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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 9, 2013

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  1. FIRST!!

  2. Good Monday, Scranters! Hope the weekend was good.

    So much good news has arrived in the last few weeks. What is your favorite?

    I love the X-Men announcements. I’m reserving judgement on the F4 tie ins until I see their film first.

    As far as rumors go, I think the casting rumors for Lex Luthor are starting to get even more out of hand but definitely exciting. I’m in favor for Denzel if that rumor were true but not Colin Salmon. I still want him to play Martian Manhunter.

  3. SECOND!!

    • I am not sure that the X-men movies are going to end up so well. It looks to me like they are playing fast and loose with the stories again and we will end up with more “The Last Stand” tripe just to rush movies to the big screen. And the few brief moments of the makeup on some of the characters in the trailer…well…looked a little amateur.

      I really don’t get why they want to use legendary stories from the comics and then say, lets redo it since they obviously could have been done better. *shrug*.

      And the logic that just because its a movie that they have to change it all up to make sense does not make sense cause they did not change a lot about the Watchmen and managed to convert it to the big screen.

      • From a filmmakers POV, what would be the artistic value of doing a carbon copy of someone elses work?

        • So, Lord of the Rings should have been re-written? And Watchmen? And 300?

          No, the film maker should either do something original if he wants to be creative. But if he is doing an adaptation of an existing work which is different he should try to stay mostly consistent with the work in question.

          I have no issues if they wanted to do an X-Men story that is unique. But if your going to do Days of Future Past and call it Days of Future Past then you are trading on a work that is known and then re-writing it into something almost unrecognizable just to get the fans of the original work into the theater.

          I think the two concepts are separate personally. Stay unique if you want to do a time travel story with the X-Men, but they are essentially re-writing an existing story. In my opinion that makes them less artistic and more cannibalistic since they need to base there work on something more popular than they think they could write in the first place and then end up hacking at it to make there life easier ( which is the only reason that its Wolverine going into the past instead of Kitty ). That is not artistic, its lazy. *shrug*.

          • The main point in the story of Days of Future Past is that they send someone back in time to stop an assassination of a political leader that causes the Sentinels rule a dystopian United States, and mutants are hunted and placed in internment camps.

            Regardless of who goes back in time, and which political leader is killed, the story stays intact.

            Also, Kitty Pryde in the movie universe wouldn’t even be born for the timeline they send her back to via Vulcan mind meld or however they decide to do it.

            Wolverine makes the most sense.

            • Yeah, if you go for that Fox Studios and Bryan Singer thing. I believe this incestuous relationship of Fox Studios and Bryan Singer with The Uncanny X-Men is the problem.

        • Well, the artistic value would bringing the drawings to actual life. Even a shot-for-shot and word-for-word adaptation would be so much more than just a carbon copy.

          The problem is that some comic book stuff just doesn’t translate into a movie. What’s already borderline cheesy in a comic book (and let’s face it, there are tons of cheese and downright cringeworthy dialogues in comic books) goes full on cheeseballs in a live action movie. And everybody (except Michael Bay and George Lucas) knows: you never go full cheeseballs.

          • *Except that part including Lucas. He lost his sensibilities, though, and surrounded himself with boot lickers and an inflated ego.

            • My mistake. Why is there no editing features here?!?

          • I don’t really know if there was all that much cheeseball content in the Dark Phoenix Saga or Days of Future Past. That is part of what made those stories so impactful and long lasting.

            I partially agree, an adaption does not need to be an exact scene for scene copy to the screen, but I don’t think changing the core point of the story is helpful either. A lot of the story had to do with Kitty, her point of view in the past and future of the X-men she first knew and then watched die and some of Destiny and the insight-fulness of her power and what Mystique would be willing to do for her friend.

            But this ongoing theory that we need to change these stories to the big screen does not make sense to me really. It sounds like a good theory on paper but I think a lot of that thinking comes from all of those really bad movies from decades past.

            We are in a different decade where technology and better acting/directing can make a lot of this seem more normal. Heck, its just this week everyone that everyone is finally starting to agree that Wolverine’s yellow costume is doable in a movie. If something would be cheesy on screen its a yellow, black and blue costume on a overly hairy short man. Yet people are willing to deal with it lately. :)

            • The Chris Claremont/John Byrne/Terry Austin era ‘cheesy’? The movie adaptations that are LOOSELY based on? I think that commentator’s comment is representative of the usual generalization towards the comic book medium.

              It’s difficult to wonder from what reference they are coming at it from.

              Taychon’s quote: ‘But this ongoing theory that we need to change these stories to the big screen does not make sense to me really.’

              I absolutely agree with you on this.

      • Taychon, you’re on point!!! Ypu’re on point!!! : )

      • I think they are just borrowing the title and some aspects of the story to solve the timeline problems in the Fox/X-Men universe, as well as promote it as a blockbuster. The previous movies, the casting, and plans for follow-up movies have a lot to do with the changes. I don’t believe it was ever meant to be an adaptation of the comics, just inspired by them; at least that’s what makes me feel better about it. But I agree, we don’t want it to end up like The Last Stand.

  4. Well, this is my first time doing this, so… I just have in mind the “X-Men: Apocalypse” announcement. It blew mi mind and I’m really excited for it and for “DOFP”. I have faith in Bryan Singer and his team. These movies are going to be awesome and will bring back that nostalgia from the first movies. Also, I’m really interested to find out how all of this will be connected, DOFP, Apocalypse and X-Force. I’m a big superhero fan so this next few years are going to be great: The Avengers and their entire line-up, X-Men, FF, Spiderman, and DC’s new line-up.

    • Forgot to mention TV as well: Arrow, Marvel’s series…

    • Nostalgia? To each their own, is what I’m thinking.

      • I know that the X-Men movies are messed up and that Bryan Singer is not a “great” director, but what I mean is that the X-Men movies are old, and I grew up watching them. It was the best we could ask for at that time. Knowing that the X-Men movies are old and that they haven’t been re-booted makes it even better… There are four official X-Men team up movies and out of the four, 3 were released YEARS ago, so by trying to fix them, adding more mutants, and releasing a few movies at present date is fantastic for fans and for regular movie watchers. But, yeah! I do get your point, they are messed up, until (and if) DOFP fixes almost everything, and I also want a reboot. So, to each their own.

    • That “X-Men: Apocalypse” announcement blew my mind…



      I think using Hugh Jackman as the Ultimate X-Men version of Cable is a great idea. Wolverine is a character that ages slowly, but Hugh Jackman is an actor who ages at a normal human rate. This way he can be involved in future installments of the franchise and not have to find the Fountain of Youth.
      Using Fassbender as a Apocalypse/Magneto hybrid is a brilliant move too. Keeping the strongest actors (nothing against Ian McKellen…he’s just aging) from both franchises and moving them forward with the storylines.


      All these X-men announcement have my Wolverine underoos in a bunch. I’m very excited for the FoX-Men universe. Plus, Sony’s plan to expand Spidey’s universe. Marvel’s Netflix venture and phase 2 movies. And Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all cast for the new DC movie…not forgetting their TV projects too. Axl is right…it’s a great time to be a superhero fan!

      • FoX-Men Universe. Love it.

        • Someone should trademark that.

      • Ving Rhames as the voice of Apocalypse,you hear it from me first.

        • I could hear that.

      • + Infinity!!!!

  5. Loved the X-men Movie news. We now get DOFP, X-Factor, Wolverine 3, and X-Men Apocalypse great time to be an X-Fan, I just hope that Bryan Singer Directs Apocaypse, and we get to see Archangel, Gambit, Sinister, and Cyclops. For the Fantastic Four I will wait to see what they do with it the first two where not my cup of tea, but that does not mean it cannot become something really good. The Amazing Spiderman also blew me away mainly because of all the little details and easter eggs Doc Ock, Vulture, Venom, and Rhino actually looks pretty cool. Really looking forward to these films and their sequels. Looking forward to Leonardo Decaprios Island of Dr Moreau film, and some news from Marvel On a Hulk sequel, Inhumans, and Avengers 2.

  6. Anyone excited to see the new Godzilla trailer that’s suppose to be released tomorrow?

    • Oh? I didn’t know that but now I AM excited!

    • would that be the same one that leaked a few months ago? either way I’m psyched. last time they leaked I only saw the teaser.

      • @movieDude

        I believe it will be a brand new teaser, as I think the one you are talking about is the concept trailer. Unless you are talking about the halo jump one. In that case it might be similar, but that one also had shots from the concept trailer so that was probably just a very rough cut of the version we will see tomorrow IM SUPER EXCITED!!!! MOST ANTICIPATED FILM FOR 2014!!!! SORRY FOR TYPING IN CAPS!!!!

        • @Draagyn


          haha ah brick.

          sry thats what came to mind when you apologized for typing in caps. but thats cool then. I’d love to see any new footage available. I’m really psyched for Godzilla as well. It should be epic. Loved Gareth Edwards’ previous film Monsters. If the Godzilla movie is anything like that I think I’ll love it.

          • They also have a viral site up already for godzilla. it is some kind of government network that you have to try and hack into or something. so far I’ve failed.

    • I can’t wait! The teaser alone got me excited, can’t wait for the full trailer.

    • Yes I am,and the Edge of Tomorrow trailer is out wed/thurs,be interesting to see what the aliens look like.

    • yes

  7. I followed the advice of my follow scranters and I’m the process of catching up with Arrow. I must say that I started to enjoy it again and I can’t really tell anymore why I stopped watching it. The character development is pretty cool and the action sequences are even great.

    I like that they already revealed Oliver’s secret to Tommy and Felicity and that Oliver had the intention to kill Helena (The Huntress) after she threatened to harm his family and friends and after killing all those officers. I agree with Dingoll: if she had looked like him, Oliver would already have put an arrow in her chest indeed. That she got away was still a bit of a cop-out, but it’s understandable why they didn’t get rid of her character (just yet) ;)


    • *Dingoll -> Diggle ;)

    • I just watched the first episode of Season 2. How far into it are you?

      • I just watched Episode 17: The Huntress Returns.

        • I caught up with season 2 this weekend. It hooks you.

        • Wait till you get to Season 2, it’s like three times better than the first one and there are only 8 episodes to date. It will make you want more haha!

  8. Saw Man of Steel on Saturday and it’s FAB!!

    Second favourite this year after Pacific Rim.

    • I just rewatched it last night, i love the fights, best action in comic hero film yet.

      • Man, I hated the fight scenes. The problem with having two invincible people fight each other is that, well, they are invincible. I just got bored after about 30 seconds of it…glad you enjoyed it though. The movie was okay overall and I still have decent hopes for this new version of Superman.

        • You never see that on live action film(especially done well) so I dont know how you could get tired of that.
          Probably wont again until doomsday or some other super being.

      • The Smallville fight has to be my favorite fight scene of all time. It was ridiculous!

        • No doubt. That was one of the best fight scenes in superhero movie history!

          • Have you seen Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)? The final fight scene is FANTASTIC!

            • Yes, I did see that on Netflix a while back. But I did not see it in a theater on a gigantic screen while I grinned ear to ear…so it wasn’t as enjoyable to me. ;)

              • ***drops head, nods slowly***
                Well played, Ghostbuster. Well played…

                • Well, I screwed up that reply.

                  An English teacher with a misspelling!
                  “So I dub thee unforgiven”

                  • I have a B.A. in English…grammar due knot madder on thee interweb.

                    May Odin bless you for helping the youth of today’s internet culture learn proper English. :D

          • Agreed +1

  9. Two movies I caught up with:

    ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’:

    Weird in the sense that most action movies tend to fudge the first hour as the director patiently waits to be told that he is now allowed to blow things up etc. This movie was the opposite. All the work they did in the first hour was marvelous I thought. The moment they got into the games spoiled it.

    Still, I enjoyed it. Jennifer Lawrence is just a very attractive young lady both in performance and personality (excels in scenes with other great actors. Still struggles and gets dragged down by actors of little ability). Would give it 8/10 personally.


    Exactly what I expected and exactly what it should have been. Aye. Story is hokum. Contrived. Cheesey. Popcorn. But like ‘Avatar’, this is a movie about the visuals and they are extraordinary. No, really. Breathtakingly, you-gotta-see-this extraordinary. Both the point of the movie and the price of the ticket.

    Soundtrack should get Oscar nominated to.

  10. Im just going through my 3rd Power Rangers box set. In Power Rangers Ninja Storm right now. I hope Shout Factory releases Beetleborgs Metallax vol.2.

    • My fav series of pr are
      Mighty morphin
      Lightspeed Rescue
      Time Force
      Wild Force

      • @ Cody

        Mine are from Mighty Morphin through Lightspeed Rescue mostly. I do enjoy latter seasons to lesser extent. “Forever Red” was a great Wild Force episode.

  11. Really looking forward to the Godzilla trailer, I think they have it right this time. Also just read over at CMB that Bryan Singer will indeed direct X-Men Apocalypse. They say it will be both cast first class and the Original, but Mainly the First Class characters. If so I am excited Singer is back but i really hope that Archangel is in this as well as Gambit, Rogue, and Cyclops. But if it mainly takes place in the past then it would be a younger Cyclops, and angel right? Unless they use a mutant who actually creates Time Travel, then we could see them come back into the first class cast too. These characters need to be done and done right about now. I want to see more Cyclops and Wolverine kind of going at it like they where building up to them having a big fight in the first few films. I really think they need to do something interesting to make Cyclops a real hero. I am kind of rambling any thoughts on this?

  12. How big of a role do you believe wonder woman will have in MoS 2?

    • I watched the Wonder Woman animated film this weekend. I liked it. I hope she gets the same strong female empowerment characteristics on the big screen and if she does, I hope her role is gigantic in the WB/DC universe.

      (I think my daughter needs a role model like that in the future even though she’s too young to watch that animated film right now)

    • I think she’ll have a minor role. If she had a major role, as large as Batman, I don’t think they would’ve had the World’s Finest symbol at comic con, or be temporarily called Batman vs. Superman, or have so many references to only Batman in the list of possible titles lol. Wonder Woman is a huge character and is very well known, I have to believe if she was an integral part to the film, they would include a reference to her character in the title as well. I’m actually wondering if she’ll have a solo film in 2016 or something. A minor role in Man of Steel 2 just to get the ball rolling maybe.

      • My impression was that WB kindof kept tacking things into the story slowly instead of all at once. I doubt they told Snyder when he was directing MOS that he would have to follow it up with basically a Trinity movie (regardless of WW’s role in the film). I believe they kept her involvement on the DL from everyone outside of the boardroom, including Snyder, to really build up anticipation.

    • Im hoping for a cameo as apposed to being a shoehorned love interest.

  13. I watched Fletch and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation this weekend and I have to ask…is Ryan Reynolds the illegitimate son of Chevy Chase?

    Seriously, they have the same exact s***-eating grin.

    Reynolds should reboot Fletch.

    • +1 million. Reynolds is a genius in his own right. I love his cameos in all of Seth McFarlanes stuff like Family Guy and Ted. Especially in Ted how he beats up Warburton.

      • Didn’t the Tick and Green Lantern kiss in Ted?

  14. So this weekend was another for watching some new films (for me) Movies I watched:

    Cinema Paradiso (similar to Hugo in how its a celebration of movies, 7/10)
    The Baytown Outlaws (a direct to video film with Billy Bob Thorton, but it wasn’t to bad, 5.8/10)
    The Boondock Saints (this one really surprised me, very enjoyable, 7.5/10)
    The Boondock Saints II (decided to check out the second, not quite as good as the first but still good, 6.8/10)
    The Departed (slowly making my way through Scorceses films, enjoyed this one up to the ending! (7/10)

    And that will probably be it for a while. Finals this week so i should probably study those, though one of them is a Film Final.

    • Love all of those films and I saw that you rated Boondock Saints higher than The Departed. Wow. Both are in my top 10 films of all time and I can’t rank either one higher than another. I agree with the second film. If the first was a 10/10. then the 2nd would be a 7/10.

      • I usually rate my films on enjoyability and how rewatchable they are. I find boondocks saints to be a more fun film than the departed which I’m sure people would agree with me. but i believe The Departed was a better film overall. Just not one I would watch over and over again.

    • Cinema Paradiso is a wonderful film with a wonderful soundtrack. One of my favorites.

  15. On the podcast if you are going to have additional content after spoilers a time jump number would be helpful aka jump to 1:23 (add the jump number in post). I stop listening at spoilers if I don’t want spoilers and don’t jump to the end to avoid spoilers. Just my 69¢

    • On the actual SR article post for the podcast, they list times for the segments.

  16. On A different note how soon will it be until we will see the lovely Ms. Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume. If for no other reason than to silence the naysayers about her being flat chested. Or will WB be cautious after the stink caused by the photo of Aderian Palacki in the test costume.

  17. Momoa has been casted but for who?

    Ill guess Vandal Savage. (Would make a great villain). Heck, maybe even Lex. Shave his head and Im sure he could be menacing.

    But what about Aquaman? It seems that whoever DC states that they are putting their feet forward with is all of the sudden being casted like Batman, then Wonder Woman, all that is left is Lex and Aquaman.

  18. I could see him as Lex with head shaven or Bizarro if Cavill’s costume is little brighten up between the two.

  19. Why do I have to keep typing in my username/email each time I post comments? Anyone else having this problem?

    • That’s happening to me also. I thought I accidently changed a setting on my internet browser…but if it’s happening to you, that means that either it is a Screen Rant issue OR I somehow changed your settings too…in which case, worst hacker ability ever.

      • My browser is caching the information like I ask it too with the autofill option. But it doesn’t seem like SR is keeping the cookies. (Tech talk)