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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Feb 17, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 17, 2012

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  1. gooooooooood morning screenrant!
    what’s on everyone’s list for weekend entertainment?

    • I saw a qc of this means war last night (since I work at a theatre) honestly its not a great movie but its great fun. To appealing of a cast to dismiss.

      • I will be super busy this weekend but next week I plan to catch Star Wars in 3D and This Means War. It looks like great fun so I will give it a try :)

        • I was thinking maybe the wife would like to see This Means War (but she’ll probably pick the Vow). I have to let her pick a few movies since I’ve got our summer movie viewing booked :)

    • Tonight – Chicken alfredo pizza at the local pizza shop, watching Reel Steal with the family
      Tomorrow – Going to watch WVU Mountaineers women’s basketball team play
      Sunday – Church, rest and watching some NBA

      Throw some work around the house and design work and there you have it.

    • Tonight I’m gonna watching some sitcoms and maybe later I’ll play some Call of Duty (it’s been a while, so i’ll probably just get shot in the face the whole time ;))
      Tomorrow it’s housework, homework, some more work and then it’s off to the movies to watch ‘Hugo’ with my family.
      Sunday I’m gonna be resting after all that damn work, and in the evening I’ll be watching HP7.1 again.

      Next week I’m catching GR2 with a buddy (@INK, Ignur, Kathless, Pornstar, Yeti: thanks again for helping me come to that decision BTW) and hopefully I’ll be able to procure another free ticket to go see SWEp1 (if not, I’ll just sneak in… as suggested by Kathless ;))

    • Series:
      Final two episodes of Homeland (The suspense is too much sometimes!!!)
      Final episode of Criminal Minds Season 6
      Final episode of Nikita Season 1

      Sucker Punch
      Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

    • Does anyone remember that sci-fi movie The Cube that came out around 10 years ago?Where they had to escape all the traps to get out alive.Think i’ll try to rent that tonite along with part 2 which i only saw 30 minutes of so im looking foward to see how that ended.

      • @Hi-C – Cube was a decent film and I totally enjoyed it, however, I would suggest you skip Cube 2: Hypercube altogether. It was a complete waste of time and the ending was “WTF” worthy.

        Paul Young

        • @Paul. Wow! thanks for the heads up i really enjoyed the 30 minutes i saw,i wouldn’ve guessed it ended like that but i just have to see it anyhow to get it out the way.Oh and by the way i did see The Cube 3 and that whole movie was like WTF,probably should’ve stopped at the first one.

          • Cube 3 was supposed to a prequel to the first one. Even thought there were totally different actors and the cube itself looked different. What a waste of time.

    • I’ll probably watch The Grey, since the 2 new movies look bad.

      I’ve also started watching seaQuest again; total love the first 2 seasons, especially the little lesson at the end of end episode of season 1.

    • Here what my weekend looks like ….

      Today gonna get a few things done around the house then fire up the PS3 for some MARVEL VS CAPCOM action AVENGERS style :) since its gonna be raining most of the day watch the new episode of the clone wars and rewatch the latest episode of the walking dead…

      Saturday gonna hit the gym in the am, then gonna catch evening shows of ghostrider 2 and safe house.

      Sunday gym in the am then do some writing on a story I’ve been working on for a while now on the mysterious Darth Maul then in evening gonna be watching the new episode of the walking dead and comic book men afterwards.

      • I dont know what I’m doing this weekend lol, will probably watch Final Fantasy 7, A Sound of Thunder and Take Me Home Tonight this weekend. Got to read the Heart of Darness for my World Civ 2 class, look for a job, and get in shape lol. Might try to flesh out a script idea I have.

  2. I have to be honest tho i am beyond excited for the dark knight rises, prometheus has made me extremely curious. They really havnt released much at all which has caught my attention. Id probobly know more if I’ve seen the alien movies. But its keeping me interested I’m excited for it.

    • Speaking of [kinda] Avengers and SPiderman, I just got done cataloguing all of my comics last night. 960 comics. I originally had over 2,000 but weeded out ones I no longer wanted about 8 years ago. A decision I regret to this day.

      • Wow…I should do the same thing. I haven’t been through my old boxes of comics in a few years. It would be nice to reread some stories. Right now I just have a heep of Batman, Green Lantern, and Deadpool comics all over the house. I should organize them.

        @ Trey, in regards to Prometheus I would recommend watching the first movie “Alien”. You’ll see some simularities and recognize a few things in the movie and the Prometheus trailer…and if you want watch “Aliens”, pretty much James Cameron throwing his flavor of action into it. It’s also a good flick. Overall, I don’t think you need to see the Alien movies to understand what is going on, but it may enhance the experience of Prometheus.

        Also, I too am waiting anxiously for the The Dark Knight Rises.

        • Tim, I used the software in this link to catalogue all my comics it is REALLY cool. It’s $29.99 (there is a $5 coupon online if you google for it which makes it $24.99) but is really worth it. Say you have a bunch of Amazing SPiderman comics. You click “+” button to add and it brings up all the amazing spiderman comics. You “check” the ones you have and it download the cover, the info and a background image. way cool!

          • Wow! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. So guys which is the best Back To The Future? 1,2 or 3?

    • All of them … in order.

      • What he said.

        • Hmm… I just think its an amazing trilogy. I love especially the second because we see the future and the playbacks to the first. Its funny how the future there is 2015 and we are 3 years from that and it looks nothing like that vision (flying cars) lol.

          • One problem I had with number 2: How was Biff able to get back to his original future when he changed it? Otherwise I thought it was good (although the worst, IMHO, of the trilogy).

            And to answer Rickster, I felt that the first was the best, followed by number 3.

            • I find it’s best not to question the mechanical master-minding behind time travel in comedy movies. It does tend to make your head hurt. But you do make a valid point.

  4. Whatever happened to the dark tower adaptations (movie and tv). Is it dead in the water?

    • You just reminded me, I need to finish these books.


      • Its dead in the waters for now. When it starts up they better cast Viggo Mortinson as Roland.

  5. I was reading last week’s issue of EW and they had an article about Jar Jar Binks (the actor who played him). In the article they said that Star Wars Episode 1 was one of the most anticipated films of all time. While I agree, that it is probably one of them, it wouldn’t be mine. I knew that George Lucas said he originally made the most interesting part of the story, so by default, the prequels wouldn’t live up to the hype. However, I was a fan and went to these movies (only Attack of the Clones as a midnight showing). My question is (in your opinion) what was your most anticipated film of all time?

    Mine is Spiderman. I was so excited for Spiderman to be made. My entire childhood, I wanted to see Spiderman. I remember anxiously awaiting for this film. I saw it 5 times in the theater, bought it on DVD the first day. I had blinders on because I waited so long to see that character on screen. I knew the franchise had issues, but I wasn’t go to voice any negative opinions because I feared I’d never see Spidey on the big screen again. Now, I’m happy that the Amazing Spider-man is being released this summer because that means Spidey will probably be on-screen in multiple incarnations. However, Spidey is #2 on my list of MUST-SEES…the Avengers is topping that list :)

    • The Hobbit, without a doubt.

      • Jeff – I have friends who couldn’t wait for the Lord of Rings movies. They too are overly excited for the Hobbit.

    • Spider-Man 3 & TDK Trilogy (My two favorite Superheroes)

      I was beyond excited for SpiderMan 3 with Venom and black suit spidey. Complete disappointment on all fronts.

      And I have loved everything Nolan has done with the TDK Trilogy. Each film left me more excited for the next.

      • I was so excited for Venom. And so disappointed with the execution of that movie. In the first 10 minutes, we have Peter and Mary Jane chilling out on a spun web. That should have been the first sign for me to demand my money back. It’s sad to say, but I actually bought that DVD the day it was released (even after knowing my own personal opinion of how bad that movie is). That proves my love of Spidey.

        • Oh dont get it twisted, I have all three and I dont even like the movies all that much lol.

    • The Avengers is my most anticipated movie of all time. I’ve been looking forward to it for a very large part of my life (I know that’s not saying much since I’m still pretty young, but to me, it feels like an eternity of waiting ;)).
      My second choice would have to be Batman (Nolan’s Batman movies to be more specific).

      • I had a feeling that would be yours :)

        • What gave you that idea? ;)

    • @B-List. Yea since i think we’re around the same age alot of people from our generation couldn’t wait for the X-Men and Spider-Man films to be made.I say around 97 when i started hearing the rumors that’s when i got really excited,then Blade came out the following year then the rest was history.X-Men came out 2 years later which unforunately i didn’t see until a month after it’s release b\c of personal matters,but best believe when Spider-Man came out i was there that first day sitting up right & center doin the same with most other comic book movie’s that’s been released ever since.

      • I was at the first showing of X-Men and Spiderman and then a few more showings for them during their opening weekends. It was nice to not have kids, so I could do things like that during my twenties. My best friend at the time was as much of an X-men fan as I was a Spiderman one, so the two of us went to these movies, watched Spawn on HBO, and nerded out as all our dreams came to fruition.

        • @B-list.I knew nothing of spawn at the time so when that aired on HBO i was trippin the hell out like what the hell is this? I became a fan immediately.And wouldn’t you know a movie followed shortly after,I know alot of people were upset b\c of it’s PG13 rating but i enjoyed it for what it was at the time.But i definately wanna see a rated r spawn reboot sooner or later in this decade.

    • My most anticipated film of all time? X-Men, without a doubt.

      • The first one? or any X-Men film?

        • After being fan of the X-Men since I was 8 years old, any X-Men. And after the crappy Generation X TV movie from 1996, I was desperate for a proper adaption.

      • Scapegoat – I had a friend who was so excited for the X-men movies. We went to the midnight showing and I swear he didn’t stop smiling through the entire film. The first scene where Wolverine’s claws pierce through his skin…I’m pretty sure (in the words of the Lonely Islands) he “messed” in his pants.

        • The part that made me think “Wow, this is really a movie about the X-Men…” was right after Wolverine breaking that cage fighter´s hand, turning around, sipping on his beer and chewing on his gum. And I thought “Damn, this is effing real, Wolverine´s chewing bubble gum!”

          For some reason I never thought that he might be into bubble gum. And when he said “You lost your money. Go or you´ll lose more than that.” I smiled from ear to ear.

    • Mine was Star Wars Episode 1. I mean I had been waiting for a new Star Wars film since Return of the Jedi.

    • for me it’s a tie between superman: the movie, empire strikes back, and the avengers. i saw the other 2 films opening night with my dad. with the advent of the interwebs, i’d say i’ve been obsessing over the avengers more than i did the other 2. i watch the new mash up trailer at least once a day, and i cant wait to see the rest of that 360 shot of the whole team in the film.
      i notice that the avengers gets more comments posted on every new article on here…what are we gonna talk about after it’s been said and done? i guess TDKR?

      • For me it is a tie between At The Mountains of Madness and whatever Godzilla film comes out next.

        I’m a huge Godzilla fan (not including the American blasphmephy) so whenever a new one comes out I’m excited. I wish we would get more news on the LP American reboot.
        ANd now that ATMOM is dead for the time being I cant be excited for that.

  6. I watched two films this week – Titanic 3D and Act of Valor – and believe it or not both films were fantastic. Act of Valor brought tears to my eyes by the end of the film and if a must see for all supporters of the US Military.

    If Titanic 3D hadn’t been a special Valentine’s Day showing I probably would have skipped it entirely because I despise 3D and completely loath 3D conversions. But after seeing what James Cameron can do with a 3D conversion of an older film I would now pay to watch any of his other movies as long as he converted them the same way…including Piranha II. It was far superior to any other conversion on the market.

    Paul Young

    • Good to hear about Acto of Valor Paul. I am seeing it next Friday night along with GR2.

      Surprised Titanic 3D was that good I may have to put that on the list as a “get in good with the wife” token. :)

      • @Ink – Yeah I was pleasantly surpised by Titanic. Since this was a special engagement (film doesnt open until 4/4) Im not allowed to discuss it offcially on SR via a post. I had to win my ticket through a lottery on and then show up early for my seat. They gave away t-shirts and limited edition gold 3D glasses which was neat.

        And yes, it definately will earn you points with the woman in your life ;)

    • (a must see for all supporters of the US Military)

      Duh! :-B

      When I saw the first trailer, they had me. And to my delight, my oldest son wants to see it as well. Definitely on my most-anticipated list.

      • @Kahless – Heh. The audience I watched it with was applauding throughout the film. I’m really happy this film turned out so good.


  7. Im also having a tough time naming my top 5 90′s movies. In no particular order I have terminator 2, Jurassic park, pulp fiction, the matrix and casino. But there are about 10 others easily interchanged.

    • I find top 5 and even top 10 lists of movies are too tough for me. They grow and expand into to genre categories and before I know I have to develop algorithms and theories just to keep up with it.

    • That´s a tough one… I think I´ll go with

      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I (I was a huge Turtles fan as a kid)
      Terminator 2
      Good Will Hunting
      Forrest Gump
      Three Kings

      But I´m pretty sure, if you ask me the exact same question tomorrow, I´d come up with 5 different movies. It´s mood related.

      • @Scape.

        Nice choice on Three Kings.

        • Yeah, it´s one of my all time favorites. That was the first movie I bought on DVD.

          • Mine was Gladiator.

    • Clerks, Toy Story, Se7en, Shawshank Redemption, Dazed and Confused…and about 10 others

    • Top of my head

      Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
      Pulp Fiction

      • Top 90s films of the top of my head:

        The Boondock Saints
        Jurassic Park
        Saving Private Ryan
        The Matrix

        Round off the top 10 would be: Pulp Fiction, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, The Newton Boys, Shawshank Redemption, Gamera: Attack of Legion

    • Power Rangers The Movie:….Just kidding….Alot of good films in the 90′s to choose from but i did love my gangsta flicks.Goodfellas, Boyz n the Hood, Menace to Society and Casino.

      • Hi-C – Your Boyz n the Hood and Menace to Society (both great movies BTW) reminded me of Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

        • Yea Don’t be a Menace was actually spoofing the other two.

  8. Does anybody here watch ‘Being Human’ or ‘Lost Girl’ on Sci Fi? They are actually pretty interesting shows and I’m surprised that it doesn’t get reviewed or even discussed here…

    • I thought I’d watch the British ‘Being Human’, to gauge what the American one might be like, I concluded that it was an utter piece of crap.

    • I watch Being Human. I loved the first season. This season hasn’t really impressed me…I think it is the girl ghost reincarnation story-line that’s bugging me. I haven’t watched Lost Girl and don’t plan on watching it.

    • i watched the 1st 2 ep of the uk version of being human, and all season 1 of the us version, on netflix, and kept up watching the us version. my daughter likes the uk version better, and i watched some of an episode, and i must say i am shocked by the sex scenes they can get away with in the uk. i was kind of embarrassed to be watching that with her. she’s almost 17 (i am so old!) and i just kinda walked away. i’m not a prude by any stretch…but jeez.

  9. I just started reading The Avengers comics and I have issues 1-30 but the collectible editions begin to lose consistency around issue 140 and gaps build up. Does anyone know what I can do to get all the comics in print not digital editions?


    • Back issues can get pretty expensive IMO.
      It’s really a question of whether you’re a collector, or if you just want to read the comics for fun.
      If you’re just interested in reading for fun, then you’ll have better luck with paperback books (which usually collects multiple issues that form one or two story arcs)
      But if you’re interested in collecting comics (as an investment of sorts) then I recommend or sites like (but get ready to fork up some large sums of money).
      Hope that helps you out a bit.
      That’s just my opinion though, maybe one of the other ranters has better advice…

      In any case, good luck on your search…

  10. This is not movie related, but I was wondering… What´s everybody´s favorite band and/or song?

    • AC/DC. Hard to pick a favorite song. I don’t listen to them very much anymore, as I am older now, but I still enjoy hearing them every now and then.

    • Favorite band: AC/DC!!!!!!! (I have every one of their albums)
      Favorite song: I can’t possibly choose between ‘Shoot To Thrill’, ‘Back In Black’ and ‘Highway To Hell’ (coincidentally, all song featured in the Iron Man movies)
      Lately, I’ve also been listening to Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Wolfmother, etc. and ‘The Parlotones’ (an awesome band from South-Africa). You guys should check their music out on iTunes (I think only one of their albums is on there, but they’re a great band)

      My dad’s a huge music nut (he’s as crazy about music as I am about movies ;)), so I really got my taste in music from him…

      • Well, since you´re 16 years old and you´re obviously listening to good music, my faith in humanity is restored.

        • LOL, thanks Scape.
          Anyway, you’re in a band if memory serves correct?
          What type of music do you guys play and what is your favorite band/song?

          • I´m bassist for a Guns N´ Roses tribute band. So we play… Uh, Guns N´ Roses. But I do record songs on my own at home. Pretty much in that style.

            So, my favorite band is obviously GNR, but I also love Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Aerosmith, The Beatles, Mustasch (very cool swedish hard rock band), Clutch, Foo Fighters, The Eagles, Thin Lizzy, etc…

            About my favorite song, that depends on my mood. I don´t think I have an all-time favorite song.

            • Awesome man…

      • Glad to see another AC/DC fan here. To give you a hint of my age, I was a big fan in the 1980′s, seeing them front row and center. To date, I have not seen a more charasmatic guitarist than Angus Young. It was amazing what he could do on stage when he was younger, with his quick-paced duck walk, better than Chuck Berry. If anyone wants to see a fun video of them in the early years, watch their movie “Let There be Rock”. (Now, would you believe, I actually prefer classical and Christian music, as it helps provide some peace during the stressful work days.)

        • Jeff – There are a LOT of great christian metal bands out there. It is primarily what I listen to. If you like AC/DC, check out X-Sinner. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

          • @Jeff, Ink – I grew up listening to Christian Rock and still enjoy many bands from the genre. Most of my favorite come from the early to mid-90s though – PFR, Whiteheart, Whitecross and of course Petra. More recent bands would be 1000 Foot Crutch, Family Force 5 and Toby Mac.


            • Ditto Paul, although I mostly enjoy and listen to the more lesser known bands – Theocracy, Seventh Wonder, Seventh Power, Incrave, Prototype. etc. BTW, Bride, Saint, and Believer are still putting out albums. Guardian also has a 3-song EP out as well. Tourniquets new album is due in a few months as well. :)

              • @Ink – Forgot about Tourniquet. I saw them in concert at Icthus back in 94. I’m also a fan of The 77s and The Choir. I didn’t realize Bride was still releasing albums. Might have to dust my old LPs off :)


                • I saw them in Columbus, OH in 1995. They put on a GREAT show, didn’t they?

            • Don’t know your ages, but it does my middle-aged heart good to know that others here find enjoyment, peace, and meaning in Christian music. Depending on the circumstances, environment, and/or mood, I primarily listen to what I call the “3 C’s”…classical, Christian, and country. As I said, though, I still enjoy a good romp from AC/DC every now and then, especially during a workout. Since the NFL plays their music at games, I really wish they would get them to play a half-time show at the Super Bowl one year!

              • Well, I’m 41 (as of next month) so I am hoping you’re in your 50′s what with saying “middle-aged” and all. :)

                • Funny story –

                  My dad is a [retired – kind of] minister and growing up he absolutely hated that I listened to Stryper, Petra, Saint, Barren Cross, Messiah Prophet, etc. I told him would you rather me rebel with christian metal or secular bands like Megadeath, Slayer, Dio , etc.? That didn’t help my argument any. :)

                  • @INK – Shoot. I went to a Christian school for 14 years here in Florida and once brought a Petra album to school. They confiscated it and I had to get my parents to come up to the school in order to get it back lol. I raised such a stink and made such a scene attacking their independent Baptist and legalistic views on music that the youth pastor held a “special chapel” to address just me :)

                    I played drums in a Christian band (Psalm 150 Funk) for almost 8 years, until we all got real jobs, kids and such. we opened for several bands back in the day and had a great time doing it. I still like to play as often as I can (which isn’t that often) but I bought my 5 y/o son a set for Christmas and have been having fun teaching him how to play.


                    • That’s awesome! I had my music confiscated on the way to a youth convention by the youth pastor at the time. Didn’t exactly get along with him after that. My daughter (10) plays piano and is learning the flute and guitar. I let her teach me some guitar as well. I was a singer back in the day. Still love to let the vocals roar! Although, it is now mostly in the car – by myself. :)

                    • @INK – HAH! It is always a joy to buck the “man”. My 9 y/o daughter has been taking piano for 8 months and I’m quite proud of how far she has come so quickly. I took for 7 years but never got passed book 4 lmao


                    • Well, I´m glad that playing music backwards to hear “satanic messages” wasn´t such a big deal in Germany. When I first heard about that religious fanatic who said Ozzy Osbourne´s ‘Suicide Solution’ had a hidden message that said “shoot, shoot, shoot; get the gun, get the gun” I was rolling on the floor, laughing my butt off.
                      I don´t want to offend anyone of my american friends on here, but if there weren´t so many american religious fanatics, Ozzy and a lot more bands would have had it a lot more easy in their lifes. Some people just interpret a lot more stuff into music than what it´s really about…

                  • What´s wron with Megadeth, Slayer and Dio? Even though I hate the sound of his voice, Dio did more for hard rock/metal than anybody else.

                    And Kerry King of Slayer is a really nice guy. I met him on the toilet of Frankfurt´s Music Fair in 2008. He was standing right next to me when we urinated, looked down on me (and I swear by my mother´s beard) and said: “Nice package.” I don´t know how to take that though…

                    • @Scape – We didnt say there was anything wrong with them (at least I didnt). Ink and I were saying that churches/religious schools back in the 80s and 90s frowned upon Christian Rock. Secular mainstream hard rock made them break out the pamphlets on the occult and videos about playing music backwards heh. At least that is how it went at my school.


                    • @Paul –
                      Couldn’t reply to this after your post

                      “We didnt say there was anything wrong with them (at least I didnt). Ink and I were saying that churches/religious schools back in the 80s and 90s frowned upon Christian Rock. Secular mainstream hard rock made them break out the pamphlets on the occult and videos about playing music backwards heh. At least that is how it went at my school.”
                      Word for word for me as well.

                      @Scape –
                      I put forth the notion of them being “satanic” helped their career far more than hurt it. Nothing says “rebel” like listening to a band that “worships the devil”.

                  • @ Ink

                    None of those bands actually said that they “worship the devil”. And none of them did.

                    Ozzy even made fun of those people. On one occasion, there were some of those satanic fools sitting outside of his hotel room, with candles set up in a circle. When Ozzy went to get some ice, he noticed that, blew out the candles and sang “Happy Birthday”.

                    And Tom Araya of Slayer is actually christian. So is Dave Mustaine. And Ozzy doesn´t yell “God bless you all” after every other song for no reason.

                    • Look Scape, you know me. I’m not going to get into this any deeper. I think you may missed the reason I put those in quotes. As in it was the perception at the time. Nothing more nothing less.

                  • I know, Ink. Just wanted to make sure that the reputation of some bands are just made up by people who have no idea about them, not by the bands.

                • Haha. 44 here. We may have just “outed” ourselves among the younger crew.

                  • Ah this is hard, Favorite Band is a 3 way tie between: SOAD, All That Remains, and Breaking Benjamin. Favorite song would be either Two Weeks by All That Remains, Home by Breaking Benjamin, or Grave by Nodes of Ranvier.

                    Its hard because I like a wide array of music but I usually have 3 or 4 thats a tie.

    • Not the biggest rock fan in the world but when you hear band’s like Queen,AC\DC,Pearl Jam,Red Hot Chillpeppers,and Guns & Roses you kind of just get the chills.At lease for me that is.

    • I grew up with grunge and I’m a fan of that era, but I like all types of music. My favorite band/album would be Alice in Chains – Dirt. Prince would be my second favorite artist. I can listen to the Purple Rain soundtrack on repeat for days. Can’t sit through the movie though (made my post movie related-booyah). Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power and Dr. Dre – The Chronic would top this list too. I can’t say much about today’s music since I now listen to talk radio/podcasts and if I listen to music, it’s probably a song from my daughter’s Sesame Street DVD.

    • pink floyd, rush,(also alex lifeson’s solo album “victor” yes, van halen, def leppard, led zeppelin, stone sour, frankie goes to hollywood (i know!), type o negative,disturbed, black sabbath, ozzy, lots of 80′s type bands and most classic rock. my musical tastes are all over the spectrum, except got rap. not much into that. i like the beastie boys 1st 3 albums, and some eminem, and other “novelty” type songs, but just cant get into that gangsta stuff. i have a ton of floyd, rush and zep bootleg cd’s i got in the early 90′s, and with the advent of the web, i think now that i could have spent that money better, but they are somewhat collectible now. the silver pressed cd’s anyway.

  11. You know, after finding out about upcoming films like Harker and The Demeter, I decided to read Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I have to admit, it is a fascinating read, told in the forms of diaries, news articles and correspondences. And did you all know that the lore includes vampires inability to cross streams of water, like lakes or rivers, but they can cross seas? Also, they can walk in the sunlight, they are just not as strong. I can see the film Harker doing very well, if told properly.

    • I read Stoker´s Dracula when I was 15 or so. That´s one of the reasons why I don´t like the movie “Bram Stoker´s Dracula”. If they changed 80% of the novel, why would they call it “Bram Stoker´s Dracula”?!

      • Some of the stuff in the story would be very hard for some people to watch, like what happened to children. But the movie romanticized Dracula in such a way that I actually pitied him a little at the end. With the actual novel, I have no such feelings; Dracula is one bad mutha. I hope Harker puts him back in the place where he belongs.

  12. I am REALLY hoping somebody can answer this for me, but what the he happened with J.J. Abrams movie ’500 Radar’ that we hear about back in 2009?! (

    I remember thinking (hoping) that it’d either maybe be a big screen adaptation of Fallout or a zombie movie! But, I haven’t heard anything about it since the initial story!

    Vic, have any of you at Screen Rant?

    • um ’500 Rads’… Damn you auto correct!!!

      • I dont know but I wish we had some info, it sounded really good.

  13. I blogged today about how my family has boycotted our cable company and removed our DVR to begin a new life of streaming television. My blogs are normally incoherent, random thoughts about a certain topic that usually become stray rants on multiple other topics. Kind of like my posts on here. I’ve included the link if you want to read it, but what I wondered is how everyone watched their favorite shows. I have a poll on there asking that same question (vote on it, please). Is cable slowly becoming obsolete? I know at my house it has, but I do miss certain things…channel flipping for one.

    Sorry for the self-promotion Vic. I went to college to write, was A&E editor at the school newspaper for three of my four years, and now work as the purchasing manager at a plumbing company…so yeah. I have Screenrants RSS feed on my blog if that makes it any better :)

    • Linky no worky B

      • Whoops cut off the end of it…

        Or you can click my name for the main page, it’s the first post

        • here is my reply on your blog-”got the link from screen rant. good article. i have an older computer in my basement that i watch either network streaming video of shows i miss, or i will bit torrent them. the picture looks good on my 46″ samsung lcd, plus i have a wireless mouse and keyboard, so i am the ultimate couch potato. i also use netflix on my wii, and even though the wii is not in hd, using the component hook-ups, the picture is very good. we bought a roku 2 months ago, that is in the tv in our bedroom and my wife likes watching her ghosthunter type shows on netflix. i like the crackle channel ok, but the weird commercial breaks get annoying sometimes. you can “cut the cord”, but you still have to have cable for internet service to do all that stuff. i have 3 kids, all with their own laptops, and they watch youtube and other streaming stuff all the time, so i’m surprised i don’t have more bandwidth issues, and the only other option is AT&T, and i REFUSE to ever use their overpriced, and not nearly as fast service. my mom uses them and her net service is slowwww!!!
          i wish i had done more research on bluray players. mine does not have bdlive support. i will look for a new home theater system with that and netflix/amazon/hulu etc. support, but i can make do with what i have so far

          • Thanks for the response. I just realized tonight that Hulu Plus is available for the Wii. I like Crackle on occasion as well…it’s good to watch an older movie like I would if I was flipping through channels on basic cable on a Saturday afternoon. My issue is when it has a movie, I click on it, and it’s nothing but clips. Like Idol Hands…still angry about that one.

            • @B-List – What, What? Hulu Plus is on Wii? I looked for the channel the other night but never found it. What am I missing?


              • I saw on the Hulu website yesterday that it is available and found it on the Wii marketplace channel last night.

              • @Paul – every time I hear (in this case read) “what, what?” I think of Butters and I smile.

                • @B-List – LOL. Thanks for the heads up about Hulu + on Wii. I looked last week which explains why I didn’t see it.


        • @B-list. I didn’t pay attention before that you had your own site,it’s really funny & entertaining to say the least.I read a few of your treads already, but i will definately read all of them when i get a chance.

          • Thanks for reading it. It’s a hobby of mine. I wrote a column in my college newspaper called the Procrastinator’s Point and would rant about things that kept me from doing homework. Now I rant about things that keep me from being a good husband and parent. Actually I just like to write. I have 5 subscribers…so I have to keep them happy ;)

      • Who are you now; Jar Jar Binks? :-D

    • Man, in SA our equivalent (if you can call it that) of cable is effing expensive.
      The price goes up every year (for no real reason) and by April, we’ll be paying around $90 (USD) per month for 80 channels… of those 80, only 5 are HD. Of those 80 channels, only +- 20 of them have quality shows on.

      Don’t know how much you guys in the US pay for cable or satellite, but I’m sure you get more for your money…

      • TheAvenger, your prices would be equivalent to mine if internet is bundled together with your cable/tv service. If it isn’t, “Holy Jebus” that’s outrageously high priced. For me, it was around that price for basic cable cable (70 or so channels) and the lowest bandwidth for internet. But I wanted DVR and HD channels, so tack on another 50 dollars of service fees and box rental. And they raise the prices bi-yearly but will lock your price for 2 years if you sign a contract. Financially, I made the right decision :)

        • Internet? Now I feel REALLY ripped off (internet isn’t included with tv services in SA :()
          We pay around $25 per month for internet (the most basic ADLS service – uncapped, 348k per second)

          The thing is, no one advertises in SA.
          Most of the commercials we see are adds for other tv shows. No business is interested in paying for add time, which is a real shame… because if people advertised more, it would solve everyone’s problems: the viewers wouldn’t have to pay ridiculous prices, and the businesses would obviously benefit from the recognition as well.
          At least, that’s my simple minded view of the subject ;)

      • In Germany, cable TV is actually free. It´s financed through commercials.

        • Damn you gotta break on that one,hate to ask how much is gas over there b\c over here in america it’s not pretty at the moment.

        • Scapegoat – That sounds like a sweet deal considering we pay for service and have commercials.

  14. more of my avengers fixing, i found this little vid on ign. it’s an interview with cobie smulders and clark gregg. some interesting comments.

  15. Aliens,transformers dark of the moon,fast5!!!