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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 12, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 12, 2014

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  1. Happy Hump Day, Scranters! Hope everyone has had a good week so far.

    With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d ask the question of what movie(s) have you gone to see in theaters with your significant other even though you really didn’t want to see it but you did because you love them?

    For me, it was Sherlock Holmes 2. I know a lot of people like it but when I saw the first one, I almost walked out. I couldn’t stand the slow motion inner monologue that he had going on. It really grinded my gears.

    • Titanic, but i liked it, so it was a win win.

      I thought the inner monologue was the coolest part of the films, but opinions vary.

      • That’s my wife’s favorite part as well! She is very much into psychology so I get why people would like it. But me, I could care less what people think or *why* they think the way they do.

    • @ LC

      Great question LC. I usually drag Pepper to just about every sci-fi, super hero and action movie every released, and if they are good, to multiple viewings. She complains sometimes, but she’s a trooper. So, when a “chick flick” she wants to see does come out I make it a point to take her. There have been several, but the two that come to mind recently are Titanic (the recent re-release one) and Les Miserable (or as I called it, I’m miserable).
      One “chick flick” once in a while and she’s good for ten or more of my kind of movies. :)

      • Thankfully my wife and I for the most part have the same taste in movies. And we have the same philosophy as well in regards to movie theater viewing (Only worth it for big blockbuster experience). So we watch a few chick flicks at home a year. I despise dramatic musicals. So when MISERABLE ME came out on DVD, she watched it with her brother HAHA.

        Its fair though, because she refuses to watch ANY horror movie with me.

      • @ Stark

        Just wondering, how do you think they’ll change Superman’s costume in the next film? Brighter colors, back to was it used to be?

        • @ John McClane

          That’s a good question. I’m not to sure what the original backlash was about over his current costume other than the fact that it wasn’t his old costume so they may tweak it based on those complaints, but I doubt it.
          Two things for sure IMO, that won’t/shouldn’t happen.
          1. Not a major re-design and
          2. No underwear on outside.
          We don’t know everything that was in his ship, however, so I guess it’s possible there were a few more outfits in there. To be honest, I’m way more excited to see Batman’s new suit than anything else.

          What about you, what do you think?

          • @ Stark

            Like you, im more interested in what the Bat costume will be like. Other than that there’s also the possibly Martha Kent makes a costume which maybe he’ll feel more human & comfortable to the people of Earth. Long shot on that idea. I doubt Batman would have underwear if Superman has none.

            Only changes to Superman costume I hope they change mainly atleast is brighter colors than the one used in MOS. Imo that costume was too dark for me. If theres brighter colors than I could still get used to no undies,etc. I preferred the undies/yellow belt because that’s the Superman I mostly known & it breaks up the blue on the costume than what MOS’s costume did.

    • Narnia Voyage Of the Dawn Treader. I read all of the books and I had seen both of the previous movies in the theater and loved them. However this one I almost walked out on because I thought that the budget was horrific. The acting of Eustace was terrible and he didn’t feel like Edmund did when he came over from the dark side. The voice of Reepicheep was not the same either. To this day I only own the first two movies.

      • I haven’t been a fan of those movies. But its personal preference. I’m not a fan of child actors.

    • I took my girlfriend to Frozen last year not expecting to like it that much. I ended up enjoying it a whole lot. I felt like I owed her after going to films like Red 2 and Wolverine together haha..

      • My niece and nephew are obsessed with that movie.

        • I really liked it. The trailers made it look like a Tangled clone but it was its own thing.

    • My wife loves Gone with the Wind, so when it was re-released, I took her to see it. I had seen it before on TV and liked it, but I wasn’t dying to see it again. I was blown away by the big-screen experience. The film was truly beautiful to see in the theater, and I was glad I’d gone with her.

      • That’s awesome. I love when there is a good movie either re released or a theater plays it just for fun.

  2. I’m back. I’ve been gone for a few months, moved to atlanta for a new job and havent had a chance to get online during the day.

    • Congrats on the move and the new job. Hope everything works out for you. And don’t freeze over there either. I heard its going to be getting really bad here soon.

    • Glad that you’re back, GM. I hope the new job’s going well.

  3. I know I’ll probably get flack for this, but I was very disappointed in the lego movie. Everyone was talking very highly of it so I expected more. One of the funniest parts though was due to the open discussion on Monday. “SPACESHIP!!!!”

    • Kyle, I haven’t seen it yet either but I doubt Id like it. It might be fun and entertaining but it seems like people were “moved” by this movie. I’m not moved by animated films. But that’s just me.

    • @kyle:

      I’m with you that people seemed to like it more than I did.

      It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t a moving experience for me either. Maybe they’ve never seen the Star Wars and Mavel/DC Lego animated movies before.

  4. Ive just watched Spike Lees Oldboy, is there anyway i can un-watch it?

    • Watch the original again.

    • LOL

    • Spike Lee’s Oldboy was an improvement on the original. Not surprising considering that Park Chan-wook is an inferior director. You must so impressed with yourself for watching a movie with subtitles that you didn’t give the American version a fair shake.

      • Are you actually tripping? The original film is a masterpiece in tense, ominous, horror that is perfectly shot, giving it a brilliantly dark tone without any mention of the script and performances, the whole tone of the film is perfect! Lees “copy” is nothing more than a cheap poorly shot, joke! The villian reminded me of dick dastardly, and the whole thing was unsure if it was in America or Asia making it feel rather confused! I mean its totally up to you if you prefer the copy, but id take the original with no subtitle over a totally unnecessary and worthless Hollywood vanity project

    • Just watch the original dude. I haven’t seen the remake but if it sucks as bad as everyone says then the original should be a breath of fresh air by comparison.

      I really dug the original.

  5. Okay, so I was running through some Star Wars things in my head and I was wondering about the next Star Wars villain. I mean what do you think his goals will be? Will he be a murderous, raving, lunatic? A civilized covert, intelligence, gatherer,? Or even a racist snot who hates all force users or hates all non-force users?

    These are just speculations but I view these as the only possible motives for a “new” and unrevealed villain from a Star Wars universe with J.J. Abrams at the helm.

    • To preserve the magic of Star Wars, even though I consider myself a trekkie, this is a movie that I am going to ignore all spoilers once released.

      I think someone at Disney said that unlike all of JJ’s movies, they will not keep anything a secret for this film.

      • I am going to ignore the spoilers as well but I can’t wait to be the person in the theater who yells: “I was right!” When the villain is revealed. I also can’t wait to be the person who bursts into tears when I see the sparkle fly over the Disney Castle. No matter how many times I hear that Disney is Star Wars a part of me dies. Not that I don’t think that they will do it justice, I just hate it but can’t explain it. Of course I grew up with midi-clorians so who cares.

        • Speaking of bad Star Wars movies, they are doing a sequel for Jingle All The Way! Do you think we will see a grown up version of the kid?

          • WHAT?! I had to pick myself up off the floor when I heard that one… When is this going to happen and I don’t think we will see him mainly because he is well… Look him up on Wikipedia and you’ll see. The guy will be lucky if he can get another job after destroying everyone’s dreams.

  6. I was thinking about xmen:dofp and then xmen:apocalypse, and it seems to mee that a long term goal may be to eventually have two xteams (like the blue and gold from comics) and make an x-film team 1 one year, then x-team 2 the next year, and so on…

    maybe after apocalypse, the fallout will leave an x-force team, and an xmen team, working together but on different missions requiring their particular skills. xforce being an on-the-ground mellee task force while the xmen team can handle threats like shadow king and Mr. Sinister.

  7. I started watching Game of Thrones this month. I finished season 2 yesterday. The attack in s02ep09 was insane. I can’t believe a battle of that scope/scale was successfully executed on a tv show. It was incredible.

    Needless to say I’m very impressed with the show thus far, particularly with Peter Dinklage. Sean Bean was really good too.

  8. Finally started watching my SHIELD DVR eps, up to the third one.

    It’s not as bad as people keep saying, but maybe I have low expectations. At least the women are nice to look at (is that bad to say?) and I like the comedy element.

    • I have enjoyed the series as a whole. But it gets A LOT better by eps 6 or 7. The “Fzzzt” episode I believe is the upwards turning point, IMO.

  9. Looks like this is the best place to ask this..I just uploaded an Avatar with the Gravatar thing…Should it start working automatically anytime I post with the E-mail I registered with, or is a delay before it starts showing up normal?

    • Nevermind Then…looks like it’s started working