as good in a movie setting, especially next to all of this Academy Award winning and nominated talent.

        Wow, I am such a fanboy hahah

        • If you have to write an essay trying to explain away the moves plot holes.. maybe the movie wasn’t that good to begin with?

  7. The new movie starring Kevin Hart premieres today. It’s called “About Last Night”

    Is that suppose to be a remake of Rob Lowe and Demi Moore’s “About Last Night” from the 1980s?

    • yea, he was on Kimmel lastnight and said he is the shorter darker version of Belushi :D

  8. Finally finished my DVR eps of SHIELD.

    I don’t know where all the critical remarks come from, I actually think the show is really good, even on par or better than Arrow (which I also really like).

    But I’m a fan of the spy/secret gov group genre (ala Alias), so maybe that’s my bias as I’m not expecting too much spandex. It kind of reminds me of Fringe actually.

    One thing I did not expect was it’s a bit too adult for my kids. I was hoping it was a family type show but with some episodes having “relations”, not sure they can watch it.

    So what is so bad about this show?

    • for me personally, it feels like amateur hour for a spy genre, i didn’t expect to see any supers i was expecting to see the Shield that was presented in the movies, this feels like Scooby Doo and the Mystery Van

      • @::..:….:::::..:

        I get that, but I guess that’s why I like it. It’s not too serious, like the Marvel films.

        I guess it’s personal preference but I think an overtly dark SHIELD wouldn’t make good TV. Even in the films there were breaks of humor (which Coulson himself would sometimes provide).

    • I think at first the show didn’t seem like it was going anywhere so people felt let down, another problem is that it is connected to a bunch of Superhero movies that people love but they never show up, they only get namedropped. Now, I know its AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D. but why hint so much at the things everybody wants to see if we don’t actually get to see them, Arrow hints at people and we see them later on, usually soon after. I have begun to enjoy the show but I don’t necessarily look forward to it as I do with Arrow.

      It does try to balance drama and comedy but that is getting old just like how DC’s all dark, all the time will get old very soon, Marvel needs something truly gritty which I’m hoping we get with the Netflix shows, especially Daredevil. It would be nice to see the team from the show interact with Cap in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, even for just a second so that the universe truly feels cohesive, rather than solo movie and then team up which is predictable and boring. I enjoy Marvel films by the way, it just sucks how we know a lot about the films before they release so it’s like meh, I already knew this before. BvS is shrouded in secrecy which only makes me get more excited, worried, and intrigued by it.

      Overall the show is about a 6/10 from me, I wouldn’t root for a season 2 but I’d watch it if they did one.

  9. How about Person of Interest. Great show, doesn’t get enough press.

    Tatiana Maslany, totally hot babe.

    • Yeah, “Person of interest” is great.

  10. Soooooo I’m watching GOT season 3 right now. I’ve never seen it before, really enjoying it…

    Should I watch The Red Wedding today?

    It only seems right given that its Valentines Day ;)

  11. 3 most annoying things about Supernatural

    3 Sam and Dean always being angsty, and not just doing fun stupid brother things.

    2 Sam and Dean still surprised or cnflicted that there can be good monsters.

    1 Sam and Dean breaking up each season only to get back together the next or two episodes later.

  12. Think you guys might enjoy this:
    I read them all in one sitting.

    On another note, does anyone think the guy who plays Dean Winchester would make an great Hal Jordon? Similar characteristics and have that goofiness that works really well.

    • oh my gosh that is some clever writing there. i am hooked! i’m on # 128. how many more are there?
      also, my lack of comic reading is showing. who is this karen?

      • Karen is Power Girl. I could not get past #153 when I was reading them so I guess that is as far as they go.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this link. I loved them. I read them in one sitting too. My favorites were #50 because it captured the essence of an “adult” comic strip and #91 because it fit Batman to a T. Plus, every time Superman and Batman pretended to be Spider-Man. Overall, I thought they were a great take on some of my favorite heroes.

  13. Just saw robocop. Really really liked that movie. Pleasantly surprised to be honest, like it more than the original.