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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 28, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 28, 2011

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  1. Good morning ranters. So who among us thinks that after TDKR, depending on how it ends, that Warner Bros. should just keep Batman in the current state it’s in but with different actors and whose in favor of rebooting?

    • You already asked this question on the previous open discussion…
      (I can see how Scapegoat can get annoyed that EVERY comments-page has something about TDKR ;))

      Still, to answer the question I’d have to say: if there’s gonna be new actors and a new director, they should just do a reboot instead.

      • @TheAvenger – Did you notice that Scapegoat started TDKR argument on the 10 Most Disappointing Films of 2011 article’s comment section? I laughed.

        • Dude, I didn´t start an argument, actually I only posted my opinion on the “most disappointing films of 2012″.
          And besides that, it´s my own opinion. And I don´t give a f*** about what you´re saying.

          And if you wanna laugh about that, do it. I don´t care.

          • I think they should make Batman Beyond.

            Such a movie has much of what Hollywood wants right now: Familiar name, a superhero, sci-fi backdrop, teen protagonist, possibilities for 3D, possibilities for CGI and, lastly, can be hip and edgy… dark even.

          • You’re right, you didn’t start an argument. I worded that wrong. I laughed about you bringing up the dark knight movie on that thread after seeing this post earlier, not your opinion. In fact, I sort of agreed with it. I have a feeling that movie won’t live up to the hype it has gotten based on a trailer, prologue, poster, and rumors. It very well could possibly be on the disappointment list next year. Calm down.

            • Awwww thats so cute how u guys made up. now lets (puff puff) pass the peace pipe.

              • That’s not TV or movie or Screenrant related. In fact, that sounded like a personal attack. Somebody isn’t playing nice. I’d tattle to Vic but I’m not a narq.

                • My post seems quite irrelevant with that other comment erased.

              • how can you judge this people,and make this statement? and ,because someone lives by his parents,they mustn´t be loosers. stupid arguments,i think you´ve got no friends.

              • @AC – Step back and take a break. I’m removing this comment. Disagree with people without resorting to some sort of personal attack please.


                Paul Young

              • Pass that pipe…

            • @murdock – Bitte nicht noch diskutieren in deutscher Sprache.


              Herr Young :-)

              • dann erklär doch was du meinst,der typ der die beleidigt hat,hat sein kommentar gelöscht,und ich stand wieder als buhmann da. bist deutscher,oder hast google-translate benutzt?

                • murdok – Ich nahm in der High School und College-Deutsch. Ich erkenne einige Worte. Just please don’t do it.



            • Did you just call me a loser in German?

              • not me another wrote that you and scapegoat are losers,and then his commentary was gone,i´ve protected you and scapegoat!read before you write.

                • @murdok: Sorry dude, I don’t speak German, so when I saw that you wrote “the avenger loser”, I just assumed, ye’ know… (again, sorry)

              • No, someone else called us losers because we´re living at mommy´s place and trolled blah blah blah. He was actually defending us. And btw, I moved out of my mom´s place when I was 18. That´s 13 years ago. And you´re 16 (or 17?). Where else would you live?

                • @Scapegoat: Yup, 16 years old and just out of curiosity… who was the guy who bashed us? (and why?) — I honestly can’t remember getting into an argument (recently ;))…

                  • No clue. And I´m too lazy to search for it. And besides that, I don´t care if someone calls me a loser on the internet. Probably a guy who lives in mommy´s basement himself.

                    • Scape – it happened a while back. I do believe I blocked the guy saying.


              • ok scape-digga, und sorry an paul young!no,more german commentaries,at this point i will only talk movies and comics.

    • I say reboot. I’m done with this “realistic” take on batman. I want to go back to the more comic book feel of the character. And before anyone blasts me and mentions the schumacher films, just remember that Arkham city has proven you can stick to the source material and still make an epic batman movie (well, game in this case).

      but it all depends on how the next film performs at the box-office. yeah, nolan already said he won’t do another and that wb is rebooting the series, but money has a way of changing people’s minds. I wouldn’t be surprised they would option to continue the franchise once tdkr makes it big, and it will.

      • yes,that´s right,characters should stay like in nolans movies,but the city must have more a gothic style!

        • It’s obvious that characters will be same! Batman is ‘DC Comics’ character not Nolan’s character! The reboot shoot be like Arkham City and the batsuit needs to different than AC because AC’s batsuit sucks!

          • but nolan in my opinion he had bring the characters from batman-comics,truly to life,he made them darker and grittier,but the gotham villains are psychos and batman ,too. for me gotham city was too much real,it should be more gothik style,mixed with huge victorian ol buildings and in some places modern-style,and big statues and so on,

        • It’s obvious that characters will be same! Batman is ‘DC Comics’ character not Nolan’s character! The reboot shoot be like Arkham City and the batsuit needs to different than AC because AC’s batsuit sucks!

    • I would not mind a reboot. I has to start off with the Riddler as the antagonist. Keep the realism but focus more on the detective side. Also the fight scenes need drastic improvements.

      As Far as Nolan’s take on batman, my only major complaint is that I wanted Ra’s al Ghul storyline to be played out in in-depth detail in all three films. Otherwise I still believe Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman is the best ever.

      I’m just saying.

    • TDKR again? Oh well, here goes. I’d prefer a reboot. I’d like to see some references to other superheroes. Lose the realism, but keep the dark and gritty. Maybe bring in Dick Grayson/Nightwing or Oracle. I’d like to see Black Mask and another sadistic yet insanely hilarious incarnation of the Joker. There are so many directions the Batman character can take. I hope whoever helms the next step in the franchise doesn’t go campy, silly fun and just keeps it grounded like Nolan did. Oh, and I don’t want another origin story.

    • Leave it alone. Nolan’s trilogy is like a 3 part film with a begining middle and end. Its a finite story instead of endless adventures. My fav part bout it. All three films together will play like a crazy biography.

    • I just want a comic book movie to feel like a comic book movie. That’s why I liked Green Lantern. It was nowhere near as great as Nolan’s Batman films, but it reminded us that a comic book movie can still be fun. Nolan’s Batman doesn’t feel like a comic book film. I love them, and can’t wait for TDKR, but the “realism” takes away from it.

    • The thing is that Batman CAN be portrayed in a “realistic” manner. Superman can’t. I would love for them to explain how characters like Superman (an alien with superstrength, and variety of other powers), Green Lantern (who uses a ring to create constructions using the power of will), Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, and the Flash in a “realistic” mannter.

  2. Vic-

    Loving the new layout! :D

    Now, TDKR is being promoted as the very LAST one. Then again so was Pirates of the carribean -_-. Still I would love it if they continued with the series but only with bale as batman unless he dies and someone else takes over. I dont want anymore actor changes lol.

    • I agree if they were to continue I would like Bale to keep the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne unless he dies in TDKR which I highly doubt he’ll die given the title of the film Batman will rise and save Gotham.

  3. Speaking of TDKR, a better question is: why do so many movies have RISE in the title? Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Hopefully, The Dark Knight Rises will RISE to the top of that list. See what I did there, thank you, I’m here all week.

    • You forgot about hannibal rising but don’t worry i got your back(:

      • Thanks for looking out ;) I haven’t seen that movie. I was using titles that I had the misfortune of watching…and one that I actually enjoyed.

        • Hollywood loves cliches and loves beating down the same old formula, until it’s dust and ashes.

  4. As 2011 is closing, I will say my fav. superhero movies this year.

    1. Thor-Awesome
    2. Captain America-Great
    3. Green Lantern-Poop

    Never saw First Class, but wanted to.

    P.S. Happy 89th Birthday Stan Lee! :D

    • Stan Lee is 89? Holy crap, seems younger then that to me.

      Anyways, what did everyone think of the hobbit trailer?

    • Happy birthday Stan your the man that brought us all these great characters in the comics thank you I don’t think I can say that enough.

      • Hey, no offense, but you do know he didn’t create all of them on his own, right?

        • None taken and I’m sure he didn’t create them all alone he still was a part of the creative process.

          • Point taken.

    • Happy 89th Birthday Stan Lee! (Thanks for being one of the masterminds behind all these great Marvel characters :D)

  5. Here’s my thoughts on the movies I saw this year:

    Battle: LA: Been there, done that.

    Red Riding Hood: Second biggest surprise of the year for me. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

    Sucker Punch: Mindless fun with ass-kicking beauties.

    Soul Surfer: I didn’t watch all of it, but I did enjoy what I saw.

    Thor: I enjoyed it, but it could have used (alot) more character development.

    X-men: First Class: Biggest surprise of the year. I was expecting to hate the film, but enjoyed it very much. You can still see all the continuity errors and the rushed script.

    Super 8: “E.T. on steroids” as my friend soo accurately put it. Wonderful movie.

    Green Lantern: This film reminded us a comic book movie can still be fun, and doesn’t have to be serious like Nolan’s Batman movies.

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon: What can I say? I loved the first, enjoyed the second, and the third was just EPIC!

    Horrible Bosses: HILARIOUS the first time watching. Not soo much the second time around.

    The Deathly Hallows 2: Great end to the Harry Potter franchise. Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar nomination.

    Captain America TFA: Favorite comic book film of the year, and the best from Marvel for one reason, Heart.

    Real Steel: Rocky with robots. Great movie.

    The Thing: I didn’t watch all it, but what I saw confirmed that it was premake to Carpenter’s film.

    The Muppets: Great nastolgia.

    Sherlock Holmes AGOS: Good movie, but enjoyed the first film more. Moriarty was amazing though.

    Mission Impossible 4: Cool movie. The Dubai tower stunt was incredible.

    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Just incredible. Rooney Mara DESERVES an Oscar for her take on Lisbeth Salander.

  6. I missed season 4 of Sons of Anarchy anyone know a good site i can watch it on?

    • sidereel is always good or be a champ and wait for the dvd or reruns

  7. Ok, so I mentioned on the Dec 26th O.D. that I received Star Wars the complete saga on Blu-ray for Christmas and I’ve finished episodes 1-3 and I have to say WOW. This is what Blu-ray was made for. I have a 32 inch TV and with the room completely dark the images pop off the screen like nothing I’ve seen before. Even if your not a fan of the prequels this is something to see.
    Has anyone else had the same experience?

    • I agree with you star war on Blu-ray is amazing the sound and picture quality looks and sounds awesome especially when watching it on a big screen LCD TV and surround sound its like having a movie theater in the comfort of your own home :) , I can’t wait to watch episode I The Phantom Menace in theaters again when it returns in Feb.

      • SUCKER! :P

  8. I really liked X-MenFirst Class, but after mulitple views i don’t like it as much as I did at first.

    And what happened to the American Godzilla reboot? I really would like some info on it if anyone has some.

  9. What all trailers where in the girl with the dragon tattoo movie? I missed them and my sister told me that one looked really good and ild enjoy it, but couldnt remember the name of it

  10. I’ll probably get bashed for this but u watched the green lantern on BluRay last night again for the first time since I was disappointed in theaters but I really liked and enjoyed it. The story seemed to flow better. Idk just saying my opinion.

    Also watched rise of the planets of the apes on BluRay and it was just as epic as in theaters. When he speaks for the first time. I swear I almost crap myself. Lol

  11. Continuing on with my 2011 questions… 

    What 2011 movie slipped passed your radar amd turned out to be awesome upon viewing?
    The Way Back. Released in January (I believe) The Way Back made it’s way onto Netflix. Ed Norton and Colin Farrel were the draw for me. Both gave great performances. 


    • The trailer for Limitless looked terrible in my opinion, so I avoided it in the theater. I ended up watching it on Netflix instant watch not long ago, I’d say it was one of the better movies of this year.

    • Super. I remember someone ripping it apart in his review, but I really liked it. And Ellen Page has some serious issues in this one…

      • @B List
        Yea I caught Limitless via netflix. He did exactly what i would of done with super pill. figure out how to make more lol. The blood sippin scene was really deep. but life or death eh?

        Super was beyond crazy. Ellen Page even crazier. “Dont Molest little boys!” POW wrench to the head.
        And Kevin Bacon always great as a slime ball

  12. Pick one 2011 movie and discuss how it should have ended due to the incompetence of the protagonist or antagonist.
    Captain America. When Evans comes up with that “brillant” plan to let himself get captured by the wall of flamethrowers, A soldier should have then just come up and shot him in the head. Sent the dead body to Red Skull. End of story. Hydra Wins

    • X-Men: First Class.

      The moment when Moira shoots Erik but he uses his powers and inadvertently hits Xavier? That shouldn´t have been in the “first” movie.

      Other than that, great movie.

      • I knew there was somthing i liked about you(:

      • They should of used Mr Sinister instead of Sebastian Shaw. makea alot more sense and that way the Hellfire club would not have been wasted.

  13. Lastly, What 2011 movie did you want to but havent had a chance to see.
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. alot of my favorite actors in this.

  14. Since hollywood is rebooting all the classic movies from the 80s, when are they going to ruin i mean reboot “Back to the Future”

    • Ha! I honestly hope that reboot never happens. I’m waiting for Hollywood to do rebooted sequels with actors’ kids in the roles. Mo Money 2 with Damon Wayans Jr. or a sequel to the Last Boy Scout called the Last Girl Scout with Rumer Willis and Damon Wayans Jr. or Jaden Smith in Hancock 2.

      • Speakin of Reboots. I would def watch a Dick Tracy remake with all the canpy characters intacted. Dustin Hoffman as mumbles lol classic

  15. Gonna have to say, not really digging the page view format for the big articles. One page is good for me. Oh well :).

    Anyone know when the next Prometheus trailer is coming out?

    • mid-feb i think read it some where but wouldènt be surprised if they let behind the scenes out first

    • Sully,

      Thanks for the feedback. To be clear, we don’t use it for “big” articles, we use it for list-type posts that don’t have a lot of text per item. Barring the “View All” button (that we still use on appropriate articles”, I think this format is actually easier to scroll through and know which item # you’re on.

      Plus, especially for countdowns, I think it’s fun not being to see the next item until you hit “Next.” :)



      • True, I do like it for the countdown lists, just not a fan of it for the Blu ray/Dvd breakdown. I forgot about the view all button, unfortunately it doesn’t show on mobile view. None of it will stop me from visiting though :).

        • Yeah the DVD thing was a coin toss. It was that, or dump it.


      • “Plus, especially for countdowns, I think it’s fun not being to see the next item until you hit “Next.””
        ^That’s why I love the new layout

  16. IS Hollywood remaking rebooting all these movies a bad thing Iam on the fence look at Planet of the apes it made my sixteen year old cousin watch the original The thing was an add on I think North Americans hate subtitles so they re-made Girl with the Dragon tattoo and Let Me In they want to do a re make of Scarface well the 80s version was a re-imagination same with spider-man. I just think that it a murky pool of don’t careness they do it cause people will see them look at footloose they make the original come out on blu-ray special editions and let a new generation watch them.

    • Yea. Really looking forward to thatone. glad it got wide release.

  17. Well finally watched Sherlock Holmes 2 and I gotta say it was just as good if not better than the 1st I really enjoyed it and I’m definately gonna watch it again.

  18. Just got a kindle fire and I’m lookin for some tv shows to watch. I already got breaking bad and the walking dead what else is good?

    • Archer
      Game of Thrones
      Spartacus: Vegenace
      …in that order

      • Thanks for the shows ill take a look at them