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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   February 10, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   February 10, 2014

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    • Is it just me or did Will Arnett’s Batman remind anyone of HISHE’s Batman?

    • First try!

    • 1980s technology, now we’re talking.

    • Everything is AWESOME!!

    • Bruce Wayne?! He sounds like a cool guy..

  2. For all the Justified fans, over/under 3 episodes before Boyd makes a team up deal with the Crows.

    • Under… obv.

    • It won’t be Justified if there’s no deal making between the baddies.

  3. Conform is the norm.

    • I doubt this is real but it’s interesting

      • Sounds good except for that wonder woman part, I dont like the already accustomed to modern society wonder woman.

        • haha, I posted that site in the last OD. Agree about Wonder Woman, seems too much like a clone of Black Widow rather than Wonder Woman but that Lex is fantastic.

  4. So in other news, Vic called out “Waldo” on the Lego Movie review thread –

    “Time Lord/Steve/Chuck/John/Jason/Stark/Bob/Kelly/Bill/Jeff/Chester/etc./etc./etc./etc.

    Going over your comments on the site (via the over one dozen different user names… trying to obfuscate who you are to support your own arguments?), you are the last person who should be accusing anyone of bias. Seriously.”

    • Wow! That guy really used all those usernames? I think I recognize a few of them, although I only know a handful of users by name. Kind of creepy.

    • Wow who has the time to post using all those usernames?? Like for real!

      • More importantly: who wants to do that kind of thing? What a sad, sad, sad little person…

        • so true! very sad

    • That’s crazy. I’m too lazy to create more than one name/e-mail lol

      • I’m so lazy I don’t even like entering my one name every single time I have to post.

        • hahah same here…

    • I didnt like any of those guys, right cody?

      • No I didnt cody.

        • ^ LOL Nice.

    • But you have yet to figure out who I am!?!?!?!

    • So is Stark also Jeff W from back in the day?

      • @ LC

        No LC, I’m not the Jeff W that we spoke about. I’m the same person I’ve always been. One screen name, one user name, etc. Although I would supect the real Jeff W is mixed up in this somewhere, if he’s not all of them, based on our past discussion. Email me if you want more detail, I did some more checking.

        • I was going to say, Antonio LOL. You would’ve really pulled the wool over my eyes with that one. I believe you are who you say are. But Vic does have access to email addresses/IP addresses that come in and out of the site so maybe he had you confused with someone else.

    • @ Dr. Mindbender

      I’m not sure why you chose to include my name among those others, but I don’t appreciate it. I have one name and one name only, always have, and I have no time for games. I stay in the OD and that’s all.

      • Complain to Vic, not me. I copy/pasted what he put on the Lego Review.

        • I think I saw a ‘Stark’ without a picture once. That probably explains it!

        • @ Dr. Mindbender

          My apologies then, I never looked at his post, I thought you said that. I will email Vic ask him why he included me.

          @ Cold SC

          That is a possibility, and I know I don’t own the rights to the screen name, but just the same, I don’t appreciate it be used in a negative way. For the record, as I’ve said, the only place I comment is here in the OD.

          • before i started posting on this site i was going to use Stark or Anthony Stark but noticed other people had it so i switched…it is a popular name so it could easily be mistaken…same goes for generic first names, it would be wise to have to use a legit email address and register to post but i’m guessing they have tried it already and switched

            • @ a bunch of dots

              Again, I do realize I don’t “own” the screen name, but if it is used in a nasty way, I don’t appreciate it since I’ve had it for so long.

          • Gang,

            The Stark commenting here is not the same person I referred to in the other thread. “Stark” was just one of the many names that other guy used when commenting on the site.

            Sorry for any confusion.

            • Thanks for the update, Vic.

            • @ Vic

              Thanks Vic.

    • Ha. I suspected a few of those, but not all of them. Why someone would want to devote that much time and energy to comment under multiple names is beyond me. Just to “win” online arguments. Some people are outside my understanding.

  5. So last night I decided to do a little James Gunn previous works research in anticipation of GOTG. I watched Slither, Super and some of his shorts on YouTube. Maybe it was just the genre he was trying to hightlight or the low budgets, but I honestly didn’t enjoy them as much as I thought I would.

    I know GOTG will most likely be completely different in tone, scope, budget; but it did get me slightly concerned that a property I’ve started to grow fond of may be off put by his directoral style. Only time will tell; but the anticipation is killer!

    In other news; loved the new 30 second CAP trailer. That movie is going to be intense!

    • Super is an awesome film, if its done in the same kinda dead pan dark, kinda trippy, slightly weird humour I think its on the right path. I mean its going to be a tough job to get a talking racoon and tree man to fit into a universe that has tried to stay reasonably based in reality, its going to have to be quite tounge in cheek and it can’t take itself to seriously. I think he’s shown he can do that with super, there are parts of that film that are completely farcical but others that totally ground it in reality in a fairly shocking way which I think is what’s needed in GOTG.

    • I watched Super a few weeks back and thought the same thing. I was pretty underwhelmed. I’m still really pumped for GOTG. I liked Gunn’s screenplay for the Snyder Dawn of the Dead remake. That same hammed up dialogue could work very well for GOTG.

      Is Slither worth seeing? That one is his best reviewed film (I think). I saw Super first cuz it looked more interesting.

      • Slither was certainly interestingly creepy, plus I love me some Elizabeth Banks. I don’t watch a lot of horror so this was more of an homage of the horror parody genre I guess which isn’t exactly my taste. It’s defintely worth a look. I’m still pumped for GOTG as well. I’m still trying to educate my friends on the premise since NONE of them know what the hell it is. They’re stoked for CAP, Spidey, DOFP, but are oblivious to GOTG coming out in August.

        • haha I know how you feel man. I was floored when I went to Thor2 and found out that 2 of my close friends didn’t know the difference between marvel and DC. I discovered they didn’t know when I was explaining who the Collector was.

          Horror’s not really my genre either but I’ve really enjoyed individual horror flicks like The Shining, Evil Dead 2, or Cabin in the Woods which is actually more of a satirical homage than a hard-core horror flick. If I liked Cabin maybe I’ll like Slither too! haha..

          I appreciate the input!


    Not sure in which direction they’re taking it in, but I hope they don’t retcon/undo some stuff.

    • I saw that over the weekend! I enjoyed it a lot. Wish it wasn’t just a “One-Shot” cuz I wanna see what happens next.

    • How come when a baby does that everybody laughs, but when a 17 year old does it everybody tells him to grow up.

      • @writer

        “How come when a baby does that everybody laughs, but when a 17 year old does it everybody tells him to grow up?”

        Because the current US educational system which is based on the Prussian model of education is designed to drive out Creativity, independent thinking and questioning of authority in all areas , while re-enforcing the ideas of conformity and group think. Thus when a baby does this it’s cute because they have yet to be publicly educated. By 17 years of age the conditioning of the public education should have changed you significantly enough that you should not respond in awe like a baby does. That is unless you’ve been home schooled in which case you are (statically speaking) above and beyond your peers and thus you will feel out of place in a social setting with those who have been put through the public education system.

        • Y’know I come to movie sites to discuss fantasy and to immerse myself in fantasy as a way to distract myself from reality and to avoid sh*t like this.

          Just sayin. You are right on all accounts but damn.

        • @ BCC,

          As a public schoolteacher, I can relate to your frustration, but I hope you know that there are teachers, like me, who try to break free from the chains of state standards and teach/incorporate lessons that allow free thinking, the questioning of authority, and non-conformity. I’m in no way perfect, but I do my best to instill in students to value what they think and believe, to stand up for one’s beliefs, and to strive to be unique in a world where indoctrination thrives.

          P.S. I enjoy Charles Bronson films!

          • I totally agree. It is extremely frustrating having to teach kids while feeling as if one restriction or another threatens to strangle my teaching style and stifle a great many bright minds I encounter on a daily basis. Discipline and respect are necessary and desired components of the school day and (more importantly) the learning experience, BUT creativity and the freedom to fail MUST NOT be ignored or downplayed in the slightest, as they are just as needed (MORE, I firmly believe) as the drier aspects of learning.

            For my part, besides the discussion/questioning format in which I hold most of my classes, I ALSO try to show the kids that “different” and “not the norm” are perfectly acceptable and, in fact, encouraged (to the degree that they do not destroy the ability to understand and expand one’s knowledge, of course). I wear interesting ties, have the “Geek Zodiac” proudly displayed over my desk, refer to my (this time) steampunk calendar when needed, and keep a fully stocked coffin full of chocolate for the teachers available at stressful times. None of these extra things make me a better teacher, BUT they do let my students (and the other teachers) know I am open and comfortable with who I am. This, in turn, allows them to feel comfortable and “safe” being different. The lessons using graphic novels and other somewhat less standard materials (screenplays are fun, though I DO need to make sure I check them beforehand, of course).

            I DO wish more creative freedom was encouraged in the American educational system, as a whole…

            • ACH!

              Speaking of the freedom to fail…Sheesh.

              My “lost” sentence SHOULD read: “The lessons using graphic novels and other somewhat less standard materials…benefit greatly from this approach to my classroom…and are not thrown off TOO much by my natural absent-mindedness and often stream-of-consciousness thinking. 😉

              • By the curse of demonically festering cheese!!!

                Double ACH!

                Close the quotation marks.


        • Actually, I am home schooled… I am not even joking…

      • Lmao people are jealous of your happiness!

      • Maturity comes with age. Kids can’t act like a fool and get away with it. They don’t know better. An adult… Not so much.

        • can act*

    • @ColdSc

      That baby is reenacting exactly what I did the first time I watched that scene.

      • Haha nice! I just yelled ‘booya’ at the end lol.

    • wow it stills gives me butterflies, it reminds me when Stark took his first flight

      • Ah yes, when he lands in the Middle East as well. Very awesome scene indeed!

  7. Ok, so this weekend I watched the following films for the first time:

    Anchorman: Pretty good. It wasn’t like the best comedy or anything like some people made it out to be, but I enjoyed it. 6.5/10
    Body Heat: Had to watch it for a film class. I’m not a huge noir fan but this was ok. 6.2/10
    Escape Plan: Really enjoyed it, sad it didn’t do to well. 7/10
    K-19: The Widowmaker: I really enjoyed this one. My favorite Kathryn Bigalow film so far (haven’t seen ZDT yet). 7.8/10
    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Wasn’t the biggest fan of the first, but this one was better. 7/10.

    I only have two shows airing this week! Almost Human and Justified. Though I’ve been to busy to start the current season of Justified yet so maybe I’ll use this week to catch up on that.

    • Body Heat! I sneak-watched that on late-night HBO back in the 80s. Kathleen Turner. Mmmmm…

      My favorite film of hers is The Man with Two Brains. One of her best lines: “I get so excited when you get angry. It makes me feel so much closer to the reading of the will.”

  8. Comic fanboys, educate me por favor. How does the universe that gotg takes place in work with the realms of Thor?

    • My interpretation of it is that the 9 realms are different dimensions/separate universes in synch with each other. GotG will take place in Earth Realm and its universe.

      • So thor is the god of the milky way… Not just the god of earth? Does that mean that Hamdeyl (sp? Whatever) can see everything that is going on in our dimension? How do the space elves travel between dimensions in a space ship?

  9. I’m going to be the first to say it, The Lego Movie was only okay for me.

    Maybe because I’ve seen all the different mini-movies (Star Wars, Marvel, DC, etc) that I was expecting more from it.

    The kids liked it though.

    But “Everything Was Okay” for me.

    • I loved loved loved it. My friends would agree with you however. Well…. There were 5 of us. 3 of us loved it. The other 2 weren’t too enthusiastic about it.

      That may be due in part to the fact that I overhyped it for them big time.

    • I hope to see it tonight. I was thinking that it would be more nostalgic than a decent movie, but after reading the review here I have high hopes that it will exceed my expectations.

  10. I watched “The Talented Mr. Ripley” on Netflix over the weekend for the first time. I’m 15yrs late, but Phillip Seymour Hoffman was indeed a true talent. Matt Damon was also quite dynamic in that role.

    • I love that movie. It still gives me chills with how weird Matt Damon is in it.

    • I have just recently saw it as well, since it was added to Netflix. Thought the movie was really good.
      Hopefully Netflix will continue to add solid movies in the future.

  11. First, I am not saying I did not like The Lego Movie. In fact I thought it was fantastic!… er, AWESOME!

    But, I am a little confused on the message The Lego Movie was trying to convey in terms of good vs bad.


    President (Lord) Business is supposed to represent what? Big business, Capitalism, government, cronyism, authority, conformity, parents or something else I am missing entirely? It seemed like an ideological amalgam that really couldn’t decide who the bad guy was supposed to represent. Even though his name was “Business”, he was their evil president who was secretly out to destroy his own people who are effectively brainwashed into eating, drinking, watching and listening to everything his robot government put out.

    I get that Hollywood is uber liberal, but this movie seemed to be suggesting that anything that WASN’T creatively artistic was bad.

    The biggest message I got was the scene between Will Ferrel and his son where the dad wants make the Legos uniform, neat and separate and the son wants to play with everything all together. It exemplified how we as adults can lose our sense of fun and imagination. To me, that was the strongest message I got from the movie.

    • @Nautius:

      I think you get the gist.

      – You don’t always have to follow the instructions.
      – Everyone is special
      – Sometimes, you just have to “wing it” (Batpun intended)

  12. So with the big movies coming out this year, aside from the big’uns (ASM2, DofP, Winter Soldier, GotG, TMNT,Transformers) what’s everyone’s most anticipated movie? Maybe a ‘sleeper’ kinda flying under the radar?
    I find myself eagerly anticipating the next Apes installment more every time I see an ad/poster for it. I was never a fan of the movies and the Burton entry really solidified that but I was completely converted with the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Hopefully it hasn’t set me up for disappointment but I think if they continue the same standards obviously set for the last one, they’ll be fine.

    • I’m not sure what your criteria is for “big’uns” but I’m also excited for the apes sequel. I loved the 2011 reboot.

      I’m really excited for the US release of The Wind Rises later this month. I’m a huge Miyazaki fan and from what I’ve read/heard it sounds like its up to snuff with his previous films, which is saying a lot! His other films are incredible.

      Next month there’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Before last summer the only Wes Anderson film I had seen was Fantastic Mr. Fox. Around July 2013 I watched his entire filmography and WOW I was very glad I did. I love his quirky sense of humor and the “dollhouse” visual aesthetic that his movies have become known for.

      There’s prbly more but those 2 come to mind in the near future.

    • Sir,

      These are the movies that I came up with that you haven’t mentioned so far.

      A Million Ways to Die in the West
      22 Jump Street
      Jupiter Ascending
      The Expendables 3
      Need for Speed
      Edge of Tomorrow

  13. So I saw “Robocaop” the remake/reboot on saturday…..

    It’s okay. Not great. The effects and suits etc…. were great, and there was some interesting ideas. It takes a swing at right wing politics, America’s foregin policy, patriotism, biased media etc… But the film itself doesn’t really go anywhere. They spend a lot of time on the ethics or robo and his family instead of the action. It was jst a little bit meh.

    It does however make you realize just how perfect the original movie was. The new one certainly hasn’t replaced it. Not even it’s own sequels managed to do that.

    1987 “ROBOCOP” IMO the perfect movie.

    • Wht the hell is a “Robocaop”??? LOl. You know what I meant. (^-^)

      • *what*

        For flip sake! Can we get an edit button? Because my typing isn’t going to get better any time soon.

        • hahaha I want an edit button too.

          I finally watched the original Robocop a few weeks ago and I really liked it. I dug the violence, the ED-209 scenes. I thought it was interesting that they managed to humanize Robocop, I didn’t expect that.

          The new one looks interesting. I might give it a look see.

          • @ movieDude

            Imo, Robocop 2 wasn’t bad. It was violent but not up to the original’s level. Robocop 3 I thought was decent for what it was.

            If you loved the original Robocop, see the unrated version.

  14. Test

    • Test looks like Nautius

  15. Potential/maybe not Spoiler….
    My theory about XMen: Days of Future Past; in regards to the future Sentinel Mark X, is that there maybe a cause to why they are able to somewhat shape shift, making them more dangerous and able to hunt down mutants… The Theory maybe that magneto or his powers have something to do with it, but my instinct tells me that perhaps Mystique’s DNA is combined with these Mark X sentinels, which is why they are referred to as Biomechanical or somewhat organic…
    what do you guy’s think?
    Im so excited for this movie!

    • Sounds good. Id buy it. I agree that the Sentinels are useless against Magneto. Magneto’s power is, for all practical purposes, limitless. Magneto can maintain total control of an entire planet’s electromagnetic field and manipulate it accordingly. With that said… they would need something more organic/non metal.

      • But Magneto’s powers were weakened at the ending of Last Stand…..

    • I wouldn’t be against it at all. I like him a lot.

  16. I watched Empire State last night on Netflix. I thought it was a pretty good flick. I really am liking Liam Hemsworth’s acting jobs. Some of the movie might have been ridiculous, but he made the entire movie worth while.

  17. X-men films always have a prison scene why? They should try something different for every sequel. x1 magneto plastic prison, and Concentration camps, X2 Magneto Plastic Prison, X-3 Mobile Prisons, Origins Wolverine Stryker’s Island Prisons, First Class Emma Frost’s Prison cell, The Wolverine we start off with him in a Japanese underground prison, Days of Future Past again Magneto in prison, and probably in the future they will show future camp prisons. why every film lets move on and see the X-men dealing with some other things and become a team. and Jake Gaylenhal would make a really good Gambit, after watching prisoners I can see him really flooring that role, and he worked along side Hugh Jackmon in that so they could really make it flow right.

  18. I finally saw Gravity in IMAX 3D. Wow! I’m not a fan of 3D, but that was awesome. And the Spidey trailer has determined that I’ll see that in 3D.

    And 2 Starks! What!?!? Isn’t that the plot of the new Muppet movie?

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