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about vic1 Open Discussion   Feb 10, 2012As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Feb 10, 2012

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  1. Anyone catch The Phantom Menace in 3D last night? (East Coast) how was it??

    • Not yet but it’s on the agenda.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I thought Screen Rant would have a review.

  2. With Avengers only 3 months away, I’ve started to imagine what the starting scene would be…
    Will it be the scene with Widow and Banner in South-America?
    Will it be the scene with Fury and Cap in the gym?
    It could be neither… it could be a scene that hasn’t been showed in the trailers yet, like something with Thor or Loki or maybe even a starting scene that features Tony Stark (I doubt it’s the latter).

    So what do you guys think? Which characters will be featured in the starting scene of The Avengers?

    • I’m hoping it starts off with the recruitment of banner. And that is my guess.

      • That’s also my guess,either that or something with Loki and the cube.

    • @ TheAvenger

      Im guessing The Avengers will open with something not seen within the trailers.

    • It will involve Cap, Whedon said the movie is from his perspective so imo cap.

      • Well, just because the movie will be from Cap’s perspective, doesn’t mean the opening scene will feature him… the movie is still entitled The Avengers (not Cap 2 ;)), so you can expect to see quite a few scenes that won’t involve Cap.

    • I am hoping to see something involving Loki.

    • at the avenger,

      I have given this sl much thought its not even funny but I hope the opening scene is where Thor finds his way to earth or discovering Loki is alive.

      Another one would work with fury on the hell carrier talking bout the team

      Or cap having nightmares bout the war.

  3. Also… Justice League Doom is only a few sleeps away! :D
    I haven’t seen any trailers yet, so I have no idea how it’s gonna turn out, but I’m still psyched for it anyway.

    • Trailers look good. I’m waiting as well. I always see them on Netflix first, then if I like them I by them.

  4. George Lucas recently commented about people’s complaints about the Star Wars alterations, and while I don’t agree with Lucas, I have to say that people complaining about them is as equally annoying as Lucas making the changes.

    • @ Ghost

      alterations on dvds or for 3D films?

      • On the films period. And the 3D release will be the same ones seen on the Blu-ray.

        • I read it and it just goes to show Lucas dosnt understand the characters at all. Makes me question who the real brains was.

          • Alan Dean Foster

            Leigh Bracket wrote Empire

    • The changes are far more annoying. No contest.

      I’m one of the “complainers” and I agree with a vast majority of them (minus the hyperbola about stolen childhoods).

      He’s sounding more pathetic than ever, basically saying that he’s not going to make anymore Star Wars because everyone says mean things (like some spoiled kid who takes all his toys home). Oh and for the hundredth time in over 20 years he says he’s going to make small esoteric films.

      If I were to bet if we’ll see his experimental films or more lame Star Wars… well what do you think?

      I bought those DVD’s with the original theatrical releases on them and am fine with them. I don’t expect he’ll ever improve the original format so no use complaining there. Goodbye George. Please go work on something new like a normal director.

  5. Is Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths good? Cause i heard it was & it wasn’t. And theres no place around here to rent it from. Justice League: Doom looks good.

    I saw Chronicle last Wednesday night. It was good movie.

    • I wasn’t that impressed with it personally (JL: Crisis). I thought it was a bit of a weak story that felt a bit drawn out for the runtime on it.

    • I enjoyed it. It does have a weak story, but James Woods’ performance as Owl Man makes it worthwile.

      • James Woods shined in the role.

      • Completely agree.
        (The animation was also one of the strong points of the flick IMO, but the story was a bit of a let down)

        @WallyWest: IMO, it’s still worth checking out…

  6. Has anyone heard any new updates for the Incredible Hulk t.v. show.

  7. Hey Ranters! Long time no see!!

    I still read the articles and comments but I’m having a bit of a problem :s

    Ok so sometimes when I click an article the page zooms in and out, this is happening on my phone (HTC evo from sprint) just wondering if Im the only one… It maks it impossible to comment on anything.

    Ok second thing, is anyone catching Titanic in 3D? Ive recently met ppl who haven’t even seen it :o I was like….what? LOL. But yeah, I cant wait to see it on the big screen. I wil also see star wars for sure, but it will probably be in a week or two. I havent seen Star Wars guys (go ahead and what? me) lol, so Ill be sure to leave my thoughts on that :3

    • I don’t plan on seeing Titanic 3D. The only thing about that film that’s appealing to me in 3D would be the action scenes in the second half of the movie.

      • @Ghost

        Not even…. You know… The drawing scene? ;) hahaha

        • Nah, I don’t feel like paying 10 bucks for a one minute scene. Besides, I don’t go to see films for that reason.

          • Well how about just the 2D version?

            • I already own the 2D version. I don’t see the point in paying to see the same version I already own.

    • You haven’t seen Star Wars??!! This from a guy who seems to love fantasy movies (Harry Potter)?! Dude, you have to rent SW: Eps 4, 5 and 6; if you want to complete the saga, go ahead and see eps 1, 2 and 3 but they are no where near as good as the first trilogy.

      • @Kahless

        I will sure search for them all if I indeed enjoy this one. :)

        • I implore you to not let The Phantom Menace be your first Star Wars experience. Watch the original films before you see TPM

        • You are doing it all wrong Rick! Follow Kahless advice word by word! You need to check out the original trilogy first and only if you like those three go ahead with the prequels. It should never be the other way around! Trust us … ;-)

          • Why dont they release the very first star wars movie first? Why are they doing it this way then?

            • If this is indeed the very first star wars movie made why shouldnt I see it first?

              • A New Hope is the first Star Wars movie made. The Phantom Menace is the first chronologically.

              • @Rickster: Trust EVERY SINGLE Star Wars fan on the planet when we tell you: WATCH THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY FIRST!!

                To this day, I have NEVER come across a Star Wars fanboy who recommends watching the prequel trilogy first.

                • TheAvenger – I agree, but with one addition.

                  Rickster – I think you should watch the ORIGINAL trilogy (IV-VI) and then watch Fanboys and then watch the PREQUEL trilogy (I-III).

                  • Do as the pornstar said, Ricky.

                    • Agreed. Pornstars are always right.

                • @ EVERYONE

                  I’m gonna have to disagree. I know I’ll get major backlash for this but I love the prequel trilogy. The cg and story was fantastic to me. Not to say I don’t like the original but the prequel is a great set of movies and a great way to watch the saga unfold.

                  • Good job… now no one will ever talk to you ever again ;)
                    (Joking of course.) Whatevs, I guess you are ALLOWED to have that opinion.

                    P.S. if I were you, I’d just put some new locks on your doors… Star Wars fanboys are a force not to be reckoned with

                    • Haha thanks avenger

                      I’m buying some locks right now. :D

                      But I’m not a huge fanboy of star wars. I just enjoy watching the films. I first watchedthe original when i was 8 and loved them then when the prequel came out i loved them cuz i love the rise and downfall of anakin also natalie portman lol There good an the story in all of them is fantastic and saga itself is just fun to watch.

                • I agree with the avenger watching the original trilogy first is the best way to expiriance the star wars saga watching it in chronological order will take some of the surprising revelations in the original trilogy especially EMPIRE imo watch episodes 4,5,6 then watch 1,2 & 3 I’m a huge star wars fan and to me its the best way to experience star wars it just makes Darth Vader more mysterious imo.

                  • I find your lack of faith disturbing!

                  • Agree.

                    It would have been more effective to let the fate of Anakin be a mystery. But that’s only one thing. They could have also shown Anakin becoming evil, instead of having him be tricked into turning to a life of murder and evil in the last twenty minutes, scarred, and shoved in a suit.

                    There’s no fixing the prequels. Best to ignore them and pretend they never happened. SW movies went an a snowballing decline after ESB.

              • If you want to see them in order, that’s fine but believe me, do not let the first 3 stop you from seeing the last 3.

            • greed is a helluva drug.

              • That wouldn’t make sense when he’s also planning to releasing the original trilogy as well.

              • No,money and tail is.

                • Last remark was for Ignur.

            • B/c Lucas wants to release them in chronological order. Also, it’s kind of like a relationship (yes, I just said that). If you can’t handle the bad in a relationship, then you don’t deserve to handle the good. In this case, you have to sit through the bad trilogy first to get the good.

              • Lol and since when do you pursue relationships that start off bad. Three bad experiences before one good one means you need an intervention. Desperately lol.

                • I was implying that you can’t have the good without the bad (simply concept). If you want to see the good films, then you have to see the bad first. I do admit that it was a bad analogy lol.

              • Bad comparison Ghost…
                Like Ignur said, people don’t go into relationships if they know about the bad stuff… they go in it for the good stuff (you know what I’m talking about ;)) and find out about the bad stuff later… it’s then up to the person to decide if the bad stuff out-ways the good stuff, or vica versa.

                That’s what Star Wars is like: you got into it for the AWESOME original trilogy, and later, you sat through the (less than awesome) prequel trilogy. Now, for most fans, the good (trilogy) still out ways the bad (trilogy).

                Point is: they should have re-released the original trilogy first, before doing the prequel trilogy… cause you know… that’s what it’s like in a relationship ;)

                • Bad analogy or not, I’m still gonna see all six films in 3D. And if you want to see the originals in 3D, then guess what, you’ll have to see these first.

                  • “if you want to see the originals in 3D, then guess what, you’ll have to see these first.” — well, that’s not true at all ;) Nothing’s stopping me from skipping the prequel trilogy’s 3D debut, and just seeing the originals when they come out…

                    I will go see Phantom Menace in 3D at some point though (to see if the 3D is worth it), but if it sucks, then I’ obviously won’t spend more money on watching Episodes 2 and 3… I’ll just skip those and watch the originals.

                    • But if nobody goes to see this film in 3D, then Lucas won’t release the rest. From what I’ve heard, he’s using the money each film makes to convert the next. At least that’s what he said when this release was first announced.

                    • But I’m sure he’ll convert them no matter what. Besides, the 3D is excellent according to Cinema Blend.

                    • @Ghost:
                      “he’s using the money each film makes to convert the next” — That’s the biggest load of BS Lucas has ever uttered. The guy is a multi-millionare, I’m sure he can afford to convert a few OLD movies to re-release into the public to make even more money.
                      It shouldn’t even be that expensive in the first place… It’s just a conversion process…

                • The good stuff, as in intelligence, moral conscience, right? That’s what you meant right? It can’t be something else…right?! :-D

                  • Yeah, yeah sure… yeah, that’s exactly what I was referring to… the uh, “intelligence” and “moral conscience” and all that other stuff… yup ;)

                • @Avenger.You seem real cool and have alot of game for someone under 21,if you were in america and lived in my city you could hang with me anytime.

                  • “Game”, nah… just loads of day-time TV ;) (kidding of course – I do have a fair amount of “game”, as you put it :P).

              • @ Ghost

                It’s kinda George Lucas’s way of sayin “beep you” to the nayers who hated the prequels aswell maybe.

        • While I agree with everyone else in not letting TPM prevent you from seeing the rest, I think this is an interesting experiment. Since most posters on here have had the experience of seeing the original trilogy first, they have a particular perspective, but I wonder what it would be like for someone who has never seen any of them to watch them in chronological order with no bias. Does it make for an improved experience or would they come to the same conclusion? Let us know your thoughts, Rickster. I’d be interested to know.

          • Yes, you are right. Rickster, please see them in order and let us know your thoughts. But again, if you don’t like the first 3, don’t let that stop you from seeing the other 3.

    • @ Rickster. That’s almost as bad as not seeing any Back to the Future films.Which comes to mind i wouldn’t mind hearing that song Earth Angel right about now lol.

    • Hey Rickster. I’ll be catching Titanic in 3d because i always been a Titanic buff so to see it again on the big screen would be great. Hard to imagine how the real ship sank nearly 100 years ago. I’ll also be seeing Star Wars. I wasn’t a fan till my friends got me into it when Episode 1 first came out & i watched that on vhs. They had me watch the original trilogy first of-course then Episode 1 & then i had to watch the original trilogy again,lol. I saw Episodes 2 & 3 in theaters only. I never got to see the originals because i was’t born yet & too young to see them. So im hoping to see all 6 films on the big screen.

    • Rickster,

      I’ve got the same phone and on 2 articles that I’ve read were doing the same thing and it was impossible to comment but I haven’t come across that issue since the two articles I encountered the problems with were the chronicle review & the avengers extended trailer article, my temperary solution to the problem is I switched from mobile to desktop view and am now bak to mobile and haven’t had any problems.

  8. read Ultimates 1&2 yesterday in anticipation of The Avengers. Forgot how great it was. The political undertones made it even better and relatable.

    • So far I’m hooked on ‘The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week’…
      It’s an awesome little tease for what’s to come.
      Among some of the Avengers merchandise I’ll be getting, I’m most excited for ‘The Road To The Avengers’, which comes out in April: it’s a comic book collecting all the MCU tie-in comics so far (excluding the prelude mini series). It’s gonna be an epic read (hopefully).

      I’ve just realized, I’m gonna be broke by the time Avengers hits theaters :P

      • Thinking bout picking up. Does Couldon get some shine?

        • From what I’ve seen in #1, he gets a fair amount of “page time”

          Here’s the first issue for free, courtesy of Marvel Comics (I posted it on the last OD, but you must have missed it…)

          • nice. Shall take a look. thank u sir.

  9. Im gonna be broke when summer’s over with,lol. Always am since most of the films i wanna see open during the summer.

    • Heard that. I’m already preparing my pocket. And now with the Bourne legacy trailer. Just add that to the list.

    • You should catch movies at before noon. There 6 dollars or less.

      • not here ignur. Movies are 7.75 before 6pm. Flat rate then 9 after six including midnight shows. Kinda sucks.

      • @ Ignur

        Here Matinees costs $6.75 before 6pm. I always buy a small or medium drink which costs no more than $3.75. So that’s $10.50 i spend on each show. I always sneak in snacks because the theater i go to don’t have much of a selection & cost too much for what i could get for a $1.00 elsewhere.

  10. Let’s see: Avengers, TDKR, Spider-Man, Prometheus, G.I. Joe, The Hobbit, Snow White and the Huntsman, etc…. Can someone direct me to a good place to get a second mortgage? 8-)

  11. What is everyones thoughts on either a sequel to labyrinth maybe return to labryinth with Jennifer connonly and david bowie returning with some new twist. maybe our world is merging with his or hes there for her child or even her grandchild. Or maybe a remake to it? i for one would love to see a sequel.

  12. Just looked at Justice League: Doom trailer on youtube, and it looks good. Looking forward to seeing it.

    • Kahless,

      Is that another DC animated movie the last one I watched was all star superman.

  13. I saw Chronicle last night. Very good movie, and probably one of the best villain origin stories I have seen on the big screen in awhile. The only downside was that the found footage stuff got a bit tiresome, but by that point there was enough action going on that it was still tolerable.

  14. So I have Gorgo coming in the mail, Im a fan of giant monster flicks – mainly Japanese, but how does this film hold up? Good? Bad? Need a remake?

  15. I can’t wait for Avengers:EMH to start it’s new season but the network know what they’re doing starting it back up right b4 the film is released.Those sneaky devils.

    • It bugs me as well… they’ve finished making the series MONTHS ago, and now they’re only keeping it locked up to run alongside The Avengers in April/May.
      Worst thing is… they’ll probably STILL have a mid-season break! :( — I hate those… why can’t they just air an entire season and not stop the show after every few episodes?!

  16. Anyone think that with all the animated films being based of comic book adaptation by DC comics that maybe one of these days they will want to revisit Mask of the phantasm and give it new life? I personally think that if they were to reboot the batman trilogy thats where they should start with… We’ve soon a love story take a huge role in the Superman films I think with a Nolan take on Mask of the Phantasm it could work for a batman film. I would personaly like to see Eric Bana play bruce wayne/batman, scarlett johansson play andrea/the phantasm, and adrian brody play the joker. But I would actually like to see this movie taken further and streched out to a trilogy. So I guess it wouldn’t be a direct adaptation of the animated movie but incorperated in a reboot for the most part.

    • All I can say is that live-action version of Mask of the Phantasm would be epic.

      • Agreed. Phantasm is my favorite Batman animation. Im gonna go to my mother’s tmmrw and see if I can find my old vhs lol and costume i wore when watching it just because.

      • @ Ghost

        I agree. So would a live-action version of Batman:Subzero. That’s what Batman & Robin should been like honestly.


      Not only would that be great to see a live-action adaption of Mask Of The Phantasm but ive noticed online & people i know would like a reboot of films similiar to what Batman:TAS was like, only in live-action. Im one of them. My friends even thought it be great to have Robin back, maybe not in every sequel but be mentioned when he’s not around so that we can see Dick Grayson have a proper transfer into Nightwing perhaps. Imo Batgirl could work aswell if they find the right actress like Dina Myer who’s Batgirl costume looked great in one episode of Birds Of Prey tv series.

  17. Has anyone seen anything on “The Raid”? It is an action film from Indonesia which is getting a lot of great buzz at various film festivals. The trailer for it is amazing.

    Does anyone know when/if it will be released in the US? I have read a lot of mixed things about its release, so if anyone has any information, it would be appreciated!

  18. anyone hear that they were remaking american psycho, set modern day?

    • That’s why hollywood is a complete joke right now and has lost all respect from most die hard movie fans.

      • How can they set in modern day? The character was cemented in that 80s Yuppie Businessman era.

  19. Speaking of Star Wars, I saw Chris Hardwick on Jimmmy Fallon promoting “The Course of the Force.” He made it sound like they’ll be carrying light-sabers like the Olympic torch to Comic Con. And it’s for charity. The best idea, heard, have I. Yessssss? Hmmmmmm.

    The link is from the Nerdist Channel on YouTube explaining it.

  20. Does anyone here ever read scripts online?
    It’s a fun way to kill time and to compare what was originally planned before rewrites and what made it to the screen. My favorites are for horror movies because they’re usually easy reads and sometimes absolutely ridiculous.
    Last night I read a script for Freddy vs Jason. Hands down the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. There’s a scene when a character enters Freddy’s nose and has to be careful of his nose hairs (wooden spikes) and deal with Boogerman. I SWEAR THIS IS TRUE!!!!

    • Your lying lol that would have been a funny scene.

      • That’s only 1 example. There are many more mind blowing scenes in that mess.

        • @ Kevin7

          Do enlighten us,lol.

          • Let’s see, besides the boogerman scene there’s, a Freddy Cult with all the members burned like him. They do a drug called “dream dope”. Jason driving a van and being a good guy, a scene with the main character stealing her dead boyfriends heart and transplanting it to Jason to bring him back to life, as it turns out a young Freddy is the one who drowned Jason at Camp Crystal Lake.
            And last but not least, the battle between Freddy and Jason takes place in h$ll so of course Ted Bundy is the ring announcer and the audience is filled with the likes of Hitler and Musilinni.
            Oh, I almost forgot. A wedding with Freddy and a young mentally challenged girl. I’m not going to give details because it’s wrong in every way possible and I don’t want to get banned.

            • LMAO…that sounds like that might’ve been more entertaining then the final draft they released.I didn’t say it was good but it would’ve got some serious laughs from those with a offbeat sence of humor.

  21. So Sarah Palin has a biopic coming out and its not a parody directed by Mel Brooks. The world does end in 2012 i suppose hahaha

    • Is it only 15 minutes long?

    • @ Ignur

      Yeah, i seen previews of it on ET & it’s funny to me how far lefties are always playin republicans in movies like that,lol.

      P.S. just makin a statement, not trying to start political debates here.

  22. Anyone watching Revenge? Pretty good show with just enough twists to keep you intrested. I do wounder how they will keep up this pace in a second season.

    I’m going to go see Phantom Menace on Sunday.

  23. I’ve never seen fanboys, it it any good?

    • Yea it’s pretty funny imo.

    • If you like Star Wars, Rush, and jokes then you’ll like Fanboys. It’s a comedy with heart

      • Indeed.

  24. I like all of those things lol. I saw the previews for it back when it first came out I just never got around to seeing it, oh well Netflix up up and away :-D has anyone gotten any info about The Hulk TV Show?

    • I’ve been eagerly anticipating some new info on the Marvel TV shows (‘Hulk’, ‘AKA Jessica Jones’, ‘Mockingbird’, ‘Cloak & Dagger’)… but the other day, a thought occurred to me: most of these shows might not even see the light of day :(
      I’m sure Hulk and AKA will at least get pilot episodes (and hopefully go into production), but as for the rest, they might not make the cut.

      P.S. As per the original question: no, I haven’t heard anything about the Hulk TV show lately.

  25. Ok thanks TA I’m hoping they get here soon, especially Hulk seeing as how he is my favorite super being. To be honest I really don’t know too much about the the other three

  26. Hehe, I just saw that they’ll be launching a line of Avengers “fragrances” ;)

    But the thing that intrigues me, is that Nick Fury’s fragrance is entitled “Infinity Formula”… could it be that Fury is indeed older than he looks?
    Maybe they just needed a catchy slogan for the perfume, or maybe it’s actually a character related thing.
    I have mentioned before that in one of the images, Fury’s eye looks much more damaged than in any other pics/trailers so far… my theory was that it has something to do with medication (perhaps a version of the infinity formula) and if he doesn’t take it, his eye/health starts to get worse.

    What are your thoughts guys?

    • That very well could be TA since they never seem to tell his age I’ve often wondered just exactly how old he is and how does he seem to keep this eternal youth. Is it a latent super power or like Avenger suggested does he have to take flintstone vitamins like clockwork.? Who knows? Maybe all will be revealed in 82 days 40 minutes. :-)

  27. I guess i’ll be seeing Chronicle after all tonite.As much as i was rooting against the movie,”go figure” but a friend of mine is paying so what the hell,plus it’s a boring weekend so far with alot of snow and nothing to do.And most people like the film so i’ll give it a chance & if i don’t like it,like i said b4 he’s paying:)

  28. Had some extra to spend this weekend so i went out and bought a few old movies for cheap, One of them being Doom(2005) i saw it when i was younger in theaters and remember it specifically being terrible but i have to say despite it’s flaws (the first being that video game adaptations ALWAYS suck) the movie is certainly by far not the most terrible Sci-Fi to come out especially compared to recent years with movies like legion and priest(which i also own sadly enough.) but yeah if you rewatch it you might notice that there were a few things that had potential to be awesome that kinda got the short end of the stick. I never played the Doom games so i’m not sure if all the religion meeting science part is true but that at least made the movie a little more interesting. Plus Karl Urban?! i had no idea haha it’s crazy to see how far The Rock has come as an actor too, as in..he doesn’t suck anymore.

    The best way to put it i feel, is that Doom is like a good remake or re-imagining of Ghosts of mars(remember that???????) with a little Resident Evil thrown in and NOT terrible effects for a 2005, essentially B-rated Sci-fi.

    Anyhoot..yeah just thought it would be nice to try to get away from TDKR or Avengers chat..

  29. I bought Shawshank Redemption on dvd to rid myself of my vhs tape. Kept on forgetting i didn’t have on dvd till i noticed it in the $5.00 bin at walmart. Every prison-like movie ive enjoyed. Can’t say which is my favorite really.