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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 6, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 6, 2013

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  1. Hope the Hobbit is good.

    Spiderman looks great.

  2. DCCU is looking mighty healthy right about now. Goyer, Snyder, Del Toro, Affleck, with Nolan in a supporting role. Am not worried.

    • well lets just see how much they have faith in something that isnt superman or batman. they screwed up GL and now his reputation is scarred because those characters have great stories but people wont care. they need to make a couple more live action movies to rival marvel. announcements are awesome but they need to make it good.

      i just hope we get a more comic book batman and by having him in the same universe as super powered beings then i think we will

      • I’m not to worried because Goyer is using the source material as a template. When MoS was being conceptualized by Goyer and Nolan and then shot by Snyder they approached it as if Superman has never been put on film before. Paraphrasing here ‘as if they had found an old box full of Superman comics under their bed’ and decided to base MoS on that. If they take that same approach with Bats, WW, and the rest of the JL then it’s hard not to look forward to it. I mean this might be the first ‘Detecive Comics’ version of Batman on screen. How dope is that?

        • Uber-Dope!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    • I think Chris Nolan will be leaving the fray right after Man of Steel 2, probably part of the reason why I think he had a part in the Affleck casting. Though I’m hoping his brother, Johnathan Nolan gets brought in. He’s one excellent writer.

      • Creatively I’d say he’s already gone, but it’s hard to picture him not banking on the universe he inspired and helped create. Even if he’s just a money man I’m sure he’ll be attacthed to it in some capacity. Now if J. Nolan got brought in to help with the writing then hot damn… WB has their own JL of film makers.

  3. So much awesomeness happened this week for comic book movies. Hard to digest it all. Which was your favorite?

    1- Bought Wolverine on Blu Ray and it’s a better movie the second time around. Excited for Wolverine 2.

    2- Gal Gadot is WW. Excited for the film but worried there may be too much.

    3- Awesome trailer for Spidey 2

    4- Apocalypse!!!!

    • Since I am a bigger X-Men fan more than anything, I love the continuity that they are bringing to their franchise so any news about that is my favorite. After watching The Wolverine, I am now more excited than ever for the future of this franchise.

      I love the WW news as well. I love seeing the updates of DC stuff. Like to see things moving along. Next I want to see that they will bridge TV with film. SA has made a great Green Arrow so far. Id like to see him continue over the big screen.

      • I agree with the X-Men franchise. Even though I don’t have a lot of faith in Fox, they are improving. Apocalypse was my favorite villian as a kid and it’s great he’s finally going to be on the big screen!

    • I’m gonna have to agree with you, its been a pretty epic CBM week!!

      The biggest thing for me was prbly the TASM2 trailer, cuz its more tangible than anything else that happened. I’m super pumped about all 5 things tho.

  4. Not a massive Trekkie but you know partial to a bit of NCC every now and then.

    Was watching Trek III last week in a thoughtful mood and I have a question for the ranters who know this stuff WAY better than me.

    If the federation doesn’t use money (as confirmed through out OS & NG, hell they mention it in the next film to get out of buying pizza) how does McCoy have the money to pay Yoda’s linguistic cousin for his trip to Genesis.

    Also in new Trek how is Kirk gonna buy a shot of Jack for Uhura when all the beer is free (and most likely sythahol)

    After this my poor demented mind slipped in to overdrive, it’s established that the Federation doesn’t use currency any more and there’s no trade as they replicate everything (unless your a French traditionalist who still grows grapes for wine) but other races have currency.

    What’s too stop, say Sisko (before he went of to play with the fairies) replicating a cr@p load of gold pressed latinum and I dunno buying Ferenginar

    24th century economists please explain

    • Not sure. Have you checked Wiki yet?

    • You’re right, there are all manner of issues in the extended Star Trek universe raised by Gene Roddenberry’s utopian notion of the Federation no longer using money.

      Short version: all Federation citizens are equal, but some are more equal than others. :-)

      I seem to remember that latinum can’t be replicated, by the way.

  5. kinda p****d that the hobbit got short listed for an oscar and the thing is not even out yet… thats why i hate the oscars. just a bunch of old guys probably sitting around a table and seeing who offers them the most money.

    • If that was true, then how come blockbusters (that make the most money like Avengers, IM3, MoS, F&F6, and the list goes on) don’t win Oscars?

      • … the hobbit. need i say more? why is that in consideration now?

        • Sorry… I read your comment backwards haha! I thought you were upset that they DIDN’T get nominated. I don’t follow the Oscars so I didn’t even know.

    • While I enjoyed World War Z, I’m surprised it’s on the short list. The first thing I thought when leaving the theater was, “Those zombies look fake as heck”.

  6. Anyone watch The Sound of Music Live last night? My goodness it was terrible, but I had fun panning it on Facebook with my friends :)

    • I didn’t see it! I realized it was happening about half way through. I just kept catching up on Parks on my laptop haha. That’s funny it sucked, I’ll have to watch some clips for the sake of ripping on it.

      I mean lets face it… Carrie Underwood is no Julie Andrews.

  7. until i see GOTG trailer TASM 2 right now is my most anticipated comic book movie next year. now that the origin is outta the way we can get some original stories going. i cannot wait to see electro, hes was my most requested character back with the original trilogy. i wanted to see him so bad. really its just cause i love lightning, i think that power is epic.

    i really hope it stacks ip to spiderman 2

    • Curious why over Cap? Cap looks to be a great story while Spidey (while looking awesome) looks very cluttered. Jury is out on DOFP because the trailer did not show much due to CGI work needed.

      • i guess its just cause i love spiderman so much more than captain america. and i liked TASM more than the first captain america too. but the most exciting thing about captain america is the winter soldier and i am looking forward to their interactions.

      • I find Spider-Man is looking like it’ll have a major and grand story. Instead of focusing on villains one at a time, I think they’re using a cohesive plot to fluently connect all the villains. Captain America on the other hand, I feel kinda has a straight forward and simple plot.

        • after watching the Cap trailer everything starts looking blah to me ha!

  8. About the site. And this has always been a question….

    Why does it take so long for posts to be moderated? My assumption is if I post something that may be questionable a flag goes out (email?) letting someone know.

    Is that a correct assumption?

    It particular annyoing when there is nothing (that I can tell) which is questionable in the post. While I do understand there are words/symbols etc that set off the moderation hold and you dont want those out Im usually amiss as to why it is being held.

    • ive wondered that too. when i was more active on this site months ago some days i wouldnt be able to post because my comments needed to be moderated, it would be even more annoying when it was a longer post hahaha

    • Email Paul if you have something pending. He lives in FL, so if you email him when he is sleeping, then he wont get it til he wakes up.

      • How the heck am I supposed to know when he is sleeping? ;)

        • He lives a normal life…? haha. Assume he sleeps from 9pm to 6am Eastern Time.

    • Aknot,

      We have one moderator, Paul, and he has a full time job that is not related to the site. We get over 1,000 comments a day, and because of the wild variety of trolls, there are a lot of words that we have flagged for moderation, that sometimes flag “good” comments.

      • I figured that as much and knew the flag took into consideration some words that could be questionable.

        I was just curious if it would be considered standard practice to ping Paul as LC suggested.

        Thanks for replying (all) and hope things are going well there Vic nice hearing from you.

      • Hi Vic,

        I cannot contact SR.It says could not perform this operation because
        the default mail client is not properly installed.I was going to ask a
        question about a movie.Thanks.

  9. So far, this is the only site where most people support Gal Gadot being WW. Can’t wait for Apolcalypse in First Class sequel already. Can only hope they include Mr. Sinister aswell in the franchise.

    • One reason why I come to his site only. I follow other sites on Facebook because they usually dish the news first and I am inpatient haha. But I only add my 2 cents here and read others.

      • @ LC

        Same here.

    • I don’t want to drop the word “educated” but this site doesn’t have the useless trolls who just bash everything possible. Long live SCREEN RANT! :)

  10. Finally saw Carrie….. It was pretty good. I’m very close to the original so it was fun watching it for the first time with an analytical eye. Great job specifically by Julianne Moore, who toned down a lot of Piper Laurie’s more outlandish turn.

    For those unsure… try pretending it isn’t a remake and pretend it’s either:

    -Chronicle 2


    -A secret X-men movie starring a mutant called Carrie that the prof didn’t get to in time.

    Suddenly the Carrie remake becomes awesome!

    Question for the open discussion guys then….

    What movie would you like to shoe-horn into another to create a shared universe?

    I always like to believe that the Matrix is the future of the Terminator franchise, as well as the Pixar shared universe theory.

    • @ mark

      Carrie was one remake I enjoyed which i hoped for because the original i was fond of aswell. Chloe Grace & Julianne Moore were great in their roles.

    • I saw Carrie as well. Same thoughts. If Jean Grey was never saved by Prof X, then she could be Carrie.

      In regards to The Matrix/Terminator crossover. Absolutely. Ive thought of that forever now.

      • And lets throw PRIMER in as the prequel.

    • Matrix/Terminator/ WITH the pixar shared universe theory haha.. I think you just made my day..

      I can’t think of a crossover as good as yours.. Well.. the obvious answer would be to shoehorn the Spiderman franchise into Avengers, or Xmen into Avengers or vice-versa. But I would shoehorn Star Wars into Star Trek (or vice-versa). It’d be cool to see how those universes would interact.

      • I bet at some point in the next 50 years Disney will tie Marvel and Stars together. There’s no technical reason why they couldn’t and it’d be super fun. I love shared universes.

        Jaws/Free Willy/Ecco The Dolphin

        • You just pull these crossovers out of thin air… its uncanny?!

        • Ecco the Dolphin reference!

          R.I.P. SEGA.

  11. What unique film has anyone seen before? For me it would be Gleaming The Cube. Because not many films were focused around someone on a skateboard & the while plot may be little back then & even more today, it was how far someone would go to prove his brother was murdered when everyone thought otherwise.etc.

    • Hey, I took my girlfriend to see that movie when it was in the theater. I enjoyed the film, but I didn’t get to see the entire movie until it came out on VHS. ;)

      Still, I agree with your point about the determination Slater’s character had. It reminds me of Rudy, where he is so determined never to give up and sacrifices/works hard to accomplish his dream.

      • @ $2

        Yea, it was on VHS when I first saw it. Made me wanna skateboard but never got the hang of it,lol. Loved the board Slater’s character had near the end. Another film I wished was on DVD is Rad which was a BMX racing film.

    • Either of Duncan Jones’ films. Both his directorial debut Moon, and his 2011 film Source Code are very unique and interesting to watch. They both feature protagonists that deal with isolation and question their percieved reality. I like movies like that. Memento is also like that. Kind of… More just the questioning reality part for Memento.

      Also Pan’s Labyrinth. Obviously I like that one for different reasons. For me it was everything Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland should have been imho.

      There are others.. But those are the unique films that came to mind when I read your post :) oooh! also Who Framed Roger Rabbit! love that one.. never seen anything else quite like it.

      • @ movieDude

        Dang it, I forgot about Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

        • @ Frank Castle

          Its a classic. :) I grew up on that show. Chris Lloyd always scared the crap out of me at the end haha..

          Have you seen the other ones I mentioned? They’re some of of my faves.

          • @ movieDude

            Indeed it is. Not only did I love the movie itself but the Roger Rabbit/Baby Herman shorts aswell,lol. Chris Lloyd didn’t scare me because I knew right off he was from the BTTF trilogy. But he was a awesome villain in cinema. I was shocked at his plot as agenda as Valiant and shocked to find out he was a toon when the others found out. ( He wasn’t no rabbit. Or a dog. Or a sheep. Or a real boy.) lol.

            To answer your other question. Probly only Mememto.

            • @ Frank Castle

              Cool Cool Cool.

              Yeah those shorts were pretty great, both the one that starts off the movie and the other ones. I believe there was one at the beginning of Honey I Shrunk the Kids? Possibly? Man that was like 16 years ago when I watched those. Hard to remember. Who Framed Roger Rabbit introduced me to Chris Lloyd, then I saw the Pagemaster, then later the BTTF trilogy. I watched everything out of order haha. But yeah if I would have known he was doc brown I prbly wouldn’t have been as freaked out. But gimme a break I was like 6! ;)

              • @ movieDude

                Yup, im the only one in my family who loves movies, even though I don’t get around to every one of them. Who does right? Yup,theres one in front of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. “Tummy Trouble” I think it was,lol.BTTF is one of the best trilogies I enjoyed. Pagemaster was ok. Did you like him in the two Addams Family films?

        • Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s 100% in my all-time top 50. Christopher Lloyd absolutely freaks me out in that!

          • Labyrinth’s a pretty unique experience IMO

          • @ mark

            Its one movie I could watch again & again anytime.

          • I have a tattoo of the crazy weasel.


  12. Why can’t I post comment on comic book articles ?
    Anyway lex Luthor as black ?
    Has there ever been a black lex Luthor in comic book history

  13. Good morning all……..

    Happy Friday!!

    Since about 2008, after Iron Man, and then The Incredible Hulk came out, I have had an atitude of total confidence in Marvel. What characters they made movies about, who they cast in those movies, etc. They haven’t let me down yet, with the slight exception of Iron Man 3 this year. However, I put that at he feet of Shane Black, but ultimately Marvel did hire him, so whatever.

    Call me crazy, but I’m beginning to get that same type of feeling toward WB/DC. I do not have total confidence in them yet, but it’s headed that way based on some of their recent moves, (they now have any architect in place with Goyer, a decent first effort at a shared universe with MoS, and IMO, some solid casting choices and they seem to have a plan laid out). I’m beginning to see the same type of confidence develop in them that I have in Marvel. I could be completely wrong, and Batman vs Superman might be awful, but I don’t think so and at the very least, I’m willing to wait until I actually see it, before I judge it. Even after that, if I don like it, it’s only my opinion, so who really cares.

    That being said……

    The latest casting choice of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman I found to be unexpected, but certainly not bad, as I have enjoyed her work in the past. I am really looking forward to seeing how she plays the character.

    However, after reading the articles here on SR, and against my better judgment, I decided to skim through some of the comments and I rediscovered why it was that I stopped commenting in anything except the OD. It was out of control and covered everything from chest size, to she’s to skinny, to she’s Jewish, and everything in between. Frankly, a lot of it was disgusting. It never used to be that way. 

    When I first came here in 2008, people were cordial; yes there were disagreements, but they were done respectfully. That has now eroded into name calling, harassing and deep personal attacks on other commenters and it mostly seems to center on WB/DC articles. Why? I don’t understand. 

    I won’t go as far as Dr. Mindbender and others that have said and say that there are planted commenters, (although I can certainly understand where he is coming from and don’t thnk he is delusional in that view), but SR has lost something it once had, a cordial community of respectful movie lovers, and it’s sad.

    Two last things.

    The OD still doesn’t show up on the mobile site and is there any chance there can be a member login in the future to cut down on this type of behavior in the comments?

     Sorry for the long rant/post, thanks for sticking with it until the end! :)

    • @ Stark

      Since Marvel Studios became a reality with Ironman, more & more confidence i had with them in their cinematic universe. As for WB/DC’s universe, it’s the samething, film by film. Each film had it’s likes/dislikes for me which im sure some people besides on here have. No reason to bash me or others for expressing them. Im just voicing my opinions.

      As for Gal Gadot, all i can say is i hope she delivers WW as Ben Affleck can deliever Batman for awhile. It’s not just Justice League on my mind, but solo franchises aswell.

      I agree years ago people can disagree with each other like adults. Now it’s resorted people being smarta$$es,personal attacks,etc. It seems to happen on WB/DC articles because if you don’t agree with something within the article, it stirs up the Marvel Vs. DC debates which get heated.

      I have to agree with Stark that SR’s community lost it’s respect of movie lovers.

    • Hey Stark.

      Since you took the time to reference me directly, I will only add this brief statement:

      Movies are a consumer product just like anything else. There is no reason whatsoever to think that this industry is exempt from gaming the system.

      • @ Dr. Mindbender

        I referenced you directly because, IMO, you were ahead of the curve on this and everybody laughed. I absolutely understand your position and reasoning behind, and you may very well be right, I’m just not all the way there yet in believing it, partially because I don’t want to. I do think however, at least from what I read, that you were pretty harshly ridiculed not only when you first mentioned this, but especially when you said it in the comments the other day and IMO unjustifiable. You’re not crazy, (at least not about this ;) JK!) something is strange with the WB/DC comments. The why and the how is what I can’t figure out.

        • Some things to watch for:

          -Sentiments claiming “no interest” that have the person who posted return to see if anyone responds, and then posts again. <— Behavior that contradicts the sentiment.

          -Posting the same thing multiple times, in a "page by page" fashion. Specifically, making sure your "opinion" is on the last page posted.

          -Archaeon ( LOL J/K Homie ;) Couldn't resist :D )

          • ;) You know me…I’m just Kofi.


            • If you’re Kofi then consider me Miles Davis.

              • It was an inside (though not really) joke on this very issue.

                Still…Heh-heh… :)

                • My bad. :/ haha

                  I just thought it was a funny half Billy Madison quote.

                  That did make me think tho when Dr Mindbender posted that thing about planted commenters. I could totally see that being real. I’d need substantial evidence before fully buying into it but it did made me think.

          • @ Dr. Mindbender

            To be honest, I don’t read every comment, actually I rarely read any, but if I do, I’ll look for those things. Archaeon isn’t a bad guy, he has an opinion just like the rest of us. The only difference with him is, his comments are on, well let’s just say, a diffrent level (read: intellectual level), if you will, than most are used to reading on threads like these. That is not a bad thing btw, it’s actually a good thing, if people appreciate it.

            • Stark…

              Thank you for the kind words. I know we do not always agree on various topics, but I’m glad we can remain civil and respectful of each other’s views. I have often smiled (this, in a film, would be one of those moments where’d I say while smirking, “You’ll never get me to say this in public”) when I’ve read your unbiased perspective on something and realized that, although you do have your clear love of a particular “side”, you are able to be fair-minded about a given subject. I appreciate that.


              • @ Archaeon

                You are correct, we don’t always agree, but that’s ok, there’s no “bad guy” here. Nobody agrees all the time, (how boring would that be!), but that doesn’t make anybody wrong. People take this stuff way to seriously sometimes.

                Thank you, but I wasn’t always fair-minded to be sure, however, I’d like to think I’ve grown some in that direction but I also realize I have more to go. I don’t think anybody loves both “sides” equally; some may have just grown up liking one more than the other. Everybody has their favorite but IMO the key is keeping an open mind about the other “side”. We only lose out if we don’t.

                Whether I’ve agreed with them or not, I have respected your views because they always seem well thought out and logical, (plus I can’t help but chuckle at some of your one liners), and will continue to do so.


    • +1000 and needs to be re-posted on every thread. Hope the moderator also sees this.

    • No kidding. I mean I just dropped my comment in the Lex Luthor rumor patrol thread and left lol. I already know all the comments would annoy the heck out of me.

    • SR was never going to be keep “the rest” at bay. It’s a growing website that WANTS viewers/readers, so it’s inevitable that you’ll get many kinds of opinions/responses.

      Yes, some of the Gal Gadot posts were utter garbage, but it’s representative of basic human nature doing the talking. I see some SR members try to “police” other posters, but I feel that it’s a waste of time, simply because you’re just “feeding” these posters into continuing their conversation.

      Same for the Marvel/DC arguments. I see the same rhetoric being said for phones, game consoles, etc. When you sit on one side of the fence, and it’s the only thing you see, you get a lot of lopsided arguments.

      What I do wish SR had was some capability of searching for specific posts by specific members (ie. a filtering capability). Forums would be nice, but I’m averse to logins of any kind, and I think logins would be required to do any of my suggestions justice.

    • Hey @ Stark

      regarding the WW casting, yeah there are a lot of dirtbags out there who are saying terrible unwarranted things about Gal Gadot. But some just had a different actress in mind for the character.

      Maybe you’ve already read it, but there was an interesting article about the hate and how people who legitimately disagree with the choice for reasons that aren’t racist or sexist are being ignored. You should check it out. Don’t be thrown off by the title.

      Personally I’m indifferent. She wouldn’t be my first choice but we’ll see how she looks all decked out for the movie further down the road.

      • @ movieDude

        I hear you and I’ll check out he link, thanks.

        The reality is, they haven’t shot one frame of film yet with her as WW, and she has already been condemned. For what, her physical attributes? How foolish. Lets get her in the outfit, get her on film, and THEN see if they made an error in casting her. We know nothing yet about how all of this will play out.

    • I, too, have noticed a trend of harsher (crazier?) respondents in the last few months. Admittedly, I have probably stoked that particular fire (okay…HAVE, no probably) by responding to them. I just have such a low tolerance for !d!ocy…sigh. I’m not excusing my part in the mess; I just wish it were more like the “old days” when I didn’t feel like I was undertaking some grand crusade just to deal with a bunch of dunderheads.

      ScreenRant has been great in dealing with the various problems that have arisen. Although we have not always agreed with them (or, more often, with each other), they have tried to stay on top of the garbage heap and tamp it down as much as possible. They have also (recently, after a certain antisemitic remark reared its despicably ugly head) reminded me that we can (and should) ALWAYS contact them about serious issues so they might reach them and deal with them more quickly. I promised to do so, as I know a number of you already do.

      Overall, I am still quite happy with coming here. The articles are interesting, the writers of those articles tend to be personable (or, at the very least, depending on the perspective being shared, patient), the Comments sections, DESPITE the !@#$*s, are still generally open atmospheres, and I even like (usually ;) ) the format of the site.

      Thank you, Stark for putting to “paper” what I’m betting a LOT of us (likely including the SR staff) have been thinking.

      THIS is why I love to return daily to this site.


      • @ Archaeon

        I was in your shoes, which is exactly why I stopped commenting on articles, I couldn’t help but fire back. Then I decided forget it and I stopped. It was quite freeing. With all do respect to you, you are a bit of a lighting rod, but IMO it’s because your a bit more intellectual than most and you’re going to get people that don’t like that for one reason or another. So be it, that’s not a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing and it doesn’t make your opinion any less valid just because you state it well, but it may make it/you a target.

        SR has done a nice job with controlling certain things, I agree. As this site grows, we (the regulars) are going to be faced with more crazies, I guess it’s just the way it is.

  14. i figure this might be the best place to post this with some guys on here have knowledge of, i have been searching for a website that is like a database for comicbooks and pricing, something that is free. Before i hand over my old comics to my nephew i would like to pull out the pricey ones before he ruins them, i want to pass down my collection to him.

    i would hate to drag boxes into a store and ask the guy working behind the counter

    hook me up if you can


    and what age do you guys believe is appropriate for comics from the 60- 90′s me and my brother have differing opinions!

    • Everything from 91-99 is pretty much worthless because of the speculator boom and crash. The 80′s stuff I’d keep any core books like Batman, Spider-man, avengers etc..

    • Try the Overstreet price guide. It’s not free, however, but it was the standard when I was collecting comics way back when.

      • That’s what I use. Amazon sells it for $22.71. It does have flaws (lots of ads, some errors/omissions), but overall, I find it to be a good resource. Keep in mind that what something may be worth and its current buying price are two different things entirely. (Duh.)

        • thank you

          i need to weed out the rare ones, i never considered them to be worth anything other then personal, till i talked to somebody at the gym

  15. If they ever (unlikely) make a Batman TV series, or feature him in Arrow, Flash or the planned Gotham City series, Scott Adkins is clearly the man. He also looks very much like Ben Affleck, so continuity could be somewhat maintained. Failing this, they really should use him for the stunts/fight scenes in Batman/Superman…. Need convincing? –

  16. What ever happened to ‘Robert Palmar’?

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I hope everything is okay.

    • I asked this same question a couple of days ago…I hope he’s alright.

  17. X-men DOFP, X-Men Apocalypse, X-Factor, Wolverine 3, Amazing Spiderman 2, Liu Ferrigno says Hulk solo sequel after Avengers 2 I am excitedly content. Namor and Inhumans needs to happen for sure.

  18. Spiderman 3, n 4 too man its almost too much to process lol

  19. Man Of Steel: Dark Horizon

  20. This is getting into really obscure comic book territory, but I hope the Doctor Strange film (or other Marvel films) show Agamotto in his “flaming blue tiger” form. Since Agamotto is one of the main sources of power of Dr. Strange it’s possible they could throw in that image somewhere in the film. Althought of course his Caterpillar form is more iconic to the character.