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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 13, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 13, 2013

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  1. Hey, out of curiousity. Has anyone heard anything about a sequel to The Last Airbender? I know the movie was terrible but it did good as a box office and i’ve been hearing rumors that he’s working on scipts for Books Two and Three.

    • Havnt heard a thing thank goodness

      • Well thats good. I can only imagine how much he’d screw up Books Two and Three.

        • Can’t say the same about Percy Jackson :(

          PLEASE redeem the franchise with Sea of Monsters, the books are fantastic and deserve movies that do them justice.

          • yeah but they set lightning thief as an example so…not happenin(I hope)

          • I agree such great books. For a terrible movie

          • I agree the first one was terrible. Not as bad as Last Airbender (which IMO i think is the worst movie ever) but still pretty bad. Any one else notice ol’ Holly just loves to ruin good books by turning them into films? *cough-I Am Number Four-cough*

          • What about “The Golden Compass” That was supposed to Begin a new “His Dark Materials” movie franchise, but after the first film flopped It just stopped it dead in it’s tracks.

            • I completely forgot about that one, its been forever since i’ve seen the movie or read the books. But yeah, you’re right. That movie bombed also. Did Daniel Craig play Lord Asriel, or am i just imagining that? I cant remember,

    • I hope they ditch the whole live action Airbender movies. Continue with the awesome cartoons, Legend of Korra, and maybe another spinoff (hopefully one with an older Ang and Zuko uniting the bending worlds).
      And then in a few years reboot the Last Airbender Movie (hopefully after someone has killed M Night Shamamalan)

      • Everyone loves korra besides me, its a good show but the last episode pissed me off. SPOILER……. everything with korra happened so fast, the her returning peoples bending ruined a possiblw great plot point for season 2. Not to mention if her bending was taken
        Away. Her struggle and search to regain her abilities would have been an extroidinary story, which could induce some traveling which is sorely missed. Korra is a less compelling ang, the conic relief is not nearly on par with the last airbender. Amon was all it had and he is gone now

        • ***MILD SPOILER***My only problems with Legend of Korra are that she was bending almost all the elements as a baby, they told her she was the avatar before she was sixteen, and how short-lived the Equalist War was. The avatar is supposed to be revealed to the person and the world at the age of sixteen and from there they are supposed to travel the world learning the elements. Aang was an exception because the monks broke the rule sensing the upcoming war. And i think they could’ve built a bit of a story by spanning the war over a to the next book. I dont think it should span the entire series because then it’d he a repeat of Last Airbender, but it could’ve lasted a bit longer.

        • @Trey
          Also, i read online that Book Two will be titled Spirit abd will focus on Korra’s becoming of a fully realized avatar and that they will go back to the travel-the-earth thing which i am glad for, i would like to see how the rest of the Avatar world is doing. And the reason they mostly stayed in Republic City for the first book was because the writers wanted to show what things were supposed to be after the war and how they actually are, or somethong like that. Cant remember exactly but it was something along those lines

        • The only thing I hated about the last episode was korra x mako.

      • @General McFlutternutter
        They have made a graphic novel trilogy entitled The Promise Parts 1-3 that follow the original Avatar crew right after the series finale. The Search will be coming out soon which is about what happened to Zuko’s mom, Ursa.

        • @AmazingFantasy#15
          Thank you. I had no idea there was a comic series. I will have to go get those asap.

          • Yeah me either very cool

    • He’s finished the script for the second one actually. And do you know what, he actually thinks that we (as in Americans) are crazy for not liking the movie. Apparently we “don’t get him,” “have never gotten him,” and “it’s just getting worse.” Uh, no Shyamalan, I refer you back to the earth bending scene and the minute long water bending moves WITH NO WATER BENDING!!!!!!!!!!!

      I mean, yes, to the Nostalgia Critic’s point, he does seem to be a likable guy, but he’s getting a bit arrogant. I kind of get what he was going with when he stuck the earth benders in a prison surrounded with earth — I think he was trying to show that they felt so defeated that they wouldn’t fight back even when their element surrounded them. But still, that movie was a disaster. The acting was awful, the bending was awful, the re-telling of the story wasn’t so great, and, overall, it was just one big pile of crap.

      Now excuse me, I have to find a place to rant about The House of Hades, by Rick Riordan, (a big disappointment if I say so myself) and scream in eager anticipation of the only GOOD thing coming to cinemas, the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!! Keep Calm, and Run On, Whovians of the World!!!:D

  2. Well, from reading various comments I’ve learned the following:

    1) Joss Whedon is a no-talent, one-hit wonder
    2) Fox makes super hero movies as good or better than Iron Man/The Avengers and
    3) Hugh Jackman is the best and the only man qualified to play Wolverine… EVER

    Can’t say that I agree, but feel free to discuss.

    • In response

      1.) Im not an Avengers fan, it was a one time thing for me. Every time I try to watch it now, I cant help but dislike a lot of things about it that bug me constantly.

      2.) Whoever says that has a different taste, I guess. Fox doesn’t have a good reputation for superheroes IMO, but whatever floats their boat is good for them. Thats what movies are for, not everyone is going to enjoy them.

      3.) I love Jackman as Wolverine, but there might be someone out there better and we won’t know right now. I mean if there is, why isn’t he playing him right now? Just a thought

      • @ ACW 007

        In responce to #3. I love Jackman as wolverine aswell & maybe there be someone better to fill in his shoes. But right now Jackman loves the character, always tries get himself in shape for the character for the X-films & for for the meantime i think it’s why Fox & fans alike prefer he stay. He said it himself aslong as the fans want him & scripts for films are good, he’ll keep makin them as long as he can.

        I know there’s people who talk as if no-one can top or equal Heath Ledger’s performance of the Joker. Nor do they even wanna see the Joker for awhile. Imo while Ledger’s performance was great, there could always be someone who could equal Ledger’s performance as the Joker just as someone could equal Jackman’s Wolverine. It’s a matter of time is all. That’s all i have to say.

    • 1) T.V: Buffy, Angel. Film: I heard Firefly did alright.
      2)I don’t know. Their best film is probably X-Men 2. (Their only film that could maybe rival Iron Man. But Avengers? No.)
      3)He’s the ONLY man who’s played Wolverine thus far. I’m sure there are other people who can play Wolverine (we’ll have to wait and see when Jackman turns 90 and can’t do it anymore.)

    • Warner Bros. have a fair share of great & bad movies under their belt as Fox does.

      Imo, some of great is Superman 1&2, Batman(89),Batman Returns,Batman Forever,Batman Begins,TDK,TDKR

      The BAD, Superman 3&4,Supergirl,Batman & Robin,Steel,Jonah Hex,The Losers,
      Green Lantern,Superman Returns

      • As much as I enjoy watching “Batman Forever”, I don’t really think its good or bad.

        Its just kind of…neutral. Theres a mix of dark and light elements that balance it out to the point where one point you’re watching Michael Keaton Batman and then another moment you’re watching Adam West Batman.

        • Regarding Batman Forever. Id like to say it wasn’t great & it wasn’t terrible. It was just GOOD imo as far id put it. You could tell there was alittle darkness in it. One thing for sure it was the last good film from that series of Batfilms before Nolan’s trilogy. Imo, Batman:Subzero was a better movie than Batman & Robin.

          • I forgot to add that lookin at Batman Forever now, imo the the only time it seems like the Adam West Batman show as you put it, is when the villains are seen. Even though Jim Carrey did make a good Riddler but i hated how Schumacher made Two-Face little humorous. Even though acid didn’t ruin his face, Aaron Eckhart’s Two-Face i enjoyed well.

    • 1) Whedon is awesome: Avengers, Firefly, Buffy, Dr Horrible and his run on X-Men was very well done.
      2) The only good Fox-produced Marvel movie I liked was XMFC and that’s no where near as good as Iron Man
      3) Jackman is a very good Wolverine and a very good actor. I just think he needs the right direction for his character to really be like the one we know from the comics (hopefully The Wolverine doesn’t disappoint).

      Goes without saying, that’s just my opinion.
      Out of curiosity though, where did you “learn” those three “facts”?

      • Scroll down and check out the latest Wolverine and SHIELD articles on SR.

    • 1) not a fan of whedon campy esc comedy style but he still write better than a lot of people in the business. And ia a successful man.
      2)i love x-1, x-2 and first class. I like ironman better but they arent far behind imo.
      3) i love jackman as wolverine he really enjoys playing him, and he looks the part. But he isnt irreplaceable

    • 1) Yes. The Avengers was a perfect kind of movie for him to be behind. As for all his other work. Two CW/WB show’s that had multiple seasons. Which is not that impressive if you have seen that channel. And everthing else was cancled after season 1. Serenity is to date the only time I have fallen asleep in a movie theater. Before all the Whedonites pile one me, just know. I am married to a Whedonite so I’ve already heard it all.

      2)No. Fox gave me a small glimmer of hope that they may one day get a super hero film right with X2. Other than that Fox has killed my heroes.

      3)As said above he is the only one that has played him so far. I blame the writers more than him that Wolverine has yet be a guy that gets his ass kicked until he gets lucky.

    • 1) Joss Whedon…love his style on his TV shows. But honestly, as a big screen movie director, I’ve enjoyed his movies. But without Firefly, how good would Serenity have been? And without the Marvel stand-alone films, how good would the Avengers have been? (To general movie goers…because comic book fans would have known what’s going on.) I’d like to see Whedon create a solo movie without any character build up beforehand. Then, I can correctly assess his talent.

      2) FOX made Elektra and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Until Marvel makes some stinkers like that. FOX is losing.

      3)Hugh Jackman is doing fine for now. I’m sure someday someone else will be qualified to wear the yellow spandex.

  3. Is anyone besides me curious to see how Sebastian Stan (aka Bucky Barnes from The First Avenger) will be as the Winter Soldier. In the comics the Winter Soldier is a bad ass, huge, has a metal arm, and longish hair. And Sebastian Stan seems more like a very clean cut character. I hope it works out.

    • I just wanna see his metallic arm…

    • he’s a great actor imo, has impressed me a lot so far and I have faith he’ll do the Winter Soldier justice :)

    • I have faith in Stan. I just hope the costume does not look silly. Cap or Winter Soldiers.

  4. please god noo!!

    • ??

  5. My Girlfriend took me to watch the re-released Top Gun on the Imax 3d monday night. There were only 9 people in there! I was surprised and expected alot more people.

    • @Manowar?

      This surprises you how?

      A Almost 30 Year old Movie, in 3D does not change the Story. People who saw it 30 years ago, know how it ends.

      • Top Gun was one of the biggest pranks ever pulled on males. Just a chick flick with fighter jets.

    • And seven out of those nine people were Scientologists…

      • You Mentioned THE SACRED NAME… you are a risk! we will hunt you down and split your kneecaps!!!!


        • I can give you my mailing adress, if you want. There´s no need to hunt me down, I have band rehearsal every Monday, the rest of the week I´m usually at home on the evenings.

          • Sorry, We scientologists enjoy doing things the hard way! You are making this to easy. Please cease being so helpfull!

    • I’ve already seen the movie a good 10-15 times. I would like to see on the big screen once, but only in glorious 2D! They can shove their 3D crap up to where the sun doesn’t shine (pardon my French).

  6. Quick question: is there a Game Rant podcast aswell?

    • It’s been a while since I listened to a SR podcast (sadly), but they used to have a gamerant news-rundown at the end of each ep.
      Dunno if they still do that though.

      • They do. Just not this week. It was a different style podcast.

  7. finally saw all episodes of Black Mirror and immediately hated myself for not doing this a lot earlier! such a delightful show!! :) it really has the feel of The Twilight Zone and hearing that this is the inspiration for it made me even more impressed by Charlie Brooker’s writing abilities

    • The first episode of the new series was unsettling, sad, and altogether brilliant. A touch of JG Ballard or even Ray Bradbury in its focus on the psychological effects of technology and how we might have to adapt to cope with it. Props to Charlie – he’s not just a master of slagging off bad TV shows, he knows how to make good ones.

      • lol yeah, his Weekly Wipe is hilarious :D

  8. So I always hear about how The Wire is one of the best television shows of all time. I have bought the whole boxset and watched the first few episodes. I was just wondering what everyones thought are on the show. I can tell it is going to be full of slow burning plots, but that does not bother me. I am a huge fan of character dramas, such as Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad.

    • It isnt the fastest show but its phenomenal. One of the best shows i ever saw

  9. Question:
    Which directors would you pick to direct the rumored SW standalone movies, regardless of any real-life projects they might have right now?

    My pics would be Joe Johnston for ‘Boba Fett’, Joss Whedon for ‘Han Solo’ and maybe Guillermo del Toro for ‘Yoda’ (kinda unsure about the last one though).

    • I think del Tor would be a good fit in the Star Wars universe. He would move us away from the heavy CGI use of the last trilogy.

    • I would choose rian johnson for all of them…

    • I´m not really into this solo movie idea, but IMO Ridley Scott could make a good Han Solo film.

    • I would watch all three of those. I think Del Toro’s Hellboy movies were underrated.

      • IMO, those are role models comic book movies. The tone, the look, the overall adaption.

  10. I picked up Skyfall yesterday on Blu-ray and was thinking of getting man with the iron fists as well. I didn’t watch it in theaters and was wondering is it worth picking up ?

    • It was one of the worst films of last year
      Imo. The fight scenes were closeups and quick cuts and the story had so many simple mistakes. Its a raw film from a new director

    • depends. if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll enjoy it probably

  11. So, my sister calls me.

    Animal Planet want to do a show on Dairy Farms. Where the cows are simply used for milk and not slaughtered.

    Our Farm is one of the finalist.

    THE COWS COULD BE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Haha congratulations! That’s hilarious and awesome.

      • @LeatherCheerio

        Thanks Man. I cant wait to see my girls this weekend…Going to have to get them purdy up!

  12. What about a Justice League Dark movie?

    • Hopefully Del Toro is still attached to it. I’d would see that over JL and Avenger’s.

      • @ Ignur Rant

        Yeah me too. Personally I always like Magic apposed to Science anyway. Plus the characters are unique and you wouldn’t have to worry about redoing Batman or Superman.

    • That cant be real, Rhodey as the Iron Patriot? Sorry, nothing personal, but im skeptical of that poster.

      • Do you know that it has already been confirmed that Rhodey is wearing the Iron Patriot Armor in IM3?

        With regards to the poster, I think it looks ok. Nothing special in terms of pose or composition. I will say that the armor looks pretty good. I prefer it when War Machine has a bigger gun, but I will reserve judgement until I see the gun n action.

    • What´s with Marvel´s obsession with bad photoshopped posters these days?

      • I don’t get it either man.

        The thing that bugs me is, if they kept the helmet on, the poster would have looked awesome (at least, I think so), but of course, they want to show the actor’s face – and the task of doing that seems to have went to the worst photoshopper in Hollywood.

        • It´s probably the same fool that meesed up the Avengers posters…

  13. When is a Halo movie finally going to come out? I mean didn’t they have that Forward Unto Dawn web show take off and do really well? Why haven’t they done anything more cinematic with the Halo franchise?

    • have you read all the web stuff about how the production of the movie caved in on itself. There is some test footage and things on youtube.

      My thing with modern game movies is that the games themselves play out like movies. There is really no point to them other than money grabs on a built in audiance.

  14. Arrow season two is on deck for next year! Great move CW! I wonder if this will give the show runners more creative freedom for the remaining show that haven’t been made yet this season?

  15. recently watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Spelberg’s Cut). also saw Pay It Forward and So I Married an Ax Murderer with Mike Myers.

    Also about to finish season 4 of Stargate: SG-1 and while it has gotten a little better, it still just reminds me of a rip off of Star Trek. Like I said, i still really like it, but dont know why it gets such high praise for being a present day set Star Trek.

    • never go into Stargete tv. I was a big Farscape fan though. It is still Star-Trekish but the world is much more interesting than I found Stargate tv.

      • hmm. interesting, might have to put that show on the list of shows to check out. right now that list includes the other stargate shows, the x-files, the Sarah connor terminator show, and the animated star trek.

  16. How is it that Marvel Studios has rights to characters like Cable, Dazzler and Ka-Zar? All three are associated with the X-Men, which is owned by Fox.

    • Fox on a Piece of the X-Men, not the entire X-Men family. They have most of the important players.

  17. Again, will Screenrant share some official information on whether Star trek into darkness will be playing in 15/70 true imax in 2D or not?

  18. ARROW WAS AWESOME TONIGHT!!! Great episode. Like how most of the ep took place on the island.