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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Feb 20, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 20, 2012

Oh, if you haven’t noticed it yet, check out our newly designed movie news page (it’s like, RADICAL).:-P

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  1. I read this site’s weekend box office roundup post and I’m a little confused on the numbers. Lets use The Vow as an example; your post reported “upping its cume to $85.5 million, a great gross for the $30 million film.” Now, when the production budget is reported as “30million” does that include the actors salaries and advertising costs? Also, the “$85.5 million” you said it has earned, is that how much the studio is putting into it’s pockets or do the theaters showing the cinema get a cut of this 85.5million as well?

    • Probably should have posted this in the actual “Round Up” thread but, eh …. what ya gonna do.

      • Guess they should have renamed this “open discussion, but if you want to discuss something other people will complain.” I didn’t post it on the round up thread because I’m fairly new to the site and wasn’t sure if the Screenrant staff would respond which is why I posted it here.

        • I only posted what I did because it was relevant to that particular thread and I am sure that Niall would see it sooner there thus getting a quicker answer to your question. Didn’t mean for my post to come across the way it did, but after re-reading it I see I worded it poorly, to say the least. Sorry ’bout that.

          • All good bro thanks for the apology.

    • Mike, I don’t believe production budget numbers including marketing costs, which can be significant.


      • Yikes! Makes me wonder how much the studios are actually making off expensive, expensive movies.

  2. So, I saw ‘Justice League: Doom’ at a friend’s house over the weekend and I have to say, it’s now of my favorite animated superhero movies of all time.

    Here’s my opinion of the movie (summed up):
    The voice acting was awesome (not surprising since they got Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Nathan Fillion, among others, to reprise their roles).
    The dialog was good.
    The animation was clean and crisp (i.e. very good).
    The plot (which is based off of ‘The Tower of Babel’ story arc) was awesome, although, they did incorporate some new material and changed a thing here and there (but I’m happy to report, they really pulled it off).
    There’s more than enough action, but it doesn’t feel like that’s all that the movie’s about (which is something quite rare).

    My only two problems with the movie was:
    1. it felt to short – I wish they made it feature film length
    2. (it’s more of a peev really — and maybe it’s just me…) was how arrogant they made Wonder Woman appear: I don’t want to spoil much, but let’s just say, there’s a point in the movie where she does a bad thing (not knowing she’s doing a bad thing) and when someone tries to help her, she completely ignores common sense and attacks that person anyway.

    Those two small issues aside, I’m definitely getting this one and I’d recommend it to any superhero fan as well.

    • good to hear you really liked it I’m looking forward to watching it now even more than before.

  3. There are not many spot on portrayals of Wonder Woman out there these days.

    • They did kinda underplay that character. It makes me think that whoever penned the script was a little sexist (by making Wonder Woman appear irrational and at one point, a little cowardly or weak perhaps: there’s one fight scene where she just disappeared near the middle and then reappeared when the fight was over)
      But don’t get me wrong… it’s not THAT BAD. It’s really a peev more than anything else.
      Definitely not enough of a reason not to buy this awesome movie.

  4. Just wanted to say Vic,
    GREAT Job on The Movie Page .

    • Thanks, Gary. I’m curious what other SR regulars think of the new design there.


      • Vic, i’m a little embarrassed to say, I don’t really know what you guys are talking about…
        I haven’t noticed any changes (but then again, I wasn’t really looking and I might not have spotted them)

        • Ah, never mind… I just saw it :P
          Personally, I’m not too crazy about the new tab-like design (I like the list design a bit more)
          That’s just my opinion though…

          • Vic – I’m agreeing with TheAvenger on this. My opinion is that it isn’t aesthetically pleasing and seems busy. I’m a bit old-fashioned and believe less is more. Functionally, I like the old list view because I can quickly scroll downwards to find a certain article/thread. The tab view makes me look side to side as I’m scrolling down thus wasting time that I could be ranting :)
            However, change happens with a lot of websites without my approval and I applaud how you and your site asks your readers opinions. I’m sure if I give it some time, I’d get used to the new design.

            • Appreciate the honest feedback, guys. I can tell you though that based on the stats for the page, overall it’s working better for people – they’re looking at more content on the page and they’re clicking through to stories more than with the old page.


              • Vic – Are you planning on changing the archive page to mirror the movie news and television page layouts? The archive page is where I usually do my scrolling down to find a topic…most often searching for the open discussions on a busy news day.

                • The archive page will always be the refuge for people who like the old, basic style. :)


            • With the list view, it’s also easier to see which articles are new, and which are older.
              With the tab design, I’m not really sure where to be looking.

              But like Pornstar said, I’m sure, over time, we’ll get used to the new layout.

  5. Only 74 days untilCBM bliss :-)

  6. Who should be cast as Sweet Tooth in the upcoming Twisted Metal movie?? I don’t think I’d like to see Statham in the role. Is it sad that so far the person I think most fit is Tom Hardy? I feel like that’s a bad sign cuz there has to be someone else out there who can play that kind of role lol But who??

    • Yea I saw that. Great fan-made trailer and puts a new spin on the themes of the trilogy.

    • That is a really cool concept for a trailer.


  7. What are everyone’s thoughts on last nights episode of the walking dead. Here is my opinion on the second half of season 2….

    Though the plot imo still moved at a slow pace I still enjoyed last nights episode there was plenty of walkers at one point but it makes me wonder if they will still be at the same location by the time the finale episode airs since there are only 4 more episodes left for season 2 didn’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched it yet that’s my reason for not going into detail on the events of last nights walking dead.

    • thought this weeks episode was miles above last weeks, at least this week there were more than one walker. I like the direction that the show is going in where the post apocalyptic theme is really starting to shine through since not only do you have to worry about the dead but the living as well. I think that they’ll end up staying on the farm at least until the season 2 finale where I suspect that there will be a raging free for all for control of the farm between Rick’s group, a gigantic herd of walkers, and those D-bags from Jersey Shore. At least that’s how I think is going to happen

  8. Hey Vic or any of the SR staff,

    What happened to the weekly DVD/Blu Ray breakdown?

    • Nick,

      We’ve discontinued it. It was a lot of work to put together every week and received very few visits.


      • That’s sad to hear… :(
        I really liked the DVD/BD Breakdown.
        But I understand how it could’ve been a hassle.

        Hopefully, you guys might still do something similar to the Breakdown? Especially when the summer blockbusters come out on DVD/BD. (Where you don’t necessarily review the DVD/BD, but just tell us what special features we’ll find on the disc?)

        • I really don’t know. There are lots of great sites that are all about nothing BUT Blu-rays, though.


      • Dam…I actually liked to read these even if I weren’t buying any…

  9. Hey Vic I’d like to let you know that Screenrant is still my favorite website after these years I have been here. Love the updates yall do, and cant wait for Screenrant to be the #1 movie site in the world.

    Also are yall still considering creating a membership/profile thing?

    • I don’t want to be profiled unless there is a curmudgeonly old guy category…

      • And a fat-balding-old-guy category. :-D

        • lol…

    • Thanks, Epsilon. It’s been on my long term to-do list. Don’t know when we’ll finally get to it. And i hope your prediction is accurate. :-D


  10. Hey has anyone heard any updates on the Phantom, the Shadow, and A Sound of Thunder remakes? Its been awhile (few years) since I have heard anything.

  11. I finally got to see “The Woman in Black”, and I easily and gladly give it at least 4/5 (more likely 4.5/5). It was just what I needed and have always loved (and, sadly, been missing) in a ghost story. It was NOT a horror story, per se (although most parents may very logically think differently), and it was not even particularly scary. It WAS disquieting…I found the characters (acted wonderfully, including Daniel Radcliffe, I should add), the atmosphere, the pacing, the setting, and the slow-burn reveal of what exactly was going on (and yes, in this case, I do distinguish between that and the overall pacing of the story) all work smoothly and effectively to give me and and maintain a level of dread and yet curiosity I have found sorely lacking in ghostly tales for YEARS (including the Paranormal Activity movies–increasingly more shock value scares than good storytelling, the ’80s horror movie genre–do I really need to even explain that, or most movies of this type in between.

    “The Sixth Sense” did have a similar effect on me, and I truly enjoyed it, but I firmly believe this was better.

    All in all, a fantastically worthwhile experience…even with the presence of a number of ghost story tropes (all applied quote well, I thought). Also, even the ending was fitting for the film.

    I loved it.

    • Yikes!

      There should be a ) after “in between”. Also, “quote” should, of course(!), be “quite”.


  12. GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! Community will return on Thursday, March 15. The bad news, Parks and Recreation will be bumped until late April.

  13. odd question, i know it’s a straight to DVD but are we going to get a review for Justice League Doom? I’d like to see what you guys think about it

    • You don’t need a review.
      It really is an awesome movie.
      I’ve read some reviews on other sites, and they pretty much say the exact same thing that I said further up on the page (only in more detail).