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sr open discussion Open Discussion   February 1, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   February 1, 2013

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  1. Sorry to start off today’s OD with a CB subject, but I have a feeling that Marvel might end up casting Dr Strange with a young-ish actor.
    Personally, I’m against the idea of a young Dr Strange.

    What do you guys think of the idea/possibility of this?

    • (Meant to post this here as a reply.)

      I wouldn’t mind a young Doctor Strange, but he has to at least be old enough to have graduated medical school and become a world class neurosurgeon (if we’re sticking to the comic history – at least that’s how I remember it). That puts him in his 30′s at best. I didn’t graduate until 28, and I was the mean age for my class. Add to that a couple years to get established. A twenty-something is too implausible, even for comic books. :-/ I know Patrick Dempsey is eyeing the role. He’s certainly got the look, but I’m not certain he can pull it off convincingly.

      Re: Reservoir Dogs (RD): I still haven’t seen the movie all the way through. It’s just too violent for me. If ever there were a movie that was certifiably gratuitous, RD is it. I agree with your overall assessment, but probably for different reasons.

    • However it would add to his narcissism if he was young and the best at his age only to lose it all.

      I mean even though he was a Doc for a bit the story can be he was the youngest to start 17 is not unheared, and graduated the fastest 5 years?

      So even at 25 he COULD be the best. Have him courted by Hospitals taking the most lucrative deal, do a surgery or two showing his skills… then BAM!

      At 27/28 have a life changing accident…. 😀

      Right now one of the youngest (and female) was about 37 in 2008. A 25 year old is not implausible. Well about as implausible as a man that can turn green and produce about a ton of muscle mass…. 😀

      • ooo there was a Dr. Carson who became a Neurosurgeon at 33 and there is/was a 7 year old boy that performed surgery. At 12 years of age he was the youngest person to get admitted into a medical university in India.

        Akrit Jaswal.

        At 13 he has an IQ of 146…….

        Sorry just found that interesting…. 😀

    • I think an actor in the 30-35 age range is probably the right way to go. I agree with Royal that he needs to be an established Dr. It doesn’t make sense to have a 25 year old because they are still in medical school unless he’s a Tony Stark type Genius.

      • Yes at least 30-35. He often is the more calm and mature minded if he is working with other heroes. He needs to have that element to his character.

      • @Kyle, I also agree with you and Royal in that he can’t be too young otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense (if they follow the source material), although I’d say he needs to be somewhere in his early forties (maybe late thirties).

    • Heh! how bout JGL for Dr. Strange? lol just thought i would beat out the millions of other people who would be suggesting this. 😛

    • yeah, I would be surprised if they pick someone older, to be honest. for me, Strange should be around 40s.. and I’d love to see Timothy Olyphant in that role

    • I´m not really a Doctor Strange fan, but I think either Hugh Laurie or Pierce Brosnan would fit the role perfectly.

  2. Oh, and I watched Reservoir Dogs last night.
    IMO it wasn’t one of Tarantino’s best – which I assume is an odd opinion to have considering a lot of people would argue the opposite.

  3. @elmayimbe of Latino review says he’s going 2 have a big super hero scoop which is related 2 Marvel come Superbowl Sunday. He’s already given some clues about the scoop as 2 which no one seems 2 be able 2 figure out. Some folks are speculating it could be the vision,but I don’t know. Definitely will be checking that out right along with the game this Sunday.

    By the way ravens 27 49ers 21.

    • I’m pulling for the Ravens as well. I’m a little bit anti-CA at the moment. Don’t know why. No reason. Just am.

      • I’m anti – Randy moss. I know this isn’t a sports forum (sorry guys) but I got 2 get this off my chest. Please shut the h*** up Randy! You can’t be the greatest of all time and take plays off! There! That felt better. LOL!

        • I’ve been anti-Moss ever since his stint with the Vikings in the early 2000’s. Then the Titans had the gall to pick him up (I lived in Nashville for about 10 years). I was so disappointed with Fisher when they did that.

        • As a life long Packer fan, Randy Moss can suck it… Go Ravens! :)

    • I feel like Vision should be introduced properly. So Ultron needs to come first. Which means Hank Pym needs to come even before that.

    • Due to my intense dislike of the thugs Rays Lewis and Terrell Suggs, I’ll be rooting for the 49ers. Regardless of the outcome, hoping Lewis behaves himself after this Super Bowl, and he is not implicated in another double homicide…

  4. The latest episode of Supernatural was the best of the season yet. Loved it.

    • I agree. The Winchesters have the best family tree :)

    • No spoilers yet, please. Imma catch up today and watch them boys lay the smacketh down on some Crowley – or whatever the episode is about.

    • Some people say that but it seemed rather standard to me, maybe if their gp had taught them some cool new things or that box wouldve but nothing came about.

      • agreed. I wish the episode would have played a longer multi-episode arc instead of a monster of the week one. (trying my hardest to be spoiler-free)

        • I loved the episode. It had all the excitement of the original season. I hope the box plays a more important role down the line.

        • Thought it already did. The men of letter’s supernatural mother load will be address right next episode and probably on future episode. I like the episode but I felt like this episode tried to set up too much. Men of Letters, Knights of Hell , the origin of Ruby’s knife, this supernatural book repository, John Winchester’s sudden father issues. There was too much going on, so none of it got fleshed out properly.

  5. I wouldn’t mind a young Doctor Strange, but he has to at least be old enough to have graduated medical school and become a world class neurosurgeon (if we’re sticking to the comic history – at least that’s how I remember it). That puts him in his 30’s at best. I didn’t graduate until 28, and I was the mean age for my class. Add to that a couple years to get established. A twenty-something is too implausible, even for comic books. :-/ I know Patrick Dempsey is eyeing the role. He’s certainly got the look, but I’m not certain he can pull it off convincingly.

    Re: Reservoir Dogs (RD): I still haven’t seen the movie all the way through. It’s just too violent for me. If ever there were a movie that was certifiably gratuitous, RD is it. I agree with your overall assessment, but probably for different reasons.

  6. Has there been any word on when we might see NBC’s take on Hannibal?

    An older Dr. Strange would be fine with me. It’d be good to have a character on RDJ’s level for the cosmic side of things.

    As for QT films, I preferred Jackie Brown to Reservoir Dogs.

  7. Would anyone object to seeing Robin beside Batman again in the reboot? JGL imo would be perfect as Dick Grayson to start off as Robin for few films & later become Nightwing. And proper Batgirl later on. Aswell other characters like Leslie Thompkins & Harvey Bullock & Renee Montoya by Gordon’s side.

    • I wouldn’t mind as long as they give us a mature Robin rather than playing to the Twilight crowd and giving us an angst-filled, emo teenager.

      • Agreed, same goes for Batgirl & have her be Gordon’s daughter.

        • And have her be all kinds of plain-Jane, girl-next-door, subdued hot. No more anorexic “supermodels”.

    • If the next trilogy or set of films expands on the universe that’s already been established with Nolan’s trilogy it could work. Hopefully the studio won’t take it back to the beginning. I’d like to see the entire “Bat family” on screen someday. Nolan’s universe had pale comparisons to Bullock & Montoya but it would definitely be worth seeing those characters, even Crispus Allen and/or The Question.

    • Only if it were a ‘young’ Robin. Im talking teenage at the eldest. They also have to be shorter then Batman.

      • I think JGL would be short enough & prefer to have him a college student.

        • Again it messes with the Mythos. Whats wrong with following it the way it was originally?

          I mean (and dont take the tone the wrong way) what is it with everyone wanting to change what has been happening and or has happened successfully for over 70 years?

          I mean it must have worked cause there has been 3 (or more depending) Robins that have been teens or younger.

          JGL is 2 inches short of 6 foot. That is an inch taller then Chris O’Donnell.

          You make him that old and that big you are repeating Clooney and O’Donnell.

          If you want a Robin you need to make him young. Nightwing is just another ‘Batman’ you main stream public would not latch onto him as they would a young Robin.

          All my opinion though…..

          • @ Aknot

            I see your point. Id like to see Robin along the lines from Batman:TAS but fear people would mistakin that idea over O’donnell’s performance which i didn’t mind in Batman Forever. I would taken him over Dicaprio. I hated what he wore in Batman & Robin because it was pretty much Nightwing’s costume design only red on it & not blue so how would they design Nightwing costume in the proposed 5th film if it got made.

            Maybe you’re onto somthing there. Not too young is all. He should be able to go where no kid wouldn’t be able to or have access. As for Batgirl, i loved how they introduce her on Batman:TAS. Just as Barbara Gordon w/ detective skills of her own before she made her own costume. I also loved how Robin/Batman’s partnership fell apart on the New Batman Adventures as Batman tried to stop Robin from walkin out & Robin cheap shot punched him down & threw his mask & cape onto him before jumping off the ledge.

            That’s when maybe in the shared universe they can get into Nightwing’s solo films & maybe have him make a cameo or appear in future Batman films.

            Aslong as they don’t kill off any of the great villains, i could see the next Batman reboot expand enough. Heck WB/DC could shoot for a Batman Beyond franchise & see Batman,Robin,Batgirl & maybe Nghtwing’s costume in glass cases. Torn up or lookin nice & clean inside.

            AS for Man Of Steel, if it does well & leads the shared uinverse, i think Supergirl should make her comeback in one of his films. Just my opinion.

    • If Robin is going to be in the reboot, it should be done the way the rest of the movie should be done: by taking inspiration from the Arkham games!
      Change up the costume a bit and instead of the boy wonder, get an actor in his late teens/early adulthood (16/19).

      That way we can see him eventually becoming Nightwing.

      • By arkham games you mean robin should show up then batman tells him to go away? Cause that was his appearence in arkham city lol just messing with you

      • Only thing i hate about Robin’s costume from the games is him wearing a hood. Save that idea for Green Arrow’s introduction in the shared universe.

    • Honestly, I say “no” to Robin. IMO, Batman has always been better when he works alone.

  8. I don’t like to make assumptions but I might be the only one ecstatic to see Power Rangers MegaForce tomorrow. I feel a bit odd being a 20 year old and watching anything on Nicktoons, but I can cast away my insecurities for the 20th anniversary. (I REALLY need this to be better than Samurai – that season was…quite terrible indeed).

    • @ Jonathan

      You’re talkin a 30 yr old long time fan of Power Rangers here. I own the box sets of Seasons 1-7, MMPR-PRLG. You have to let me know if rumors are true if Amy Jo Johnson & other veteran rangers join the cast later in the season.

      • Hahaha! That’s great! You just made my day, another long time fan:)

        Have you heard about the Legendary War? It’s on YouTube and it’s amazing. It’s the Japanese version of Power Rangers and I think theirs are called Sentai. Sentai Rangers or whatnot began in the 70’s and the Legendary War is every Power Ranger from the 70’s up til now fighting together against this army of aliens.

        For the American version Saban hired this company from Japan to film new footage featuring the rangers from only MMPR – MegaForce. I heard the rumors about veteran rangers returning but I don’t know who. I hope they can get as many rangers back as possible because my mind needs to be blown away.

        • Glad to make your day,lol. And know theres another longtime Power Ranger fan aswell. Nope, i did not hear about the Legdary War. I heard Sentai was the Japanese name for their version of Power Rangers show. But i didn’t hear about every ranger from 70’s to now fighting a army of aliens.

          I heard in Megaforce Kimberly from MMPR will fight alongside her brother that she mentioned she had in Season 2 if i remember right. And Kimberly will be a White Ranger. I forget what her Zord is. Oh yeah, Blake Foster who was the Blue Turbo Ranger now grown up is rumored to be another vetern ranger. I forget which color he’d be.

      • A power ranger reboot would be cool but with a Nolan touch to it.

        • Power ranger series or films?

          • Wouldn’t matter if Nolan was inolved in a reboot. I’ll stick to the original MMPR i grew up with.

  9. ok,would anyone object to Batman’s costume having the yellow oval back?

    • I would rather see that then the ‘armor’ Nolan and to a degree Burtons Batman had.

      The yellow was always a target to aim at (instead of his head) and also where he was more protected. However I just dont know how well a spandex/kevlar type costume would look. Part of me wants it and the other part screams Adam West. 😀

      • @ Aknot

        Glad im not the only one. And that last sentance counts for somthing i guess,lol. Between you & me I liked the one from Batman Returns.

      • Nolans made sense because it actual protected him, for the realism nolan was going for he would be stupid to fight 10 thugs with knifes with tights.

        • If batman’s costume was made outta the same kind of material as Cavill’s or Routh’s Superman costumes then the actor would be more agile in stunts & fighting as the character in the comics would be. Batman used the darkness to his advantage just as he was agile. Makes no sense to take a bullet to the chest & drop down to the ground & get back up. Like in TDK, Two-Face had to know his costume was somewhat bodyarmor but only shot him once in the chest when if he was a good shot he would of aimed for Batman’s mouth or one of his eyes.

  10. So I just watched the Bourne legacy for the first time and to my surprise, it was really good!!

    I would say it was the best set up for the continuation of a pretty much finished franchise I’ve ever seen!

    Enjoyed it a lot, I would watch another one with that cast, granted there isn’t really much they can do that we haven’t seen before but it was a pleasant surprise after all the negative reviews it got

    • At first I thought you said “Bourne Identity” I was gonna say “have you been living under a rock?” haha

      But yeah I saw it in first run theaters and I dont think it deserves all the crap it got. I mean it borrows heavily from the original trilogy but I would consider that one of the films strengths. Many prbly just didn’t like it cuz its inferior to its predecessors which I agree w/btw. But its still a decent action flick in its own right and Jeremy Renner kills it. That dude’s a stud.

      I would see a sequel if they ever get one off the ground.

      • Haha yeah I agree, it is called the ‘Bourne’ legacy and it literally takes place as the events of ultimatum unfold, so in trying to establish itself i suppose it would need to borrow from those movies

        I just think it was really clever how hey did it and didn’t miss Damon at all, would like to see more of Ed Norton out in the field next time going toe to toe with Renner

  11. I watched Next Avengers this week. Overall it was entreating. The Mythos was a little wrong with it being Stark that made Ultron and not Pym.

    What really surprised me was the animation was so much better quality than both the Ultimate Avenger movies.

    I hope Marvel starts to put more effort into the animated movies like DC does.

  12. What do you guys think of an Magic The Gathering movie? If the first movie focused on maybe Jace Beleren, Chandra, Gideon, Lilliana Vess and Garruk. I don’t know I just think it could be really cool if they had a big budget. Maybe since the Planeswalkers have really good histories then their pasts could be shown through flashbacks.

      • Sadly I did see both d&d movies… I think I would rather gulp down an ice cold glass of URINE before I would watch any of those again. But I do agree with you on how there should be more fantasies but I think Magic is so violent that it could appeal to both adults and teens. Plus if you look at the MTG comics on the MTG site they are really cool and could possibly be made into a movie if they were organized better.

  13. I had a rose-colored glasses moment this last month. I watched Ninja Scroll for the first time in about 7 years. It will always hold a special place in my heart. However, it was not as awesome as a I remember it. It could just be that the movie is getting old and the quality is showing.

    Still I feel it has a quality that is lacking in today’s anime(or the hurt feelings emo garbage they call anime today).

    Any one have those moment when they re-watch something from childhood or long ago and laugh at yourself?

    • Yes, gremlins. That scared the crap out of me for months and months after i watched it. it was one of the scariest movies i had ever seen. Then i watched it again recently and laughed at how stupid my past self was. granted, he was only like 5 or 6 but still. I used to watch the original fright night at that age and it never scared me as much as gremlins.

      • The movie called “V” used to scare me but after watching it like 100 times I liked it and the reboot on abc. I wish they would bring that back.

    • Aww I still think Ninja Scroll holds up, I think it’s as good as when i saw it when I was 15, same goes for Akira

      Movies that I thought were awesome and actually suck, include Face Off, Deep Blue Sea, Showgirls, Hard Target to name but a few

      • hey, Face Off IS awesome!

        • I was more of a Con Air fan than Face-Off.

          • Both are awesome. Con-AIr is one of my favorite action films.

        • Haha I can’t get past the stuntmen that look nothing like the actors and the gay hand over the face 😉

  14. Whats a Live action movie youd like a 2d animated version of?

    • Battle Los Angeles

      And having trouble thinking of movies that don’t already have a animated version.

    • Good question, can i pick guardians of the galaxy?

    • The Exorcist.
      Reason: I’ll show it to all the people I meet who says animation is only for children 😉

    • None, because of the “poor substitute” viewpoint of mine that I mentioned in the Firefly news the other day. If there already is a live action movie there is no reason at all to do it animated. I would prefer original animation projects over adaptations of live action movies every single time. I’m fine doing it the other way around, though. Some animated features or shows definitely would be really awesome as live action adaptations. Cameron’s long-brewing Battle Angel Alita project, for example.

      • just say theres one you could have? its not like its being done or people are doing it…

        • I really can’t think of one that I would like to see animated, even if I could have one.

    • I was thinking jurassic park, gangs of new york, the dark knight, fight club, the original star wars trilogy.

      • I’d quite like to see an anime of The Departed, The Expendables and Mr Brooks

  15. So the WoW movie is taking off now

  16. So, I just watched The Golden Voyage of Sinbad on the ABC (Aust. Broadcasting Corp.) and noticed a very blatant continuity error, or at least a lack of communication between the Director or production designer. There’s a scene where Sindbad and his crewmates are fighting a statue of the Indian God Durga, which has been brought to life by the bad guy (played by Dr Who’s Tom Baker).

    Now here’s the continuity error, when we see shots of the Ray Harryhausen animated Durga it’s 8 swords have a very distinct shape at the tip of the blades. They have a kind of ‘fin’ shape at the top of the blade tip, when we see shots of Sindbad (or others) from Durga’s perspective the physical versions of the swords we can see have no fins on them.

    But still, I have to say Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion work is still incredible, to animate a figure with 8 arms as perfectly as he did, quite a feat of genius.