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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Feb 27, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 27, 2012

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  1. Saw “Kill List” this weekend, cool British flick. ;-)

    • Also saw “Woman in Black” and “Wanderlust”. Liked both, “Woman in Black” had some really good gotcha moments (especially the handprint scene).

      • that handprint scene got me too lol

  2. Hey Vic … just curious ….
    Why are the comments closed on the weekly box office thread. Did I miss something good? :)
    Or is it just a new policy?

    • INK,

      Weird – I don’t know why they were disabled. Must have been an errant click by the writer or an editor.


      • Just wondering … though I missed a fun, and potentially violent, thread. :)

        • *thought

  3. We all know movies like TDKR and Avengers are already on the path to major money and success, but what about the OTHER ones? The ones that we kinda overlook until they’re released?
    So my question is: which 2012 movie do you guys think will be the biggest “surprise hit” of the year?

    • You forgot in your brief list of obvious money and success…The Hobbit. In worldwide grosses, I have little doubt it will actually do better than The Avengers and TDKR. (Rather than start another debate about this, let’s just wait and see.)

    • I think It’s gonna be a good fight between THE AVENGERS & TDKR at the box office either way I can’t wait to see both :)

      • That’s not really what I was asking…
        My question was: which 2012 movie will be biggest SURPRISE hit?

        For example. Last year X-Men: First Class kinda flew under every one’s radar… people were saying it would be average at best and for the biggest part, people thought Green Lantern would be better.
        When X-Men FC came round, it was a major success and most people loved it.

        So with this question, I’m looking at movies like MIB3, Wrath of the Titans, Hunger Games… the movies that aren’t BELIEVED TO BE as big as Avengers, DKR, Hobbit, etc.

        • Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter and prometheus imo are going to surprise hits of 2012.

          • I agree about ALVH, I don’t think it will open huge but if it’s as good as I hope it may pick up in attendance/box office via word of mouth.

        • I am senseing some BUZZ for JOHN CARTER , and i know its not an original call but what about The Amazing Spiderman out grossing TDKR and The AVENGERS ?

          • I’m actually kinda scared that John Carter is gonna have a hard time competeing, let alone break even.

        • Well, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Daniel Day Lewis, two Oscar winners, I am betting the biopic “Lincoln” will be a hit, although a modest one. I believe it is tentatively scheduled for a December 2012 release date.

        • I think Hunger Games is going to get some good pull in the box office. I know it’ll be teeny bopper stuff but they need something to spend daddy’s money on. :)

    • I’d say GI Joe 2 will be the biggest surprise because soo many people thought the first film was such a letdown. Many people don’t think Battleship will do well, so that could also be a surprise hit.

      • going to agree with you 100% there. I had put the flimabortion that was GI Joe 1 behind me and never thought about looking back. The trailers alone for GI Joe 2 have me really excited again.

    • MIB3 and World War Z i think have potential.

    • Maybe the film Looper with JGL and Bruce Willis? (I’m a little biased because I like time travel movies.)

      • I agree with looper also brave is going to be a big hit since its pixar. I could even see the raven collect a nice crowd it looks like a darker toned sherlock holmes. I also thing the bourne legacy will be great.

        • Also I don’t think total gross will be high for this but the wettest county has the cast and director to be a very good movie.

  4. “prometheus” and “snow white and the huntsman” are surely going to rock !!!!

    • I agree about Snow White and the Huntsman. Never thought I would be anxious to see a movie about Snow White, but the trailer made this one look exciting.

      • Still worried about kristen stewart as the lead

          • lol perpetually confused

    • Thanks man!
      I actually read that issue… (Must have skipped a page or something :P — I’ll read it again)
      And I’ll give The Fearless another shot as well.

    • I’ve went back and read Fear Itself 7.1… it turns out, I NEVER read that issue :P (which is odd, because I stored it in my ‘read’ pile and marked it as ‘read’ on my PC)
      Anyway, it was a good issue and clears up a few things…
      Thanks again for the heads up.

  5. If John Carter makes back it’s reported 250 million price tag then to me that will be the biggest suprise of the year.. I honestly think the Hobbit will be the highest grossing film in 2012…

    • I agree about John Carter greenKnight. The marketing for the movie has been atrocious.

      • Have you found the marketing for this film just totally bizarre? WTH?!

        • I we didn’t know any better I would say they WANT it to fail.

  6. Did anyone notice some names lacking from the Memoriam portion of the Oscars, particularly Andy Whitfield’s? Do they normally just show movie industry names or is it supposed to include film, television, and music?

    • Well, it is a MOVIE award show, so I don’t really see why they would include television and music as well…

      • They included Steve Jobs, who wasn´t a TV nor big screen personality.

        • He was responsibly for Pixar: the company that brought us movies like Toy Story.
          Without him, we might never have had those movies…
          IMO, he had all the right to be on that list.

          • Damn auto-correct… meant to say “responsiblE for Pixar”

            • He is one of many cofounders even without him I sure spielberg and lasseter would have made pixar

  7. Just watched zodiac for the first time I loved it

  8. Here is a question for all you ranters for a big budget adaptation of the justice league who would you choose to direct and what actors would you choose in the role of the heros and villans I will post my choices later gonna take a little time to think about who I’d like in the roles and see what I come up with.

    • Henry cavill as superman (tho idc not a supes fan I havnt seen any of the movies), christian bale as batman (tho we know this won’t happen), patrick wilson as the flash, gina carona as wonderwomen (just keep her lines to a minimum) idk about villians if they do have to do the joker…. maybe a joseph gordan levitt he seems like he has the range to handle it.

      • Here are my choices ….

        Director-not sure yet

        Batman-Christian Bale
        Superman-Henry Cavill
        Wonder woman-Kate Beckinsale
        The flash-Patrick Wilson
        Green Lantern-Nathan Fillian

        Joseph Gordon levit- deadshot
        Bane- Tom Hardy
        Mr. Freeze-Patrick Stewart
        Joker-not sure

        I heard somewhere that at one time there were going to adapt a justice league movie but the project was canceled.

        • My choices:
          Batman: Christian Bale
          Superman: Henry Cavil
          Flash: Patrick Wilson
          Wonder Woman: not sure
          Green Lantern: Nathan Fillion is awesome, but IMO, he’s a little too old for the role and doesn’t really look that much like Hal Jordan (so I’d go with Ryan Reynolds — despite the terrible movie, I think he still has the potential to be a great GL)
          Aquaman: REALLY not sure
          Martian Man Hunter or Cyborg: not sure…

          Villains: For the first movie (the origin story), I’d choose Darkseid as the villain.
          Then for the sequel, I’d go with something similar to The Tower Of Babel with the Legion of Doom… where each villain has one of their arch enemies to fight against.
          I’d have Raj Al Ghul (Liam Neeson) as the guy pulling all the strings and then have characters like Bane, Luthor, Star Sapphire, etc. as the guys/gals who the JL actually fight.

          • Forgot to add:
            Director: Nolan of course ;)

            But yeah, it seems very unlikely that this will ever happen (getting my choice of cast and director).

            I heard that if they ever make a JL movie, they would use a completely new cast… so yeah… bummer :(

            • Sounds like everyone has a pretty good cast. I also like fillion but agree his age mite throw off the groups youth (besides bale) id go with ryan also as the GL. Aquaman is a tough one maybe somebody like bradley cooper

              • yea I know Nathan is a little old in the end I’d probably go with Ryan Reynolds as well.

  9. @ ken j I tried voting but I didn’t see your post until 11:56 and by the time I got through all the bullcrap and finally voted when I looked up it was 12:01

    • @Yeti

      Thanks anyway! Thanks for at least looking at it and trying, I appreciate it! But we actually won, so don’t worry. But boy was it a close race, I was monitoring it and bothering friends all the way until midnight, lol. It was down to like 4 votes between my cousin’s group and another one at one point… The two groups were neck and neck all the way until the end… *phew* :-)

      • @ken j. That’s good news man. :) Cancer is a horrible thing, my grandmother had breast cancer a few years back that went into remission but her stupid Dr. took her off of her medication and now it’s spread all throughout her body. It pisses me off :(

        • @Yeti

          Hey, sorry to hear that about your grandmother. But you just have to understand that chemo is poison, and it’s supposed to be poison. The reason why it sometimes works is because cancer cells are “hungry” to put it simply, and they “eat” your body’s resources faster. Which includes the poison that you introduce into the body. So they do this in the hopes that the chemo will kill the cancer cells before it kills the normal cells in the body. So you really don’t want to keep someone on chemo therapy for longer than they need. I don’t know about your exact case, but a lot of times if they find that the cancer has gone into remission, they will take the patient off chemo. Just saying, something to consider before getting so angry at someone. I’m sure the majority of oncologists do their best to try to save as many of their cancer patients as they can. Cancer is the enemy here, not the doctors… Again, not sure about your exact case, of course there’s a chance that her doctor might have been negligent about something, I don’t know…

          But I’m so glad my cousin won and with such a good cause. :-) Thanks again for your consideration.

          • hey thanks ken j but she was already done with chemo this was just regulatory medication that he toook her off of way too early we’ve asked other doctors. Anyways I’m glad your cousin’s team won those kids need something positive to happen to them

  10. I don’t think any day could be better bought drive on blu ray and 50/50

  11. I was thinking about Fox’s plans for the x-men franchise before first class. Before Wolverine: x-men origins came out, they were gonna milk each x-man. X-men origins: Magneto, x-men origins: Deadpool, etc.

    Obviously that plan changed with the underwhelming performance of XO:Wolvie.

    Question: If the x-men franchise didn’t exist, and there was no need to worry about continuity, what X-Men Origins movie would you like to see?

    I’ll start off,

    X-Men Origins: CABLE (this would be a time-travelling epic with connections to Cyclops, jean grey and apocalypse)

    • I was going to say Cable! ;)
      I’d watch that…
      Anyway, they could still make a great Cable movie that fits into the current continuity – they might just have to change a thing here and there but since Fox has already screwed up their X-Men continuity so much,, changing a few things wouldn’t really matter at this point IMO.

      • To me, that’s the most frustrating thing with these xmen films is the continuity. With these Marvel movies, they’ve set the bar on how things could be connected. First Class was a great movie. But seeing Havok in the 60s just ticks me off on why he’s a part of that team and not Cyclops.

      • Actually, all they have to do is use Bishop to change things (ala Star Trek 2009). Bishop comes from a dystopian future back to the past where things changed for the worse (the death of Scott Summers and Jean Grey). Bishop goes back to the time when Jean is a child and informs Xavier about the events that will happen if he prevents Jean from using her powers. Jean and Scott have a child later and call him Cable.

    • Pitt Man,

      I’d like to see a Gambit solo film I think it would be really cool to see an origin story on the big screen and my choice in the role of gambit would be Taylor kitch I think he did pretty good in xmo Wolverine.

      • I agree.

  12. I noticed there’s no review of Tylor Perry’s “Good Deeds”. Why is that?

    • I don’t speak officially for SR, but from my time here on the site I gather there scope of coverage is very specific. They tend to review more action, sci-fi, horror, etc. The light-hearted or emotional dramas aren’t usually touched upon here.

      • There exceptions of course.

    • I would agree with INK. And to be honest, the trailer for the movie didn’t really do anything for me (it looks rather boring to me).

  13. Quick question for anyone who knows??? I was waiting for the release of the new edition to Young Justice season 1 vol. 3 that came out last tuesday but can’t seem to find it anywhere. All I’ve seemed to find is a box set with volumes one through three but I checked the release date for that set and it shouldn’t be out until 4/17… I’m thinking maybe they got mixed up?? If anyone has any idea I’d be thankful.

  14. Waiting on batman TAS to start on HUB so bak for a little ranting …..

    So what’s everyone’s thoughts on who iron man will go up against in IM3 or to put it this way who would you like iron man battling in IM3 ?

    • I would like Iron Man to go up against Dr Doom (we all know that can’t possibly happen though).

      So my second choice would be Namor (it would make for an interesting story and plot IMO) – but if Namor is one of the villains, then they have to have another villain as well. The director said IM will be facing off against more real world villains, so the 10 rings might be the main baddies (lead by Mandarin – but not the “racial stereotype” from the comics — this one could just be depicted as a crime lord)