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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 30, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 30, 2011

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  1. Saw IM4 and SH2 last night. Both really fun and excellent movies. If pushed however, would have to give the nod to SH2.

    Oh … and morning Ranters!

    • SH2 was really good. MI4 was cool, but I’m not really a fan of that series.

    • Will MI4 make sense if I’ve seen only the first MI?

      • I only saw the first before seeing this one. And there is a minor subplot to the film that would have helped to have seen the earlier films, but it wasn’t important enough to ruin the watching experience.

        • Thanks, Ink.

          • You should watch M:I:III just because it was the best in the series (Until Ghost Protocol came out)

    • I enjoyed both MI4 & SH2 and by the way both ended looks like there may be a sequel to both.

    • I totally agree.
      Both were awesome (in their own way), but if I had to pick one, I’d definitely go with SH2: it was just more fun IMO – the chemistry between the characters were better (which means the humor felt more “real”), the action was pretty good (especially all the slow-mo shots), and the plot… well what can I say, it felt a lil’ bit unreal at times (plastic surgery, huge-ass guns and highly accurate sniper rifles — none of those were particularly effective until the 20th century), but other than that, it was basically the story that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in the books (which is awesome IMO)

      I can’t wait for SH3 (or MI5)

  2. 2 days and no new movie news, I need my fix Vic.

    • I concur… yesterday was a slow work day, and I kept hitting refresh hoping for somthing new, and nothing…

  3. I loved the Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo remake soo much that I went and checked out the original trilogy. I have to say that I enjoyed it very much. Hornet’s Nest was a little dull, but was still enjoyable.

  4. So what was the greatest comic book movie moment of 2011?

    and the worst?

    • Seeing Thor’s helmet was a cool moment.
      I did not enjoy seeing Hal Jordan’s costume. I guess I expected more.

      • Speaking of Thor I thought it was pretty awesome when he placed his hammer on Loki’s chest.

      • @ e-weezy

        Same here. I actually wish to see Thor wearing that helmet in The Avengers or Thor 2. It was nicely made aswell as Loki’s & Odin’s.

    • Saw an Aussie movie called Sleeping Beauty, let’s just say this isn’t for kids. And for the first time in my life I felt uneasy whilst watching a movie. Although she gives a brilliant performance I wonder what the actress must have thought when she was presented with some of the scenes by the director.

    • Sorry dude. Didn’t mean to post my previous comment as a reply to your question……. F***ing iPad!!!!

    • Best IMO has to be when a tiny steve rogers turns into captain america

      worst? most likely the anti climatic fight between thor and the destroyer, GL costume and no body is filming deadpool movie at this moment :(

    • Everytime Hiemdall spoke.

    • i would have to say when Caesar spoke for the first time. I know that’s not technically a CBM but it was epic. Also when magneto said, “actually I prefer magneto. ” also I loved the hawkeye cameo in Thor but I loved the whole breakin scene anyways.

      As for the worst
      Idk I guess I’d have to go with idk.

    • Best: Stan lee in Thor

      Worst: There was no motivation for Sinestro to turn yellow.

      tie for worst: the performances of Blake Lively (GL) and Natalie Portman (Thor)

    • I can’t really pick one (there were so many awesome “best comic book movie moments” this year), but IMO the montage of Cap and the Howling Commandos kicking HYDRA-butt is probably up there along with the scene of Magneto in that German pub/diner where he kills those three dudes. (Hawkeye and Stan Lee’s cameos in Thor were also equally awesome)

      The Worst comic book moment of 2011, however, would have to be every scene of Green Lantern ;) (IMO)

    • Best – Magneto with the coin through Shaw’s head
      Worst – When the Green Lantern came back to Earth and was a whiny little bit…ch.

    • Best: Green Lantern gives the ring to Hector Hammond, all the while allowing him the opportunity to see the error of his ways…and all the while planning for the probable, unfortunate truth of the situation.

      Worst: Any scene with Kat Denning`s character in “Thor”…

      • “OMG this is going on Facebook! SMILE!”


    • For me it was seeing Odin’s vault and the artifacts therein.

      The worst? Had to be something in Green Lantern, but I honestly tried to block that out of my mind.

      • The scenes that featured Odin’s vault were pretty awesome…

    • @ Pitt Man

      Id have to say i enjoyed Captain America: First Avenger the most of 2011. The least would be Green Lantern.

  5. I haven’t seen much this year, but from what I have seen, my favorites are:

    1. Hugo
    2. Warrior
    3. Source Code

  6. I know I posted this on the last open discussion but I added it late so I’m hoping for more answers. What tv series are good to watch? I’m watching walking dead and breaking bad now

    • If you give it a chance, you’re gonna enjoy Nikita. For me the bad-guy, Percy, is the best villain on TV at the moment.

      • I was watching Nikita regularly for the first half of the first season. I just didn’t give a rats behind about the characters and stopped watching.

    • Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men are all great series worth watching.

    • thw two you are watching, boardwalk empire, homeland, and game of thrones

    • the new show REVENGE is pretty cool, got hooked on the first ep, breaking bad and sons of anarchy are probably the best of dramas

      • What about older tv series? Anyone know any?

        • Check out Eureka if you haven’t already. I friggin’ love that show!

    • JUSTIFIED is awesome. How I met your mother is also really good for something light. The BBC miniseries Sherlock was one of my favorites in a long time. Suits is really good. Person of Interest is really good. Battlestar Gallactica is really good if you’ve never seen it. Anyway, a few to consider.

      • As much as I like Guy Ritchies Sherlock that moden day BBC version just tap danced all over it. Finished the 1st season last night and its Miles ahead. Sherlock is a high functioning sociopath with possible aspbergers syndrome a**hole. His relationship with Mycroft(his brother) & Moriarty are really well done. Its netflix’d, suggest all watch.

        • I didn’t really like the series… IMO it was a very poor portrayal of how Sherlock Holmes, Watson, Mycroft and Moriarty were in the books.

          I especially hated Moriarty’s portrayal (it was terrible IMO) and all the insinuations of Holmes and Watson being homosexuals also ticked me off…

          As I’ve said before: if the series’ name wasn’t ‘Sherlock’, I would have never thought that it was a show about a modern Sherlock Holmes.

          • Many would argue against that claim and say its just as true for a modern audience. Guy Ritchie’s is good but BBC’s takes their pathos much deeper in a modern world. IMO

            Moriarty’s is just a polar opposite to Sherlock and it works well. In truth they are both sociopaths.

            The homosexuality was hinted at b/c most of the police dislike Sherlock so it was more an insult than actual presumption. Sherlock is more intrigued by peculiar cases than women (or men lol) But Irene Adler is making her debut Season 2.

            • But in ur defense I havent seen Game of Shadows yet.

              • You should totally check it out…

                And just out of curiosity: have you read some of the SH books? And if so, which novels/stories were your favorite?

    • If you like a good cop drama, Blue Bloods is excellent. IMO, the best cop show since NYPD Blue.

    • Supernatural. First 5 seasons. Then stop with about 30 seconds left in the last episode of the 5th season finale and never watch any of the other seasons. You will not be disappointed. Or continue watching and slowly get annoyed with it but realize you’ve invested so much time with these characters that you want to see exactly where this all ends up. But, I’d just stop after season 5.

      • Your not the first person who told me to stop after 5 seasons of supernatural lol. Didn’t the writers change or something?

        • Eric Kripke (the creator/head writer) wrote a 5 season story-arc. The CW executives wanted more seasons, so Kripke left and a lady named Sera Gamble (another writer for the show) took over…lets just say she was his understudy and should have studied more. Season 6 & the first half of season 7 aren’t the worst thing on TV, but WWE Smackdown is probably the better choice to watch on Friday nights.

    • Hanna was a pretty good movie I enjoyed it I didn’t expect much from it but was pleasantly surprised by it, as for hancock didn’t really like it but that’s just my opinion.

    • I actually enjoyed Hanna quite a bit, but its ur basic spy espionage (spelling?) film,and if I remember right I think it was based after a lesser known comic book…I thought it was similar to the feeling of the film Salt, which I think was also based on a comic book.

    • Hanna was good. It plays out like a real life fairy tale.

    • Hold your horses there BBJ. It’s not that Marvel owns the exclusive movie rights to GR, it’s that the writer who created GR has no monetary claim to any movie money. Marvel still doesn’t own the movie rights to GR.

      • Yeah, that sucks, thanks a lot INK… BTW, is your name based on the movie “ink” you know, the one with storytellers from another dimension for lack of a better word…

        • No it’s INK because I like to draw. Sorry to disappoint you. :)

  7. A possible picture of the Lizard from the new Spider-man movie merchandise are starting to pop up, I hope it’s not the final version of him cause he looks like a goomba from the Mario movie…

    • Sorry should’ve read the latest article before posting here.

  8. What was your favorite movie poster of 2011?
    Captain America. As much as I dhate the film it had some dope poster work. TDKR broken bat mask poster is a close second.

    • The Muppet Sam as Captian America

      • That wasclassy. All the mock muppet posters and trailers were pretty humorous.

    • I’d say Thor

    • The Captain America poster was awesome.
      Followed by the new Dark Knight Rises poster and the Harry Potter poster as a tie for second.

      P.S. I know you didn’t like Cap: TFA, but do you really “hate” it?

      • Nope. I hate it. Neutered a great character. Plus it was a weak story and weak villian even when not looking at it as Caprain America. That film is pretty much the reason i am nay enthused for The Avengers b/c I dont want to see him anymore.

        • I kinda agree with Ignur Rant, at least with the villian part… The destroyer was an epic fail at least by this fanboys POV, his fight should have taken up a good 15 minutes (with the warrior three) but his fight was what? 3?

          I didnt hate it, thor has alot of history, and the movie did good for not being 8 hours long… IMO

          • The subject here isn’t Thor…
            Ignur was talking about Captain America: TFA

    • I totally agree with your choices both the captain america & TDKR (broken mask poster)were my favs for 2011.

    • I kinda liked the Ghost Rider Poster (Where he’s holding the flaming chain)

    • Best poster in my opinion…A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. Harold, Kumar, NPH with a cane made out of candy pointed at you as a 3D gimmick, and waffle bot. Epic barely describes it.

      I loved all of the Muppet posters for nostalgic reasons. I always thought the Cowboys and Aliens one with Daniel Craig with that futuristic arm thingy but with old west style with the tilted cowboy hat looked pretty sweet…not sweet enough for me to watch that movie yet.

      • A very Harold and kumar Christmas was hilarious I was literally Lmao throughout the entire movie.

    • The TDKR broken mask poster blew away the others I seen previously.

      • oops…HAD seen…butter fingers…

  9. Who was your favorite scene stealing character of 2011  
    Idris Elba as Hiemdall. Damn near deserved a spin off lol

    • Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander, and Fassbender as Magneto.

    • Kato in Green Hornet! no just playing i would say Caesar in Rise of the Apes if that counts.

      • It was the latest Andy Serkis masterpiece for me as well.

        • I believe the Andy S on this web site is Andy Serkis,I mean you never know what celebrity is on a site and your talking with them,im just sayin(:

    • Hiemdall was pretty epic. I would also add Simon Pegg as Benji, Jeniffer Aniston’s charecter in Horrible bosses, Mellissa McCarthy as Meagan, and even though I wasnt a fan of the movie I did enjoy Jay Chou’s Kato.

      • Simon Pegg is usually funny form. With all the upcoming mischief I wont have a chance to see MI:4 till 2012.

        Jay Chou did a great job as Kato despite the firector and Seth trying their best to eff it up. The director adding kato vidion and Seth over talking over acting anytime Chou was near.

        • I was impressed with MI4 and I would suggest if you can afford it to fork over a few extra dollars for the IMAX.

    • The nominations are…
      Mycroft Holmes (Steven Fry), Heimdal (Idris Elba), Col. Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), Lensherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) and of course Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.)

      And the winner is… Mycroft Holmes!
      (Steven Fry was just perfect for the part)

      P.S. I would have chosen Heimdal as the “winner”, but the best part of Elba’s performance/character was the voice IMO, and since Elba’s voice was digitally improved (a lot) in post production, I can’t justify him as the “winner”.

    • Melissa McCarthy as Megan in Bridesmaids. When she crapped in the sink…I never laughed so hard.

    • wish Marvel used Idris Elba to play Luke Cage or Black Panther. he was good as Hiemdall anyway

    • @ Ignur Rant

      Id have to choose Magneto from X-Men: First Class.

  10. I’m surprised that Screen Rant hasn’t reviewed “The Darkest Hour.” The commercials make it seem interesting, but it is getting HAMMERED on Rotten Tomatoes. Looks like it may be a rental and we’ll go see Sherlock Holmes this weekend.

    • I’ll wait till it hits redbox lol.

      • I’ll wait for netflix streaming…and then I’ll probably wait longer

    • Andy,

      It wasn’t pre-screened (bad sign). I believe we’ll be posting a review.


      • Thanks Vic!

  11. wasnt Timur Bekmambetov supposed to make a 3rd part to that daywatch/nightwatch story? anyone…anyone…?

    • There was a third novel in the series (and, I’m not certain, maybe a fourth?), but I haven’t heard about a corresponding film. I believe the third novel is called TWILIGHT WATCH…perhaps he wished to let the Stephanie Meyer series hype die down first?

  12. Question for anyone. If you were a director, would you direct sequels, remakes, reboots, original films, or all of above? I mean which would you want to do mostly?

    • @Wally West

      Mostly ohiginals. Only sequels to my own work and thats if they are truly warranted b/c of the story not ticket sales. Remakes/Reboots if i feel i can truly make a difference. And adaptations of things I love and feel could make a good story. Creating a Halo Cinematic universe wld be the dream.

      • @ Ignur Rant

        Same here,mostly originals. As for sequels go id say it all depends on how well each one grosses of-course or unless i want to move on other projects. When it comes to Remakes/Reboots, i know i’ll be do some some research carefully. Like if i wanted to Reboot Superman or Batman, X-men,etc. i would watch all previous films to know what not to use & do and go over a number of comics and see what ones i feel i can make a great film out of while being little creative. I know i would stick to mythos as best as i can. As much as id like to make a Batman franchise, id like to make a Superman franchise little more & make it totally different from Donnor’s work while keeping it traditional with the character. I know there would be movies i wouldn’t think of remaking or rebooting as i feel they are classics.

    • @WallyWest – Sequels, remakes, and reboots because I want to have job and that’s what studio executives choose to make. I may lose creative control and artistic integrity, but that wouldn’t bother me while sitting atop a giant pile of money. I like me a paycheck ;)

    • I would do “all of the above”:
      I kinda have to agree with “B-List Pornstar Extra” ;) — nothing beats the sweet satisfaction of MONEY.
      And I also don’t mind not having that much “creative control” (because, IMO, it’s the director’s job to make the given script work… not just keep changing the script to suit their “vision”), so if I had the opportunity to say, direct a movie for Marvel Studios… I’d be ecstatic :D (it would be the dream IMO)

      But I do have some self respect though… I would NEVER do a sequel if it wasn’t going to be (at the very least) AS GOOD AS the original.
      I would also never direct a remake or reboot if it wasn’t going to be way better than the original. And lastly, I would never dream of doing remakes/reboots of classic movie franchises like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, etc. — that’s where I draw the line.

    • WallyWest…

      Like you, I would prefer to direct original works. I think, however, that we are being idealistic (if not outright naive) to believe that we would likely be given that pure opportunity until we reached either the respect level of a Spielberg or Scorcese or Scott or the success level of a Nolan. Smith does make his own films, BUT even he cooperates with studios from time to time to stay viable in the business.

      I’m not disagreeing with you; I’m just saying we would have to consider the realities of the movie-making industry.

      • @ Archaeon

        Yeah, we are. Even great directors worked their way up, others take years perhaps even. Jaws was Spielberg’s breakthrough film & he had alot of pressure on him during developement. After the film’s success it was all good from there. He didn’t wanna direct a sequel as he felt he made the ultimate Shark film. That’s probly what id do if had such success with a film like that, that i may not to do a sequel.

        I have a idea how Hollywood & studio work. Kinda like school, you’d most likely go through more than one draft before the studio approves it & all. Make changes, etc.

    • If I were a director I’d stick with originals and sequels if the original was well received but wouldn’t put off doing remakes or reboots given the original didn’t do it justice , as a director I would try and create my own visiual style as well as bring some new original material instead of going with reboots or remakes, in going into any film given what the film was based on I’d do my homework research as much as I could on the topic and try and give a true representation of the source material to the audiance.

  13. @WallyWest

    I would definitely make originals and remakes, but only if it has been 15-20 years and the previous movie’s technology did not do it justice.

  14. Over here in South-Africa it’s only 3hrs and 12min till new year, so this is gonna be my last comment on this site for 2011…

    I would just like to say, Happy New Year to Screenrant and all my fellow ranters! May the best of 2011 be the worst of 2012 and I hope you all have an awesomely-legendary night of partying tonight ;)

    See yal’ in 2012 for another great year of movies, shows and games.

    • Well said Avenger, its a little early for me to say it but happy new year.

  15. Happy New Years Eve everybody.

  16. I think The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man are going to FLOP!!! THE DARK KNIGHT RISES WILL RULE 2012!!!

    • Well that’s your opinion… ;)

  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all ranters and Vic and all the staff at screenrant thanks for all the hard work bringing us every bit of movie news as it unfolds.

    • Murdok…

      I am not sure why you mentioned Bruce Banner, but as for Joker’s differing origin stories, they simply show how he is mysterious and his identity is uncertain…as it has always been in the comics.

  18. “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” makes “The Smurfs” look like the best thing since sliced bread.

  19. Aproximately five seconds ago, I got finshed with watching “Dark of the Moon”. Michael Bay needs to go back to making commercials. What a horrible mess.

    • Lol…brought a smile to my face :)

    • No i can’t recall i have,that seems like a all familiar story they keep making so that’s probably why it’s not gettin alot of attention,but somthing tells me films like that float your boat(:

      • Hope you have a good year man