Open Discussion – Feb 13, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   Feb 13, 2012

Well I’ve decided to retire my picture from the open discussion posts – time for something fresh and more representative. It’s been a good run, but it was long overdue. icon biggrin Open Discussion   Feb 13, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 13, 2012

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  1. @Vic:
    I’m liking the new picture for the ODs… it’s a nice change of pace IMO.

    How’s your recovery coming along BTW?

    • TheAvenger,

      Thanks for asking – MUCH better. Started (carefully) working out again a few days ago after 6 weeks of not being able to.


      • Awesome Vic, glad to hear it.

      • Glad to hear your doing much better Vic :)

  2. I miss Vic’s smiling face. It was like a “don’t frak with me on this board or I’ll ban you! Now have a nice day!”

    • INK,

      LOL! :-P


      • I agree about the picture. It really feels like something is missing. No picture almost renders the text generic. I liked the “Cross me and I’ll kill you… Have a nice day!” juxtaposition, punctuated with a smiling-Vic picture.

  3. Did anyone watch Phantom Menace? I see it took in $23M. How was the 3D?

    • I haven’t seen it yet.
      I’m still on the fence on whether I SHOULD go see it…
      But one thing’s for sure: I definitely won’t be paying to see it now (the only way Lucas will get my money is when the movie is a few weeks old and the ticket prices have decreased.)

    • I saw it friday. The 3d was okayish…The only scene that really made good use of it was the pod race scene. But, all in all, it was enjoyable to see star wars on the big screen again in any form.

    • I was unimpressed with the 3D. If Lucas wants these re-releases to work, then he needs to put more effort into it. He certainly has the money to do so. I did however enjoy watching the film on the big screen again.

  4. Anyone catch the new episode of the Walking Dead last night? That was a pretty sweet ending on Rick’s part. Had a cool cowboy moment lol

    • Pharoah,

      I watched it twice and it was a great episode the last few minutes left me wanting more definately looking forward to the next episode the ending of the premier was AWESOME.

      • agreed great episode. I want more. Lol but the beginning I thought was a bit slow.

  5. Did anyone watch THE RIVER? good idea… X files in the Amazon. but bad execution and bad acting/forgetable characters.

    And what ever happened to them putting out a show based on ” THE GREAT BOOK OF AMBER ? I thought HBO or SHOWTIME was gonna put that out? It would be one hell of an epic.

    • Judging from the premiere, I give it less than a full season. Yes, it was that bad.

      • What? An amber show? You’re kidding!!! That would make my year…(done right…which would be tough.)

  6. RICK Got GRIMEY last night! Great ending to the walking dead midseason premiere.

  7. I took my kids to see journey 2. And I have to admit it was a good pop corn flick. The 3d was actually pretty good. My wife and kids and I all enjoyed it. The issue I would say is that the movie started way to fast with jumping into a bonding story and ther was no mentioning on Brandon fraiser character which I woul have liked to see. If your not gonna use some of the original cast at least take a min to explain where their at

    • Yea I agree, It would have been nice to have had some kind of info on his charecter, but the quick pace didnt bother me at all, it was a fun movie. Am I the only one thats annoyed by Josh Hutchinson?

  8. I notice that when I use IE8, the screen always goes back to the top everytime I post a comment, but it doesn’t happen with Firefox (but Firefox does sometime crash). Is anyone else having this problem?

    • John,

      I always comment in Chrome, so I don’t know. IE is always funky compared to other browsers.


      • I use Google Chrome and ONLY Google Chrome (it works perfectly on ScreenRant, and just about every other site I visit)
        I’ve never tried Firefox, but I’ve heard mixed reactions from people.
        As for IE8: it sucks IMO, (crashes the whole time, it’s slow, etc.). I stopped MS’s crappy browsers a long time ago.

    • I wouldn’t take anything on IMDB seriously. Some of the most ridiculous casting rumors have been started by that site. It’s just a user-edited site and as credible as wikipedia.

    • @andrewishochi: Don’t take it too seriously… it’s probably just another wild and crazy rumor made up by some wacky fanboy.
      I wouldn’t necessarily count it out either though: Joss Whedon did say that there’ll be a few references and a cameo or two, so you never know… (but I doubt it ;))

      @Ghost: I agree about IMDB but IMO, Wikipedia is a pretty credible source for info (I’ve never come across a false article in all my years of reading there — it’s even accepted by schools as a source for projects — I’ve used Wiki as a source for many school projects during the years and never once got anything under 70% ;))
      I really don’t understand how so many people hate that site… sure, anyone can post an article, but there are many people who check those facts to make sure they are indeed credible.

  9. Anyone planning on watching Ghostrider Spirit of Vengeance the latest tv spot looks pretty good also plan on watching The Phantom Menace but probably will watch it in 2-D I’m not really into the whole 3-D thing I just want to see it on the big screen once again

    • I’m probably gonna see Ghost Rider, but I’m hoping I can get an advanced screening pass to see it. I’m not really wanting to pay for it since it I hated the first, and this still looks rather lame.

      • I’m with you, I do kinda want to go see it, but it really doesn’t look good IMO – and the first one was terrible (I’m just trying to give the sequel the benefit of the doubt)

        • DVD…

    • I don’t think it matters honestly. Whoever is cast will behind a mask the entire time. It’s not like they can use that person to help promote the film. But I honestly don’t know. I’m curious if the character will still retain the deep voice in the first movie or have a high pitched one like in the show.

  10. Watched The Boys are Back last night. Some suprisingly good acting from Clive Owen. Good film but god depressing and sad too!

  11. Watched The Boys are Back last night.

    Some suprisingly good acting from Clive Owen. Good film but god depressing and sad too!

  12. Does anyone else think that if the poster for ‘Safe’ didn’t say the movie title it could be the poster for Crank 3D??? so crazy that it features an asian girl and Statham holding a gun that appears to be coming out of the poster!

  13. Happy Single Awareness Day everybody or as others call it Valentines Day. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

    So who hear thinks that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is going to be bad ass after seeing the trailer?