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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Feb 22, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 22, 2012

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  1. Movie night tomorrow with my brother … on the agenda:
    Safe House
    The Grey
    AND the midnight showing of Acts of Valor.
    Yeah … we don’t get out much, so when we do … BANG! :)

    • All those are great movies I’m also gonna watch act of valor the trailors look awesome I can’t wait :)

    • Let me know how Acts of Valor is. I’ve been dying to get some reviews of that movie, it looks good.

      • Will do.

  2. Any rumors on who might star in transformers4 or will the main characters be the robots this time?

    • Jason Statham was rumored to be in it as the main character but he’s told reporters he’s not. And Rosie Huntington Whitney (the blond girl from 3) said she wants to be in the 4th. Thats all i’ve heard so far

      • Statham rumor was debunked a while back.


  3. So…. No Halloween 3D this year apparently :( I guess they decided to release it till 2013 for its anniversary. Oh well.

  4. saw ghost rider 2 last night. MAJOR disapointment :(

    you guys were spot on with your review.

    Any word on a THUNDERCATS movie? and what about SHAZAM! i thought at 1 point the ROCK was attached to play BLACK ADAM?


      i know its fake but it still looks awesome.

      I would also like to see a Thundercats movie. I can already predict its gonna be bad though. Somewhere between “GI Joe” and “Dragonball Evolution”.

      heres hoping for the best

  5. For those excited for the Twisted Metal movie, who should play Sweet Tooth???

  6. I may be nit-picking here but…

    can we get some variety on the poll section? Every week its just what did you think of the movie. And most people usually give it 5 stars. Sometimes its up for 2 weeks or its a movie that nobody saw (frankly i dont know anybody who went and saw Ghost Rider). I think i remember some other types of questions awhile back but lately all i’m seeing is 5star movie polls. The rest of the site is looking great and i dont want to sound naggy.

    I would just like to request some more creative and thought provoking polls. Like which is your favorite avengers character? or which director will have the biggest year?

    • nowhereman,

      We put more targeted polls in some articles. For sitewide polls I keep it more general and tied to a recent movie or movie-related event (like a new trailer that everyone is buzzing about.

      I will admit that sometimes I let polls go a bit too long – they are not at the top of my priority list, more of an afterthought. I do appreciate the suggestion.


  7. I wonder when they’re going to announce which two movies Marvel Studios will be producing for 2014…
    I’m positive that one of them will be Cap 2, but all bets are still out on the other one.

    • Incredible Hulk 2!

      • Moon Knight or Luke Cage. Something Un-Avenger Related.

        • My guess would be Captain America 2 and Dr. Strange. It was originally rumored that Strange would come in 2013, but Marvel has already slated Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 for that year, and they tend to release 2 films a year.

        • I would love Deadpool.

          Marvel Zombies (one can wish).

          Wait, I don’t even know if Marvel has those rights, I don’t care though it’s in relation to Marvel.

          As long as they are not sub-par tie in movies for an overall event. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed them, but the feeling of content I had when I watched IM and IH was not really there with CA or Thor. Although I’m in the minority I really enjoyed Thor. I still think IM2 is a garbage.

          • “Although I’m in the minority I really enjoyed Thor.” — that’s not a minority… lots of people enjoyed Thor.
            And come on, IM2 was bad, but it wasn’t garbage :(

            P.S. Deadpool is owned by Fox.

            • Really, I hear alot of people say Thor was average or bad. I’m glad to hear that there are many who enjoyed it.

    • If we’re lucky Dr.Strange,Black Panthor,along with Cap sequel.Still don’t see another Hulk movie in future until 2016, 2015 at best.

  8. Has anyone heard any news on these lately…

    The Wolverine
    Teenage mutant ninja turtles

    …its been a while since I’ve heard anything on these.

    • TMNT reboot may get a director in Jonathan Liebesman and The Wolverine comes out next year.

      • Cool thanx for the info Ghost

  9. Anyone familiar with Jai Courtney? I know he’s done some work but haven’t heard much about him. He is playing mcclane’s kid in the new die hard. Is the plan for him to take over for future films or is this just story relevant? It better be rated R!

  10. Sorry about the previous post this should be the right link hope Vic doesn’t mind.

  11. So psyched for Avengers:EMH season 2! :D
    I hope they renew the series for a third season.

    • i tried watching that show. even though im almost 45, i can still appreciate good animation, however, that show doesn’t qualify. i know it’s a disney produced show, but i just cant get into it. i liked the ultimate avengers movie. it had a descent story and the artwork was pretty good. i have only made it thru the 1st 4 eps of EMH. maybe if i watch a few more it could grow on me, but i think it’s aimed towards smaller kids

      • I’m with jeffro. This show can’t compete with batman the animated series or justice league. I don’t find it bad just not a consistant thing I can watch. All opinion of course not trying to start anything. Speaking of animated shows does anyone know when avatar: legend of korra begins? The last airbender is one of my favorite tv shows

      • You should watch a few more episodes…
        The first few were kinda average, but I’m glad I stuck with it. It’s not as good as the DCAU shows (Batman, JL, etc.), but it’s definitely close IMO.

      • @Jeffro

        It’s kiddie in appearance & anination but the story arcs are just as good as JLU & Batman: TAS IMO. The live action movies could take hints (and writers) from EMH

      • The animation does need work, but the stories are first rate. If they had the animation of Young Justice, EMH would be unstoppable.

        • There are only three things about Avengers: EMH that I’m not crazy about:
          1. Tony Stark’s voice. It’s a bad ripoff of RDJ and the guy doing the voice comes off as corny and lame. Surely they could have gotten a better voice actor.
          2. I think the series would greatly benefit from a slightly more edgy and darker angle… like Batman: TAS or Justice League (to attract a larger audience and so that it doesn’t come off as too “kiddy”)
          3. the animation, as you said, needs some work.

          • I agree with avenger on all three of those specific things he pointed out.

    • Avengers EMH is an awesome show imo I’ve enjoyed every episode I’m looking forward to season 2 :)

  12. …and speaking of the avengers…i am curious if anyone knows why an american made movie is premiering earlier outside the us?

    • Because, with almost EVERY OTHER MOVIE ON THE PLANET, you guys in the US always get it earlier than the rest of the world.
      With TDK and Cap:TFA (among many others), I had to wait two weeks longer than you guys to see it.

      • But whatevs… ;)

  13. I saw the movie Paul yesterday, and I was very disappointed. Is having the F-bomb spoken very other sentence suppose to be funny? The scene with the dead bird and finding out who the secret woman was were the only good things about the film, IMHO. OK, Jason Bateman was also pretty good.

  14. The latest DC animated movie is justice league doom and its really good anyone know if marvel has any new upcoming animated movies coming soon I think a solo deadpool animated movie would be cool.

    • O my, Deadpool would be sweeeet!

    • I don’t think they’re releasing any animated features this year… :(

      IMO, Marvel’s animated movies have taken a serious knock in quantity and quality in the last few years.
      I really hope they can get back on track.