Open Discussion – December 31, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 31, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 31, 2012

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  1. happy new year!!!

    • I just saw a game trailer on my ^cough^ copy of The Dark Knight Rises ^end cough^ It was a game called “Injustice: Gods amog us” ad it looked freaky awesome! Gonna hafta play it.

      • Been waiting on anxiously on this game since I saw it at E3, looks very promising. By the guys who do Mortal Kombat. Love the Flash’s finishing move.

        When does it come out? February or March?

        • Injustice: Gods Among Us releases in April 2013, I can’t wait to play it!!

      • @supere d.

        That’s the one that should’ve been made when I was still playing games. I had to put up with that garbage “MK vs. DC Universe” nonsense. Two worlds that NEVER should’ve been crossed over.

        • You ever play “Batman Arkum asylum”? best ever.

          • Agreed. I wish Superman could get a game that good

            • @il prince

              Fat Chance! HAHAHA!!

    • I disagree a even better movie than a justice league one would be a Suicide Squad movie! Seriously it would have Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Black Spider, Bane, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang and Amanda Waller.

      • Sadly the dc universe trailer is much better than the game. Not a bad game tho. Arkham city is amazing.

        • @Trey

          I agree, but can you really imagine them doing a game that great. I can’t which is why I suggested that they do a movie using action scenes, & stories that are similar to that video.

          • Id like that high octane no holds barr villian vs hero fighting.

  2. Just saw The Hobbit this weekend, and loved it! My favorite movie of the year! Honestly don’t know why it only garnered a 65% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I believe much of the criticism is without merit. The only two things I would have changed…the fight between the rock monsters in the mountains seemed extraneous (although I understand that it was a result of evil, in the Necromancer, coming into and permeating the world), and the Goblins King’s comment, “That’ll do it,” just before his death was foolish. Other than that, the movie is a great first installment for the coming trilogy and a great companion piece to The Lord of the Rings.

    • By the way, after close to three weeks in play, it has made around 700 million at the box office worldwide, so it is obviously being enjoyed by most of the fans. We’ll see if it breaks the 1 billion mark in the weeks to come.

  3. I watched Superman vs The Elite and say its one of the top dc animated movies. Its basically a slow grinding on superman that leads to a turn that had me giggling.

    • @Cody.

      Animation was subpar though.

      • yeah.. well…story makes up for it.

        • @Cody

          I only like it when I feel that “The Big Guy” is really being challenged by his adversary. In this case the so call “Elite” didn’t really give me the impression that they could get THE ULTIMATE JOB done when trying to take out the Man of Steel.

          • They were more entertaining for me than darkseid or brainiac or doomsday etc etc because they were a threat to his idealism and had the world on their side. And how he comes on top by doing “their way” becomes the perfect foil to them and their irresponsible use of power.

            • @Cody

              Idealism?! What the heck are you talking about?! To tell you the truth……that movie SUCKED big time! lol

              Call me when DC creates “real” supervillians for him to fight. HAHAHA!!

              • “Idealism?! What the heck are you talking about?! ”

                -that is why you fail….(shakes head)

                Making a stronger enemy for superman is pointless(as he is the strongest) and makes things ridiculous on a dragon ball z scale

                “I can blow up planets”
                “oh yeah I can blow up a solar system”
                “well oh yeah I can blow up the galaxy!”
                “Oh yeah I blow up the universe!!!”

                Its meaningless….

              • Oh I just realized you were trolling me…never mind.
                I dare not argue with “The Truth”….

                • @cody? or maybe it’s cory

                  To tell you the truth you shouldn’t make fun of anyones’ favorite fictional character knowing that your admiration for the Dark Knight is nothing more than an allusion used to mask who you really love………Plastic Man!

                  He’s fake(plastic),corny & boring. Just the way you like’em. lol

                  • My name is cody, I wasnt making fun of any hero and I wasnt even talking about batman and wtf are you even talking about?
                    you are the worst troll ever…

                    • Well being hes a fictional character hes the strongest depending on the writer. And obviously supes can be killed but your complaint was that the elite werent a threat and being that they are physical fighters(even with psychic and magic powers) and dont have kryptonite on them that is what you implied in arguing with me.
                      My point = even more valid
                      Yours = Invalid

                      lol that jerk.

    • i watched batman:year one the other day on netflix. i thought it was pretty good. it made batman look like a throwback to his premeir in the comics, especially when they showed him in profile. very good acting and the animation was great

    • That sounds like a big but fun and awesome change. Best of luck to ya, Jeff!

  4. Hey screenrant,

    When are you guys gonna post your 2013 movie preview list?

    • Nick,

      We’re shooting for by the end of the first week of January.

    • head forward for sci-fi year

    • I predict that I am going to enjoy all those movies you mentioned, but yet there will be countless people on here claiming they stink, that JJ ruined Star Trek, etc.

  5. Okey, so i just saw both seasons of Shorlock, and i have two questions.

    1: Why can not we, in the US of A, have awesome Tv shows? Why do the brits have all the fun? (at the same time I realise there are some awesome american shows too…)

    Anybody get something i might have missed in the final episode? he looked pretty dead on the sidewalk… and pretty lively in the graveyard.

    • We have plenty of awesome tv shows, boardwalk empire, the wire, breaking bad and walking dead to name a few. I love sherlock and luther

    • I’m sure there are crummy shows in the UK as well. In addition to the shows Trey mentioned, there is Blue Bloods, Arrow & Raising Hope to name a few more. Unfortunately, scripted network TV shows are becoming a dying breed being replaced with garbage like American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

    • the theory i agree with is ******************possible spoilers***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

      he landed on that truck (lorry) full of those blue tarps (you see it drive away as watson comes over to where sherlock is) and rolled off on the pavement, and the chick from the lab had some of her hospital friends cart him off on the stretcher.

      also, i think the US show Elementary is a very good adaption of the SH mythos. i dont feel it is a rip off of the bbc show at all. what is a stark contrast to what she has portrayed in the past is lucy liu. she is amazing on this show, and she really is a talented actress. i’m almost done with ally mcbeal on netflix, and she is a riot on that show

  6. Every year my Christmas is ruined by Tarantino for not releasing the Whole Bloody Affair (Kill Bill, the Complete Cut).

    Not really guys, I had a great Christmas, and hope all of you did as well, but I really do hope each year that we get word of a release date…

  7. I hope everyone has a happy and safe welcome into 2013!

    I haven’t been able to see everything I’ve wanted, but here are my favorite films of the year, in no order:

    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part I
    The Avengers

    • Perks of being a wallflower, dkr, life of pi
      Beast of the southern wild and les misrables for me.

      • TDKR, The Hobbit, The Grey, Prometheus, Skyfall, & The Expendables 2 to name a few.

        • Ooh the grey glad to see it wasnt forgotten.

  8. Just wanna wish all you ranters and all the staff at screenrant a happy and safe end of the year celebration. As 2012 comes to a close(15hrs left) I look forward to 2013′s movie lineup.

    • +1
      Here in South Africa we only have about 6.5 hrs left, so I’ll be off in a short while to go have some fun tonight!

      I hope all you guys enjoy your New Year’s celebration!
      See ya’ll in 2013!

  9. If they made a drinking game where you have to drink a shot after every N-word in Django, you’d be clinically dead.
    Awesome movie though!

    • @manowar

      What’s really sad is that “people” who actually speak that way nowadays(even in the 21st century……jeeez!)except that specific word being used in every day conversations. Pisses me the hell off all the time, & I’m a black american as well……go figure!

      • Same here man, I hate it to. However, i myself am guilty of a different kind of racism. Growing up in Michigan, i learned early “If you are not dutch, you are not much”…

        Sorry to those who are not dutch…

      • @Broadway.

        I do not like the word myself, as a person of mixed race. But given the period the movie is set in, those were the times.

        Sad, but true.

        • I lived in texas, and its far to commen of a word that gets thrown around. Its awful and pathetic that its a word thrown around still.

          • @Jeff

            I agree with both of you. It did have it’s place(as far as those times were concerned)but to still be using it now only makes the individual(s) that choose to use it look less intelligent than they think they are. Not to mention it shows that they have a small vocabulary of words to work with.

      • I despise any word used to denigrate a race. I am also black and I try to teach my kids that words like this are absolutely wrong. Those words are horrible.

    • We played a drinking game involving The Big Lebowski. Every time someone says the word “man” we had to take a drink of our white russian. Ive never finished the movie while playing.

        • But what do you drink in that game to make it authentic?

          • Alcohol that begins with J

            Jim Bean, Jack Daniels, Jose Curvoes(sp) Johnny Walker.

  10. Does anyone else think that there should be a Suicide Squad movie? I mean with a dark and grittier tone (Nolan tone)?

  11. Who is more Awesome? (character round)

    Patrick Jane (from the “Mentalist”) or Sherlock Holmes (from “Sherlock”)

    • Easy… Sherlock Holmes.

      • Benidict cumberbatch, the greatest name in hollywood.

        • Does not beat NASCAR Driver

          Dick Trickle.

          • Or Rip Torn. ;-)

            • Did see a wedding announcement once

              The Butte and Kissen wedding.

              I nearly crashed on that one.

              • +1

      • No contest.

  12. I just completed the game “Dishonored” and with only a few hours left it’s officially my Game of the Year 2012. Absolutely amazing. Fantastic setting, fantastic gameplay, fantastic visuals, fantastic controls, fantastic story and fantastic voice actors (Susan Sarandon, Michael Madsen and ChloĆ« Grace Moretz), amongt others.

    The Walking Dead comes in second. It’s excellet as well, but more of an interactive animated movie than an actual game.

    Anyway: Happy New Year, fellow Screenranters. Try and don’t drink too much or you’ll regret it tomorrow. ;)

  13. Happy New Year to everyone currently in 2013.

    Happy New Year to be to everyone else.

    My New Years Resolution and declaration.

    1. Will not refer to any movie as being dark and gritty. Instead I will refer to it as Lacking sufficient Light and Mildly Coarse.

    2. I here fore announce. First Trailer for Justice League will not arrive at all in 2013.

    3. I promise not to say I told you so to anyone who thinks its Khan.

    4. I promise not to use the word idiot to anyone who thinks That Ryan Reynolds should reprise his role as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.

    5. I promise not to give into my wife’s desire to have “One More Child?” If any of you should however feel free to knock my wife up, because she is starting to miss the sound of babies crying…feel free!

    6. I will most likely die after that last resolution.

    Well that’s it!

  14. Hey Vic and co. I’ve got a suggestion of a new feature to add to the site: An upcoming movies list/calendar.

    Essentially, I was thinking that it’s hard to keep of track of all of the big movies coming out in the coming months, and in the next few summers, so I think it would be convenient to have all of it in one place. In an upcoming movies page. It could be designed as a calendar layout format, where you can go month by month. Or maybe just a list format, where each month has a header, and with each weekend the movies being released are listed. Plus, the movie titles could be links to the movie info pages that you guys recently started. Comicbookmovie does something similar on their site, and that’s partially where I got the idea from.

    What do you guys (and fellow ranters) think?

    • You could also add a parenthetical statement or an asterisk if a movie is just rumored to be on that date, but not confirmed.

    • I think that is a FANTASTIC idea, ezra!! Maybe add it to the top menu so it can be clicked on.

  15. I don’t think anyone else has mentioned this, so RIP Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Supercar, UFO, Space: 1999 and more happy childhood memories than I can safely recount, who died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 83 on Wednesday 26th December. There’s a maxim about not meeting your heroes because they’ll inevitably seem a letdown in the flesh. Well, I did meet him briefly once and he didn’t disappoint: I found him modest, hardworking, passionate about his craft, and a true gentleman with a perpetually optimistic vision of the future. We’ll not see his like again.

    Happy New Year to everyone here at Screen Rant, both on the boards and behind the scenes. Best wishes for 2013.

    • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I was a big fan of space: 1999, still am.

      and Hapy New Year Screenrant!

  16. Hey ranters!
    Hope you guys have a great day and a new year!!

    What are you guys list of “movies I must watch 2013″?

    • @Ant-Mad

      Every & anything related to comics. Yeah!!

  17. @Broadway
    Yes indeed anything related to superhero movies will do us good lol. My most anticipated superhero movie would have to go to Man of Steel :)

    • @Ant-Mad

      Yes! They(DC)are waaaaayyy over due when it comes to giving us a great Superman movie(I’m looking at you Superman 3,4, & Returns even though the story was okay the action still stunk which is why Bryan Singer should have never left X-Men in the first place even though those movies are now also lame, & let me just stop rambling on & on right now or else I will never stop.)

      • Returns had a couple of very good action scenes, IMHO; the plane scene I felt was the best and the scene where he’s walking into a firing gatling gun was also very good.

        • Yes, the plane rescue and when he’s flying through the city saving people at random while going to the K island. Those are the only parts of the movie worth watching.

          • @il prince

            I completely agree il p. Now………Give us Man of Steel dammit!!!

      • @Broadway
        Haha this year will be great due to the movies coming out. Yeah I do agree with you even tho I actually liked Sup Returns, but it was a let down with the action.

    • @Kahless
      Those are the exact scenes I loved lol. Other than that it was all not too great.

    • @K.T.U. (cool, your acronym looks like a school)

      I agree that those scenes gave me goose bumps(at least the plane scene did) but my idea of action is when people are getting their blocks knocked off. Obviously that couldn’t happen there, because Supes was the only “super being” in the entire movie. If he had fought Luthor he would have definitely killed him, or at least sent him to the hospital for a very long time. That’s why “SUPER VILLIANS” should always be in Supermans’ films. He needs someone to hit.

  18. i better be in wolverine’s movie ‘cuz if not…

        • @emma cold

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness!!
          Now you’re really making my sides hurt from all this laughter!!!
          You should quit while you’re not ahead if you think for one moment that anyone gives a darn about a second rate nobody named “FROST”.

          • dude, chill. my movie’s already getting made. and it’s called “FROZEN”. so ha! and i am not emma frost. i am the white queen/aka snow queen.

              • really? the rock is ur fave? how lame. with the lamest catch phrase too. :P he’s a joke now. anyway, i don’t give a damn about the 2 actresses that played emma frost ‘cuz they FAILED! what they need is a better emma frost! (that resembles the one from wolverine & the x-men) but seeing as that ain’t happenin…oh well! what matters now is that FROZEN gets made ‘cuz at least there will be a snow/white queen. seeing how snow white & the huntsman proved to be a “success”, what are the chances for “FROZEN”? oh, lemme guess. no one will care! right?

                  • what a joke YOU are becoming. u call urself a fan? u admire the rock just for the money he makes? so what if he makes tons of $$$? u’d think i care? so do u admire him for being the tooth fairy? ha ha! u make me laugh! yeah, of course the rock is a joke now and many agree too. as for the last part of ur rant, i have no idea what u said. so feel free to clarify yourself to make urself feel better.

  19. my fave movies of 2012:

    - the avengers
    - dark knight rises
    - snow white and the huntsman
    - dredd 3d

    that is all.

  20. loki vs bane, batman vs dredd, thor vs huntsman, um talia vs ma-ma, black widow vs catwoman…

    • UMM…Er…Thor and The Huntsman are the same actor.

      He would be beating himself.

  21. can’t wait for thor 2. one thing’s for sure: this year is gonna be torture ‘cuz of the wait :/ so, any final thoughts before speculating towards the epic build-up on dark world, screenranters?

    • @thorloki

      “You know who” at the end credits of The Avengers gets his “prized possession” back from Odins’ Relic Shrine before making his grand debut in Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Then crushes those pathetic second rate nobodys before appearing(finally in full form instead of a cameo)on the grandest stage of 2015………The Avengers 2(or whatever the heck they’re going to call it)

  22. @Broadway

    To continue a previous thread (Bruce Willis Vs Schwarzenegger, Vs Stallone), I threw in Kurt Russell.

    You said he didn’t count because he doesn’t have any franchises, well he does have one, ‘Escape From New York, Escape From LA’, only 2 films but still a franchise playing Snake Plisken, ‘Call me Snake’.

      • But you do agree, they are a franchise, bad as they are.

        But I’d still like to see Russell and Willis do something together, we already saw Stallone and Russell in Tango and Cash, and that wasn’t a great film either.

        Now the gang is together in the Expendables franchise, maybe they can get Kurt Russell in there! Haaa!!

        • @Pedro

          No No. I wasn’t saying both were bad just the L.A. sequel(according to most people)& yes it is a franchise, but my point from the other day was that top level franchises are what elevates these guys to the superstar status they eventually achieve. That’s why you really can’t put Kurt with the rest of those three guys, because he hasn’t learned what that experience feels like yet. Don’t be surprised however if he does happen to show up in the 3rd expendables movie. Sly is trying to make phone calls to almost any & everybody to show up seeing that this is the last of the trilogy.

          • Bring on Bill Cosby!

            • What????!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  23. Happy New Year.


    Now I get to have a normal job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wait…sad Now :(

    Well Anyway Screen Ranters…Happy New Year!

    • Same to you, have a Rantastic New Year.

  24. Happy New Year guys!!!

  25. Everyone on this site is amazing, poster,writers, and all. Just want to take this time right now to say my appreciation for all the hard work that everyone on this site does and hope it continues to do well in the future!