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about vic1 Open Discussion   Feb 8, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 8, 2012

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  1. Anyone watch The River last night? DVR’d it, gonna watch a little later but i just wanted to know what everyone’s first impression was.

    4 Days till The Walking Dead!
    Well over a month till Mad Men!

    • Didn’t like at all, sad to say. Can’t believe they are going to make a series out of this.

    • It was the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen on tv. I loved it! I hope it keeps getting better.

      • Didn’t find it “freaky” at all, but rather, laughable, especially the dolls hanging from the trees. Can’t believe Speilberg is associated with it, but he probably doesn’t have a hand in the writing.

        • Laughable is correct.That’s why i don’t like regular t.v. shows but i plan on watching more AMC shows when it starts up again.

    • Copied this from an on-line article about it. Relatively poor ratings:
      “The two-hour opener averaged 7.5 million viewers and a meh 2.4 rating in the adult demo, up 4 percent from the comparable debut of Off the Map last year. Moreover, the show lost a tenth of a rating point each half hour during its run.”

  2. In my opinion 2012 is shaping up to be a much bigger year for movies than 2011. Avengers, TDKR, Hobbit, Spider-Man, and a whole bunch of other movies that look awesome. It looks like most of my weekends this summer are going to be movie weekends.

  3. Ranters!
    Now that we know who the main comic-book-movie-contenders for 2013 are (Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Man Of Steel an Wolverine), which one are you most looking forward to?
    My choice is Iron Man 3. Reasons are: (1) all the info on the project so far has been positive (2) RDJ said it’s the best script he’s read in 5 years and (3) the rumored villain for IM3 (if it turns out to be true) could make for a very interesting movie.

    • IM3. I hated the second film, but with Shane Black writting and directing, how can you not be interested?

      Everything about The Man of Steel is just wrong. The story is a rehash of Superman I and II. The cast is just wrong aside from maybe Henry Cavill. And Snyder is completely wrong for the film. WB is going to use Christopher Nolan’s name as the selling point for this film. Thor 2, I’m taking a “wait and see” approach. The first was disappointing overall, but I curious what they do with the sequel. As for The Wolverine, I lost interest after Darren Aronofsky left.

    • I love this…. “RDJ said it’s the best script he’s read in 5 years ”

      While it may be do you ever think an actor would rip a script/director/ etc before filming.

      I would even venture to guess most contracts state something along the lines that they cant bad mouth the project before it is released.

      Who is slated to be the possible villain? Feel free to SPOILER NOTICE IT if you like.

      • MOST actors would “lie” to make their movie look as good as possible, but this is ROBERT DOWNEY JR. Have you ever seen some of his interviews?
        He went off about The Avengers’ script way before they even started shooting, making comments/jokes about how “terrible” it was and that it needed rewriting.
        Also, right after Sherlock Holmes was released, he started making jokes about Holmes’ sexuality and stuff.
        RDJ doesn’t really doesn’t mind to say what he really thinks.

        As for IM3′s RUMORED villain:
        It’s rumored that Namor will be (one of) the villains. The studio where they’ll be filming a lot of the stuff, hired a special effects water tank that’ll be used throughout the film (that doesn’t necessarily mean Namor, but it sure as hell is a coincidence seeing as there have been one or two references that point towards Namor in IM2).
        Just keep in mind, this isn’t my crazy-ass theory, it’s actually been a rumor in circulation for quite some time. And while I’m one of those people who doesn’t care much for rumors and immediately dismiss them, this one actually makes some sense… (IMO)

        • @ TheAvenger,

          What were some of the references in IM2 that point to Namor? I didn’t notice any, but then again I wasn’t looking to hard and I would like to watch IM2 again to see them.

          Also I was watching IM1 last night and was trying to see if I have the Timeline (in the Marvel Universe of course) of all the indivdual movies leading up to The Avengers, so correct me if I’m wrong, but from my understanding with was like this:

          Iron Man 1
          Iron Man 2/The Incredible Hulk (The ending after both of these films credits makes me believe these two happened around the same time)
          Captain America
          The Avengers

          • He may say……..

            1. Oracle. Oracle was the front company for Namor. HOWEVER that has already been proven false as in the movie the Oracle CEO was there. It was NOT a nod to Namor.

            2. Roxxon. Maybe…. however Roxxon oil has more ties to Ironman then Namor. “While this fictional company has encountered numerous superheroes, it has most notably been at odds with Iron Man, as in a storyline called “The Iron Age” where it was revealed that agents of Roxxon Oil killed Tony Stark’s parents. Roxxon has also regularly been at odds with Project: Pegasus regarding energy sources as the latter has been involved with alternative energy research that could hurt Roxxon’s oil profitability.”

            3. A mark on a map in the ocean. Best indication. These were ‘hotspots’ marked on a map. The assumption is the one in the Atlantic is Namor.

            I believe those are the only 3 guesses going around and as you can see 2 of them are just barely.

            • Actually, the Oracle reference WAS a nod to Namor… even though the CEO of the IT company made a cameo, the Oracle logo on the Japanese Garden dome was still meant to be perceived as a Marvel reference by the viewers.
              Ask yourself this: why would an IT company (real life Oracle) have it’s logo on a Japanese garden dome — when it makes much more sense for an environmental company (comics’ Oracle) to have it’s logo on the dome…

              As for the other references: you are correct. Those were the ones I was referring to.

              • Because Oracle was in sponsorship of the movie…



                “And, in an inside joke that only a Oracle professional would understand, the Iron Man character uses Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) during one scene in his palatial Malibu mansion!”

                It was THE Oracle logo not Marvels Oracle logo.

                Furthermore the Oracle in the comics is “This series followed Namor as CEO of Oracle, Inc., a corporation devoted to reducing pollution, particularly in the oceans, and provided the stage for the return of the 1970s martial artist superhero Iron Fist, who had been presumed dead.”

                Sorry not a match.

                • If that is the case, then Marvel Studios kinda shot themselves in the foot (which seems unlikely): they can never have the comics’ Oracle as part of any future Marvel movie since that would then mess up the continuity…

                  I still believe that even though it was Oracle’s (the IT company) logo on the dome, the viewers were meant to PERCEIVE it as the comics’ Oracle. It just makes sense IMO…

                  Anywho… this weekend I’ll watch IM2 again (and then again with the director’s commentary on) to see if Favreou said something about this subject.

                  • Nah…. who would believe that some underwater guy was in charge of a company?

                    While you, I and a bunch of other people would the general public has to be coddled when it comes to this stuff.

                    We have to accept that we will not get the full transfer of everything Marvel.

                    While we can see all the pieces and how they COULD fit it doesn’t mean they will.

                    Im happy with the dot on the map suggesting Namor. Some oil tanker disaster prompted Prince Namor to contact the surface world letting them know they are on notice.

                    The dot is the originating point of the message and light contact has been made.

                    We have to remember while we are the fan base we are not as large a base as the general public.

                    • “Nah…. who would believe that some underwater guy was in charge of a company?” — everyone… Clark Kent is a reporter, Spider-Man is a photographer… if those secret identities work, so can Namor’s.

                      “While you, I and a bunch of other people would the general public has to be coddled when it comes to this stuff.” — it’s late over here in SA, so maybe I’m just a little sleepy, but I have no idea what you just said there ;)

                      As for the rest: I agree that Marvel will never be able to put EVERYTHING on the big screen and I know they’ll never be able to connect every single character and plot point, but seeing as Namor has been hinted, we have to assume that he’ll play a part in some way in the future of the MCU…

                    • @TA

                      Spiderman and Superman are not very good examples since the general public know about them.

                      You have to realize we have knowledge above and beyond the general movie public.

                      For every 100 people that say ooo I saw Ironman I love superheroes…. only a handful of them will know about…

                      Demon in a bottle, Namor, the joining of Stark and the armor, etc.

                      So to expect them to swallow a pill of a guy that has a history such as Namor living amongst us this long and running a company and NOW just showing up…. meh.

                      “but seeing as Namor has been hinted”

                      No… we see what we want to see. Has there been verification of this? If you want to get technical Atlantis in the books (i could be mistaken) is in the NORTH Atlantic. While Namors ‘house’ is close to the dot its not as close as something else…..

                      The dot on the map from IM actually is closer to the Faceless ones lair…..

                      Which are green…. and may need some sort of suit so they can breath above ground….. while they are fighting for Loki….with a leviathan.

                      Having a little fun but as a comic book person you can see how this makes more sense then Namor….

                      NOT SAYING IT IS. But why do we only get ‘hero’ types indicated on the map?

              • My comment… it is awaiting moderation…… all things in moderation I guess… :D

                • It´s because you posted two links.

                  • ahhh thanks.

              • 1. man of steel…i really like what i see so far but its still way off, could easily switch to iron man 3…i wont even see wolverine….
                2. question– what exactly is namor? haha i looked for him on wikipedia list of iron man enemies..not there

                • Namor is a crossbreed/mutant if you will. His father was human his mother Atlantean.

                  He is quite old as he served beside Captain America.

                  He is also one of the ‘first’ superheroes debuting back in the 40s I believe.

                  Here is the link to the accepted Marvel U.

                  And here is one for the Ultimate U.

                • Ok I provided links and a write up but flagged for moderation…. grrrr.

                  Google Marvel Wiki Namor.

                  Pick the 616 Universe for mainstream Marvel or 1610 for the Ultimate Universe.

          • Oh you want a timeline…. you can go here….


            It is in depth…. Starting with: 965 AD – The frost giants of Jotunheim attempt to conquer Midgard/Earth, and ending with:
            July 8 – Banner has settled in a cabin deep in the woods of Bella Coola, British Columbia. He apparently is gaining control over the Hulk.

            It is a little spotty as I dont believe it includes when Cap is thawed. Cap would have happened mainly in the 40s so it should be the first unless you want to couint Thor as the first as the history of the Frost Giants trumps Captain America.

            • That was pretty damn accurate!
              WOW, thanks Aknot.

              P.S. I believe the incident where Cap wakes up and meets Fury happens quite a while after the cabin scene with Banner…
              The scene where he gets thawed out probably happens a few days before he wakes up…

              • @Aknot

                Thanks for the link! That was way more then what I expecting to see, so I greatly appreciate it.

        • Maybe to set him up as a member of the avengers for the second film?

    • Hey Avenger,

      Who’s the rumored villain of IM3?

      • It’s rumored to be Namor, but I wouldn’t put much credibility in that claim. Personally, I like the idea of having Ghost as the villain. He was a cool character. And no, my username is not based on that character.

        • ^ SPOILER WARNING!!! ;)

          • Spoiler Warning? It’s a rumor (meaning it’s not a fact) that I rather doubt is true.

            • I was going to change it to “POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING! ;)”, but my finger hit the ‘Submit Comment’ button before i could change it.

    • You should already know im waiting for Man Of Steel.Plus i can’t wait for a official trailer ( before tdkr perhaps )that should put some of the doubters to rest like this last Spider-Man trailer did.It’s time the number one super hero of all time take his crown back from batman.He was just holding it for supes,they are friends you know:)Well probably not in nolans world but trust me they are:)And who is this mystery villain for IM3 your talking about? Do tell!

      • I expect MOS to be nothing more than a vfx fest, and nothing more, which is why he has no business directing a Superman film. And a good trailer doesn’t make a movie good. I loved the Spider-man trailer, but it could still be a bad movie.

        • I disagree i think MOS will have a great story plus snyder gets alot of flack for no reason,Watchmen was a good film with a cult following.Sucker Punch might have been trash but he didn’t write the movie,and besides when he started filming that his mind was already on Man Of Steel.

          • Id say I’m most excited for thor 2. I really enjoyed the first one it left a good amount of room for a great sequel

          • I enjoyed Watchmen as well. The problem is that Snyder more or less just copy and pasted the comic onto the big screen. All he did was make a few changes to it. MOS is being written by David “Hack” Goyer. Sure, Goyer HELPED write the Batman films, but it was Christopher Nolan who put most of the work in on those films. Yes, I’m aware that Nolan is “producing” this film, but he’s only attached as a name to get people excited. Besides, the fact that he chose Snyder as the directer is proof that he doesn’t know Superman.

            • Well i hope your wrong,it seems like they’re trying really hard to make Superman relavent again.If this film turns out to be bad i’ll be looking for number’s & addresses,there will be blood.

              • Honestly, I don’t know how the film will turn out, but that’s the impression I’ve gotten from everything that I’ve heard. I’m not gonna lie, I will see it. Superman is my second favorite superhero, so I’m definitely gonna see how it turns out. But I’m not expecting much.

                • @ Ghost

                  Me neither. Couple of my friends talked me into goin with them when it comes out.

    • Iron man 3 is my choice.

      • If Namor is the villain it’ll be my runner up behind Man Of Steel.

      • Mine too.

    • I will see all four movies after they are released and am looking forward to them. My most anticipated, however, is “Man of Steel”. I had the opposite reaction to Ghost: Everything I’ve seen and heard about the film has greatly encouraged me that it will not be merely a subpar rehash. On to later 2012…then, on to 2013!

    • Man of Steel… I am really hoping we get a true treat with this one.

  4. Brought a gift:
    ‘The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week’ Chapter 1 (the complete issue, free to view difitally from Marvel)

    It’s friggin awesome people!

    • Sorry: *digitally not “difitally” ;)

    • that was sweet!

      so many questions to be answered haha

      marvel marketing, sly devils you.

      • Nice, Thanks TA.

        I remember reading the Marvel 2in1s when Project Pegasus was first introduced.

        So….. can we look forward to a possible ‘prison’ that holds some villains that we get to see behind closed doors…..

        1. Abomination – connection Hulk.
        2. Whiplash – Ironman (have the devices infused to him so he cant remove)
        3. Red Skull – Captain America, was not a portal to Asgard but a time jump forward.
        4. I WANT THE ABSORBING MAN….. (sorry)
        5. Tinkerer or some other ‘smart’ Villain.

        Even if we just see the doors with names on them……

        That way even if the Alien invasion doesnt work it can provide a huge distraction as Loki (controlling Selvig) releases them as the Cube is at Project Pegasus…….

        Im such a dork.

        • I had a similar theory/dream like yours:
          We know now that the Abomination is in Gen. Ross’ custody, and from the SHIELD data vault it said that Whiplash’s body was never found in the wreckage and that his current whereabouts are unknown… so I’ve also been thinking that all those villains (plus new villains from IM3, Cap 2 and Thor 2) could possibly assemble and form the Masters of Evil for Avengers 2…
          What then happens is Hank Pym and Tony Stark builds Ultron to help stop the masters of evil and after they eventually defeat them, Ultron goes all crazy (as he does) and Avengers 2′s final fight starts: all the Avengers against an unstoppable robot!

          I’m dorkier than you ;)

        • Whiplash? Didn´t he blow himself up?

          • PRESUMED dead, but according to the SHIELD data vault, his body was never found and his current whereabouts are unknown.
            In the comic world, no one stays dead for long ;)

            Source: the ‘SHIELD Data Vault’ on IM2 Blu-Ray Disc 1.

            • Yeah, but he blew himself up…..It seems rather self-explanatory. He didn’t fake it like he did earlier in the film.

              • We never saw him blow up, we saw the drones blow up.

                • You could see he had the same kind of self detruction devise in his armor that the drones had. And it was a huge effing boom.

                  • But the body (nor any DNA if I remember correctly) was ever found… (that’s the official report from SHIELD — those guys are pretty thorough ;))

                    Plus, if you think about it: why the hell would Vanko put a self destruct device on himself?! It seems like a silly thing to do. nah, I think it was his Pan B, to have everyone think it was a real bomb on his armor, and as soon as IM and WM left, he escaped somehow (sure, he’d be pretty badly injured, but enough of the suit remained intact to be able to protect him from the surrounding explosions)… maybe in Avengers 2 (or a future IM movie) we’ll see a terribly scarred Vanko that needs a suit to survive (kinda like Darth Vader ;)) that way, they wouldn’t even have to get Rourke back to reprise his role.

                    You guys can check out the SHIELD Data Vault on the IM2 BD: look at Whiplash’s bio and the ‘Stark Expo Incident’ SHIELD report… after reading it, you’ll all come to the same conclusion.

                    • Um, The suit itself had a bomb planted inside it. It would seem difficult survive an explosion when you’re at the center of the explosion :P

                    • But I guess this would just add more the how much little thought was put into the film.

                    • @Ghost: Did you even read my comment? ;)
                      The bomb could have been a FAKE:
                      A way of making everyone think he was dead, when in actuality, he (barely) escaped from the explosions.
                      Why would be plant a bomb on himself? It’s suicidal (and Vanko isn’t suicidal).

                      I have to disagree with your statement. They put a lot of thought into IM2 – and one of the reasons it failed critically was because they over-thought it in some ways.

                    • @”Why would be plant a bomb on himself? It’s suicidal (and Vanko isn’t suicidal).”

                      It’s simple. It would be his last ditch effort to kill Iron Man. He already seemed severely wounded from the blast that Iron man and War Machine caused. Turning himself into a bomb would have been the perfect way to avoid being captured (again) and killing Iron Man at the same time.

                    • And I would disagree that Vanko wasn’t suicidal. His goal was to kill Tony Stark, and he seemed like he would go to any depth to achieve that. For instance, he just walked right into the middle of the race track when could have easily been hit by one of racers. And yes, I know that he was able to destroy the cars with his whips, but he could have been ran over before he took them out. He clearly semms like he doesn’t care. He only wants Iron Man destroyed.

                    • Besides, even if he didn’t turn himself into the bomb, the resulting explosion of all the drones would have. There’s no way someone can walk away from an explosion like that and still live. That would be an epic fail on logic on the writers part.

                    • @Ghost: I don’t think Whiplash would turn into a suicide bomber when he knows Iron Man could easily fly away… ;)
                      Let’s say I’m right and the bomb on his armor was a fake… the question is, how would he still be able to survive the surrounding explosions? Correct?
                      There are many possible answers to this… (1) enough of his armor stayed intact to be able to protect him from some of the explosions (2) we are dealing with ARC reactor tech here (and repulsor tech), he could have invented some sort of repulsor shield that IM has in the comics to repel the explosions away from him…
                      There are many theories and ideas… but the main point here is:
                      In the minds of the MCU creators (like Feige), Whiplash is still alive (hence the fact that he wasn’t declared “deceased” in the SHIELD files), so in the future, we might get a reference or even an appearance from him again.

  5. GOOD NEWS Mel Gibson fans…his viking epic is still on! Just saw a video of him being interviewed at the Cinematheque Q&A, and he indicated that he has just received and reviewed the second script for it. At this point, it is going to be entitled “Berserker”. It was nice to see him get a warm reception from the audience, as well.

  6. Forgot to subscribe to the comments.

  7. I’m still confused about one thing… Are the original and unaltered (Han shot first) Star Wars films available on Blu-ray? I’m thinking no but other sites are saying yes.

    • No, unfortunately.

    • If you wait long enough, after Lucas is done exploring all the possible future incarnations of the films, he will likely inevitably circle back around to the original productions…

    • Which is the only reason I wont purchase them. Has it been said why they are not?

      • By only having one incarnation/version available and in mass production at any particular time, the consumer is forced to buy it. Lucas may be a second-rate filmaker, but he is a first-rate marketer.

        • I have the old(?) VHS tapes transferred over to DVDs. He can bite me. :D

      • Honestly, the changes to the films don’t take away from the magic, and that’s what really matters in the end. The only change that really ruins a scene was when Greedo shot first, and when Vader yells “NOOOOOOOOOOO” in ROTJ.

        • What about the Jaba encounter?

          • I didn’t mind it.

        • The point is…why change them at all? He is either obsessive-compulsive or he wants more and more money. Probably a combination of the two.

    • The original trilogy dvd set that was re-released with original cover art included 2 versions of each film the altered version and the original theatrical unaltered (Han shoots first) version sadly this unaltered version is not on Blu-ray or on the complete saga Blu-ray set, it would of been a great addition to the Blu-ray set imo.

  8. The return of the walking dead is just about here and AMC will not disappoint with a season 1 marathon on Saturday and the first half of season 2 marathon on Sunday leading up to the new episode that kicks off the second half of season 2.

  9. Has anyone else noticed the complete downfall of ryan reynolds? I thought buried was really good but sense then he has been trash. Green lantern, the chaneup and now safe house is gettng bad reviews. He is now just a sub par actor

    • That’s all of matter perspective. Reviews really mean nothing other than someone’s opinion.

      • True well I’m my opinion I havnt liked his last 3 movies at all.

        • I enjoyed Green Lantern. It reminded us that comic book film can be fun.

    • If you had a collectible item that was worth $500 and you knew that as time goes on it may be worth less (or more) would you take the gamble of sitting on it?

      Ryan (like all actors, directors, etc) are a commodity. Ryan works to get paid. So if 2 or 3 films come along that seem ok, and they are paying good money why say no?

      What was Ryan so good in? Cant say X-Wolv as he was a supporting character for all of five minutes.

      Amityville? Van Wilder? Blade? The Proposal?

      Buried and The Proposal I enjoyed. Blade just fueled my fanboi side. Other then that what has he got?

      I think people jumped on his band wagon because of Deadpool and Green Lantern. I dont blame the latter on him as he didn’t write or direct it.

  10. Watched Reign of Fire for the first time in a long time last night. A bit of a guilty pleasure! And is it me or do we need more dragons in movies :)

    • The Hobbit will have a dragon in it…likely the best rendition of one yet.

  11. The teaser trailer for bourne legacy is here.

  12. Anyone know if a new DKR trailer or poster with be released soon? I’m assuming if anything it would come with another legendary pictures movie. Ghost rider perhaps or wrath of the titans.

    • I heard a third trailer would play in front of Dark Shadows. Not sure if that’s true.

  13. Also another question I’m curious to see answers to. If you could have one actor/actress play a superhero of your choice in a movie who would you choose?

    Id choose patrick wilson to play barry allen (the flash)

    • I always wanted Charlton Heston to play Travis Morgan. Granted he is to old now but back then…..

      • Never mind too old. Sadly, he died in 2008.

        • I just saw him in Ben Hur last night!


    • Patrick Wilson would actually be a great choice. (since we can’t have woody harelson fifteen years younger.) Since people were talking about Namor being featured in IM3 earlier, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt could make a good one. It would give him a good chance to expand into darker territory and I think he has the range to do it.

      I’d also like to see Michael Stuhlbarg as Doctor Strange. It would be cool to see him get a leading roll in a major blockbuster superhero flick.

      • @jascroggin I agree I think patrick wilson would make a great flash. I didn’t know if other people agreed lol

        • For sure! He’s another one of those guys who deserves a big time leading role. Who knows? It could happen, especially if his star rises after prometheus this summer…He certainly has that barry allen charm!

      • Joseph Gordon-Levitt is too short to be Namor.

        • They can do a lot with camera angles and stuff (ala lord of the rings) But another good option would be Zachary Quintos. I think that idea has been tossed around before.

          • He is a good choice for spock but keep him away from a namor movie.

            • I agree, he’s way too short and skinny to be Namor (and he has quite a big forehead ;))
              He’s a great actor, but not the right fit for Namor IMAO.

    • I always thought Jim Cavaziel would have made a good Superman.

      • I always thought Clark Kent would be a good Superman. He totally looks the part.

        • LOL

        • No…he wears glasses!

    • Michael Jai White as Luke Cage
      Donnie Yen as Shang-Chi
      Scott Adkins as Iron Fist

      • Wasn’t it a rumor Ray Park was leading contender for Iron Fist?

        • Ray Park was set to be Iron Fist but the project never happened :(

  14. Looks like House is being canceled. Well, we knew it was coming.

    • Dougie Howser was better lol

      • Wouldn’t it be sweet if Neil Patrick Harris showed up in the House finale? The banter between those 2 would be fantastic.