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about vic1 Open Discussion   Feb 3, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 3, 2012

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  1. Gonna see either The Grey or Contraband tonight. Wife’s choice. :)

    • I loved the grey, contraband wasn’t bad either.

  2. any idea when we can see a Lady in Black review???

  3. woman in black that is

    • I believe Kofi is going to write up a Lady in Black review.


  4. Does anyone else hope that if Pacific Rim is a success, that he (Del Torro) might get the chance to make At The Mountains of Madness again? I really want him to make it.

    • I really want Hellboy 3 … I can dream can’t I?

      • Yes you can lol, I want that too but ATMOM needs to be made

        • ATMOM? Antman? The Atom?

          • AT MOM’s house :-D

            • At The Mountains Of Madness lmao

    • I’m hoping Pacific Rim is both financially and critically successful as well as very good. Hopefully, At The Mountains of Madness will receive the green light after.

      • I agree, and I had forgot about the film till I watched The Thing prequel and it reminded me. Plus with those Russian scientists missing in Antarctica it would be a good setup.

  5. Like the new show Alcatraz, with the exception of some of the casting. Sam Neil is great, as are many of the supporting actors, like the prison warden, but the female lead is way too young and short for her role, and “Hurley” from Lost is far too obese to be chasing people down. I just can’t buy a 20-something, female cop (who actually resembles Jodie Foster’s child prostitute character in Taxi Driver) and a 300+ pound comic book guy capturing kllers, rapists, and thugs reappearing from our past. Hoping they make some casting changes as the year progresses…

  6. I plan to see Red Tails tomarrow. I saw In Time not long ago. Didn’t impress me as i hoped, since it had Justin Timberlake. But it had the worst car crash scene on film ive seen on film. Looked so fake.

    • Save your money on Red Tails and watch the HbO special

      • Red Tails is that bad? When is the HBO special on? I recently watched Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 1&2 movies on HBO. They were pretty good, made me laugh few times,lol.

        • I wouldn’t say Red Tails was bad, it actually had some good action in it. But Ignur Rant is right (oh Lord, I’ll never hear the end of that 8-) ), the HBO movie is better; and the HBO movie can be rented or streamed from Netflix.

          • @ John

            I guess Ignur Rant saved me $7.00 then,lol. I bought Real Steel on dvd but havn’t watched it yet. Now tell me that’s a good one right?

            • @Kahless Haha but seriously never though

              @Wally West
              Havent watched it but i have only heard good things from Friends and critics alike.

            • Yes, Real Steel is a very good family film. I have to admit, near the ending I got a little misty; you’ll see what I mean.

        • Its like this… Red Tails is a movie about WW2 dogfights woth stock characters and a fun/corny/George Lucas vibe. The HbO special is about the Tuskegee Airmen. If you just want some cool special effects see te former while the latter gives a better glimpse of the story behind it.

          The HBo special should be on youtube or atleast OnDemand soon since its Black History Month and Red Tails is in theatres.

          BTW Wimpy Kid was funny. First and Second.

        • Don’t listen to him. Go see the flick and make up your own mind.
          The actual Airmen like the flick, so there you go.

          • @ My2cents

            I might go to the matinee atleast. If not, ill be sure to rent it when it comes out.

    • Just wait for the second, third, and fourth incarnations of the film, after Lucas adds more CGI, 3D, or whatever. Expect these new incarnations on the fifth, tenth, and 20th anniversary of the film, or whenver he feels the “need” to revisit the movie and change it.

  7. is it just me or was Drive nothing short of spectacular.

    • I’ll let you no on Sunday. My wife and I are watching on PPV (have some free certificates through Dish). :)

    • It def was.

      • Yeah it was a tidy little package.

    • I jusy recently watched it like 2 days ago. It was ok.

    • I wouldn’t say spectacular but it was Oscar worthy.

      • Wait **scratches head** everything thata pscar worthy is not spectacular lol not that agree with award
        nominations anyways.

    • I watched it again last night…it was a pretty good movie but gosling was spectacular…i think albert brooks was overhyped though…the rest of the casting was spot on…vey cool camera work, great soundtrack…it def has a lot going for it.

      • kyak,

        I think the thing with Albert Brooks was that it was such fun watching him play a character SO far out of his usual type.

        And Pitt Man, “a tidy little package” is a GREAT description of Drive. :)


        • I agree with everyone praising “Drive.”

          I like the existential nature of it. “Fast Five” it is not, to anyone who may have been fooled by the trailer. :)

          Some people have been saying that it’s ultimately a superhero movie… it’s an interesting way to look at the movie, and doing so presents more layers.

          It’s great that it keeps the action to a minimum, and that we get to know all the main characters, even with sparse dialogue.


        • Thanks vic, I’m big on equilateral films. All bases covered… check. Gosling could’ve been james dean or steve McQueen, definitely an old school feel. It made me say, “I’m not wasting my time on bad films anymore!” I watched an old vhs of connery/caine’s THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING afterwards. aaaaahhhhhhh.

          and you’ll be doin’ the hippy hippy shake in no time.

  8. Looks like after reading screenrants review on chronicle I’ll definately be watching it this weekend as well as the women in black.

    • Heard its awesome. Only consistent complaint I got is that they could have forgone the found footage style.

  9. After TDKR, I would like to see the whole gang come back 7-10 years later for TDKReturns. I know it’ll be challenge given that Ledger died (joker had a significant partin the plot) and that TDKR looks to have borrowed elements from TDKReturns in that Bane looks to have some of the same qualitites of The Mutant Leader but I still wanna see Nolan&Co. Git R Dun

    • That’s a cool idea… but I remember correctly, they said they were going to reboot Batman after DKR… so for them to do another Nolan sequel in 7 years, might mess with the plan of reinventing Batman (again).

      It is an awesome idea though… and if it were to happen, I can already picture the TDKReturns’ final scene introducing the new Batman: Terry McGinnis — then they could do a Batman Beyond movie.

      • * “but IF I remember correctly” *

    • @ Ignur Rant

      Id like to see Batman films be more like Batman:TAS, by introducing more characters from the comics and doing proper jobs on past villains aswell villains not seen on film yet. I prefer Nolan & Co step aside as he planned. If Nolan wants to remain in makin dc comic films, then id like to see him work on other hero films that other directors might not be able to make. Like Hawkman movie,Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, etc. Maybe even Aquaman movie to give himself a challenge. DC has so many other heroes besides Batman/Superman he could work on.

      • Def go ahead wit the reboot. Give ppl the more fantastical Batman. Im personally a bigger fan of the Batman fixated on taking down the Mob with Freaks a bi-product and leas fantastical elements.

        But I would want Nolan & Co to come back to their specific universe for TDKReturns years later. By that time ppl should (hopefully) understand the two different types of Batman on screen.

        For Batman Beyond I would say introduce him in the distant future of the rebooted Batman/DC universe and keep Nolan’s Batman closed curcuit to try and avoid confusion. Plus Batman Beyond would mesh will better with a world that accepts the DC universe as a whole.

      • Yup, the realisms got to go if DC is ever going to have any kind of cross over movieverse. I think Nolans Batman is realistic, while Favreaus Ironman is believable. The next interpretation of Batman needs to jump over to “believable”.

        • @happyman

          I would say take it a stretch further, especially if they plan on creating a DC shared universe. Seperate it from the previous and give the reboot its own unique style. Go with the more comicbook approach and wild gadgets. Give Batman a more flexible batsuit like Arkham City and go ahead incoporate some flips&scrobatics into his fighting style.

          • @Ignur Rant, agreed. And I personally would like to see more batarang action. It’s his signature weapon. If they’d show him battling more street crime than organized crime, then we get more opportunity for the “leaping from great heights out of the darkness with cape fanning out behind him” stuff. Awesome. Make a great movie as long as we dont get too cheesy.

    • I’d like to see Batman do more martial arts fighting; he does incorporate ninjitsu techniques with his fighting and since he doesn’t kill, he can’t use much of what ninja’s do but martial arts can be used in a non-lethal fashion.

      • @Kahless

        I actually am a big fan of the way Batman fights in Nolan’s film. Not really a fan of the way he films it with quick action cuts, but I inderstand why he does. I read up on the Keysi Fifgting Method and it really is catered for Batman. Its about hard hitting blows whiles using your enviornment to your advantage and keeping your opponent off balance. Everything Ra’s al Ghul was explaining in the ninja League of Shadows world reflects Keysi Fighting Method. Batman going against goona with guns I dont expect him to take a martial arts stance. Instead jump in and out of the shadows taking put combatanta one by one.

        Although with Bane im expecting (and hoping) a real fight since Bane has the approximate same level skill as Batman. Hopefully better filmed as well..

      • Yup. I was just posting a couple days ago, Nolans Batman is shown training in the martial arts, but most fight scenes in BB and TDK are brawls. In BB when Batman initially appears and takes out multiple thugs in the warehouse the action is so blurred I cant make anything out. The next Batman needs better fight scenes.

        • All the Batman fights are head and shoulder shots. You can’t see anything. The fights in the very first batman flick in the bell tower were much better (sadly enough). At least you got to actually see him rolling, kicking and throwing the punches.

          • @ My2cents

            I agree. You actually Batman do stuff like that not only in Batman 89 film but Batman Returns/Batman Forever. I don’t wanna get into how the fights being bad in Batman & Robin.

            I’ll probly get bashed for this but i always wondered if Batman should have a new kind of costume on film. Not completely all Spandex or anything but just the body,arms,leg portions. While the cowl, boots being kept the same along with the cape or have the cape be made outta clothe. Reason i thinkin of this to so not only will Batman could look more agile, but the actor could be more swift in throwing punches or kicking. You have to admit in every Batman film, the rubber costumes slows the actor down somewhat.

            Just a opinion and no im not asking to put black trunks on Batman.

  10. What are your 5 favorite biopics? (Notwithstanding the more “hollywood” ones)

    Goodfellas Ray Liotta
    American Gangster
    Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
    Lords of dogtown

    Honorble Mention
    Catch me if u can, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas & Braveheart

    • Goodfellas
      Ten Commandments (Heston)
      Jesus of Nazareth

      • Walk The Line
        The Fighter
        Ip Man
        The Newton Boys

        Honorable Mentions:
        The Untouchables, Patton, Valkyrie, and many more

        • Oh man, I forgot about Ip Man and Fearless!

          An honorable mention for me is Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

          • I thought I was the only one who liked “Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story.” While it takes a lot of liberties and also makes things up entirely (as many biopics often do), it’s still an enjoyable slice of entertainment, and Jason Scott Lee does a very good job portraying Bruce Lee. His performance is very underrated. He, as an actor, is underrated.

      • Nice picks.I liked Passion of The Christ too. Think they really captured the loneliness and pain he went through. Although im never watching it again. It puts Saw and Hostel to shame lol.

        • Previous Comment @Kahless

          I really need to watch IP Man. Saw the 1 vs 10black belt Fight and that was awesome. But kudos to you sir for your Untouchables and Valkyrie mention.

          • Watch Ip Man I and II back to back. That’s a wonderful way to spend a day!

        • You got that right! I remember watching that in the theater and couldn”t finish my popcorn because of the visuals; I remember reading about people throwing up and passing out. I bought the DVD because the movie was so powerful; guess how many times I’ve watched it? Zero. :-)

          • I believe a lady died in the theatre if im correct.

            • Love Ip man.

    • Ali-Goodfellas-Hurricane-Rocky-Casino…Although im not completely sure if casino was a true story but im pretty sure it was inspired by real people just like rocky.

    • Does Young Guns count as a biopic? If not, then the Untouchables for me.

  11. Yay Or Nay. (Quick Question. Quick Answer)

    Walking Dead Season 2 (First Half). So far how do you feel?

    • i dont enjoy many television series and i still look forward to watching the walking dead, its one of my favorites…that being said nay for the first half of season 2

    • The first half of season 2 of the walking dead wasn’t that bad there was a couple of memorable twists & zombies but the events did feel stretched out over 7 episodes I’m really looking forward to the second half, from the latest trailer looks like the walking dead will deliver some more great surprises and twists and more memorable zombie encounters.

  12. Looking forward to kickoff Sunday night because Super Bowl Sunday is the best night of the year for a movie and dinner. Last year, going to town was like being in an episode of The Walking Dead. Nobody was out. The wife and I enjoyed being the only ones in the whole theater and the restaurant. Call me Rick!

    • HaHa… So i take it you’re not a football fan,if i may ask what city are you in?

      • Richmond, VA.
        I respect the sport and hope all my SR pals have a fun bowl night, but I enjoy college games more than pro. To each his own, right?

        • You are very right.

    • Go Saints.

  13. Anyone else got tickets for the big Spider-Man preview on Monday?

    • What big Spider-Man preview?
      This is the first I’ve heard of any type of preview…

      • There have been images of the red spider projected on landmarks all over the world. And there is a special preview event in like 10 cities world wide. I was really surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned on Screen Rant.

        I have tickets for the London showing.


    I finally saw the prologue last night (crappy cell phone quality posted by a friend on Facebook). As a HUGE Batman fan I had a nerdgasm, and it got me almost as excited as I was for TDK. July can’t come soon enough.

    I only had one complaint – the actor who played the CIA agent was terrible. His lines sounded so forced that it was painful to listen to him.

    Regarding Bane’s voice, I had almost no issue understanding what was said. There was one line at the end (“They expect one of us to be in the wreckage, brother!”) that I had to go back and play again, but that was it. IMO, that’s not bad for crappy cell phone video.

  15. Gamerant staff,

    Have any of you tried the Twisted Metal Demo? Planning on covering it at least in a small article? I’m sure there has got to be at least One of ya’ll that remember playing these games way back when…

    • Helghastuser,

      I’ve played both TM & TM2 as well as twisted metal black I’ve enjoyed the previous games the only thing I don’t like from this new TM is how they changed mr. grimm’s character.

    • Did you stay till the end of the credits?

  16. I can’t wait for the super bowl tomorrow, not because I have a personal stake in this game or anything since I don’t care for either team however we finally get to see the avengers trailer :) finally after years of waiting

    • Yea that’s true but im also a Giants fan so it’s a bonus for me uknowwhutimsayin.

  17. Don’t get me wrong if I’m gonna pull for anybody it’s definitely gonna be the Giants because ever since the Patriots cheating scandal a couple years ago I can’t stand them and think they should have some of their wins taken away from them, any besides the avengers what other trailers should we expect to see? Spiderman? TDKR? One can only hope

    • Nothing new!
      You’re joking right?
      It showed a whole lot of new stuff: Hulk in action (in more than one scene), a shot of all the Avengers standing together, shot of the Quinjets landing and oh yeah, it showed us a glimpse of Loki’s army… LOKI’S ARMY! :D

  18. I looked for tanya new footage but there was none do I’ll just wait patiently

  19. I looked for any new footage but there was none so I’ll just wait patiently :)