Open Discussion – December 28, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 28, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   December 28, 2012

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  1. What is everyone’s favorite vehicle from a movie? Or even what is your favorite vehicle that should be in a movie? If not a vehicle, then shoe? LOL

    • @leather c.

      Did you watch X-Men again already, & did you see what I was syaing earlier about Wolverine?

      • Ha… Im still at work for the next 30 minutes but I am definitely going to when I get home. It’ll be the movies I watch while my son crawls around and gets into stuff.

        • @leather c.

          To answer your question it will always be Tim Burtons’ Batmobile for me.

          • I was thinking that Batmobile, but I like the other two.

            • @Jeff

              I agree with the 60’s Batmobile, but only for nostalgic reasons as to own it as a collectable item to add to my stash of other cars…..If I had other cars anyway. HAHAHA!!

              The tumbler to me was just too big & bulky. It really didn’t say BATMAN to me when looking at it.

              • @Broadway

                Tumbler would be perfect for Rush Hour Traffic. Who going to want to box that car in.

                I could also “Move” cars out of my way. Hehehehe

                • @Jeff

                  HAHAHA!! That’s for sure, but I would use it more as a getaway vehicle just like Bats did in the movies. Not that I would actually give the cops a reason to chase me or anything……just saying that’s all.

        • Alright. So I watched the films. And yes, it is sad. Sad sad sad…

          • @leather c.

            Told ya. HAHAHA!!

    • Dang, this is a going to be good.

      1.Mach 5
      2 K.I.T.T
      4.The Lexus from Minority Report
      5.The APC From Aliens
      7.The Cheyenne Drop Ship from Aliens.
      8.The Seaview
      9.The Tumbler/Batmobile
      10.Batmobile 60s Batman
      11.Black Beauty from The Green Hornet
      12.#9 Racer X Shooting Star.
      13.VF Valkyrie Skull Squadron from Robotech
      14.New Captain Scarlet R.H.I.N.O
      15.God Phoenix from Battle of the Planets.
      16. F-14 Tomcat from Top Gun (Something about the F-14)

        3 The Interceptor from Mad Max.

      • thumbs up on the god phoenix!

    • If any car, if I had the money to have custom built. From my list it would be The Mach 5. How can you not want that car. Can Jump, can go underwater, has saw blades, all terrain tires, bullet proof cockpit and glass, and looks freaking awesome!

    • My choice would be the black Toyota truck in Back To The Future.

      • @leather c.

        You would choose that over the DeLorean?! Really?! I’m talking about an all time classic & iconic vehicle here ya know.

        • It’s either that or the green station wagon in NL’s Vacation. Lol.

          • HAHAHA!!! That’s funny man!

            • HEY!

              My Parents had that The Ford LTD Country Squire Station wagon. which was Wagon Queen Family Truckster in NL Vacation.

              Do not mock the might Country Squire!

              Many a time me and my sisters would be in the back seat, moaning in unison…”Are We there yet?”

              Both my parents were Surgeons, and we drove around in that beast of a wagon……ACROSS COUNTRY!….The Humility of it all.

              God, now I am depressed.

              • @Jeff

                Poor Poor Jeff. I feel really bad for you. HAHAHA!!!

                • Hey all car guys news flash January 15th Barret Jackson auction house. The original Batmoble,the one based on the 58 Linclon futura. It goes on the auction block so bust open your piggy banks it’s expected to go for A Million or more.

    • Wow. No one mentioned the helicarrier from Avengers?

    • Millennium Falcon… DUH! 😉

      Runners-up would be Burton’s Batmobile, the Tumbler, Audi R8 (from Iron Man and loads of other movies), Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger and many other 007 films) and KITT.

    • Vehicle: Blade Runner police spinner.

      Shoe: Doc Martens (accept no substitute).

    • stallones mustang from cobra!
      or the shelby gt from gone in 60 seconds!!

  2. Topic/Question of the day

    Which MARVEL franchise has FOX screwed up the MOST?

    A. X-Men
    B. Fantastic 4
    C. DareDevil/Elektra

    I would have to say OBVIOUSLY it’s the greatest mutant super team ever essembled. Judging by what we’ve seen so far they’ve looked like anything but super. When will we finally get a true & faithful adaptation to one of MARVELs’ greatest creations is anyone’s guess…..I guess.

    • I will have to say A. Id rather see them to individual adaptations. More Wolverine films and cross over into Magneto, Deadpool, Cyclops, Cable, and more. Its easy to do. Just cameo everyone else in. That way they can focus on one guy (like you were saying all X-Men movies showcase Wolverine anyways) and queue in the rest when needed.

      F4 could have been a lot worse. The casting was great IMO. Jessica Alba will be the exception in that. The stories were pretty boring though. Its like WB with GL. Can’t blame Ryan Reynolds.

      DD and E never existed to me.

      • @leather c.

        They should have never called it “X-Men” in the first place. Instead it would have been more appropriate(and accurate)to call it by it’s proper title…..Wolverine or The Wolverine. Oh wait, that is what they’re calling his next film…..duh!

        “The Fab 4″ first film I found alot better than their sequel, story wise anyway. The last battle(Dr.Doom vs. Thing & The whole team vs. Doom)were much better executed than the sequels’ lackluster climax. Silver Surfer destroys Galactus?! Really?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?!!!

        • Duh, they obviously should have gone for the old comic title “Wolverine and the X-Men” for the whole trilogy since thats completely what they went for with all three making Wolverine the lead man.

          I thought Doctor Doom with the Silver Surfer’s board was pretty awesome, but then they somehow made Human Torch into the Super Skrull for that last fight with him which was just awkward. And I know its been a while since I read it but isn’t that exactly what happend in the comics: Silver Surfer turns on Galactus and defeats him? Then again that was back when Galactus was more than just a cloud…

      • @leather c.

        It’s funny, you saying that those other two films were never made(according to you anyway). Although I agree that Elektra was an abomination that should have never ever been an idea much less one that was actually executed on film, I’ll have to say I feel the complete opposite about “The Man Without Fear”. For all it’s negatives(which I don’t believe were many)at least the people behind that film tried to stay as close to the original source as possible.

        I loved Bens’ red leather out even though his mask was missing a little something to give him the full DareDevil look. Yes I know his logo wasn’t in the center of his chest, but I didn’t feel it was needed for that particular outfit. Even ScreenRant said it was badass too. The action was as good if not better than most of what I’ve seen in the X-Men franchise because it just looked & felt more realistic, except for all the CG moments of course.

        • I meant to say I loved his outfit. Sorry about that.

          • What I disliked most about Daredevil was the corniness between him and Elektra. And how parts of the movie seemed to be nothing more than a music video.

        • Where is that great hulk film? Every company makes mistakes. Just cause ruffalo can make jokes and use his strength as a gag doesnt mean marvel successfully adapted him. X-1, x-2 and first class are enjoyed by critics and audiencea while being successful im the box office.

          • @Trey

            1. Hulk was never a FOX studios property. In case you missed the question here it is again. Which MARVEL franchise has “FOX” screwed up the MOST?

            2. I know everyone makes mistakes, but according to everyone I’ve read comments from(to which I agree with)FOX has made one too many, many,many,many,many,many,many mistakes in case you haven’t noticed already. That in my book is inexcusable & definitly unforgiveable.

            3. Finally, according to everyone I’ve read comments from(to which I agree with, AGAIN)The Avengers’ version of Hulk was indeed THE BEST adaptation we’ve had so far, but not by much.

            • I brought up marvel cause im sure you are like everyone else and wants marvel to get the rights back. The same marvel who has only 2 films rated above x-1, x-2 and first class… everyone acts likr marvel is so impressive when they have yet to prove they can make a great solo film after ironman 1.

              • @Trey

                1. My reason for wanting MARVEL to get back what already belongs to them is because “The Other Guys” have yet to prove they can advance their franchises to something better. 5 films now & compared to others that have come after them only 1 of those movies can really compete with the rest(First Class). The rest of them regardless of how great you feel they are, are really starting to show their age now. Especially when it comes to the action scenes.

                2. Saying that MARVEL hasn’t “proven” themselves yet, what information are you basing that bogus & extremely ludicrous accusation on?! The fact that everyone who’s seen all their films only complained about ONE(Iron Man 2), or maybe the fact that all those films were financially successful. No, those can’t be the reasons why you made those foolish comments can they? That would mean you were trying to prove yourself wrong which I already did for you.

                3. Oh yeah…..and your welcome.

                • Thor, cap and all hulk films are far from critically acclaimed. With only cb fans covering the films butt. Non of the films ive mentioned hold any weight from the film community. Just fanboys praising mediocricy. Only the avengers and ironman standout

                  • @Trey

                    OOOOhhhh!! So that’s what I was misunderstanding. The FACT that X-Men also has so call “fanboys” kissing that franchises’ butt, or maybe the FACT that all of MARVELs’ films(again,except Iron Man 2)were indeed given positive reviews by professional movie critics, or the FACT that you chose not to look any of this information up before getting your accusations…..oops, I mean FACTS straight, or maybe the FACT that you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

                    Thanks for clearing that up for me……and again, your welcome.

                    • Thor and cap and the incredible hulk float around 75% at most on rt, with the eric bana film being around a 50%. With x-1, x-2 and fc float around 88%.

                    • @Trey

                      Oh my G*D!! Thor,Cap,Hulk,Eric Bana,the Jolly Green Giant,the Wicked Witch of the West…..WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!! I swear you’re going to give me a migraine I may never get rid of! HAHAHA!!!

    • Definitely, and unfortunately, A. X-men.

      BUT that was long time ago.. Let’s see what they can do w/ today’s technology. First class was quite enjoyable but it seems like they can be so much better. (that’s the feeling you always get while watching x-men.. )

      B) and C) were always second citizen.. so.. it doesn’t really matter. I am huge fan of Elektra though :-)

    • What? No D for All of the Above?

      • @Jeff

        Good one. HAHAHA!! I would have never thought of it, but your right. However, there were a few things(not much)that made me actually enjoy the first Fantastic 4 & DareDevil, but I will be thankful for the reboots soon to be released…..I hope.

        • I hear ya Man. I like FF but the Rise of Silver Surfer….I STILL HAVE NIGHTMARES!

          • @Jeff

            I don’t care how powerful THE SURFER is. How the heck can one being destroy another when the other is so powerful that he actually consumes PLANETS!! Oh brother! Speaking of GALACTUS, since when did he go from being a physical entity in the comics to being a “CLOUD OF SMOKE” in that piece of crap movie? HAHAHA!!

            • @Braodway.

              I actually spent money to see that.

              Left the movie thinking…”There is two hours of my life wasted on garbage!”

              • Yes! Complete & total Gar-baage!! Did you know however it was that franchise that turned Chris Evans off of doing comic films again… least in the beginning obviously. I found that strange considering the one few positives people took away from those films was his portrayal of THE TORCH. Which I also thought was great. I guess he was afraid of being “type casted”.

                • @Broadway

                  Did not last long, because he actually got to play the most serious and senior of Marvel Heroes. Few can argue about the Status of Captain America.

                  Which actually gave Evans to be a bit more serious.

                  • @Jeff

                    I agree but one complaint(and only one)I had about him was that he didn’t quite “look” like he should be considered older than the rest of the group. I guess that’s because he’s technically not in real life. Maybe having a 12 O’Clock shadow would have helped things a little.

                    • He’s not really supposed to be “older” he was in his 20’s when he was frozen

                    • @il prince

                      I knew the history of Cap a long time ago. I was making my comment based on how Tony kept calling him old(which technically he is)but I just find it hard to except that when he looks that young. Hence why I suggested the 12 O’Clock shadow. Facial hair would make anyone look older so hopefully he grows some in the next movie.

              • wow. i didn’t hate it, and as i never read to many FF comics i had no idea who/what galactus is and then later found out how the comic version was, but i thought it was an ok film. little cheesy.

            • Actually, Galactus is just energy. The figure in the comics is a suit that houses his incredible energies. But the movie did not do Galactus justice.

              • @Kahless T.U.

                Thanks for the info. man. Hopefully those people get it right next time(keeping my fingers crossed)with these reboots.

    • I would have to say X-Men. Not because they were the worst films. DD and E, take the cake on that one.

      I use to love the X-Men. I would run around my backyard and pretend I was Gambit all day when I was a kid.

      After the first movie I was so mad about almost everything about it. After X2 I had some hope for the next installment. After Last Stand my inner child died. Fox’s next two attempts at the X universe just made the soul of my inner child go to planes of existence never known before.

      I have a Marvel Digital Comics membership going on it’s second year and I have yet to read any X-Men comics because they have just been ruined for me.

      • @Aaron

        Ah, don’t worry be happy man…..or at least be greatly satisfied when MARVEL gets back their property which FOX completly took a crap all over thus far.

    • @Broadway
      fox screwed up the fantastic four franchise sure enough. That mess that they brought 2 us on the silver screen is a complete embarrassment for any fan of marvel’s first family, especially rise of the silver surfer. Director Tim story should be ashamed!

      • @rome

        I’ve already expressed my disappointments about that franchise if you read a couple of my comments above, but I also saw some(not much) positive things in the first film as well. Again, you can read my reason/explanation about that up above also.

        • @Broadway
          Sorry bro I just can’t find any positive points on either the first ff or second one. Both of those films bore me.yeah Chris Evans performance as the human torch was his Breakout ,but everything else — zzzzz. That’s just my opinion. I won’t even buy it in the $5 bin at Walmart.

          • @rome

            HAHAHA!!! That’s sad man. For them I mean, not you.

          • Redeeming quality of both Fantastic Four films.

            Jessica Alba in tight body fitting spandex.

            Cant argue with that.


              Don’t forget Anne Hathaway in that tight leather also. She really surprised me, because prior to that films’ release I really didn’t think much of her. Attractive wise that is.

              • @Broadway.

                Now ya done went and done it.

                Top 10 Female Costumes from TV/MOVIE.

                10.Julie Newmar Catwoman Batman 60s
                9. Kate Bekinsale as Selene in Underworld
                8. Jessica Alba in Dark Angel
                7. Jessica Alba In Fantastic 4
                6. Sigorney Weaver in Ghostbusters, when she wearing the red dress with the slit up the leg.
                5. Michelle Pheiffer -Catwoman
                4. Jane Seymour-Solitaire James Bond Live and Let Die
                3. Lynda Carter-Wonder Woman
                2. Milla Jovovich-Alice-Firt Resident Evil, Red Dress and paper….Just two pieces of paper…
                And Number 1….Hard to Argue, Hard to Debate, and if you have never seen the Movie…Google Number 1 Hottest Woman in Movies or TV

                Ok…I will debate 2 through 10, but you cant argue Number 1!

                If you can? Prove it!

                • @Jeff

                  Without naming any films or going back in time, can you give me a top 10 based on looks in general. Young(20’s),Old(50’s),& everyone in between (30’s & 40’s). Hah!! Now I just made ya think didn’t I……hehehe.

                  • @ Broadway.

                    Your Kung Fu is weak.

                    Well I was born in 68. So here goes nothing

                    Lauren Bacall. Red Head, absolutely beautiful woman.
                    Marilyn Monroe-Simply Stunning
                    Audrey Hepburn-Class all the way around. Classic Beauty
                    Grace Kelly-Flat out Beautiful Woman.
                    Jayne Mansfield…Damn!
                    Truly a Beautiful Woman if you look at pictures of her..Fay Wray.
                    Judy Garland-Innocent looking but she had that all American girl next door type to her.
                    Raquel Welch, as in the 60s and even to Day, she is one hot Latina.
                    Now, I have covered the 30s, 40s, 50s

                    60, 70s and 80s.
                    Lynda Carter – Wonder Woman. Enough Said
                    Jacyln Smith- Charlie Angels-That Woman is still stunning today.
                    Farah Fawcett…Pinup Girl to the Extreme
                    Pam Grier as Foxy Brown? I really do not have to tell you? Do I?
                    Lindsey Wagner…Yeah she was Bionic and all, but still hot.
                    Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke.
                    Elizabeth Montgomery, Bewitched
                    Barbara Eden. Now who would not want her as Jennie the Genie?

                    Good enough for ya Broadway….Now..Go and comeback when your Kung Fu is stronger grasshopper. :)

                    • @Jeff

                      My fault……young grasshopper, when I wrote 20’s, 30’s etc. I was reffering to their ages not the year they were born in. That’s why I said not to go back in time to make your list. I really only care about women who are no older than their 50’s(51-56 to be exact). So now lets see……once & for all…..who will you choose…….hehehe.

                • @Jeff w
                  Lynda Carter is still better looking 2 this day than most of the chicks in Hollywood right now. I remember as a kid I would be totally mesmerized by her presence on the small screen, especially when she would whirl around and turn into wonder woman with that gorgeous hair and that sexy running style of hers.

                  Gosh Almighty!

                  • @ Broadway.

                    Every Wednesday Night. Young Boys would run home if it was even remotely close to 8pm….Had to have Wonder Woman. Especially when she running….

                    Yes and even today, I would not mind being in her golden lasso.


                  • WHOOPS
                    My Bad, that was at you Rome about Lynda Carter.

                    Sorry to both of you.:)

                  • @Rome.

                    When they went from WWII to the 70s….Heck Diana Prince was hot!

                    Man, hope my wife aint reading this????

                    • @Jeff w

                      Yeah definitely the 70s era was when she was the hottest. Maybe that’s why some of these Hollywood chicks don’t want 2 take on the role of wonder woman, probably because they know that they’re gonna be compared 2 Lynda Carter. Those are some big shoes 2 fill and it could be a little intimating 2 measure up 2 her beauty.

                      Now that’s my opinion of coarse.

                  • @Broadway

                    Sorry about that. Ok, gotcha.

                    10.Heather Locklear Damn she is a fine looking 50 year old
                    9.Valerie Bertinelli…DAMN!
                    8.Angela Basset…YIKES…She still got her groove going
                    7.Have to put Geena Davis
                    6.Katy Sagal aka Peg Bundy….Do not mock the bouffant..
                    5.Halle Berry…Because….Shes Halle Berry
                    4.Vanessa Williams….Duh!
                    3.Jane Leeves See Frazier or Hot in Cleveland.
                    2.Barbara Hershey, she looking good on Once Upon a Time

                    And my final 1 V-NN- WH-T- Spin the wheel Broadway.

                    Now they are not in any order personally, just who I think the Over 50 crowd is beautiful.

                    (Snatching Pebble out of Broadways hand)

                    • @Jeff

                      Do you want to try younger? If not I understand. Trying to pick top ten from each age group(20’s,30’s,etc.) would drive any man nuts. So if you want to stick with just 50 something year olds tell me & I’ll give you my list.

                      (Attempting to snatch pebble back……WUUUUZZZAAA!!)

                    • @Broadway.

                      Now that I got your 50 out of the way.


                      10.Taylor Swift
                      9. Hilary Duff
                      8. Katy Perry
                      7. Emma Stone
                      6. Ellen Page
                      5. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
                      4. Emma Watson
                      3. Vanessa Hudgens
                      2. Mila Kunis
                      1. Jennifer Lawrence.

                      Hard to name girls the same age range as 3 of my daughters

                      Now the 30s
                      10.Natalie Portman
                      9. Anna Paquin
                      8. Yvonne Strahovski
                      7. Beyonce
                      6. Anne Hathaway
                      5. Jessica Chastain
                      4. Michelle Monaghan
                      3.Christina Hendricks
                      2.Penelope Cruz
                      And Finally…Ya sick twisted guy…..
                      1.Charlize Theron

                      (Snatches Pebble….Yells MORTAL KOMBAT…..FINISH HIM!……….RIPS PINKY TOE OFF!)

                    • @Jeff

                      HAHAHA!!! I bow to you sir in honorable defeat. Pretty impressive list indeed. I like the 50’s list & would make no changes, & also the 20’s & 30’s but would make little subtle changes to both of those. Very good match my friend.

                      (Comes back from the dead…..zombie style….continues to eat Jeff profusely ’till there’s nothing left……HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)

                    • @ Zombie Broadway.

                      (Dangles Grandfathers Mickey Mantle Rookie Card in mint condition in front of Zombie Broadway.)

                      Makes Deal with Zombie Broadway.

                      Walks away quietly while Zombie Broadway cries over what he has in his hand.

                    • @Already should be dead Jeff because you got eaten by zombie Broadway making it impossible for you to keep typing back comments so stop it.


                    • @ Broadway.


                      Jeff W

                      Giving Zombies gas and indigestion.

                    • @Jeff

                      You just keep making my day man! HAHAHA!! I’m going to sign off for little while so when I come up with something else to write about, or if someone else writes a negative comment about me then I’ll give you a shout. ‘Till next time Jeff……PEACE!

                • I know this is a late comment, but maybe Ill get an answer in the next 10 hours lol. BUUUUTTTTTT you did mention TV/Movies and named only CB/VG/Sci Fi. Can we mention anything that has to do with clothed women that falls into a tv show/movie?

                  • @leather c.

                    Doesn’t matter what form of entertainment as long as they’re WOMEN.

                    • Give me a bit then. Ill come up with a list.

                    • These are not in order but include the best I can think of.

                      Natalie Portman in Episode II during the arena fight scene.

                      Kelly Cuaco in just about everything she wore on the show 8 Simple Rules (RIP JR)

                      Rebecca Romijn in the X-Men series

                      Emmanuelle Chriqui in EVERYTHING she wears in Entourage.

                      Olivia Wilde as Quorra in Tron: Legacy

                      Jessica Alba in Into The Blue – Honorable mention to her in Idle Hands.

                      Jessica Beil in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (The butt scene)

                      Kristin Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

                      Rachel McAdams in the black dress she wore in Wedding Crashers

                      Hayden Panettiere in Heroes or Bring It On 2.

  3. Does anyone have any experience for 3D in true imax(in case of upcoming Star trek)?
    I wonder how that’s gonna look as I am definitely gonna watch them in true imax next year.
    Shots w/ imax camera on true imax was breathtaking. How will that look w/ 3D glasses?
    Any information on how many minutes were shot w/ imax camera?

    Christ Nolan is the producer for Man of Steel.. and I assume they are still making MOS… Any chance they can squeeze in few imax camera shots? If any movie deserved imax camera treatment, it’s MOS.

    Lastly, I was quite impressed w/ 48fps. I wish all movies that are 3D based gets 48fps treatment sooner than later.
    I usually don’t enjoy 3D movies which give me headache.
    48fps makes 3D very enjoyable and I worry for movies that are not 48fps which will be in 3D.
    Some shots which made things look too real, I am sure w/ ever improving post production work, it can be enhanced. James Cameron will not miss this on Avatar 2.

    • Principal Photography completed. So any extra would be added post production.

  4. I’ll tell you whats worth its weight in gold,,,,,,,,,,


  5. Next Topic/Question of the day


    Who’s action films are better overall & why? Schwarzenegger vs. Stallone vs. Willis. You decide.

    My choice will always be Sly, but only by a slight margin. I will always love “THE TERMINATOR”, but when you go up against franchises like RAMBO,ROCKY & THE EXPENDABLES,not to mention countless of great non-franchise solo films it’s very tough to compete with what Sly has done overall in his career.

    • I’m going to have to say Willis in this game because unlike the other 2, His movies have a lot more comedy as well as action. From the DH series all the way to The Whole Nine and Ten Yards. He’s all around more versatile. Plus, RED was Badass and hilarious!

      • @leather c.

        So I’m guessing you prefer Action/Comedies over just pure Action films….am I right?

        • That is a fair assumption lol. Definitely prefer buddy action as well. Like Lethal Weapon or The Last Boy Scout.

          • @leather c.

            Based on their overall status in the entertainment industry would you consider Schwarzenegger & Stallone the Superman & Batman of the action genre, & which one would you consider to be which character? I say Schwarzenegger = Superman & Stallone = Batman. I don’t really have an answer as to why I feel that way, but I just do.

            • @Broadway.

              I would beg to differ on you with Schwarzenegger and Stallone.

              You have to put Bruce Willis in Place of either one of them. Arnold Took time off to go play California Governor. He lost his Status.

              Stallone, had very few action flicks thus far in the 21at Century.

              Willis on the Otherhand, has put out far better movies, not saying all of them are great, but there were more success with Bruce Willis, than Either Arnie or Sly. While Arnold was a way, and Sly had few movies since 2000 that were box office heavyweights. Willis Maintained a box office presence greater than either one of them. He was constantly in a movie and did not have to say “OMG He is still working as an actor?” It took Stallone The Expendables to return him to the social conscience of the movie world.

              Just my thoughts.

              • @Jeff

                I understand where you’re coming from, but for me it has more to do with past than present in terms of overall status/performance. I grew up more on movies from the other two than I did with Willis. In terms of this century I completely agree which is why I had requested/suggested years ago for them both to pass down the torch to some of these younger guys who need to “run with the ball” now for the action genre. How are they supposed to do that with all these older guys taking up space on the big screen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying retire completely, but try to be involved in a less noticable capacity.Director,Producer,Writer…..anything that doesn’t involve these guys using big machine guns that they can barely lift anymore.

                • @Broadway.

                  I see where you are coming from.

                  But, there are no action stars like that in this day and age. Everyone is Politically Correct and what have you. I also grew up on Arnold and Sly.

                  Never forget the Old Drive in use to show Arnold and Sly Movies on Alternate weekends, get in at sun down and stay there to sun up, Saw Predator, Terminator, Commando one weekend, the next weekend was All the Rambo Movies.

                  Darn those were the good old days!

                  • terminator 1/2
                    Conan barbarian

                    Enough said.

                    However, I do give sly credit. Man is a genius…
                    Mr.willis is more versatile .. and stays young(perhaps by not being muscular action hero) and stay relevant for longer period

                    • @jvmxtra

                      First Blood
                      Rambo: First Blood Part II
                      Demolition Man
                      Rocky IV

                      ’nuff said…..for real……PERIOD!

                  • @Jeff W,

                    I dont’ know why they can’t do the same anymore these days? I would love to watch some of my fav flims in true imax screen in that fashion.. I don’t know why they wouldn’t do that back to back to back??

                  • @Jeff

                    Yes they were(tear drops falling from my eyes now…..not really).

                    I do like what Jason Statham & The Rock has done so far for the most part in terms of young guys in action movies. No one really comes closer to Arnie & Sly.

                    • Now lets give credit where credit is due.

                      Before Arnold or Sly came onto the scene. There was Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson. Not like the Action Hero Arnold and Sly were, but they had a cool bad ass interpretation of what tough really is. Clint did it all, Western, Team Ups, and the like. Versatile. When he won the award for Unforgiven, Arnold presented it to him, and I will never forget Clint saying ” Hmm, Trying to remember if I was in Austria in the 40s?” Alluding to the fact he could be Arnolds father.

                      Charles Bronson, and his Death Wish movies. Was the Film that started the Action Genre. He was, the one who took a BFG and turned it loose on the bad guys.

                      Now if you want a truly good Action Movie. The Dirty Dozen and The Magnificent Seven. If you have not watch those two movies….I strongly urge you to do so. If you do not come away totally impressed with those movies, then you really do not understand the Origins of Action Movies….Or you just dont like good movies, which I doubt.

                    • Don’t care for Statham myself. No offense to anyone here BUT IMO, I can’t stand an accent from the UK. I’m bitter about it. I have my reasons. But The Rock, the MOST electrifying man in Sports Entertainment, The Brahma Bull, The Great One, the kick the painus right out of your anus all the way down Jabroni Drive?!… Yeah, Im a lil bit of a fan…

                      Marc Vincent as well. (Vin Diesel) is awesome. I love Riddick. LOVE those films.

                  • @Jeff W

                    I think I’d have to throw a spanner in here and add Kurt Russell, who I would put in the same field with Willis.

                    Both Russell and Willis can do pretty much anything, not just action, but also comedy, parodies of themselves, and they’re both terrific dramatic actors as well.

                    Schwarzenegger and Stallone are both in a niche area on their own, they’re both larger than life, although I think Schwarzenegger has been more successful in terms of the style of films, action, sci fi, comedy, comedy/drama, etc, whereas Stallone’s attempts at comedy (I think he was trying to stretch out and see if it would work like it did with Schwarzenegger), both of them have had stinkers although Stallone has had more stinkers (Stop or My Mom Will Shoot, Rhinestone)

                    So as much as I love watching Ahnold und Sly, I would have to pick either Willis or Russell, and then it would be a hard task to pick which of them I thought was better. I would love to see them do something together to be honest.

                    • @Pedro

                      The problem with Russell is that when it comes to franchises……well……he simply doesn’t have any. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but one of the main reasons why the other 3 became so larger than life is that when anyone asks what films contributed to their legacy right away you can name all their franchises one by one.

                      Not being able to do that for Russell hurts his superstar status a little(maybe alot). As far as comedy, it depends on the type of film, & how many “funny” lines the both of them get in those films. I’ve seen a few Action/Comedies with each of them & they weren’t that bad at all. That’s mainly because the jokes were far & few between all the action that was going on.

            • In their prime, absolutely! But neither one of them could be Batman. I hold the Bats on a pedestal. Neither one of them have the brains to pull that off.

              • @leather c.

                I don’t know about you but everytime I here Vins’ name I think he should be envolved in another type of entertainment industry. The one that puts three X’s on their DVD covers.

                • He did a movie with 3 X’s in it. It was called XXX… lol, irony?

    • i gotta go with willis and die hard. was more realistic in terms of the 1 man army, but i just think he is also a better actor than the other 2. but i like most of all their films so it’s all good. 😉

  6. Okey, Saw Promeutheus… And loved it. Talk about an awesmo idea, putting a self-surgery in there…

    Question: was it an (attempted) abortion?

    • Answer: Yes. She asked for a cesarean and was denied because it wasn’t programmed for that type of a procedure.

      • As such, was it moraly justafiable?

        • What was in her wasn’t human, so that’s not an issue I would have debated for very long in her position either.

          • One would think.

            A Robotic Dr would apply Asimov Robot Laws.

            1.A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
            2.A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
            3.A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

            Now by those laws, the operation should have taken place.

            • I assumed the autodoc wasn’t intelligent to that level, Jeff, or it wouldn’t have required separate male/female program settings. Besides which, anything sentient (or at least self-aware) built by the Weyland Corporation seems to be somewhat…selective in its implementation of the good Dr Asimov’s laws!

              • This made me smile.

            • yeah that scene was like watching the crane game from hell.

        • What I mean is, was her decision to kill a created life (granted alien and dangerous) moraly justifiable?

          • She’d seen what infection had done to her husband, been made somehow pregnant by him despite being utterly sterile, felt the clearly unnatural product of this squirming excruciatingly inside her after no more than a few hours, and made the decision to remove it from her body. Nothing more. No different in moral terms to removing a tapeworm or the parasitic larvae of an insect which has laid its eggs under one’s skin.

            Even if she knew that excising the organism would kill it (which she didn’t), and even without knowing what it would become, personally I’m not seeing a moral dilemma here anyway.

            • Make that “boyfriend”, not husband. Whatever.

              • Actually, that is another valid point, which I’m sure was intentional on Ridley Scott’s part: with Shaw portrayed as a practising Christian, what about the question of sex before marriage in the first place?

                • Have to test drive a car before you buy it.

  7. Who is more awesome?

    Allan Rickman or Ciaran Hinds?

    • Alan Rickman as the robot in Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

      • @Leathercherrio.

        I beg to differ

        Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

        • thats..LEATHERCHEERIO!

          Do not like making typos on goods people names.

    • Seriously? Hinds does not hold a candle! Rickman all the way. (especialy as Snape.) actualy is scary in some of those!

    • Alan Rickman as Dr. Lazarus from Galaxy Quest.Nuff said. 😀

      • I don’t believe I am going to pick a fight with a Klingon.

        Listen you prune juice loving ballet following quiche eating ninny.

        HANS GRUBER…He would Slap Dr. Lazarus like a Pimp wanting his money.

        (Sniff sniff)

        Why Kahless you smell like Irish Spring???


        • Yeah, but Hans Gruber never came out with a line like “By Grabthar’s hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you SHALL be avenged!” :-)

          • No

            “You want a miracle, I give you the F..B..I.”

            • I rest my case!

              • Ironic

                defending a fictional show pretending to be a fictional show.


            • i shall count to three…there will not be a four.

          • “I said miners,not minors!”

            “I see you managed to get your shirt off”

            “It’s like throwing gasoline on a flame”

            I so love that movie.


            • A Klingon?

              Loving Something?



        • He smells like Irish Spring because he ate the bar.



      • I actually was just about to post this right now… but you beat me to it!

    • alan rickman in Galaxy Quest! his deadpan was just about the best part of that movie.

  8. “I’m just jazzed about being on the show, man.”

    • I hear ya Big Dentist.

      But, I have to be careful, I am going to have a fluffy Klingon after me.


      • Lol, rather you than me! i feel you may have impugned his honour with talk of prune juice and ballet. Just don’t ask why they’re all about the masks now…

      • realized…that was a quote from the movie…Man, I had a long day yesterday.

        Plus, I only seen Galaxy Quest twice.

    • I watched this movie for the 1000th time today. I still laugh my pants off throughout its entirety!

    • @Leathercheerio.


      LMAO! I think we all have a cousin like that. I know I sure as hell do.

      • I actually don’t. Thank Goodness!!! But I am glad you enjoyed it! I hope everyone else does as well!

        • I will send you mine.

          Stevie is a 5’3 130 lb “Think he can kick most people butts” type. Walks like he is bad ass, yet he is only 25. Most of the time, he acts tough when me, his 6’4 250 LB Cousin is around. Which for one day,
          I said “Dude, you got to stand on your own, go over there and fight him, I will keep his friends from jumping in.”

          After he got his butt kicked, I said ” Everyone needs a good old slice of humble pie.”

  9. Ok Ranters.

    Galaxy Quest vs Spaceballs?

    Which one?

    • @Jeff

      Without hesitation…..Spaceballs 100%!

    • Galaxy Quest.

    • That’s an UN fair comparison lol. I can’t decide. They are both in worlds of their own. I’m partial to Galaxy Quest simply because I’m a Trekkie and Home Improvement was my fav family TV show as a kid. But Spaceballs is much older and wiser. And Mel Brooks IS its own genre of comedy.

    • Both are great, but for me, Galaxy Quest FTW.

  10. With my daughter Samantha so she can buy a new car.
    Salesperson is attempting to look her in the eye, her sweater is attracting him.

    She says “For every second you stare at my boobz, I am taking 500 dollars off the list price. So far, we are up to 2,500 off? 3,000!” Guy looks up at her and says “Sorry, cant do that.

    This is why Samantha is working on her MBA…”She says look, here is the deal. Its a Saturday, it is Year end, its a new car, its snowing outside, how many customers do you plan to have in the next two days, considering auto dealers are closed on Sundays in PA, New Years Eve? People are planning parties, not buying cars. So she says ” Think about it Padawan. This is a cash purchase, no financing paperwork, no lease paper, all it is title, tags, tax, prep and cash. Imagine your commission?”

    Another salesman says…”Damn, she just hit the Jedi Mindtrick on Al.”
    The salesman he was talking to.” Impressive….Most Impressive.

    They are prepping the car as we speak.

    • A proud day to be a dad.

      • Was Sam’s own money, which made it even more proud. I just went along so she would not have any problems and get hosed.

        She been working her butt off to get that car.

        Was just a bad time to get it yesterday….DAMN SNOW lol.

  11. So why do some of the posts not have a “Reply” button underneath? Have they reached a finite number of reply threads that this site can support?

  12. Mi pedido es como tengo que hacer para ver todas las paginas en el idioma Castellano Muchas Gracias