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about vic1 Open Discussion   Feb 6, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 6, 2012

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  1. What a Sunday,a trailer fans had been waiting for and a Super Bowl win from my favorite team.Life is good for the moment.

  2. After all the Super Bowl trailers, my favorites are The Avengers, GI Joe, and STILL this one (even though it wasn’t in the Super bowl):

    • HaHa that seems like a mix between the films Natural Born Killers and Super,it should be entertaining.As far as GI Joe is concerned i don’t wanna hear Roadblock qoute Jay-Z in a make believe movie it ruins my excitement.And yea Jay-Z stole that from 2pac.

      • I agree with you on the Jay-Z business.

        It’s just more corporate pushing of the Jay-Z name.

        I remember, some time back, some corporate-media “writer” (I use the title writer very, very loosely) wrote a blurb criticizing Ice-T for stealing a line from Jay-Z, when it was in fact Jay-Z who took the line from Ice-T.

        Typical corporate media… don’t let the facts get in the way of the corporate line you’re trying to sell. And don’t do any research to see if the assertion is legitimate or not. Just publish the lie and don’t retract it.

    • That Trailer was imstant classic. Thanks for putting it on my radar. Def must dee.

  3. Avengers is looking hot !

  4. Concerning the Avengers, Why are so many people questioning Caps position in the team as its leader? I’ve even read some users say that Hulk should be its leader(Yes…I know). So…since when? I’m just wondering because I’ve never heard/read this come up as an issue or Even a discussion point before the movies…

    • Like it is in every aspect of life, some users are idiots.

    • Firstly, Cap’s solo movie was awesome. I just feel that we didnt get to see Cap in action enough. I feel once Avengers debuts, (since the movie is from Cap’s P.O.V.), we’ll get a deeper look into his character, why he deserves to be the ring leader, and get to see him in action in that new costume, that should have more people sold on the idea. Am i the only one that thinks Thor is getting a bit short handed in this movie? He hasnt really had a single line in any of the trailers except for his goofy laugh in the first teaser. Same for Hulk. But with just a few more lines…

    • In the cinematic world I still believe Thor should be the leader he has the most combat experience and best leadership skills far exceeding anyone else on the team.

      • ignur

        I agree with ur logic bout Thor. It does make the most sense but cap is cap.

        Anyways hulk is looking great!! Tht extended trailer was exactly what I wanted to see yesterday. Great trailer for may. Wish is would come already.

    • Well, in the Ultimate Comics (which this movie is partly based off of), Fury was the leader of the Ultimates/Avengers.
      And since ‘The Avengers Initiative’ is a government project, I’m betting that Fury will be the leader in the movie (with Cap leading the team on the battlefield).

      That’s just my 2cents though.
      Hopefully, in Avengers 2, The Avengers will break away from the government (and become a private team funded by Stark) and have Cap be the full-on leader of the team.

      • I agree that Fury will be the leader, but I’m hoping we see all of them fight over who leads the team. I’m sure Captain America will feel he should lead as would Thor, Stark, or Banner.

  5. So what was your favorite part of the avengers trailer for me the whole thing was awesome especially the 360 shot of the avengers and the hulk doing what he does best being destructive”HULK SMASH” I also love the part with stark & loki I’ve been waitin for this team up for a long time and its definately going to deliver can you say multiple viewings on release day HELL YEA!!!!!!! :)

    • The 360 shot was a huge highlight!!!! :D but I loved hulk jumping!!! Iron man flying and Thor landing on the plane. EPIC. I LOVED IT.

      • Mighty avenger,

        Watching the trailer the first time around gave me chills I’m assuming the film will be around 2hrs 25mins hopefully everyone gets an equel amount of screentime.

        • Vader

          I think 2 hours and 25 minutes is perfect. I hope so. I don’t see it being any shorter then that.

          • I see 2 hours and 40 minutes.

          • I agree, 2hrs an 25min is a perfectly REASONABLE run-time for this movie: It’s enough for the plot to develop nicely and have a fair amount of screen time for each actor.

            Sure, us fans would all have preferred a 3hr movie, but realistically, that was never going to happen (we all know the “general audience” doesn’t have a long enough attention span ;))

    • The whole 1min and 4sec were equally amazing.
      I couldn’t possibly choose just ONE favorite part.
      The 360 shot would probably be high on the list though :D

      • One thing I’m wondering about is if there will be some surprise cameos for other marvel characters as well as what Stan lee’s cameo will be as well I really like how they have done his cameos in the previous films.

        • Vader

          I really hope there will be cameos. Following marvels pattern we can expect a lot of Easter eggs.

          I want Jane and pepper to cameo as well as pym even just like a small cameo or his name or something and black panther woUld be great also red skull but he’s already been confirmed to not to be in it.

        • In the Avengers Twitter Q&A, Whedon said there will definitely be a few easter eggs (which probably includes cameos AND references).

  6. so whats up with loki’s army? Didnt look like Kree or Skrulls… From the high def. stills you guys posted they look like high tech. predators. haha CANT WAIT FOR MAY 4th!!!!!

    • also, OK iron man, we get it, your suit is badass. we got to see you do some cool flying stuff in the first teaser, and some even cooller stuff with the aliens attacking in this one, but, from the first few views, I think they might be concentrating on iron man a little too much than the others (i.e. Thor and Cap, Black Widow, Hawkeye)(hence why people are calling it Iron man & friends)BUT I wanna see more thor and cap in action in the next trailer! but we got one really cool shot of hulk, well SMASHING! and not even a single shot of cobie smulders in ANY footage thus far. Maybe for spoiler purposes???

      • It’s called marketing. Ironman has had two movies. He is well known now. They are using him to draw viewers in.

        • Yeah, out of all the characters, RDJ’s portrayal of Tony Stark was the most memorable/entertaining/awesome-est for the general audience and most fans. (IMAO ;))
          Evans was good, but a little forgettable, Hulk is a fan favorite (so they’re saving all the best shots of him for the actual movie), and since they recast-ed Banner, I think they’re a little reluctant to show too much of Ruffalo. Thor on the other hand… well, no excuse there, they really should show some more footage of him, you know, doing stuff… (it could be that all the scenes he’s in are plot-related, but that seems a little unlikely.)

  7. Could the Alien Army backing up Loki be Alpha Centurions?

  8. If Hulk was really a fan favorite then his two solo movies should have performed better at the box office despite two good movies. I think Marvel has overestimated this characters ability to get butts in seats.I think they are saving the best shots of hulk for the finished film because they haven’t finished the shots yet.

    @ TheAvenger

    Spoilers to comic readers!!!

    I meant to ask you if you’ve read the latest New Avengers (#21 I think) where they take on the new version of the Dark Avengers? Norman Osbourne shocked the life out of Luke Cage…I didn’t think Norman was that powerful, I mean I knew he could hold his own but he took out Cage in short order..

    • Did you say two good Hulk movies?

      • LOL yeah, I only count ONE good Hulk movie (The Incredible Hulk).
        Ang Lee’s Hulk sucked IMO.
        Plus, Ang Lee’s Hulk movie wasn’t even produced by Marvel (it was Universal), so after the rights reverted back to Marvel Studios, they made a good flick that still managed to make a tidy profit (just not as much as they’d hoped for)

        • I agree with avenger the only good one was the incredible hulk imo.

          • In my eyes there is only one hulk movie. And that is the incredible hulk.

  9. AvsX

    Whose side are you on? :)

    I wonder how this is going to play out..looking forward to it actually..I hope it’s better than Fear Itself and Flashpoint.

  10. Does anyone wanna talk about Mad Men? i’m like elbow deep in it, about to start season 4.

    • Be prepared to be surprised with season 4.

  11. So I watched Final Destination 5 late last night and it got me thinking so I’ll ask,
    What’s your favorite “death” throughout the series?
    I’ve gotta say the gymnastics scene in 5 was mine. As gruesome as it was it was also funny in a sick way. And even though I knew she was doomed I didn’t see it happening that way.

    • I don’t remember which Final Destination it was, but the one where the fireman uses the jaws of life and mistakenly sets off the airbag which pushes her head back onto a spike. One of the few deaths that you honestly couldn’t have predicted.

  12. I have been waiting to see more of the Hulk in a trailor so I was happy with the Super Bowl ad. I think part of the reason the Hulk movies were poor box office movies, were lack of actual Hulk time and absence of a real super villain (this mostly points to the first one).The second was a huge improvement with the Hulk action and a good villain for the Hulk to battle with.

  13. Can’t believe I’M the one who’s gonna bring this up but…
    Does anyone know if they’ve released international release dates yet? I still have no clue when it’ll hit cinemas in SA.

    • Avenger,

      I haven’t heard anything but I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I come across it.

      • Thanks man.

  14. just got back from Spider-man. Rhys Ifans was at my screening. The movie looks ace, saw the trailer in 3D then 10 minutes of the movie. Was all done live via video link, Andrew garfield in NYC, Emma Stone in Rio and Ifans in London.

    Looks seriously good. You’ll forget Maguire ever played the part.

    Andrew Garfield IS Spider-Man

    • Sounds good. I hope they release the trailer pretty soon.

      • It should be in the next few days. The trailer is amazing, as good as The Avengers trailer, it shows a lot. I was blown away by it. I had a feeling it was going to be good, but this is the Spidey we’ve been waiting for.

        • Thank you, thank you, thank you…I am very excited for this.

          • You should be. I cannot express how good the trailer was. Then afterwards they did a few questions with the cast and we all thought it was over. The Mark Webb said, “They’ve all been waiting, lets show em something else” Then we saw, what I presume was the comic con footage with a few new parts.

            • So could it be official? 2012 will surpass 2008 as best comic book movie year ever!

              • Personally I feel 2011 was pretty good.
                X-Men and Cap were great. And I really enjoyed GL and Thor.

                • The first half of Cap was good but not so much the second half.Green Lantern,lets just say if i owned that copy it wouldn’t be with my great collection it would be hid under my kitchen sink behind the cleaning products.

    • Awesome news…
      Looking more and more forward to this.

      • I had a feeling, everyone was pretty down on this reboot as it happened so quickly, but everything I’ve seen points to a much better Spidey than Raimi and Maguire managed.

        • Well, I wouldn’t say “everyone” was down on the reboot (I know Scape is eagerly awaiting it).
          And personally, I’ve never been against the reboot myself (I HATED the first trilogy – with Maguire’s Spidey – so IMO, any new version would be a step up from the first.)

          But now I’m sure, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is another front-runner for 2012′s top 5 movies (IMO)

          • I think I agree with everything you just said.

    • Just saw the trailer and yes, it is all what you have said. It is now third on my most anticipated list (Avengers 1st, TDKR 2nd); but it all depends on the full trailer for TDKR.

  15. How come everytime the avengers realeses a trailer or the dark knigth rises release some information people but heads about which movie will be better? These movies will be completely diffrent and great in their own way. DKR will be story heavy and more realistic of a movie. The avengers will be a extremely good popcorn flick, with great action insane fight scenes, some funny lines and a lot less series than the DKR. Yes your aloud to anticipate one of them but don’t butt heads they will be great in their own way. Just my thoughts on the matter. Nobodoy on this post has done it but I’ve scene it elsewhere.

    • Umm.. no one has done that today.Come around more often you’ll think otherwise.

      • :-)

        Glad to hear you enjoyed the Super Bowl, Hi-C. Congrats on your team’s win. My family and I had fun going out to dinner during the game. We were the only ones in the restaurant for the fourth year in a row!

        • Thankyou, and i guess you got what you wanted too, a quiet dinner out in the town surrounded by loved ones.

      • I didn’t mean this site but around the internet. I’ve seen a couple people on the avengers trailer post say DKR who? And stuff like that and vice versa

        • I agree, it’s not a competition and both movies could turn out to be equally good, I also agree that people should stop arguing about which “will be king” and which “will be terrible” — because it doesn’t have to be either, it can be both.

          The whole “Dark Knight Rises Who?” thing was just a joke my friend ;)
          Most of us are still looking forward to it.

  16. @ trey, i agree, the silly film bashing needs to stop. personally i could care which movie performs better at the box office, as long as i like it, thats all that matters. however, the studios will base the likelihood of following up with the shared universe based on how well it performs, and as i am a fan of this new approach to these type films, i do hope it does well.

  17. I think the reason there was quite a bit of IronMan in the first trailer was because of the armour being CIG most of that was already completed as far as solo shots. I think they had to wait for Mark to do the motion caputure. This is why we saww so many pics released and home video of Thor and Cap rehursing and fighting in the city more then everyone else since they are not CIG. From what I heard (And I cant remember where) Alot of stuff wwas done on sound stages before before any location shots were done.

    As for Thor which alot of you who have been around know I waited decades for that movie to come around. I think we are gonna see alot more of Thor then you think. Remember who the main bad guy is? Plus there are scenes with him him sleveless and also armored up.

    As far as the leaership issue goes I feel Thor does have more actaul individual battle experiance (Like in Thor) Cap has the battle stratagy of working as a group more then anyone else. Ironman even says he doesnt play well with others. There is no Avenger that all the other Avengers respect more then Cap and Im going back decades here.
    My work is done here. LOL

    • I really hope each Avenger gets an equal amount of screen time.
      It’s CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) mate, not CIG ;)

  18. Darn good Super Bowl, I’m just glad that the right team won! I just wish the Giants won in a blowout because I thought I was going to have a heart attack during the whole game. I liked the VW commercial with the Vader ending, very clever.

    The trailer for GI Joe actually made me want to see it, or maybe it was just that it has Bruce Willis in it….

  19. Does anyone know when del Toro’s Hulk tv show is going to come out?

  20. I just watched the latest trailer for the amazing spiderman and all I can say is wow it looks pretty awesome and until now I’m really looking forward to watching this when it releases looks like 2012 is gonna be a great year for movies, check out the trailer and see for yourself.

  21. What’s peoples thoughts on whether Thor should wear his helmet & Captain America’s cowl having white wings, instead of painted on ones?

    • The answer to that question is very easy: PRACTICALITY AND REALISM.
      Thor’s helmet and Cap’s winged cowl are neither practical nor realistic in live-action.
      In THOR, Branagh already said that the helmets are mainly for ceremonial use — so that’s the end of that — people should just get over the fact that Thor won’t be wearing a helmet in the movie. And those of you who’ve seen the featurettes on THOR BD, will know how difficult it is to wear one of those helmets (they restrict movement and are apparently very heavy)
      Also, Cap’s wings would just look stupid IMO. It works in the comics and animated shows like Avengers:EMH, but I’m sorry, it just wouldn’t work for live-action. I’m a huge fan of the painted-on-wings used in the Cap movie and in the Ultimate comics anyway so I really don’t have a problem with it. (The only thing I’m not a fan of is the design of Cap’s cowl used in the movie — they should have incorporated a chin strap)

      • Well, Loki wears his helmet in The Avengers. And that one is a lot heavier with those huge horns than Thor´s helmet. But I actually don´t care about it. He doesn´t wear a helmet in The Ultimates.

  22. just saw “Paul” and thought it was pretty funny. Wasn’t sure what I would think since I remembered a bad review from SR, but I was pleaasantly surprised. All the agent characters definitely were the highlights of the movie.

  23. My new desktop wallpaper:
    (If anyone has a bigger, hi-res version, please post the link)

  24. The Spiderman trailer was fantastic I really enjoyed it and the Avengers one I love the line ”We Got A Hulk” its brialliant. I just watched the Hurt Locker for the first time, its been a film i have been tryin to watch for a long time and i had heard so much about it.Well thank God I got to see it , it was really good, excellent and at times tense and very on the seat stuff it was very real, if any one has not seen this please its compelling and a must see film.