Open Discussion – December 31, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 31, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 31, 2012

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  1. @ “The Truth” ok, for some reason, ur last comment doesn’t have a reply button, so imma just comment over here then. so as i was sayin…lol, i don’t “worship” anybody. obviously, u do. i admire ppl. and the ones i do aren’t “trash” as you say. as for the tooth fairy…lol, got nuthin’ to say about that? ha! ‘cuz u ain’t got nuthin’ on that! as for casting for emma…of course it can make a huge difference if emma’s included. gosh, what do u know about her anyway? i suggest u dig in deeper into her character profile ‘cuz all u rant about is about the “trash” she is. u don’t know sh*t! what the x-men franchise needs is a strong female-lead character and emma is just that. go watch “wolverine and the x-men” 26-ep (i think) and then come back here again to rant some more, m’kay? :)

    • @just em & em or skittles

      Worship?! I never said anything about ME worshipping anybody. Your wires must be crossed or something. Whether You worship or “Admire” anyone still doesn’t matter because they(just like em & emma frost bite)are still meaningless & irrelevant to any & everything related to hollywood. If you go back & read CAREFULLY at what my last reply said I clearly did mentioned “The Fairy” movie. Comprende poor va voor?!!

      • u just mentioned it (THE TOOTH FAIRY) but didn’t back him up or anything, RETARD! U DID MENTION WORSHIP, WHICH I SAID I DIDN’T. GOSH, READ UR OWN POST. and i like eminem (and m&m’s too). and skittles…eh. by the way, ur spanish sucks – “poor va voor?!” – really?!

        • @Ah who cares

          “I love the Rock because unlike the people you obviously worship”

          That quote means that the former(that’s me)LIKES the Rock. While the latter(that’s you)WORSHIPS crappy movie stars.

          “As far as “The Fairy”…….you mean that LOW rate film that made a HIGH amount of cash? That tooth fairy is what you’re refering to?”

          What that means(again)is you took a cheap shot at a cheap movie even though it made millions of dollars which makes you look stupid(again).

          Learn how to READ first & COMPREHEND before you just end up making yourself look like a dumba** to tell you “the truth”. Comprende pour va voir?!! (That means do you understand………A**CLOWN!)

          • will see for?

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  2. 16 minutes until 2012 is over! (for me). for those of you already in the new year, hows it looking?

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Happy New Years, Screenrant and fellow Ranters! The internet still works so everyone can keep calm and continue having a wonderful evening!

  4. Awkward Moment in life. When you know you are old.

    When you go to a New Year Eves Party.

    Invitational only.

    And 2 of your children were invited because they were of legal age.

    • At what point in time do you turn “father mode” off?

      • At the moment you stop breathing and they declare you dead.
        Now if you put in contingencies then it can be extended.

        • Hahaha!

          • How was your New Years Eve my friend?

            • Spent it here at the office. Had the NYC NYE with the wife before driving to work. We watched the ball drop before I drove to work. I guess that’s a perk of the west coast lol. And yours?

              • New Years Eve at my Sisters House, invitational only. She is all snobby like that.

                Then at around 3am, Me and the Wife, our two daughters,three of my sisters a couple of life long friends, hit up the Denny’s

                Nothing like Hitting Denny’s and dropping 500 dollars on breakfast and coffee.

                • That was the place to go to sober up back in the day lol. That or Waffle House. We had one here at ASU that would sell booze. I miss that one. Pancakes and Corona. Mmmmm mmmm

      • Was quite funny. We mingle. Daughter Samantha and Amanda come over and start talking sports.

        Wife and her friends are talking. One of the women say ” Look at those two bimbos hanging on your husband.”

        To Which the Wife Responds.” Hey those Bimbos are our two of our children!”

        Well when the Ball dropped, you know you suppose to kiss someone, well I got my wife, but it was hard to kiss her when she was looking at to see who her babies were gonna kiss..

        • “but it was hard to kiss her when she was looking at to see who her babies were gonna kiss..”

          Id figure that would be you ha!

          • Ah, when your kids get older, especially when you have girls.
            Fathers never worry about their daughters, if they raised them to respect themselves and when they get to that point where you stop treating them like children, and young adults, and talk to them.

            You do not have to worry about them growing up and having daddy issues which lead them to Strip Clubs, Pole and Lap Dancing.

            • I’m good with just my son. But I know the wife wants a daughter. Scares me half to death. But a happy wife is a happy life.

              • Took me fourth try to get the boy.

                Was getting nervous. Girl, Twins Girl, Girl and then the Boy.

                Now the Little Lady wants another.

                To quote Roger Murtagh “Im getting to old for this S–T!”

                • i have a son in college, my daughter is a senior in high school, and youngest son freshman in high school. daughter started her first job 3 weeks ago working for the theater down the street from here. looks like i will get to see all the films i want in the theater this year for free. i recently got her to watch the extended LOTR trilogy, and was surprised she loved it so now we are going to see the hobbit soon on one of her off days

                  • I have one working on her MBA
                    2 Twins one is an aspiring actress, her sister is studying to be a veterinarian. Daughter #4 is a cadet at the Naval Academy.

                    5th, and Final the one I like to call “The Boy” he is a mischievous imp with a gift for computers and science and he is only 8. And he has already learned how to tick off his sisters with ease.

                    • My 8 mth old is learning how to stand and walk before he can properly crawl. He has the leopard crawl down to a T but doesn’t care to get much higher lol. And as of a few days ago, he learned how to throw a tantrum. So far, it just creates laughter.

  5. Ah,2013, year of some big movies coming up, such as IM3 and Steelman.

  6. Day 1 of my Post-Full Time US Coastguard duties.

    Starz has Unrated Version of The Raid-Redemption.


  7. Happy New Year, I’m picking up Looper on Blu-ray today :D

    • Finally!! A movie that Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually starred in that didn’t have clowns dressing up in “Bat” suits pretending to be “real” heroes that were directed by hack job directors. Oh Happy Day…….Oh Happy Day……..Oh Happy Day. When J.G.L……….When J.G.L……..finally realized that starring in a “good” movie actually meant something. la da da da da yeah yeah yeah wooo woooo wooo.

      • jeffro moves far away from the truth as the flame war is about to begin!

        • jeffro…

          Don’t worry; The “Truth” is not at all worth engaging in any sort of manner. I’m almost saddened that Emma, above, wasted any of her time arguing with a troll.


          • I guess she thought she could handle the truth! ;)

            • Heh-heh…

  8. Happy New Year Ranters!!

    • Happy new year Andy and the other ranters!

  9. I am happy to say I started my cinematic 2013 out on an excellent note: I watched “Les Miserables”. It was wonderful–visually stunning (and, in places, quite clever), beautifully acted, and very well sung (yes, Russell Crowe was the weakest of the singers, but even HIS singing worked, for the most part, throughout the film). The film called forth the best elements of the source novel AND the musical. If the film and Jackman and Hathaway are not, at least, nominated for Oscars, I will be stunned; the two actors were brilliant in their respective roles. I also found the various child actors amazing, and Samantha Barks portrayed a superb (appropriately tragic) Eponine.

    I was happy when the film ended…but for the BEST reasons.

    • I don’t mind the moderation program double-checking my comment…I appreciate the reasoning. I AM curious, however, about what word or phrase activated it…? The only negative word I used was “weakest”, and it was not even used as an insult.


  10. Forgotten Sci Fi

    Two of my favourite S/F films which I don’t see anyone mention whenever the topic is covered:

    Outland – Sean Connery plays a Federal Marshall, the law on a mining colony on Jupiter’s moon IO, quite enjoyed this film. Basically a remake of High Noon, when he discovers a drug operation and interferes he becomes a target with no one willing to help. Quite enjoyed Peter Boyle as the manager of the mine who doesn’t seem to do any work, just plays ‘Astro Golf’ (can’t remember the actual name of it), a virtual golf game.

    Directed by Peter Hyams who is responsible for quite a lot of good films (Capricorn One, The Presidio, 2010: The Year We Make Contact)

    EnemyMine – Terrific film with Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. Gossett plays a Drak, a reptilian alien, the Draks are at war with Earth over territorial claims for fertile planets.

    For me the performances from both Quaid and Gossett are brilliant (Gossett in particular as the Drak), the special effects are excellent as they are pre-CGI and hold up very well, as does the Drak makeup. Starts out as an action film (space dogfight is rather effective) but becomes a bit like Robinson Crusoe or Hell in The Pacific. Two characters, totally alien from each others point of view somehow find common ground, and finally friendship.

    Directed by Wolfgang Petersen who brought us the brilliant Das Boot (also Shattered, In The Line of Fire, Outbreak, Airforce One, Troy, Poseidon)

    Do you have any ‘forgotten’ sci fi films that like?

    • *that you like?*

      Edit button, pleaaaaaaaaaze!!

    • Yes for enemy mine!

    • Enemy Mine’s a great one, Pedrosaurus. A few I can think of:-

      The Ultimate Warrior – made in 1975, set in 2012 New York after a worldwide plague. Max von Sydow, leader of a group of survivors, enlists the help of Yul Brynner – in full shirtless knife-fighter mode – to defend his commune against another mob led by William Smith playing a villain called Carrot (I kid you not). Directed by Robert Clouse of Enter The Dragon fame.

      Phase IV – 1974 movie not dissimilar in tone to The Andromeda Strain about a group of scientists in the Arizona desert studying, and eventually trying to communicate with, a super-intelligent ant colony. Only film ever directed by graphic designer and Hitchcock titles man Saul Bass.

      Primer – any excuse to rattle on about this one. Shane Carruth wrote, produced, directed, scored and starred in what is, to me at least, the finest film ever made about time travel. Bar none. On a budget of $7000. Tragically, he hasn’t been able to get anything else properly financed in the nine years since, which is scandalous bearing in mind what the studios will repeatedly throw MILLIONS at. He did work in some capacity on the recent Looper, though.