Open Discussion – December 5, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 5, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 5, 2011

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  1. I’m guessing this week is going to be a sloooow news week.

    • Link? :)

      • Huh?

        • Just a joke. As in “I need a link for proof it will be a slow news week.”

  2. Finally got to see Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and I loved it ha seriously a good time, would’ve been perfect to watch on Halloween

    • Great movie, was laughin so hard during that movie.

  3. So who’s excited for snow and Christmas? :) also wish list anyone?

  4. Is anybody watching “The Fabric of the Cosmos” on PBS? I think that is the name of the show..I was just wondering how it is and if it’s worth picking up on video..

    • Christmas Vacation is my favorite holiday movie. Followed closely by Scrooged.

      Frank Cross: I want to see her nipples.
      Censor Lady: But this is a CHRISTMAS show.
      Frank Cross: Well, I’m sure Charles Dickens would have wanted to see her nipples.

      Trapped in Paradise, a Christmas Story, and Bad Santa are also some of my favorites.

    • I think “Hallelujah, Holy S***!” about sums it up. lol

    • We’ll be updating our staff Christmas favorites post soon. :)


  5. I only have one “A Christmas Story”. “I wanna Red Ryder BB Gun!!!” “No, you’ll shoot your eye out!”

  6. Did anyone catch the Neverland miniseries last night on Syfy? Rhys Ifans plays Hook and is probably the top two incarnations of Hook along with Jason Isaacs.

    • It was an interesting take on the Peter Pan story…an odd take. I really loved the interpretation of Tinkerbell.

      “A planet…Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning…”

      I’ll be watching part two tonight to see how they bring it more in line with the story so many know and love…

      • I am on the first part and recording part two tonight. Is Keira Knightly Tinkerbell?

        • Her voice is, not her body.

    • The first time was kinda “laggy” (it was a little slow and when I clicked on the “next” button to go to the #1 “favorite teacher” the page didn’t respond)
      -Second time I tried it though, the new format worked perfectly. (it’s a lot better than having to endlessly scroll down)

      Thanks for making screenrant even more awesome Vic :D

      • Thanks for the feedback. :)


  7. The greatest Christmas movie of all time….

    Die Hard. :-)

  8. My three most-loved Christmas films are: “A Christmas Story”, the animated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, and (more of a guilty pleasure, really) “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”.

  9. Since we’re on the subject of Christmas films, what exactly makes a film a “Christmas movie”? Does it have to be set during Christmas, or about Christmas? Or both?

    If it has to be set during Christmas, then Die Hard, Batman Returns, Friday After Next, The Long Kiss Goodnight, etc. are all Christmas films.

  10. I finally got around to watching X-Men: First Class via Netflix. People might remember that I was angry about this movie in my comments here, and then I was rebuked for not first trying it before saying my piece, so I haven’t said anything more about it since. I wasn’t going to give it any of my money, but Netflix, I can do that.

    After seeing it… yeah, it’s a good film. I can’t argue that. Fassbender and McAvoy both did a remarkable job on their characters. Kevin Bacon was a very good Shaw, and I liked the girl who played Mystique, too. And the story was very interesting and involving from start to end. Good action and special effects, too.

    The X-Men did get its start in the 60′s, so I was okay with that, despite it not being the same cast… the older movies already kind of ruined that, anyway. The Hellfire Club DID kinda seem 60′s so I accepted that too, and they made for good antagonists. And the re-imagining of Magneto and Prof X’s origins and meeting, honestly, were so well done that I liked it. Moira MacTaggert WAS one of Prof X’s earliest lovers, and was also the one who gave the team its name, so her part was appreciated. Beast being part of the original team helped the transition to the re-imagining of the X-Men’s origins a little bit. I found it clever that they found a way to explain his “Beast” look in an easy-to-understand way as well. Banshee was one of the older characters in the X-Men comics, so I was fine with a younger version. Ditto with Azazel being there as he WAS Nightcrawler’s predecessor (and this version was honestly better done than in the comics, some of the worst X-Men stories ever told). Azazel being in Magneto’s group with Mystique at the end was a nice way to allow us to imagine that they someday might father Nightcrawler. The other kids, I didn’t care much about, but didn’t mind them being there. Angel was obviously Pixie’s predecessor, so that was cool. Darwin had a cool power (too bad it didn’t help avoid his fate).

    Havok no longer being Cyclops’ younger brother, THAT I found very grating. And still do. I guess they’re trying to say that Alex Summers is now Scott’s father, instead of Corsair. I don’t mind the Starjammers, which Cyke’s father led, being excluded from the movies – they’re a whole other concept. But I still find it annoying that they had to involve Alex at all – they easily could have saved him for a later movie that involved Cyke.

    If they HAD left Havok out of it, I think I would have been very much content with this film and re-imagining. As it is, it makes me sad that they felt like they HAD to muck around with the comics so much. Havok’s involvement alone makes the comic book nerd in me refuse to support the movie by buying it, because I don’t want to encourage any further significant changes to the history of one of the best comic books out there.

    But I do wish all comic book movies were as well written and done as XM:FC was, I’ll give it that.

  11. I used to have favorite Christmas films, until I took an arrow to the knee.

    LOL. sorry, I’m trying to stop with that. I might have a problem. haha

    But seriously, I’m a little surprised no one mentioned “Elf.” One of my favorite Christmas films.

    *I just recently discovered this website for myself. Awesome place. People seem to be generally cool.

  12. Favorite Christmas Christmas movie would have to be Christmas vacation. Favorite movie that has nothing to do with Christmas but just centered around that time Lethal Weapon.

    Of course a very Harold&Kumar Christmas might just be my new favorite. I’ll have to watch it again in 2D to see if it still holds up.

    • That looks like it might be funny. I hope they don’t drop the ball with it. There are soo many christmas movies that are just not funny.. Passion of the christ for example. jk