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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 27, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 27, 2013

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  1. Ben Aflec will be good in the new Superman Vs Batman….. RUNS AWAY!

    • @ Chris

      If you’ve been following the SR OD’s and comment sections up to this point then you would know that most of the SR regulars are very much on board with Affleck’s casting as Batman.

      I think he has potential. I need to see his performances that are supposed to be really good (Argo, The Town, Chasing Amy, Hollywoodland) before passing judgment. I’ve only seen him in Armageddon, Daredevil, and Paycheck, and he wasn’t particularly good in those.

    • Im all for a new Superman costume in Superman Vs. Batman aslong they break up the blue & give the costume little brighter color to it.

  2. Good morning and Happy Friday Scranters! Hope all of us have a pleasant rest of the year. 2014 brings in some great movies! Is anyone doing a BO prediction game?

  3. So exited for 2014 movies and 2014 video games, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will be launched in February 2014! cant wait!

  4. Happy Friday, everyone!

    Random thoughts:

    1. I saw HG: Catching Fire this weekend and enjoyed it much better than the first film. It’s always interesting to see the differences between the book and the movie; I enjoyed seeing the special effects from the QQ come to life.

    2. Planning on starting the Breaking Bad series this weekend.

    3. Received The King’s Speech DVD for Christmas. That and a couple of books, which is enough. I enjoyed watching the kids open and play with their gifts. The older I get, the more I prefer to give than receive. What gifts did everyone receive?

    4. Watched numerous Christmas show/movies this week. I’ve enjoyed watching holiday cartoons with the kids, like Yogi Bear, Johnny Bravo, and the Smurfs. We also love the Rankin-Bass features. I prefer the classic cartoons, like Bedtime for Sniffles and Peace on Earth. They don’t make them like they used to!

  5. Good Morning all……

    If I don’t get a chance to say it later, I hope everybody has a very happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year Stark!!

      Wow traffic in the OD has diminished substantially today. There was even more traffic on christmas.

  6. Any predictions on the improvements of AOS when it comes back on after the break? I kind of felt the series lost me and hasn’t really been all that interesting to me as of yet. I hope the series dramatically improves because it’s been a rollercoaster ride lately with producing 1 good episode here and then it follows with a bad one, then another okay one, then a really bad one. Hopefully with the tie ins to Cap2 coming up it should get better but right now I have my doubts.
    Also I am hoping The Following will come back with an improved plot. Last season was okay but the whole thing was a little over the top and had some “really” type of moments. Based on the trailer it looks good but we shall see. Almost Human is in limbo but is contracted for another 6 episodes so I see them maybe moving the show to a Friday type of slot where it should do better than a Monday.
    I am really excited for Hannibal to come back. I am hearing very exciting things from the Hannibal camp and if true, this will be a great Hannibal season that should set it apart from all the other shows putting in it in the league of such shows like a GOT, Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan.
    What are some of the shows that you are excited for?

    • Ah Jared – you said the dirty word: AOS! Just kidding, but that thing seems doomed unless they can get me to actually care about the characters. I want this to be more than just tie-ins to the movies, but a real study about just how dirty SHIELD can be. Reading the comics as a kid, SHIELD always seemed like an agency that didn’t care if a few eggs were broken to make their omelets, and ABC’s version is just so nice and terribly-awful at the same time. If Clark Gregg wasn’t in this, I doubt any of us would care, because it’s not even about Marvel characters anymore, and the ones we are given I couldn’t care the least about.

      On another matter, I was looking over my top films of 2013 list – is it me, or was 2012 just a better year? Don’t get me wrong: I loved ST:ID, MofS, Thor, Fast Six, and Oblivion and own all of them, but none of them I would watch every month for a year like I did The Avengers or Ted. Am I crazy?

      • Yeah, I think AOS, unless it does something drastic is doomed to fail. I just don’t really have an interest in the show any more like I do with a show like Arrow, TWD, GOT, Ray Donovan, Hannibal, or even a show like Grimm. If the show wasn’t connected to Marvel and didn’t have Gregg in it then it would have been cancelled already but since it’s connected they are guaranteed 1 season. Based on the ratings, there are a couple of sites that have sources claiming that if ratings don’t hold steady or increased it’s not going to survive for season 2. Then again, it’s also the same sites that have said that Almost Human is being cancelled as well so who knows.

        Yes, I have to agree that 2012 was a better movie year for myself. The movies this year just didn’t seem like anything special IMO. I am hoping we get a better 2014 than 2013 because I consider this year as a slow movie year. Thor 2, MOS, Hobbit 2 were okay but the movies from 2012 just felt like they offered more. I am just hoping Cap2 doesn’t disappoint because if it ends up being a bust then 2014 is in for some trouble.

  7. morining you filthy animals hope Santa was nice to you all, i have to wait 2 weeks for my Christmas so….

    i just binge watched Firefly and i don’t understand why it is so highly regarded, don’t get me wrong it was good but i hear people going crazy over this show…now AOS seems like a bad knock off of this show, or is it just me.

    • Yeah AOS kinda seems like its channeling the Firefly formula with mixed results. SR did an article on that very topic a few months back.

      If you enjoyed Firefly then check out Serenity. Its a movie follow up to the show. Perhaps it isn’t as good as the show per se but its still a very good stand alone movie. If you liked Firefly at all then you’ll prbly like Serenity. Its pretty sick. You finally get to see reavers in the movie. In the tv show they’re only spoken about.

      • i just read the SR article…it hits on a lot of points, i need to watch Serinity.

        the only thing i’m alittle confused on is River telepathic or just a genius?

        • My Firefly knowledge is a bit rusty.. but from what I remember in the show she’s a bit of both. She started out as a genius then the Alliance put her through tests and stuff to increase her potential kinda like Akira or something. So then she was telepathic-ish but really jacked up cuz there’s all this messed up knowledge in her head that makes her crazy. Serenity touches more on her history if you wanna know more. Lemme know your thoughts when you give it a watch.

        • She’s just a genius. Doctors toyed with her brain to cause her to have a hyperactive amygdala? or some other part inside her brain. This makes her extra perceptive and also more emotionally perceptive of things around her. Some people confuse that last part with telepathy. But she’s not.

          • thanks…i was thinking it didn’t get explained because of the short run

              • Rewatching “Ariel” would not help me memorize it more than I already have.

        • She’s telepathic. She was already genius and had some kind of psychic potential, and when the government messed with her brain to make her full-on psychic they also really screwed her up. There’s some ambiguity in the show whether she’s actually telepathic or just has very strong perceptions/intuition (they don’t outright tell you, just give hints and moments that could be interpreted either way), but in the movie it’s clearly spelled out.

          I don’t remember the exact dialogue but it was something like “You allowed high level government people in the same room with a telepath? Now she knows everything you know!” And later when they go to Miranda where everyone had been killed, she suffers a breakdown because of all the mental/emotional echoes still present. Those are just a couple of the examples I can think of without re-watching the film.

          • thanks Ken…now i HAVE to watch Serinity thanks alot :D

    • You’re not the only one. Marathon the whole thing and I was so surprised that this was the most beloved Whedon’s project ever. I mean really? It’s good, yeah but not the best thing in the world.

      AOS is just bad. Stopped watching but I’m tempted to catch up with it to see if it’s getting better but I’ll probably end up marathoning Person Of Interest or Alias instead.

      • I think people that have it talked up too much get disappointed. The same thing happened to some of my friends that started Breaking Bad cuz the first season moves so slow in contrary to everything people say about the show.

        I loved it cuz I went in without any preconcieved notions or anything. No one had talked it up to me and I took convincing, I wasn’t on board right away. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first episode, but by The Train Job I was hooked.

        May I ask if you watched Serenity? You don’t need to but if you liked Firefly at all you’ll prbly enjoy it.

      • Miss Jenn couldn’t agree more with your opinions about POI and Alias. Far superior to the disappointment that is Agents of SHIELD.

    • Guess I’ll be the voice of dissent. I loved Firefly. All the characters were likable, unique, and empathize-able (what I mean here is that you can root for them easily). The humour was fantastic and well done rather than forced. The world created in Firefly was excellent too and something I could buy w.r.t. realism. The women were all fantastic to me too. They weren’t defined by their relationship with men; they had their own personalities. All the stories were good stories as well delving into the different characters. I loved how well-balanced the show was in terms of many different elements. Shame it was cancelled, would have loved to explore that world more.

      • You are not in dissent, as most of the other commentators expressed that they at least liked the show. I, too, however, thought it was great. Far more realistic than Star Trek, and of course, Star Wars. In today’s world, you can envision a one-world government that borders on a dictatorship, surpressing individual freedom and thought. The westernized form of space exploration and settling, without any aliens, is also very believable. The cast was also great. How I wish a network would renew the series, or at least, Whedon would make a sequel to Serenity! I am actually disappointed that, with all of his expressed love for the show, as well as his newfound clout and finances, he has not made the latter happen.

        • After years of technological advances, man decide to regress and be cowboy in space, cursing in mandarin. Pretty realistic.

          • Technological advances are just “toys” for a childish human race that many do believe is regressing both morally and spiritually. There is a growing inclination for a one-world government, one that would likely adapt words from multiple languages. The expansion of life from Earth into space would be similar to the colonization of many countries on our planet, with poorer and richer districts and a black market likely developing. And do you really believe we would encounter the many forms of aliens represented in Star Trek and Star Wars? So yes, Firefly is pretty realistic in comparison.

          • The worlds created were terraformed, part of which would involve introducing water into the atmosphere and surface. However, some of the worlds were not completely well terraformed because priority was given to the central planets. So you had harsher settings and often less moisture based environments due to cruder terraforming in the boarder planets. So yes, it makes sense that people would adopt the lifestyle of frontier people. “Cowboy” wear would make the most sense because it is best suited for multi-weather conditions. So yeah, to me that seems pretty realistic.

            While English is the largest secondary language, Mandarin is fast becoming one of the largest languages in the world. And what do people usually want to know when learning new languages? The curse words. So again, pretty realistic.

            • I completely forgot about the terraforming, which adds to the realism, as we would not likely encounter a plethora of worlds already equipped for human habitation.

              What a show! Had it been given a fair shake on TV (e.g., aired in proper order and given a second season), it could have been just as big, if not bigger, than the other space operas out there. We’re fortunate that we got a great movie out of it, but again, I really wish Whedon would make a sequel to it, and soon.

            • the trajectory of the way the world is forming, it makes sense that we are speaking Chinese and you also notice the Asian fashion influences also on other worlds.

              i have to give the show credit it is a well flushed out enviroment, with very possible outcomes.

              the only thing i found weird was when they would fire a gun it sounded like a laser, but they used WW2 style weapons, kinda throws you off

          • I think you’re confused about what space colonies would be like. It wouldn’t all be jet boots and rail guns. It would be gritty and hard and you’d be lucky if you had a working slingshot.

            As for the Mandarin, considering at the time of colonization only the US and China could afford to send ships out, it’s not surprising that the two dominant cultures are American and Chinese. They don’t just curse in Mandarin, there are many other elements of the culture incorporated in that show.

  8. So I’ve seen American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street this week.

    Holy awesome performances Batman!! Jonah Hill and Leo were great in Wolf. Leo had a bunch of awesome scenes, my personal fave was this one scene involving some lemon somethings and some physical comedy infused acting that might be offensive to parapelegics.

    The whole cast in American Hustle was stellar!! Christian Bale (who I believe got back issues from hunching over for the entire shoot of the film to make his character seem more like a slob) is a freaking chameleon or something. That dude reinvents himself in every film he’s in. Jennifer Lawrence stole all the scenes she was in, Amy Adams rocked, Bradley Cooper was awesome, Louis CK was hilarious, that movie was incredible.

    I wanna see Inside Llewyn Davis sometime this week but its only playing in one theater anywhere close to me, and its a stickyfoot.

  9. Just went through Firefly after being intrigued by all the talk and after watching Serenity. I finally get why Mal was so pissed when Book bought it.

    Having said that, it was an ok show for me. Nothing spectacular although I did grow to love the characters. If it had gotten a full season and a bigger budget for a second season I’m sure it would have grown to awesome.

    Really stoked for the Winter Soldier next year. Thor 2 was a solid movie with an awkward after credits scene IMO. Man of Steel fell short quite needlessly and I think we all agree keeping Shane Black away from CBMs in the future is not such a bad idea.

    Anyone else feel Jon Favreau should get to do another Iron Man movie? Or any other CBM?

    • Gotta agree about Winter Soldier and bringing Favereau back as soon as possible. I think Marvel should just offer him a 5-movie deal that might not include IM or Avengers. I’d love to see him tackle a third Cap film, a future GOTG, or Inhumans or Black Panther. I think Downey is done with standalone IM films and who could blame him? My disappointment in IM3 grows daily.

    • I am so completely baffled as to why you would watch Serenity (which is the end of the show) before watching the show itself.

      • Can’t speak for nuruJay, but I myself first saw Serenity, and after liking it so much, watched Firefly on Netflix. Wish there was more of it! (I didn’t know about Firefly until after watching Serenity.)

  10. Whats a dc character benedict cumberbatch could play, as well as garrett hedlund.

    • I always thought Garrett Hedlund would be a good Quicksilver. Prbly cuz his Tron costume looks a lot like the Quicksilver costume.

      Cumberbatch would be a good badguy. He’s got a killer voice for that. Brainiac perhaps?

      • Ooh, speaking of Hedlund, I am hoping we get another Tron. I loved Tron 2. The visuals were just awesome IMO

    • Definitely agree with movieDude that he could be Brainiac, could sell it as well. But would be nicer to see him in a hero role rather than somewhat typecasted. This’d also allow him to be in such a universe in multiple movies rather than a one-off.

      If they introduce the new gods and Darkseid, I could see him playing Metron.

      Or if they have magic, I could see him doing either Dr. Fate or Etrigan.

      But out of all that, I could mostly see him as Sandman.

    • Sorry to hear about this. Wishing you luck on a new kidney.

    • Good luck man!

    • Thanks guys. Obviously it’s a complicated thing but I just wanted to say something aloud where people could see it. It’s like a steam vent you know? Gotta let some pressure out!

  11. So my cable company threw in HBO on my service.

    I don’t usually sign up for premium channels because I usually RedBox or Netflix what I want to watch but I found it’s good for watching things that I wouldn’t spend extra money on.

    Finally saw the first Hobbit, pretty good from what I remember of the book many (many) years ago.

    I also caught I, Robot again… reminded me of Almost Human in a way.

    I’m going to DVR random films I’ve seen and some that I haven’t, just need to find the time to watch them.

  12. I, Robot!!! Now there’s a movie I haven’t thought of in ages. Can you imagine if they’d done a sequel?

    I’m yet to see the Hobbit *brace for thrown popcorn* and I don’t know exactly why.

    • Funny that you mention sequels with that movie. The movie was actually fashioned mostly after the sequel to the book IRobot, The Caves of Steel. The only thing they took from the first book was when the “free” robot hid amongst the other ones that looked like it.

  13. Ok Aaron, I never knew that. Gotta look that up. Add to my reading list for 2014 or something.

  14. I think shows like Firefly and Alias were awesome at the time, they were different, now they seem a bit dated and we are now over saturated with TV shows and movies with so many similar concepts and themes that it’s actually hard to be original, especially in the science fiction genre!

    I watched the first episode of AOS and didn’t like it, same with Arrow, if I’m not sold on the first episode then it’s tough for me to go on and watch more, the pilot for any show should draw you in which they failed to do for me, I am looking forward to watching Almost Human tho, Karl Urban rocks!

  15. Almost Human caught me off guard with how good the chemistry between Urban and Early is. You’ll like that part anyway.

    I enjoy the show but it needs to find that extra something or its gonna be treading water.