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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 11, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   February 11, 2013

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    • There’s an article on SR where people are already discussing it, I think.
      I haven’t started with season 3 yet so please no spoilers!

  1. Just saw the trailer for the new Rob Zombie film ‘Lords of Salem’ – while Sherrie Moon Zombie is hot as hell does any else just see his movies as a big homemade porno/ extended music video for both of them to get off on?!

    She’s in every one of his movies and the whole plot just ends up centred around her getting her kit off! Even Michael Myers played second fiddle to her in his own movie!

  2. Picking up “Skyfall” tomorrow, really excited to add it to my Bond 50 box set :)

    • I’m picking it up as well. The wifey and I have a nice V day plan revolving around watching this. :)

  3. This weekend I watched the Star Wars prequel trilogy again. It’s still pretty terrible, but I don’t get why some fans say those 3 movies should never have been made. There are definitely some good moments that are well worth seeing.

    I also caught up on Star Wars The Clone Wars. I was actually going to stop watching after having seen two of the “D-Squad” episodes, but a friend of mine told me that the arc followed by that mess was actually pretty incredible. I took his advise and wasn’t disappointed. It was so epic! Great story, great fights and it was terrific seeing the darker tone back in the series (as well as Darth Maul).
    I’ll never understand how one show can be so unbalanced though. They do a terrible four/five part story about a group droids who go on a “secret mission” (featuring terrible voice acting, a weak story and annoyingly, sarcastic sounding characters that no one cares about… except R2…he’s awesome), and then they follow it up with one of the coolest Clone Wars story arcs I’ve ever seen! It’s so hit-n-miss it’s crazy.

    …anyway. I also watched ‘This Means War’ which was okay. Pine and Hardy had a great bro-mance and carried the movie. I was expecting a more likable performance from Reese Witherspoon and her BFF/sister/whatever in the movie was a terribly annoying cliche. Still a nice flick though. They definitely made sure there’s enough stuff for the guys and the girls to enjoy.

    • Oh, and Stephen Fry is still as awesome as ever #BAFTA ;)

      • The only part of that film i enjoyed is the paintball scene.

    • @ The Avenger

      What is about the Star Wars prequels you find terrible? Or most people? Just curious.

      • I for one find the script to be horid, along with poor acting from hayden christianson and the usually fantastic natalie portman. The script is just so bad that nobody can work with it. It aims to be fun films and it never was to me

        • I concur with your Natalie Portman statement. It amazes me how this girl can be such a great actor in so many flicks and then just a paycheck actor in others like Thor and Star Wars.

          • While I thought she was ok in Thor, I agree with you about her performance in Star Wars. Whenever she had some lines, she looked like a high school chick in a school play.

      • @WallyWest: I agree with Trey completely.

        • @ The Avenger

          But couldn’t that be any actor or actress? Take Christian Bale’s performance as Batman, people enjoyed it but thought he sucked in the role of John Connor in Terminator Salvation which in relation to Kyle’s comment seemed like paycheck role.

          • Its true even the best of actors/actresses fall into bad scripts or just performances they cant overcome. Not all actors can rise above thr film.

          • In many cases it is the actor’s fault, but imo it’s pretty easy to see where the faults lie when it comes to the SW prequel trilogy: bad directing, bad script… and then there’s all the unnecessary comedy that they tried to stuff down our throats (prime example: Jar Jar)

          • I enjoyed Bale´s John Connor much more than his Batman.

    • Oh, the prequel trilogy should have been made, no questions asked. I just think it should have been made by someone else, not George Lucas. Let’s face it: he’s not the best of directors out there.

      • Agreed.. Honestly I’m a 90′s kid and the prequels are what Got me INTO Star Wars in the first place.. After I saw episode one I was so interested that I went and watched a new hope through return and the story was no doubt better but come on guys the action and light saber duels were WAY better in the prequels than in the original trilogy don’t let nostalgia cloud your judgement

        • I’m also a 90′s kid (’95 to be exact), and if it weren’t for the prequels, I would never have gotten into Star Wars either, but imo, the prequel trilogy is still terrible in comparison to the originals.

          The lightsaber duels in the prequels were awesome (partly due to the larger production budget they had), but I dunno, I still prefer Empire’s iconic battle between Vader and Luke.

    • @The Avenger – I was going to revisit the prequel movies this weekend as well and introduce Star Wars to my daughter. I would have started with the originals, but I only have those on VHS and my VCR is back in 1998. So, I decided to watch the prequels. Only to find out that they were missing…I don’t think I sold them, but I started to doubt myself. I might have sold them, but I’m thinking that one of my friends borrowed them and never returned them…and I didn’t care until last weekend. So, now I’m trying to decide if I should buy them again. I already need to buy the originals or a VCR…so with them fresh in your mind, should I spend the money on the prequels?

      • They are part of the canon, right? I don’t care much for the prequels myself, but when I have my child I’ll want him/her to be able experience Star Wars as I did when I was young. Who knows, maybe your daughter will like the prequels more? After all, we are culturally unable to think of the original SW trilogy in other terms than cult, while the prequels are modern and flashy and the youngest generations might not mind them at all. If I were you, I’d just go and get all of them. I know I won’t be watching them any time soon, but at least I’d have the means once the younglings get to be old enough to watch them.

    • Sounds good, all that needs implimented is some conflict beyond starro. Its to basic the heroes must have some disagreement that may lead them on diffrent paths at the beginning. Great
      Ideas for a post, of course it needs more its rather basic. But i love it.

      • I think they would check egos at the door as they dont know each other yet and the immediate crisis is for uniting them.
        I would save disagreements and headbutting for a sequel with a more personal villain like darkseid or superboy prime who can goad them or turn them against one another.
        But we must construct before we deconstruct.

        • Hmm, good point. Then legion of doom for 3rd film?

          • 1st film- intro to league vs starro
            2nd film- league+gl+manhunter vs darkseid and white martians
            3rd film- introduction of other heroes to the league(shazam/zatanna/redtornado/green arrow) hunted by crime syndicate (injustice league)team of villains made up of vandal savage, prometheus, bizarro(a clone of superman) cheeatah etc
            4th film- blue beetle and the reach invasion
            5th film- superboy prime and multiverse(owlman etc)
            6th film- Black lanterns
            7th film- Reboot

    • Didn’ you already post that? :) Naah. its all good! that would be an awesome film. What do you think the chances of seeing a “Flash” film are?

      • I did but I made the mistake of posting on friday.
        Flash’ origin is very simple and basic so I dont see the need to do a whole film about it(maybe he explains it in passing) and unless its done as a black or gritty comedy Im afraid it come off as goofy.
        Some laugh at the idea of an aquaman film, but his is the easiest to me.
        Flash will be the most problematic as you have to mix science, comedy, heroism, and you have to get his effects right.

        • Darn it… I realy like flash. i think if a JL movie comes out, he will probably be my favorite character.

    • And no GL?

      • For the first, no, I think they should hold off cosmic stuff until a sequel or a decent gl movie is made.

        • Fair assesment

    • If anything, it should be Batman who leaves without saying anything. Do another one of his vanishing acts.

      • I couldnt go into every detail but I imagine that after he says gotham, the group looks at each other then back at him and hes already gone.

    • Great idea. I do agree with Trey in that there would need to be some sub-plots going on though: personal character arcs, maybe some in-team fighting (I did read your reply to his comment, and you make a fair point, but imo the movie will need more “content” to be successful).

      And you gotta have Green Lantern in there! Come on man! It ain’t the JL without GL! ;)

      It is an awesome idea though. If only WB would hire you to write the movie!

      • The director shane black is working on a Death Note film and a Bleach film is being considered by wb. so

        Whats an anime youd like to get a GOOD film of? Since dragon ball evolution was a disappointment.

        • I didnt mean to post this here.
          IGNORE ME!!!

  4. Man of Steel-This is how it will play out.

    Supermans suit will be charged by the earth´s sun, making it glow brighter and making Superman stronger. In the old superman movies, the guy has all the powers from the beginning even when he doesn´t wear the suit. This will be different in MOS, although he has powers they aren´t maxed out until the suit is on and charged. You will witness something new here,

    Also, the scenes we are seeing in the trailer with Clark as a kid will only be flashbacks. The movie will start of with Clark being a grown-up seeing these flashbacks and this will continue throughout the movie until it is time for Clark to put his suit on becoming Superman. Superman won´t reveal himself just to grab some robbers and turn them over to the police. The invasion of Zod and co will appear early and keep going for a while until it has gotten so bad that Clark has to step forward as the Man of Steel and save the world. What i am saying here is that we won´t see Superman until the 3rd quarter of the movie and the movie will be ca 2 hours and 15 minutes long.

    This is the way to make this the most epic movie ever made, and mark my words…it will be. It will be jaw-dropping……

    • “This is the way to make this the most epic movie ever made, and mark my words…it will be. It will be jaw-dropping……”


    • So if the Suit gives him power, how do you explain in the clip of Clark Kent on Fire?

      So if he is powered by the suit, and someone steals the suit???

  5. I watched Avengers again yesterday, what an AWSOME movie. My question though after watching it is this: of the four main heros, Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, which is the weakest overall character/ story wise?
    As much as I love him, I’m thinking that its Cap. He is clearly the weakest physically of the four (not counting Stark with no armor), and seems like he brings less to the table than the others. Stark is the brains, along with Banner, Thor is a warrior unmatched, Hulk is well, Hulk and Cap just seems the weakest of the bunch. He’s strong by human standards, but is no match for Thor, Hulk or IM, so what does he bring. IMO all he brings is a leadership quality, and he’s a great tactition/strategist. But as for super powers, he’s really lacking. Even Loki was kicking his ass until IM showed up to save him. As for story, he seems to be lacking as well. I loved Cap. 1 and can’t wait for Cap. 2 but when he’s around the other heros, he just doesn’t seem to match up well. On his own, however he’s great.


    • Captain America is the Batman of Justice league….

      • The batman of the avengers you mean ;) but all the same Cap is the leader.. No Cap.. No Avengers.. period

      • i always thought Stark was the Batman of the group. I know Bats is the genius, and tactition of the JL, so I just equated that to Stark. I agree with Kyle, Cap needs to bring more.


        Sorry, I must have missed your post.

        • I always thought Black Panther was the Batman of the team :P

    • I brought this up on Friday that Cap should have been more like Blonsky in the Incredible Hulk. He needs to be faster and stronger in order for him to have some value to the team. Right now he just seems like a really good solider. Not even really that strong.

      • I wish I had the power to leap from car to car in a heavily crowded street in New York…

        OH WAIT ;)

        That and the fact that it took him so long to shoot that enemy on the helicarrier. You know, for a Super Soldier, it shouldn’t take more than a few shots to get someone

      • Cap may be the weakest charactee but he has the most interesting story, well he should with trying to fit in the time. Ironman imo has the weakest story

    • Out of the four main heroes, Cap is the weakest physically, no doubt.

      Story wise though, I thought Thor had the weakest arc in the movie: He just showed up wanting to take his brother back home.
      Stark had a great arc about truly becoming a hero. He learned to (kinda-sorta) let go of his ego and stopped only being in it for himself, instead, sacrificing himself for the lives of others – even though he didn’t actually die, he was prepared to do so.
      Banner, of course, had an awesome story arc. No need to even debate that.
      And as for Cap, while his personal “journey” in the movie was very subtle, it was still there imo. I really felt for the guy in ‘The Avengers’. He’s a fish out of water, he’s out of his league and out of his greatly depth, yet he still soldiered on and lead a group of people, some much stronger ad skilled than him, in the battle of NY. At the end of the movie it kinda seemed like he managed to find a place in the new world and that maybe, as much as the battle scarred Stark (as we’ll find out in IM3), it actually did Cap good in making him feel like he was still needed in the new world.

      • *greatly out of his depth

    • The Avengers did not do a very good job with Cap. He can bring the pain though. He blocked a double hammerfist from the Hulk to save Spider-Man. And at the end of Civil War he almost kills Stark armor and all.

  6. Planning to do a YouTube series called “The James Bond Effect”, which is going to be a Comedy series that consists of what happens after James Bond leaves a trail of chaos in each of his adventures (example: a construction worker loses his temper and conducts a search party after finding his entire dig site wrecked to pieces from “Casino Royale”)

    • Hahahaha funny. Its like doing a short story about the people who have to clean up the 1000 of alien bodies after the avengera

    • A possible hilarious twist on the above idea, the construcion worker is ruined so he emmigrates. he puts his life back together and finaly has enough to buy a new backhoe… slowly he works up to a consultant business… the warranty has just expired on his piece of machinery, and he decides to tranport it to another job site… by train. Chaos ensues.

      • +1,000,000


    • @ACW

      Kind of like a James Bond Insurance company. With its own clean up crew?

  7. I just can’t wait for the Man of Steel movie. Also hears A rumor that Green Lantern and Young Justice havrn’t been cancled anyone know for sure.

    • they havent been renewed, therefore on hiatus/canceled.

      • I have never seen young justice.. worth a watch?

        • Its the best dc show to date and Im pissed theres not going to be a third season.

  8. Breaking (ish) News.

    the “Wolverine” Director, just confirmed that the Wolverine trailer wont be released till late March. The previous report that the trailer would be comming out this week, was merley rumor.

    • March? But the movie’s coming out in July right?
      That seems very strange.

    • That does seem very late in order to build some hype of this movie… Iron Man did their trailer 7 months in advance…

    • huh. that’s ridiculous! the Thor 2 one will come out around that time and the movie is released in Novermber… well, what can you do

    • I would think that’s a worrying sign with a trailer that close to the movie coming out. Usually that doesn’t bode well..

    • Alright, this explains it …somewhat.

      The Wolverine trailer will be attatched to G.I.J. Ret.

      this explains the delay!…

  9. I can’t wait to see Die Hard 5 this weekend! such a good way to spend Valentine’s day :D

    • Ive just read that Die Hard 5 is getting a 12A rating here in the UK

      So according to the BBFC it’s completely acceptable for a child under 12 to watch a movie that contains endless scenes of violence and numerous uses of the word mother fcuker!

      Good to know they have our future generations best interests at heart!

      Can’t wait for the future Disney Channel hit – One Night in Hannah Montanna!

      Jesus, why can’t Die Hard be for you know, die hard fans, who are adults!!

      • I don’t mind that. I haven’t had a problem with young kids in the cinema so far, really.. a lot of the action flicks here have lower rating than they should. they didn’t let kids under 14 in The Amazing Spiderman which I found ridiculous and watched it again with 3 13-year-olds :)
        ratings are ridiculous anyway and they rarely translate well from country to country

      • “Can’t wait for the future Disney Channel hit – One Night in Hannah Montanna!”

        I´d be really surprised if that Cyrus kid doesn´t end up in porn movies.

        • :::face palm:::

    • Don’t blame the alcohol…

      But still, apology accepted, I am sure.

  10. What are people’s thoughts on the two versions of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”? I watched the Swedish version last night, and I am now contemplating watching the American version. Would it be a good watch, or should I just skip it?

    • the swedish one is better than the american one, but the second and third films in the swedish trilogy is better than the first one :) I suggest you finish that trilogy first

    • Agreed, I liked the Swedish version better, although Rooney Mara, the lead actress in the American version, is nicer to look at.

    • I didnt see the swedish version, but I loved the American version. Rooney Mara was perfect. `

  11. Supernatural, Arrow and Vampire Diaries were picked up early for new seasons today! Yay! Saving people, hunting things. The family business.

    • Vampire Diaries is a family business?

      • Possibly. God knows what they are up to!

  12. For all the fans of The Big Bang Theroy how about this for an episode. Somehow the guys wind up with invations to the premier of the Man of Steel movie. With that Penny,Bernndet and Amy go crazy trying to find the right dresses. And trying to keep the guys from going in costume instead of tuxeidos. Then at the end everyone but Sheldon has A great time. Wene they ask him what’s wrong he says”Well first off”. Fade to black credits roll no spoilers.

  13. Anybody know why they changed Mclane’s son’s name from John to Jack in the Die Hard movies? I just rewatched part 1 and his name was John, but it’s later changed to Jack. Does the new film explain that?

    • Jack is the diminutive alter name for John. John Junior would be known as Jack because he is the son.

      It goes back to Medieval Times on the use and association with the name. It is just a matter of preference.

  14. What do you guys think of a Justice League Dark? I think that the Avengers basically already beat the Justice League but Magic is really popular and people are waiting for something to beat Harry potter.

    • You can’t basically already beat something that doesn’t exist yet…