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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Feb 24, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 24, 2012

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  1. Saw Chronicle last night. Thought it was great!
    Didn’t get to do the marathon of four movies I was wanting to do. Haven’t been feeling well for a few days now. A little better today though.

    • I’ll have to see that. It’s supposed to be good, and on a miniscule budget.

    • Aw man that’s too bad. Those movies you said you were going to see were all pretty legit.

      • that’s terrible, i happened to come across your list yesterday as well and was extremely jealous, haha. but yeah, chronicle was definitely time well spent.

    • Im sure this has been brought up, but I couldn’t help feel a similarity at the end of Chronicle to Akira… which was awesome I just didn’t know if I was the only one.

      • Yeah, I mean it is hard to miss some of the similarities of the two. Both are great though.

    • While it was OK I tohught they left to much just lying around to make it great.

      Special effects and such aside the story itself was realy cruddy and could have been a lot better.


  2. The latest Newsweek has an article about John Carter. Apparently there’s worry about this being a massive flop. “the next Waterworld.” They talk about the mostly unknown actors and director, and a marketing campaign that is shooting wildly but not finding a mark.

    I’ll probably see this in the theater. I’m at least interested to see what another Pixar director can do with live action. I keep hearing some people defending this (and even marketing) as the original inspiration for Star Wars and Avatar. That’s all nice, but I think the movie has to stand on it’ own. The budget is reportedly $250 mil.

    • ” and a marketing campaign that is shooting wildly but not finding a mark.”

      My thoughts ENTIRELY on the whole John Carter event. The marketing is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. It is like they WANT it to flop.

      • The March release seemed strange too. But yeah, they made good points about the marketing. It doesn’t show a clear story, and it looks a little more mature, is PG-13, but has the Disney logo.

  3. Production for She-Hulk starts this March. Marvel is on fire. Im impressed.


    • Uhhhh … that is for a porn parody of which I HIGHLY doubt Marvel is behind … pun intended. :)

    • That’s for a porno parody….just saying.

    • Darn. I missed the casting call on that one. I’d be perfect for the guy who accidental walks into the background of a scene and then slowly backs out of camera view.

      • **accidentally (begin edit button conversation once again)

      • Lmao

    • You’re kidding right? ;)

      • I can’t believe publishers like Marvel or DC would allow this…
        Weirdly, I can’t decide what’s worse: letting Sony screw up Ghost Rider, or letting whoever’s making this turn She-Hulk into a porn parody.

        • There´s actually a few more porn parodies od comic books. XXX-Men comes to mind.

        • they (the porn industry) don’t need marvel/dc’s permission because they call it a “parody” in the title, therefore, no copyright infringement

          • Wow, I did not know that…
            So basically, anyone can make a movie about any character as long as it’s called a parody?
            (I always though people had to pay, to be able to use the rights to a character)

  4. I finished watching the original predator last night and the first robocop the night before and man do I wish they kept making more good films like these from those two franchises. I wish us fans would get at least a really good comic for AVP because that last one “three world war” felt a bit rushed and not carefully explored story wise. An animated series would be really cool though, like on HBO or something… Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing ROBOCOP VS TERMINATOR into a live action or at least animated movie. The graphic novel and video game were both epic… The film would be great taking place half in the past/present which ever way you look at it and the other half in the skynet future war… Anyone else thoughts on this???

    • Yeah they have had Robocop on cable for the last month. I forgot how brutal Murphy got shot up by that gang.

      • I saw Cat’s Eye the other day that little gremlin/troll thingy was creepy. It had been ages sense I seen that film.

      • Robocop was one of the best violent films ever made,especially in the last 20 minutes.Speaking of older movies’s i saw Cat People not to long ago and i still enjoyed that like i did when i was a kid.

    • I would love to see Arnold in another Predator film. His original movie is the only one I can watch over and over again. If a sequel with him in was done right, it could be epic.

  5. Vic, this is probably a little premature to ask, but I was wondering who here on screenrant will be reviewing ‘The Avengers’?

    • Yea Vic who’s the lucky one ?

      • It’s too early to say. But there may be a cage match between Kofi and Ben to decide. 8)


        • That was funny!! I spit my cereal on my computer screen(wipes off the milk and corn flakes). Are you taking bets? :)

          • I’d bet Kofi would win (no offense Ben) ;)

    • And Vic, I think it best if you got a Klingon perspective on Avengers, so I will humble myself and volunteer my services. 8-)

      • Must be penned, then, in Klingon…

  6. So the wife has to work late tonight, the kids are at the grandperants, looks like a movie and whiskey night for me and the dog. Any suggestions? Like many of you on here I’ve seen just about everything but I know every now and then a few good ones slip by. I was thinking after seeing the Wrath of the Titans preview Ill probally dive into the old Swords and arrows war movies section, like 13th warrior, Gladiator, King Arthur,ect. somthing I havent seen in awhile. But awhile back, somebody suggested “Triangle”, I wasnt thrilled with it but im glad I watched it.

    • a couple of movies i never saw, but you probably have, in that genre and that i’ve been planning to watch recently are ‘the last samurai’ and ‘kingdom of heaven’.

      • Yea thanks… I have a pretty extensive collection and have both of these but they are good, I seem to be in a crowd of few that liked Kingdom of Heaven. Thanks

    • Don’t give your dog too much whisky. :-P

      Ever see Excalibur?

      • Dont worry he can handle his own… and yes, it has been awhile so it might be worth a revisit, thanks

  7. Wow that takes me back some… the 13th warrior was a classic

    • Yea, I love that movie… But not sure how convincing Banderas was an Arab… just saying


    This needs to be made into a movie
    man, i just love Chris, the man cracks me up

    • Sorry, I couldn’t get passed the 2nd sentence of chapter 4: Assembly…I fell asleep. 8-)

      I thought those….vampires (boy that left a bad taste in my mouth ;-) ), didn’t bleed? The Bat would totally wipe those things off the face of the planet. And if Blade was in it, it would be a one page novel. :-D

  9. So a few months back I read the Pain and Gain story and got pumped for the original casting of The Rock and Mark Wahlberg. Since the latest has DJ in a Herc movie, and Bay wanting to fit P&G in before T4, has he dropped out as well?

  10. Does anyone know when the ultimate spiderman animated series is supposed to start.

    • according to – “Marvel has announced that Spider-Man will make his “Ultimate” return to the channel, and he’s not coming alone this time. An entire programming block will now feature all kinds of Marvel superhero content. Fans can expect to find the likes of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk – are you seeing an “Avengers” pattern, here? – when the block premieres on April 1.

      According to Marvel, the animated show “Ultimate Spider-Man” will serve as the “centerpiece” for the “Marvel Universe” programming. Drake Bell, the star of Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh,” will voice the titular web-slinger.”

      • Thanks for the info looking forward to spidey’s return to mtv as well as the animated series.

        • Ultimate Spider and Avengers: EMH season 2 will air on the 1st of April on Disney XD.

          • Avenger,

            Thanks for the heads up on both Ultimate Spidey and the avengers EMH both on the same day there is a god :) then may 4th AVENGERS the ultimate superhero team up!!

  11. i’m curious as to what are some of the worst movies you ever saw. a movie you watched because of the story, or actor or director, and afterwards you wanted the people of “”spotless mind” to come in and erase all memory of seeing it.
    for me,in no particular order, the few that come to mind are: southland tales, the box, parasomnia, and parents (a movie so bad that i rented it once, and forgot i saw it, and rented it again 8-10 months later, and halfway thru it again, i realized i had seen it already!)

  12. I don’t know if this has been answered, but I’m wondering why there isn’t a Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar movie review? I thought it wasn’t that bad and funny at times. Just curious as to why SR never reviewed it.

  13. Does anyone know when they will be releasing the spider-man animated series from the 90′s that use to be on channel five or 6. I forgot if it was kids WB or Fox??? They brought out the x-men series back when x-men origins was making its theatrical release so I have hopes that they will do the same when the spider-man reboot comes out.

    • I think it’s available to stream on Netflix. Not sure if that helps you though.

      • I know they have some episodes that you can buy online featuring certain villains like the venom saga or the green goblin but I can’t seem to find a whole lot out there. I know at comic-con they have booths with hard to find tv series but they are ripped dvd quality so I was just wondering how those people get all the other episodes. But thanks for your help anyways

        • I know they are available in the UK( or they were a few years ago) but they are a different region(I have a DVD player that plays all regions). I have four of the idividual releases that were/are available.

          Spider-man – Daredevil
          Spider-man – Doctor Octopus
          Spider-man – The Venom Saga
          Spider-man – The Green Goblin

          These have bonus episodes from the 67 series (love that one)and I think you can find them all for 5 bucks each. I also check out stores that sell used DVDs. They have a great selection and hard to find stuff.


      You & me both. I enjoyed the 90′s Spider-Man animated series. I got both the 90′s X-Men animated series & Ironman complete series. Hoping for Spidey & TIH to get the same kind of treatment. I got all episodes of X-Men Evolution except Season 4 which i doubt will never be released. So probly have to buy bootleg copy of that season sometime. Spider-Man part of Fox Kids line up. Not to mention Spider-Man Unlimited which i didn’t care for.

      • I also enjoyed the 90′s spidey series I picked up the x-men dvds when they where released in volumes I also have the first season of spidey that premiered on mtv I never really got into the spidey unlimited series watching Hulk vs Thor while I was posting this watched Hulk vs Wolverine yesterday I also have a couple of the DC animated movies as well.

        • @ VADER’S 501st

          I bought Batman:TAS vol.1-4, Superman:TAS vol. 1-3, Batman Beyond seasons 1-3, Justice League/JLU complete series. I also have few of DC animated movies. I have Mask Of Phantasm, Subzero, Mystery Of The Batwoman, Justice League: The Final Frontier, Superman:Doomsday, Batman/Superman: Public Enemies & today i bought Justice League:Doom.

          • WallyWest,

            Cool list mask of the phantasm was awesome and I really liked justice league doom was on the best buy site recently and saw the ultimate avengers collection dvd is only $7.99 and vol. 1&2 of avengers EMH are $14.99 each so I’m picking those up on my next trip to best buy.

            • @ VADER’S 501st

              Thanks. I forgot to add Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker Unrated version DVD. I plan to buy Avengers:EMH Volumes 1&2. Episodes i watched of that series were great.

              • @ WallyWest,

                Your welcome I’m also gonna pick up the batman beyond seasons and justice league sometime soon as well.

  14. I watched Inglourius Basterds again, first time since originally seeing in theatre and… it was better. Great pacing, great script, great acting… even Brad Pitt was a good fit.

    Why was I not impressed the first time? Was I drunk? I think next to pulp fiction, it’s the best Tarantino film.

    • Tarantino is sooooo overrated. I think the guy seriously gets a hard-on from gratuitous violence and depravity.

      • so do I… so do most.

    • @ Pitt Man

      Have you read Fear Itself : The Home Front? I ask because being from NL like myself it brought a smile to my face to see St.John’s in there. Unfortunately it was almost flattened by Atuma..St.John’s also shows up in the Alpha Flight Fear Itself tie -in..They try to get Water Street and Duckworth right..Give the Marvel team kudos for researching the city and trying to get the look right..

      • I’m gonna find that. I love Alpha Flight, especially Northstar and aurora. I had a Canadian monopoly board, Duckworth and Signal Hill were the cheapest, figures.

  15. Little Help from fellow comic book readers.

    There was an issue of (Villains United?) from DC when Black Adam was hovering around Talia(?) and it upset her.

    It was right before/after Infinity Crisis (may have even been in that) I believe.

    It was before all the 52 stuff I think…

    Thanks to whoever can pinpoint the issue/book.


    • Aknot,

      I’m not totally sure, but it might be Countdown to Infinite Crisis or, like you said, Villains United (#3?).

      Sorry for being unsure. It’s been a while since I read them.

      • Thanks $2.

        Now to try and figure out where they are…. :D

  16. Quick question also if anyone knows what issue number of batman comics is a guess appearance by the phantasm during a meeting with I think it was black mask or red hood for hired gun to eliminate the other. I forgot if it was red hood looking for hired gun or black mask??? Can anyone help me?

    • KP,

      Is it from Batman Adventures (the #5-9 run)? If so, this was compiled in the paperback graphic novel, Batman Adventures Vol. 2: Shadows & Masks.

      Hope I helped.

      • Yes that was exactly what I was looking for thank you. Now I got to run to my nearest comic store and start digging. If not I can always count on ebay. Thanks again.

  17. I watched Paul on DVD last night…
    I actually kinda enjoyed it (I’d give it a 3 out of 5).
    It’s a fun movie to watch from start to finish IMO. (So if you’re looking for a few cheap laughes, I’d recommend this)
    It reminded of Fanboys a bit (just without the “heart” that Fanboys had — and a lot more swearing)

    P.S. I particularly loved the Star Wars cantina/bar reference :D

  18. I#ve been going through my comics and alphabetizing them..haven`t done it in years…Holy Moley its a lot of bags and boards on them all. It`s nice to see what you have..I also made a list but it`s so time consuming..

    Anybody else looking forward to Avengers Vs X-Men this April?

    • I am…
      Marvel’s advertising it as the “biggest thing to happen in comics in years” (pretty ballsy right?), so I hope they can live up to the hype.
      I’m not sure they will though: Marvel’s “Comic Events” have been pretty mediocre in the last few years… Dark Reign, Siege, and Fear Itself have all been very lackluster IMO. (Although I have to say, Civil War and Secret Invasion was epic).

      But can someone please explain why Marvel comics are so damn short? I’m subscribed to ‘The Avengers’ (among others) and each issue is about 30 pages, of which 10 of those are all adds (that’s a third of the book!).
      Justice League on the other side, costs me the exact same as Avengers, but their comics are 40 pages each, of which only about 8 pages are used as adds (AND, JL’s art is better, the story is better IMO and you don’t have to be reading a million other series’ to know what’s going on – ala Marvel’s continuous crossover events).
      I digress.

      I do hope they can make their comeback with this new mini series… I’m definitely rooting for ‘em to start making QUALITY comics again.

      • I know with a few of the new 52 titles from DC..especially the Grant Morrison Action Comics…it seems half of the comic is ads or just cheap filler from the higher ups at DC explaininbg the look of a particular character..a lot of wasted space is what I’m getting at.

        I thought Seige was epic..especially the four part main arc..I mean Sentry vs Ares, Sentry vs Thor, Avengers vs DArk Avengers..very well done indeed.

        Fear Itself was a BIG disappointment for me..I just found every issue anti-climactic and the tie-ins, well I liked the FEAR ITSELF : The Home Front..It was the redemption arc for Speedball that was nice to see since the characters big blunder in the events leading up to Civil War.

        I just purchased Secret Invasion and was impressed by the first two-three issues and then I thought the quality got a little poorer with each successive issue.Maybe I read too much into the hype and built it up in my mind.

        *************SPOILERS AHEAD ********************************

        My big problem with these “events” is that nothing is on the line because no ever stays dead..Thor was dead for three maybe four issues following his death in FEAR ITSELF, Captain “Bucky” America was dead for five minutes until Fury gave him the infinity formula.

        Are you reading Battle Scars or Fear Itself : The Fearless. They are actually better than the main Fear Itself stuff…

        I’m really enjoying the new Incredible Hulk and feel bad for both characters..they hate each other but cannot function as a whole without each other..and they are separated by Dr Doom..

        • Battle Scars is awesome.
          I was reading The Fearless, but then it kinda slipped past me (I missed a few issues, so I don’t know if I should bother continue reading).

          P.S. I missed the issue where Fury gave Bucky the Infinifi formula… would you mind pointing out which series (and issue) that was?

          P.P.S. The Incredible Hulk is a good series. Also, the return of Fantastic Four has been amazing as well. — I don’t mind the book having 10 pages of adds AS LONG AS the art and stories are actually good (which is not the case with the last few issues of Avengers, Cap, Secret Avengers, etc.)

  19. A few months ago some said something about a movie called. “Attack the Block”. I just bought it a blockbuster in the 5 for 20 dollar area. Brought it home and WOW. This was a great fun flick. low budgit but clever ideas. If you get a chance cheak it out.

  20. Been watching Castle Season 4 this weekend… it just gets better and better :D
    I particularly loved episode 2 (“Heroes & Villains”) — it’s one of my favorite tv show episodes of all time now.

    I hope they’ll continue to make this awesome series for many years to come.