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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 7, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 7, 2012

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  1. So with the release of the teaser for Star Trek into Darkness. I am posing this question.

    Pro and Cons of The New Enterprise, and how they got ship that size from earth to Space. The Teaser shows us a ship rising from an ocean, so now the theory is how?

    • To quote the movie *Thank You For Smoking*, all they need to say is “One line of dialogue. ‘Thank God we invented the… you know, whatever device.’”

    • If we can launch an Airbus A380 into the sky successfully on our own with no help from alien civilisations, I’m sure in a few hundred years, they will be able to launch a ship the size of the enterprise no problem!

      • I do feel that it would be easier to construct a ship of the size in zero-G… But it’s a movie.

    • To answer your question Jeff…it’s just a movie. :)

      Another Jeff

      • Ahh…Jeff #1 my old nemesis :)


        • Haha. Perhaps if Star Trek ever does a theatrical version of the episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”, you and I could play Bele and Lokai… :)

          • Ok. But, am 6’4 250…Just so you know!


            • Well, I’m 6′ tall, 200 Lbs. myself, so perhaps we could account for the difference by getting Peter Jackson to direct, as he is the master at forced perspective and optical illusion…

              • Actually, I was thinking a Best of 7

                Board Game Battle.

                First to win 4 different games is the winner.

                Connect 4
                Battleship Electronic
                Game of Life
                Trivial Pursuit


                • We could, or…

                  Thumb wrestle?

                  …unless you have unfairly large hands with that frame of yours.

                  • Get a room guys. ;)

                  • Non Violence is the key.

                    Thumb Wrestle it is

                    • The “Jeffs” forced to do battle…

                    • Jeff Wins

                      I cannot compete after watching Cable Guy clip…laughing to hard.

                    • The Jeff is dead! Long live the Jeff!


                    • I could have taken a defeat…not death!…sheesh!

                    • You guys are hilarious. You should get a sitcom. I´d watch it.

                    • Jeff and Jeff, you guys made my day!
                      I second Scape’s comment. You two should get your own show! :P

                • Sure we will get out on show.

                  But you guys have to show up every other episode. We will just discuss movies and replay key roles using action figures, and we will have guess commentary.

                  Call it.

                  Two Jeffs and a Bunch of Movies.

                  • i’d but that for a dollar!

                    • Jeff’s Who Live at Home?

                  • *buy

                    …smh at the no edit button available!

                  • Already tried something comparable, and here was the embarrassing result…


                    Perhaps it will work better with the two of us, though.

                    • 2 Jeffs and Jeffro??

                    • Our own club!

                      We need jackets!

                      Should we ignore and shun anyone else here without the name “Jeff”, or a derivative thereof?

                    • NO Shunning of anyone!

                      One of the things I love about this site. Everyone here is personable, have an opinion and everyone gets along.

                      There shall be no shunning for as long as Kirk lives!

                    • Alas, you are right. I must stop listening to Dwight…

  2. Question of the Day at work:

    What is your favorite movie weapon?

    Two of mine:
    1. Indy’s whip
    2. Eddie’s animated gun and bullets in Roger Rabbit

    • Arnold’s Rail Guns from Eraser

    • 1 Nosiy Cricket from Men in Black
      2 The Point of View Gun
      3 Light Saber….it can slice and toast bread at the same time.

    • light saber, by far for me.

    • Martin Riggs Beretta in Lethal Weapon and Die Hard and most 80s cop movies!

      Plasma rifle with flame thrower attached from Aliens

      • Ah, the Good DR.

        The Beretta 92F….A Classic design and a big gun.

        Aliens, was it Plasma or Pulse rifle????? either…COOL!

        • Haha yes sorry Pulse Rifle, getting my Colonial Marines mixed up with my Doom marines!

    • –Clint’s 44 Magnum
      –Arnold’s sword from Conan

      These are two of my favorite things…

    • 1.The EMP Rifle (The Dark Knight Rises)
      2. lightsaber (Darth Maul)
      3.custom 1911 .45′s (The Punisher)

    • Some of my favorites include the Proton pack from Ghostbusters, Robocop’s Auto-9, and the Tesla Rifle from District 9

    • The Iron Man suit. I know, it´s not a weapon per se, but it´s still the coolest thing there is.

    • My favorite would be a lightsaber, hands down.

    • 1. Veron-T Disruptor
      2. Bat’Leth
      3. Phaser

      The word duh keeps coming to my mind. :-P

  3. I rember reading once that after the third rebuld of the Enterprise,they saved tons of weight by not painting the ship. Then I posed this question to Trek fans “If the ship was built in orbit how do you paint it in the vacum of space”? I’m glad the last Trek movie awsered this question and I am looking forward to the next movie.

    • Hmm.

      I thought the Enteprise was bare metal in the Movie.

      Now I do understand your post, the enterprise being painted in the vacum of space. Only thing I can think it would be…Close contact sealed high pressure paint system. it touches and contours to the hull, creats an air pocket and moves along the hull.

      • electro-magnetic paint. they use it on appliances.

    • The paint is actually nanites. :-)

  4. Great question Jeff!! Maybe in pieces? Saucer section then main superstructure?

  5. Is it just me, or is the show “impractical jokers” the absolute worst show on television???

    • @ Stark
      But the Enterprise was assembled on earth, we saw that, would be odd to take her apart and put her back together?

      and as for you Impratical Jokers?

      Between that and the totally staged Hardcore Pawn.

      • thats true. If I remember right, the saucer section has it own propulsion system.

        I remember in the original tv series the enterprise being in a decaying orbit around a planet, and the concern was once the ship hit the atmosphere, that was all she wrote. Now apparently atmosphere is no problem.

        Never saw the pawn show, but the jokers show is awful.

        • The original Enterprise (from the ’60s series) did have a problem with atmospheric flight, but the Enterprise D (from “The Next Generation”) could separate, with the warp section needing to remain in space, while the saucer section COULD (at least, to a limited degree, in an emergency) enter a planetary atmosphere and remain whole…provided it hadn’t been damaged, of course.

          Maybe the rebooted/alternate timeline “original” Enterprise employs those newer principles of starship construction…?

        • Oh, and the creators of (and people ON) “Impractical Jokers” need to be locked up in a room with the “Jersey Shore” cast and “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” producers with no food…until they all EAT each other and remove themselves from our collective consciousness.

          • Archaeon.

            You are my new hero.


            • :D

          • Can we add in the Kardashians too? Please…

            • If you add the Kardashians, Khloe will be the sole survivor.

              • true, she aint pure.

          • ABSOLUTLEY!! I mean, these guys just aren’t funny at all. It’s terrible.

          • as long as they get to have the cast of lizard lick towing and operation repo for appetizers

  6. So “Zero Dark Thirty” was named best movie of the year by The National Board of Review

    even more surprisingly, they named Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook) best actor over Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln).

    Leonardo DiCaprio won best supporting actor, “Looper” wins original screenplay, “Wreck-it-Ralph” beats “Brave” for best animated film and Les Miserables wins ensemble

    Top ten movies of the year…
    Beasts of the Southern Wild
    Django Unchained
    Les Miserables
    Perks of Being a Wall Flower
    Promised Land
    Silver Linings Playbook
    (“End of Watch” and “Moonrise Kingdom” make top 10 independent films list and “Amour” makes foreign film list)

    Notisable exclusions…
    The Master
    The Hobbit
    Life of Pi
    The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers

    any comments?

    • Also, nothing for “Killer Joe” or Matthew McConaughey

    • Who is this National Board of Review?

    • Awards already, and the year hasn’t even ended. Let’s wait for the other dozen awards show that are more appropriately timed, after the year is over. Regardless, the real “award”, for producers, directors, and actors alike, are the box office receipts. I’m sure they would rather make money than take a paper weight home with them…

    • Well this is actually not the first awards of the year. And the National Board of Review is a similar group t the Academy, just smaller and less publicized.

      We all know awards dont really matter. But sometimes its interesting to talk about. Especially since Day-Lewis didnt win for Lincoln.

    • Where is cloud atlas and John cater???

      • You know I really liked John Carter, I was wanted to state that.

    • No love for “The Raven” or “Skyfall”?


    Going to pick a fight..with someone random….and use classic TOS Kirk move

    Double Fisted to back of head.

    To ……………….STARK!

    • Haha. Good response. Here’s my reaction to our friend Stark’s suggestion…

    • Ouch!
      You guys are brutal!

  8. Who is your favorite pairing of Batman and The Joker?

    -Adam West and Cesar Romero (“Batman” 1960′s show and film)
    -Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson (“Batman” 1989)
    -Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill (BTAS, TNBA, JL, and various movies and video games)
    -Will Friedle and Mark Hamill (“Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker”)
    -Rino Romano and Kevin Michael Richardson (“The Batman”)
    -Christian Bale and Heath Ledger (“The Dark Knight”)
    -Bruce Greenwood and John DiMaggio (“Batman: Under the Red Hood”)
    -Diedrich Bader and Jeff Bennett (“Batman: The Brave and the Bold”)
    -Bruce Greenwood and Bret Spiner (“Young Justice”)

    • Christian Bale and Heath Ledger.

    • Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson

    • Watched Thirteen Days the other day with Bruce Greenwood playing JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis, was pretty awesome!

      Greenwood adds some of the gravitas to Star Trek, hope he doesn’t snuff it in the new one! Such an under rated actor

    • Adam West and Cesar Romero

    • Conroy and Hamill are without a doubt the best Batman and Joker I’ve ever seen.
      Bale and Ledger would come in second place simply because of Ledger being so amazing in TDK.

    • I love this video. This guy plays an EXCELLENT Joker. Batman’s not bad either.

    • My favorites are…

      1. Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill-Batman:TAS thru Justice League Unlimited

      2. Michael Keaton & Jack Nicolson- Batman(1989)

  9. I read a hobbit review that stated it only barely bust the 100 page mark, thats crazy. And creditd are 16 min long.

  10. Not movie or television related.

    But I need input from the men here.

    How does a Wife expect her husband to take anything she say seriously, when she is wearing form fitting Yoga Pants?

    And I suggest a Nobel Peace Prize to whomever invented Yoga Pants.

    • I thought you said Yogi pants and realised Yogi Bear doesn’t wear pants, but does wear a collar and tie and enjoys picnic baskets outside in the woods!

      There’s an idea for valentines day ;-)

    • Matter of fact Jeff how does any girl (not just the wife) expect us to take them seriously when they are wearing yoga pants! It is just cruel!

    • Form fitting pants you say? I guess it depends on the “form” of the lady then. If she has the form of Kaley Cuoco, I´d take anything serious she says. If she has the form of Godzilla, I´d run for my life.

      • @Scapegoat. body wise my wife is more…Scarlet Johannson.

        She has however Godzilla temper when she in her monthly cycle.

        @Matthew, I pretty much try to avoid other women in Yoga Pants….I seen to many men fall!

        @ Good Dr.Noisewater…we need to get you out more my friend :)

        • Haha this is true, refreshing my screenrant page isn’t as rock and roll as it used to be ;-)

        • “body wise my wife is more…Scarlet Johannson.”

          Then, I can understand your problem. My mind blacks out every time I see her body…

          • @ Scapegoat…Dude..why you watching my wife’s body! :)

            • Because she looks like ScarJo! What did expect?

              • Oh yeah, well body wise, my wife looks….She was on two and half men. Kelly Stables. Short little perky blonde,my wife is a taller version of her.

  11. anyone think we could be getting a trailer for Oblivion in front of Jack Reacher?

    • Well, they are both Tom Cruise movies, so it’s a safe bet that if we get the trailer for one of them, it will be good for both of them, since every one of his awful movies is the same, and since he just plays the same character in every movie. One trailer would suffice for all Tom Cruise movies.

  12. Sorry if this has been asked recently but I thought a fun question would be what are you’re favorite characters on TV right now?
    And to keep the list a bit shorter and because you may have to think harder you can only name 1 per show.
    My top 10…
    1. Walter White – Breaking Bad
    2. Ron Swanson – Parks & Rec
    3. Dexter Morgan – Dexter
    4. Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock
    5. Boyd Crowder – Justified
    6. Saul – Homeland
    7. Luthor – Luthor
    8. Liz Lemon – 30 Rock
    9. Richard Harrow – Boardwalk Empire
    10. Abed – Community
    I’m probably forgetting a few and I realize there’s only 1 woman on my list but bye keeping it to one character per show I was forced (bye my own rule ;( ) to leave a few out…

    • 1. Oliver Queen/Arrow – Arrow
      2. Sheldon – Big Bang Theory

    • 1 John Reese-Person of Interest
      2 Sheldon Cooper-Big Ban Theory
      3 Elliot Spencer and Parker-Leverage

    • john reese – person of interest
      sherlock holmes – elementary
      sherlock holmes – sherlock
      max black – two broke girls
      oliver queen – arrow
      monroe – grimm

      • Ahhh Jeffro.

        Do I have something for you. Max Black, aka Kat Dennings aka Kathrine Litwack, her and our oldest daughter are friends, went to the same prep school.

        She often came to the house alot when they were in school, and well.she is who she is off screen.

        • thats cool. i think she is a pretty good actress. was funny in thor, and 40 year old virgin. i saw an indy film she was in where she was having an affair with her teacher. i was gonna watch nick & nora’s infinite playlist on netflix but it has been removed. she seems to get a lot of hate for her performance in thor, but i liked it, and will like her in thor:dw.

    • 1) Sterling Archer – Archer
      2) Shawn Spencer – Pysch
      3) April – Parks and Rec
      4) Nick – New Girl
      5) Brad – Happy Endings
      6) James Van Der Beek – The B in Apt. 23
      7) Gene – Bobs Burgers
      8) Chang – Community
      9) Burt – Raising Hope
      10) Kenneth – 30 Rock

    • 1. Oliver Queen – Arrow
      4. Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother
      3. Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory
      4. Dexter – Dexter
      5. Patrick Jane – The Mentalist
      6. Walter White – Breaking Bad
      7. Stewie Griffin & Brian Griffin (can’t have one without the other) – Family Guy
      8. Gus – Psych
      9. John Luther – Luther
      9. Claire Danes – Homeland
      10. Annie Edison – Community


    Fantastic Four set for a March, 2015 release date!!!

  14. Oliver Queen-Arrow
    Tracey Jordan- 30 Rock
    Walter Bishop- Fringe
    Andy Dwyer- Parks and Recreation
    Nikita- Nikita
    Dwight Schrute- The Office
    Sam Axe- Burn Notice

  15. So, buying new car…A Camaro.

    Wife wanders off….comes back 15 minutes later.

    Looks at the Receptionist..nods her head…..Imperial March Starts playing over the speakers….we go out side…and in the back the garage doors open….Guy drives out a 2013 Camaro ZL1 Black on Black fully loaded. My wife says.

    “Lord Vader, your car is ready.” BEST WIFE EVER!!!