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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Feb 29, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 29, 2012

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  1. I’ve recently seen some new images and promo-video of the “Ultimate Spider-Man” TV show.
    The animation looks way too “kid-orientated”.
    Here’s one of the pics:

    Quite disappointed to be honest :(

    • @Avenger,

      I had high hopes for ultimate spidey :(

    • Jeph Loeb is behind all this. I´m not so sure anymore if I´d watch it… Electro looks like the 616 Electro, so what´s the point of having an Ultimate cartoon, if the characters don´t look like in the Ultimate comics?

      • Damn straight.
        This series is supposed to based on The Ultimates… and in my mind, that means it’s supposed to have a bit of an edge to it (a little dark and more mature — like the DC AnimatedU shows)

        • Exactly. IMO the UU is made for animated feature films, where you can have serious topics like racism against mutants and killing. Otherwise it´s just a (cheap) rehash of Spectacular Spider-Man. Which was very good. They should have just continued that show.

  2. Vic,

    I noticed some links on the tv-news page were taking me to the wrong page. The Fringe discussion is the one I noticed last night and a few of the links next to it weren’t working either.

    • I should have checked again this morning. Fringe is working now and no longer goes to the River page, but the Gold Rush one next to it takes you to a Justified page

      • I had similar problems on the “Movie News” page (the page that has now been redesigned in a “tab” format).
        When I clicked on certain articles, it took my to the wrong ones.

        I hardly ever use that page, so I didn’t think to bring it up, but since you’re having similar problems, I thought I’d just mention it…

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues. I normally use the archive page but last night I clicked the TV-News button while looking for the Fringe discussion and then I clicked the Fringe link and went to the River’s article. So, I eventually went back to the archive page and found the article I was looking for.

          • Guys,

            THANKS for the feedback. Only thing is, I tried to reproduce the issue on both pages and I clicked on a dozen links on each and none of them took me to an incorrect page…

            I’m stumped. :-\


            • Vic – It must have been a Fringe event ;) Did you try using one link multiple times? I occasionally got the right page along with the River one and now tonight I’m getting Supernatural’s Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magic Menagerie discussion….all from the Fringe link after reloading the tv-news page.
              I’d blame it on me being drunk, but I haven’t had a beer in weeks.

              • I’ve tried again to reproduce the problem but I can’t make it happen.


  3. What channel is ultimate Spidey going to air on?

    • Disney XD.

      Which I don’t get :(

      • That sucks ink. You could download the graboid video program on your computer and stream the episodes. That’s what I had to do with a couple of person of interest episodes this season since CBS stopped streaming the episodes

  4. In honor of the upcoming Prometheus, What are your favorite prequels?
    The Godfather Pt 2
    The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

    • Rise of the Apes wasn’t bad, as well as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, X-Men First Class, and Captain America: TFA (which was kinda a prequel)

      I’m sure the Hobbit will also join the list shortly ;)

      • I agree with TheAvenger about Rise, Temple, and First Class. And if Captain America: TFA is allowed…then I get to say Batman Begins. :)
        Also, I think the Source Code is a darn good prequel (wasn’t it the prequel to the Matrix…wasn’t it?) ;)

  5. So what is everyones favorite trilogy? And no cutting off the 4th movie and making it a trilogy meaning lord of the rings won’t be one eventually. My favorite is toy story. Absolutely fantastic movies

    • @Trey – Based on your rules, the Austin Powers trilogy and the Naked Gun trilogy are a couple of my favorites. And going away from the comedy genre, I’d say the Mariachi Trilogy.

    • Maniac Cop 1,2,and 3. Hey,i grew up on that ok.

  6. Hey Ranters has anyone read the story on yahoo about Netflix and how today their are pulling their starz and Disney movies from their streaming services. I have to admit with having kids it was really nice to launch Netflix and see movies like toy story 3 and tangled on their for my kids to watch. It also said that it will be getting some dreamworks but theirs no telling when

    • @T – My daughter loved Tangled and watched it quite often on Netflix. My wife noticed that it expiring soon. I’ll probably have to buy that movie now. I had read about the Starz deal a month or so ago, but I didn’t think it would really effect my wife and I since we normally only watch television shows on Netflix, but I didn’t think about my daughters viewing habits.

  7. Let’s see. This rule makes this a little tricker than you first think (for example, we can’t really include anything Star Wars or even Romero’s original Dead trilogy due to future installments).

    - The Pusher Trilogy by Nicolas Winding Refn. None of this bandwagon jumping for the uber Drive for me. I was stalking him long before :)
    - The Mad Max trilogy. I could just squeeze that one in there I think.
    - The Vengeance trilogy. Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, Lady Vengeance. Park-Chan Wook = Fincher.
    - Three Colours Trilogy. Blue will always be the superior piece of work compared to the other two, but a stunning set of three movies.
    - The Dollars Trilogy. Where the world first meet Clint’s infamous squint and showed what happened when you laughed at his mule.
    - The Bourne Trilogy. Where Matt Damon finally moved on and said goodbye to Ben Affleck. An important footnote in his life, I guess.
    - And of course, The Evil Dead trilogy. I need say no more on this choice.

    Honourable mentions to The Godfather trilogy and the Back To The Future trilogy. They were disqualified from the list on the grounds of the awful 3rd movies :)

    • Back to the Future 3 was awful? I thought it was almost as good as the first.

  8. Guys, this is pretty funny. Check it out:
    The Daly Show: Episode 7: “The Daly Superheroes” with NATHAN FILLION

    • Watched it again: it’s not pretty funny. It’s pretty hilarious :D
      Nathan Fillion is awesome at everything.

    • :-D LMFAO that was damn funny TA. Michael Rosenbaum in his Flash tighties

    • Has anyone heard anything about the TMNT reboot?

  9. @ Trey

    Bourne trilogy, Dollars trilogy, BTTF trilogy. LOTR trilogy. Not sure what you mean by the LOTR won’t be a trilogy soon? It always will be. The Hobbit will be it’s own film and then the next movue will be a ‘bridge’ movie between the Hobbit and LOTR – so personally I would say that the LOTR will always be a trilogy?

    Also I would count Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock, Snatch and Rock n’ Rolla as a sort of trilogy. I could watch each of those films every day. And yes I am English.. :)

  10. Has anyone heard anything new about Teen Wolf 3 excuse me…… i meant Jeepers Creepers 3.That was becoming a strong franchise and then “poof” disappear.At this point i rather see that then the Child’s Play reboot next year.

  11. My favorite prequels are Captain America: TFA, Batman Begins, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. My favorite trilogies would have to be the Bourne trilogy, Beverly Hills Cop, even though the third one was a little lagging, lLord of the Rings, Ong Bak, and last but not least the Dragon Tattoo trilogy

    • How does batman Begins count as a prequel?

  12. The definition of prequel is as follows-.
    a literary, dramatic, or filmic work that prefigures a later work, as by portraying the same characters at a younger age. So I figured I’d attempt it since cap is allowed

    • But in order for it to be a prequel, wouldn’t TDK have had to be released first? (before BB)
      Because in that case, every movie that ever spawned a sequel is allowed to be called a prequel… (and that isn’t right).

      The only reason I think Cap counts, is because it is set before all the other movies but it was released last… therefore, it’s a prequel to Iron Man.

  13. You’re right TA I just saw that B-list put it on his so I assumed it was in play but you have opened my eyes to the truth :D

    • Yeah, I think B-List thought I was saying Cap is a prequel to The Avengers… which isn’t what I meant: I think it’s a prequel to IM1.

      • I did think that and I still think it’s a stretch to include it. I’m sticking to my opinion no matter how much logic you have to support your theory ;)

    • I also said that the Source Code is a prequel to the Matrix…so I probably shouldn’t be trusted.

  14. Cap I definitely a prequel to IM1 I looked it up on Wikipedia guess I should’ve done my homework

    • Wikipedia? TheAvenger probably wrote that yesterday. J/K TA :)

      • lol touché B-list :-D I didn’t even think of that