Open Discussion – December 9, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 9, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 9, 2011

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  1. That close-up of Bane at the bottom of EVERY FRIGGIN SCREENRANT PAGE is really wearing me out. I already checked out the gallery, tyvm. Can you rotate another link down there?


    • Ha ha – every day, 70% of the visitors to the site arrive for the first time, so it’s new to them. And that gallery gets the most views by far of any I rotate into that slot.

      I try to put things in front of people that are popular, but, yeah, I get what you’re saying.


    • I support this sentiment! Getting tired of it as well (plus I always feel threatened when I see it!)

      • Ha ha, I’ll see about coming up with a different image. :)


  2. Cannot wait too see the prologue to the dark knight. I guess this morning was the first appearance and people were really excited minus the voice of bane

    • No, its just that according to the press, his boice was practically uninteligeble. they’re going to have to work on that.

  3. So here’s a question for everyone. Do you think that marketing campaigns have gone overboard recently? What with all the tv spots, pop ups, etc…

    I remember when all we used to have was a theatrical trailer and a poster to tell us what new films were coming out, and it seems to me that those films did just fine at the box office. Even without adjusting for inflation.

    So I guess my question is has Hollywood gone to far or have they just covered their bases?

    • Good point Brandon. I think over saturation of a product by advertising can diminish the ads effectiveness in time. It is a fine line for ad agencies and movie companies to walk. But I think in the tech-heaqvy, internet, texting, app age we live in they feel they must cover all their bases as you put it.

    • Yes I do. Especially for TDKR. Instead of showing the “prologue” before another movie, they could have easily have it in the actual movie. Or in the new trailer.
      It´s just the same cheap gimmick they´ve done with Tron Legacy and a couple of other movies.

  4. So I’m now debating if the prologue to TDKR is worth paying the extra money for imax screening in front of MI4 just because I just read that the 6 min feature shows a hostage scene turn into a fight scene which was described as think inception. So we go from an awesome opening scene in the TDK which has to do with a bank robbery to a hostage scene in the TDKR. I guess we will see

    • The hostage scene sounds pretty epic to me.

    • T,

      If you were planning on seeing MI:4 anyway, it’s probably worth seeing it in IMAX.


    • “I just read that the 6 min feature shows a hostage scene turn into a fight scene which was described as think inception.” Your disappointed by this?

      • No. I just don’t want to go see TDKR. and walk feeling like I just saw inception. I’m pretty sure I’m not it would just be disappointing

  5. I just finished watching all seasons of The Tudors, and I think Henry Cavill will be a decent Superman. Too bad about Synder and Zod-boot.

  6. vic is it possible that leonid pavel is hugo strange it is an anagram of daniel p love daniel is the son of hugo strange in the comics and love could refer to dr strangelove with emphasis on dr strange if you get my drift what p means I don’t know but screenrant will be the first to know

  7. Come on some of us would like to go watch the dark knight rises prologue without knowing what’s going to happen so please label your comments POSSIBLE SPOILER!!

  8. (update) p may refer to either prey or this is a long shot but in the screenplay for case dismissed which features leonid pavel or daniel p love, an anagram of the main character patrice is cat pier. cat refers to catwoman and there is a pier features in batman the 1966 film. aha mr nolan I have solved your puzzle somewhat

  9. So… speaking of superheroes ;), here’s a question:
    Has there ever been a comic-book-movie-adaption that YOU thought may have been better than the actual comic book?

    Personally, I think the Iron Man movie was better than any Iron Man comic I ever read (keep in mind, I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve never really read too many IM comics…)

    If in fact you can’t think of a comic-book-movie-adaption that was better than the comic, is there perhaps a book/novel-movie-adaption that you thought was better than the book/novel?

    • Of the comics I have read, the answer would be “no”. An emphatic “no” actually.
      Although the Hellboy movies were REALLY incredibly good.

    • I was never really a fan of the Iron Man comic books, but I always liked the idea of a guy building a suit to “save the world”. And the fact that Tony Stark wasn´t a selfless hero like Spider-Man or Superman made it more interesting.
      So, I agree with you. The Iron Man movies are a lot better than the comic books.

    • Howard the Duck?

    • No movie can top a comic book for me.

  10. Blade comes to mind immediately. Aside from that, I’m a comics loyalist.

  11. Vic, why is every page becoming white each time click in other page? please fix it it disturbing!

  12. Comic book movie better than the comic book?
    True, it was a “sequel” to the comic, but it was much better
    And technically, since there hasn’t been a comic book movie based on a specific issue or story arc, EVERY comic book movie is better than the first issue of any comic book. Sure, once they were revamped, the comics got awesome; but the original Superman, Batman, x-men, punisher, Spiderman, etc were all pretty lame.
    I thought the movie Fight Club was just as good as the novel. It capture the same feeling and that was the point.

    I’m gonna get crucified for the blasphemy I’m about to say, but I think the ending of the Watchmen movie with Dr. Manhattan being framed was better than the exploding psychic alien in the comic. I’m sorry!!!

    • I did enjoy the film’s interpretation of the ending of the Watchmen. Still, I felt the book built up more suspense and told a more interesting story with all of the other intertwined materials. Based off the theatrical version, the Watchmen movie is close to surpassing its source material but not nearly close enough.

      My issue in your comment is about comic movies not following a specific story arc and then immediately mentioning Watchmen (a film that follows its graphic novel closely). Sin City was shot frame by frame from the comics. 300 (although I never read) supposedly followed its source material. Maybe you meant superheroes like Batman, Superman, or the Hulk. Each of them has been included in animated feature films following storylines from comics. I just don’t understand what you were saying, although I agree that every movie is better than the 1st issue (because if they only used 1 issue of a series in a film, they’d probably have 10 minutes of footage).

      • 300 and Sin City immediately popped into my head, but I was already treading on thin ice with my Watchmen comment. But those were mini series and/or graphic novels, so maybe that helps my case a bit. I dunno, I wrote it when I was half asleep.
        I only like that one aspect of Watchmen more than the comic. The movie is probably the best interpretation we could’ve possibly asked for.

        • I agree that it was the best way to interpret that scene. I was very concerned about how that trans-dimensional being would be portrayed. I too preferred them using Dr. Manhattan instead.
          I just was a bit befuddled about your earlier contradiction. Not a big deal, I am easily confused :)

  13. The world of comics has lost a great one. RIP Jerry Robinson.

  14. @ Vic Holtreman

    I got a question. You got a place on this site where i can go if people are harassing on a old article page?

    • WallyWest,

      Use the contact form. Link at the bottom of the page.


  15. Does anybody else watch Chuck? I thought last night’s episode (Chuck Versus the Hack Off) was the best of this season and made the series take an unforeseen turn. Plus, Yvonne Strahovski strips naked (Zachary Levi does too if you’re into that). I’m not one for posting spoilers but Carrie Anne Moss was a blast to watch.

  16. When does The Dark Knight Rises trailer come out? I was under the impression that it will be with Sherlock Holmes, but I wanted to be sure.

  17. So with Marvel not being able to keep hold of their directors, maybe they should hold a contest for fans and let one of them become the director. Huh huh whose with me?

  18. Name your favorite trailer for 2012 that is not connected to a franchise.
    I was just wondering if you took out The Avengers, TDKR, The Hobbit ,and ASM,
    What favorites would emerge?
    Mine is The Raven.

    • Based on trailers, John Carter would be mine. Snow White and the Huntsmen also looks like it could be good.

      However, I am really excited for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, but it doesn’t have a trailer yet. Also, the pictures and premise for Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters looks interesting.

    • Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.
      B-List stole my answer, so…

  19. The Uncharted script being rewritten by Burger (limitless) who do you want as Nathan Drake…obvious choice Nathan Fillion but I wouldn’t put Bradley Cooper, Paul Walker beside they are also good candidates to play Drake. For Elena I would pick that actress cannot recall her name she was the lead in the rum diary. Sully I would pick JK Simmons he has that persona everybody likes. Harry Flynn David Tennant for a sequel off course.

    • Are you thinking of Amber Heard? from the rum diary??