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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 26, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 26, 2012

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  1. I got season 1 of Sherlock for Christmas and it just strengthens my belief that Benedict Cumberbatch would make a great villain. I’m glad he was cast in Star Trek, he is a fantastic actor!

    • I got Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows for Christmas and it just strengthens my belief that Robert Downey Jr. is awesome. I’m glad he was cast in Sherlock Holmes, he is a fantastic actor! ;)

      The “Maximum Movie Mode” is also pretty great. I wish more Blu-Rays had an extra movie watching “experience” like the Triple-M experience.

      • What is maximum movie mode?

      • Robert Downey Jr. is indeed awesome! :-)

        I only have the DVD of Sherlock Holmes so I’m not sure what Maximum Movie Mode is…:-/

        • Maximum Movie Mode is kind of an interactive, in-movie experience where you can watch the movie and all sorts of little screens will pop-up from time-to-time.
          Things like storyboards or commentary from the cast and crew will pop-up on the bottom of the screen, as well as options to look at still-galleries from certain scenes and behind-the-scenes featurettes. Best of all though, it’s hosted by RDJ so every now and then he’ll “fade” onto the screen and do what he does best (entertain you).

          It’s pretty much all the extras you’d normally find in a separate menu on a BD, but here they take all that stuff and put it there on the screen as you watch the scenes.

    • I got the limited edition broken cowl of the dark knight rises for christmas. Also got the hot toys dark knight rises batman figure which is awesome, Deadpool comics #1 & #2 along with a deluxe Deadpool figure, Farcry 3 & black ops 2 for PS3 :D

      • I also got the broken cowl, along with lawless and harry potter collection.

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    • Love, love that show. Fantastic actor; he’s one of the best :) Totally psyched for his villainous performances in Star Trek Into Darkness and The Desolation of Smaug next year!

  2. Random “feeling” moment: I feel disconnected with movies lately. I haven’t seen a movie in theaters in over a month. The excitement for upcoming movies is very low at the moment. I’m sure once the Super Bowl comes and reminds me of all of the 2013 movies, I’ll be back in the game but I hate this time of year for movies.

    • You should go see The Hobbit. It was awesome.

  3. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. With the exception of the Knicks losing 2 the Lakers (d****t !) I had a pretty good Christmas just spending time with family and opening gifts.

    However,I didn’t get my Thundarr the barbarian DVD set. That sucks as I was planning on watching that before I go back 2 work.

    • @rome

      Knicks lost but they’re still one of the top 2 for the eastern conference. That’s what matters most.

      • Boo Hiss.

        Suxers fan here…er..I mean Sixers….ok…they will be the Suxers in no time!

      • @Broadway
        yeah that’s for sure, but I wanted that sweep of the Lakers.



    Which style of movie filming fits this genre the best overall?

    After having several discussions(some more heated than others)over which films have been the better representatives of this particular genre, & who are best suited to direct all of them(Joss Whedon,Zack Snyder)I have come to the one definitive conclusion all of us should be taking into account about this subject. Both styles are equally important for these movies to continue the success they’ve been having so far.

    Why lots of people(mostly fans of “THE” trilogy)keep on insisting that one direction(the dark & gritty kind)is & should be the only way these films are meant to be shown to their audience I’ll never understand. I feel that there are characters who can, & should be presented in the same way our beloved Dark Knight was, but not ALL of them! That kind of atmosphere would be best suited for a comic book movie that has an R rating attached to it anyway. That way nothing gets watered down, or censored just to be “family friendly”.

    Certain characters(probably most of them)are supposed to be represented in the same tone/manner as the Marvel C. Universe films. Just because none of those movies are as “real” as the next film/trilogy doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them. They just have a different/fantasy interpretation about them which(at the end of the day)is more appropriate for those type of characters. If I want to see realism being implemented into my favorite genre of films then I’ll go watch a movie about The Punisher or someone else who doesn’t have super extraordinary abilities.

    Characters like Batman & even DareDevil would fit either tone just fine. Which makes them(and others that are similar)so special in their own right. So please stop insisting that The Dark Knight is only better off being shown in a realistic world rather than a fantasy one. Each character has his/her own way of being interpreted by whomever it is being put in charge of directing whichever film.

    • @ Broadway

      I choose Fantasy over Reality when it comes to CBM. Imo, takes me alittle break from the real world that we’re living in now,etc. When makin films so realistic, it has it’s limits on certain things, espeically villains that people seen on film already & haven’t that might not be as familiar with such as Batman’s. Back to this later. I choose fantasy mostly on terms of The Avengers & all the other Marvel Studios films because theres a balance between fantasy/reality in them. It’s harder to see that within The Avengers because there was 5 films that built up to it that were more grounded. Like Loki’s army, Thanos appearing. But what are people gonna expect outta Justice League? Will we see Parademons flock & attack the league aswell as Darkseid’s own henchmen? Dunno.

      Back to what i mentioned about Batman. Imo Batman:TAS is the best adaption yet on the character besides the comics & would be good example for how to bring Batman into a shared universe. Infact, all of the “Timmverse” was from Batman:TAS – JLU. Loved their version of Cadmus Arc with Amanda Waller & i enjoyed Pam Grier’s performance of the character on Smallville.

      But before Nolan’s Batfilms came along, fantasy cbm were popular such as Christopher Reeve’s Superman films, Burton’s Batman films, to a lesser extent the last two films. Especially films based off Marvel’s characters. Marvel Studios’s shared universe set the bar for fantasy/reality CBM imo. WB/DC should do the same & not go more realistic,gritty,etc. Imo, theres not alot of characters that would work well like that as popular ones might if they want to have a shared universe. Marvel is still being careful on what they’re doin & it just seems to me WB/DC want a Justice League movie to compete with Avenger’s sequel. I think thats being reckless,especially to have it open in the same year. I just hope Justice League is good when it gets made.

      • @Wally

        I agree with you about seeing these characters in a more comicbook-ish atmosphere the same way they’re presented in animated cartoons. However, I also think that they shouldn’t be limited, or narrowed down to just one type of interpretation. Putting characters such as The Punisher, Judge Dredd, or others who are similar to those two would be best suited for a more dark & “realistic” tone of story telling. As I said before in my earlier comments if you put those types of people in a PG-13 type of atmosphere then you’re basically stripping away the “true” way they should be presented in. Having watered down censored films starring those kinds of characters isn’t neccessarily a good thing.

        • @ Broadway

          I also think a character like Batman would be entertaining for everyone if well balanced between fantasy/reality. Not go by Nolan’s version, & not go by Schumacher’s over family-friendly version as we seen in Batman & Robin.

          • but Nolans Batman is not so realisitc anyway some of the stuff in the movie is way out there

            • @ mace

              Alot of people would say otherwise.

              • Wally West

                It’s really not overtly realistic. It’s grounded in plausible plots with relatable characters. More than most comicbook movies are. Most importantly Chris Nolan himself has said the films are not grounded in reality.

                • @ Ignur Rant

                  What i read from Chris Nolan has said his films are grounded in more realistic way. The films speak for themselves about how anyone could put on a cape & cowl to become Batman in the real world if they have what they need. From company that makes military body armor suit, to the tumbler for military purposes. the fabric Bruce made his cape out of. Of-course he painted the suit & made his little batarangs himself but more came from Fox & his company.

                  Films like Ironman are more balance between fantasy/reality because Stark’s company was makin weapons for military purposes,etc. He’s like Batman he builds his own stuff, despite half if not most in what we seen in Nolan’s films. We even seen images of O’Reilly Factor in Ironman 2 as if films take place in the real world. so in a way they’re grounded in reality.

                  Nolan’s films are more realistic than any other CBM that came before or after. You can easily tell.

                  • It’s still not overtly realistic. They’re subtle fantastical elements with moments that require suspension of belief. It’s more so the character of Batman allows for it to feel more realistic because he is more relatable and can live in our world. It’s the same way they are approaching Man of Steel and how Faverua approached IronMan.

                    • As i said alot of people would say otherwise.

        • I just used Batman as a example.

      • Wally West

        The best Batman: TAS episodes/movie are the Emmy winning Heart of Ice, Feats of Clay, Two Face, Robin’s Reckoning and Mask of Phantasm because of the great story telling. Some of those episodes are more based in reality while some are more based in fantasy but both are grounded with relatable characters and plausible motivations by heroes and villains alike.

        The Fantasy vs Reality argument is kinda irrelevant. That is based on personal preference. Both can work well for most characters if written well. The only thing that hurts comics book movies are formulaic plots and cliché heroes/villains.

        Donner’s Superman (which Donner actually saw as more of a sci-fi film), Rami’s Spiderman and Burton’s Batman all had wildly fantastical elements but the story for each was grounded by the emotional arc of the characters (Rami’s Spider Crier even more so lol). That’s is what made them so great and that’s what made them popular and so memorable. You can’t say the same for most comic book movies.

        • My personal preference that makes’ me want to watch these particular movies over & over again are characters that remind me what it felt like to get into comics in the first place. Great story telling aside, what initially drew my attention to these great wonderful characters was first & foremost their look(custumes),their abilities(super powers), & most importantly arch nemeses(super villians). I’m not too critical when it comes to telling a great story as long as those 3 important elements are always intact & presented properly.

          Two movie examples always comes to mind when explaining what I mean by this statement. Take Superman Returns vs. Green Lantern. Both were ridiculed by critics & fans alike(although I enjoyed both for different reasons), but at least Superman was given credit for telling a far better story than the latter(so said the critics anyway). I however would opt for the Lantern film all the time which is why that film is actually in my movie collection. Again, my 3 earlier points is why I made that decision. Lantern had a slightly more accurate look when it came to his outfit. I enjoyed how he used his powers more so than the Man of Steel, & lastly he actually had villians who challenged his abilities.

          As much as I like Lex he can still be very boring to listen to at times. As was the case with most of that film overall. Great story don’t get me wrong, but not so much excitement to back it up with.

          • Their nemesis and to a lesser extent their abilities and costume is dependent on good story telling. The latter two can be contributed to wether the comicbook character interest you or not but how it is portrayed is totally dependent on good story telling.

    • I prefer Dark Knight to say Avengers.

      I can outrun Batman, I might have a trouble outrunning the Hulk, as he can probably run me down, or throw a bus at me, or just jump into my path.

      Batman, I am running like the wind, and I have a better chance of getting away because.

      I just got to outrun the other badguy next to me. I will be darn if I am going to outrun Batman at night and make a wrong turn into an alley…just saying.

      • @ Jeff

        Can you out run a batarang or what if Batman got ya with his grapple gun & dragged you back? He might use a batarang on both you & the other guy. He might even tag ya & get you later.

        • Then I get my butt whupped, but I dont have to worry about a bus on my head!

      • Those who have seen enough of Batman know you can’t outrun him. Why?

        Batman doesn’t need to run. He’s like Michael Myers: takes his time, pops out of the shadows even when you think you’ve lost him, will get up after everything you’ve thrown/fired at him, and can scare the s**t out of you without even talking

        • @ACW

          See, I am well conditioned, I wont stop till I am in a wide open field and can see him coming.

          I can run for a great distance, and never think I lost him till I know he is busy with someone else….

          • @Jeff

            That’s why I like you man. HAHAHA!! Your scenerios always make me laugh. “Then I get my butt whupped, but I dont have to worry about a bus on my head!”

            • Look a batarang and getting beat to a pulp, is much better than facing the Hulk.

              Lets be realistic, one shows no compassion, one is a brute force, one has a nasty disposition….

              …The other can throw a bus 2 miles underhanded with a headwind…NO CONTEST

          • I’ve deduced you are Usain Bolt xD

            • Not at 6’4 250

              But dang it…IM GONNA RUN LIKE THE WIND!

              • Tale of the Tape….Batman vs Me.

                Batman 6’2 225 Olympic Level Condition. Advance Martial Arts Training, Worlds Greatest Detective, expert hand to hand combat, master of stealth, master of disguise. Drives a bad ass car, Multi Billionaire, Lives in a Mansion, works in a Cave. Able to intimidate Satan.

                Me. 6’4 250 Trained as Coastguard Rescue Swimmer. Trained Pilot. 2 Time golden glove winner in boxing, 3rd degree black belt in karate. Well Off, lives in a nice house, afraid of Wife 23 DAYS OUT OF THE MONTH…For 7 Days I am PETRIFIED of the Woman. Has verbal sparring fights with daughters over how they dress. Expert Chef I can make a killer Baked Lasagna. Great fear of Grandparents coming back from the grave if I ever screwed up!
                Has trouble getting an 8 Year old to eat his green beans and carrots.

                Batman Can inflict pain and absorb pain like no one elses business.

                Me. I get a paper cut and I want my mommy!

                Batman People get out of his way
                Me People have no choice but to get out of my way, I out rank them.

                Batman Cool Gadgets and Lucius Fox

                Me Still has a VCR and I am on a first name basis with people at the Apple Store.

                In a Fight with Batman. One Punch and he will laugh.
                One Hit, and I am going to WANT MY MOMMY.

                Now if I had a choice to face Batman or the Wrath of my Grandmother….I am taking Batman out and hitting with everything including the kitchen sink……Batman strikes fear into evil people, Grandmother Strikes fear in me from beyond the grave.

                nuff said

                • HAHAHAHA!!! Funny stuff my friend. Funny indeed. By the way what does all this have to do with you choosing a side(Fantasy vs. Reality based comic book films)? That’s what my original comment pertain to in the first place. Then you went off on this whole what if scenerio about you vs. these fictional characters. HAHAHA!!

                  • Oh that is simple.

                    Reality,the Hero has a weakness, Like Batman, he suffered broken bones, internal damage, bad knees and he was like everyone else, prone to aging.


                    Heroes Human or Superhuman take an ungodly beating and always seem to have enough to win in the end. Like in the Animated Series Batman Beyond, Batman grew old, could still fight,but he suffered so many scars and wounds over his lifetime fighting crime, it was a matter of time before some young punk got the better of him.

                    Fantasy, Hulk can grow old, but wont lose any of his strength. Captain America Ages Slowly and can almost heal from anything, even got shot and killed.

                    That is what I like about Human Based Heroes, they can grow old and die like the rest of us. Their abilites will slow down with age.

                    Fantasy, they tend never to grow old. The Avengers we see now, will always remain young, where as you saw a Broken Dark Knight.

                    • I love everything you say Jeff. Love the stories! But… this “Fantasy, they tend never to grow old. The Avengers we see now, will always remain young, where as you saw a Broken Dark Knight” being said I don’t feel is accurate. If that were true, then Batman would be almost 100 yrs old now since he came out in what, 1943? None of these characters grow old unless the stories that are written portray him. As for Iron Man, check out “Next Avengers” film where Tony Stark is watching all of the original Avengers children/offspring and he is an old man. Same with Banner. Its Hulk with grey hair and a culdasac!

    • Fantasy. Even the most realistic superheroes have fantasy to them and that’s what I think makes their stories truely fascinating. I mean, I am hoping to see something that doesn’t care about being realistic or not.

      It’s the person they started out as who should be realistic: Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, Steve Rogers, etc. The same applies for villains.

      When you don the superhero persona, you’ve immediately left the boundaries of realism. You have made yourself more than just a man/woman (yes, I’m aware that I just quoted “Batman Begins”).

      Making the superhero realistic is really crippling the potential for greater storylines that comic book writers have established over many years

      • @ACW

        Can you go back & read what I wrote to Wally. It also applies to what you just said.

        • @ Broadway

          I agree with what you say on characters like Punisher,Judge Dredd,Spawn & even Blade. I wouldn’t want their films to be PG-13 rated. Withadoubt, they should be R-rated CBM.

    • It really depends on what CB is being adapted…
      You can’t exactly take a comic book like GotG and try and make it “realistic”, nor can you take Batman and make it too fantastical (then you’ll just end up with something terrible).

      That said, I look forward to having a bit more fantasy in the Batman reboot (perhaps some more “out there” gadgets and villains), and I also look forward to seeing the darker (and hopefully, a bit more realistic/grounded) take on movies like IM3, Thor2, etc.

      It’s been so great having Nolan’s Batman around, while still being able to watch something like The Avengers so for me, I like to think it’s good to have movies with both styles in circulation.

      If there’s one thing Hollywood needs, it’s a bit of diversity so I welcome different methods and styles not only with CBMs, but also films in general – as long as they’re good.

      • It all depends on the type of hero. Batman worked perfect for Nolan. But for a property like GoTG, there is no way to “ground” it. Dare Devil could be a little “grounded” unless they went into the Typhoid Mary storyline.

        If they ever get around to doing a Dare Devil or Punisher reboot. I think it would be great to reboot them both in the same movie. It would make a good “not so buddy cop” story.

        • You can ground GotG the same way you would a sci-fi film.

    • The issue doesn’t really lie in Fantasy vs Reality but good story telling versus bad story telling. The LotR and Star Wars both had a lot of fantastical elements and out there ideas but the story was grounded by crafting a serious plot with relatable characters who have plausible motivations. (i.e. not being evil for the sake of being evil).

      Blade, IronMan, The Incredible Hulk The TDK Trilogy and Donner’s Superman are all fantastic examples of elite comiccbook movies. It’s comicbook movies like this that further better the genre and ensure it’s longevity. The simpler, more light hearted ones with formulaic plots and cliché villains/heroes are the ones hurting the industry. They are terribly predictable and are becoming parodies in themselves. Comicbook movies should be looked at with the same respect as great Sci-Fi films.

    • I would personally like to see more fantastical CBM. A lot of what JLA and Avengers require is sci fi. Keyword: Fiction. That’s because they both involve space/aliens/mutants. I honestly think people are confusing “grounded” with realistic. I say this because everyone’s definition or reasoning behind a grounded film is that its relatable. Avengers can be grounded because it takes place in New York and contains real people and places. Like “wow, that could be close to home. I lived in New York and the place got torn into shreds. Ive been there.” Where as realistic IMO means that there is no Thor, Loki, Captain America, Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern all because that kind of stuff doesn’t exist. AKA, not real.

      CBM’s need fantasy. They need science fiction. They need mythology. They don’t need New York. They don’t need today’s military. They need places like Metropolis, Star City, Gotham, and Atlantis! They need a giant space station with a gigantic laser canon!

      End rant… for now.

  5. To anyone who is excited for Star Wars 7, what is your list of possible candidates to direct? Here’s mine (in no particular order)

    1. Jon Favreau (Iron Man 1&2, Cowboys and Aliens)

    2. Rian Johnson (Looper) – I get the feeling he could pull one off

    3. Joss Whedon (The Avengers) – very unlikely but hey one could only wish

    4. Joe Johnston (Captain America, Jurassic Park 3)- he worked with the production of the original trilogy so why not

    5. Brad Bird (Mission Impossible 4) – he said so himself he won’t direct but i wish he could

    • Sam Mendes gets my vote

      • David fincher.

        • Yes please!

  6. Rented “Rock of Ages” the other day. Probably one of the best homages to old school rock n’ roll. I think Jack Black should’ve made some sort of cameo since everyone knows he’s a die hard fan of rock and heavy metal. That, and he has his own band

    • I havent seen this movie. But I really want to. And being a huge fan of Tenacious D, I whole heartedly agree!!!

    • I love classic rock but I hate musicals. Do you think I would like it?

  7. Hard for me to be excited about Star Wars Episode 7. I enjoyed all 6 films,but that’s as big a fan i am. Not a mega-fan,lol. So i dunno what to expect from a another trilogy taken place after episode 6.

    • I think it might be a mistake to re-open that story seeing how brilliantly it ended in the first place, but that’s just me I guess.

    • I’m very excited about the Star Wars sequels, but I don’t really know what to expect from the whole thing either.
      Everyone’s throwing around ideas for what the movies could be about, who could direct, etc. but I guess I’m still a little shell shocked that it’s actually HAPPENING.

      It’s a waiting game…

    • I’m excited for this next series because I actually like the SW mythology after the first 6. I’m not a SW fanboy because of the first 6. So if this next series pulls off as well as I hope, I might have to lay down my tricorder. I doubt it though.

  8. Darth Vader is one of my favorite villains of cinema till this day.

    • My favorite is “The Traveler” in the form of The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

      • LOVE this response! +1

    • My favorites would include the Joker (from The Dark Knight) and The Terminator (from the Terminator quadrilogy.)

      • I never got the fascination with darth vader… he doesnt really due anything, darth mal is cooler. Vader to me just seemed like a figure head.

        • He was cool until the prequels. And ROTJ kinda ruined him for me when I got a glance under the mask. Always thought he was black lol.

    • I guess some other villains would be Joker ” Mark Hamill, Jack Nicolson & Heath Ledger” Arnold in The Terminator, T-1000,T-X. Clearance Boddicker(Kurtwood Smith) from Robocop. Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman & Danny Devito as Penguin from Batman Returns. Michael Ironside & Sharon Stone from Total Recall. Colin Farrell as Bullseye. Terrance Stamp as General Zod. Robert Englund from Nightmare On Elm Street franchise & Kane Hodder as Jason from Friday The 13th franchise.

      • @Wally

        I also loved Kane as Jason, but felt he was given a raw deal starring in the more crappier chapters(except part 7)in the entire series. I thought Tim Burtons’ interpretation of Penguin was way out there. Nothing at all resembled the comics or the cartoons which I always disagree with. Phieffers’ catwoman was great, but now I think it pales in comparison to what Anne Hathaway gave us in TDKR which was something we never expected from her in the first place. A great performance coupled by her sexy appearance in a nice leather outfit which very few thought she could pull off. As far as Nicolsons’ Joker I would have to say the same thing that was mentioned about Catwoman(except the part about the leather outfit of course).

  9. I just finished watching Green Lantern for the 3rd, possibly 4th time(I can’t remember which), & the one thing I never do is watch a film that many times unless there’s something about it that appeals to me which Lantern certainly does. I understand why so many people negatively bash it all the time, but I still feel with all it’s mistakes it still managed to get one IMPORTANT quality about the character right. It made me feel I was looking at “The” Green Lantern, not a complete alternate version made up by the director or story writers. The look of his suit & the actions he portrayed in the film reminded me of why I loved this character for so many years. He wasn’t wearing an “All Black Suit” with a lifeless ring on his finger doing nothing but talking & walking around in a realistic world.

    • I like that movie as well. Sure, the villain is pretty lame and the showdown is so weird and over the top that it loses all the impace, but everything else is pretty good.

      • *impace = impact

        • I agree about the “main” villian. They should have made the confrontation more about the guy with the big head(Hector)vs. Hal instead. At least he was somewhat more interesting to watch than that big giant blob monster.

    • I like the movie. Its not as bad as Fantastic 4. I don’t think the main baddy was necessary for a beginning movie. I definitely would’ve liked to see more missions on being trained as a Lantern. Kind of similar to how First Flight was. It needed a trilogy. Before going into CoreLore as well.

      • I really enjoyed the Fantastic Four movies as well. I suppose it helps when you are just into comic book movies but not into comic books. ;)

        • I can’t say that I REALLY enjoyed them. Their tough talking near the end was so dumb that it really bugged me. I loved the CGI and the action. That’s what I want out of CBM. I don’t want to be moved or go into tears. There isn’t a CBM that I don’t own. Were even talking the original Captain America movies, to Dark Horse comics as well. Also have the Dolph Lundren Punisher film. Love it lol.

          • I have the Lundgren-Punisher as well, but I really couldn’t bring myself to get those Captain America flicks. I’ve already seen enough when they showed clips of that on Conan before the First Avenger hit the theaters. :D

  10. I liked too… Then again I think toxic avenger 4 its the greatest movie of all time…

    • Southland Tales tops it.

  11. I was thinking about the future villains of the Batman reboot…

    Do you think Daniel Craig would be a good Mr. Freeze?

    • I want to know who’s being considered to go one on one with the Dark Knight first in this “reboot” before making any suggestions as to whom I prefer to actually play that character. Obviously they would bring back Batmans’ most notorious famed nemesis of all time once again, but who should be the secondary villian to accompany him I wonder?

      • Reboot

        Batman : Year One

        Want to focus more on Batman making his way, instead of having him, go through his way to figuring out A Bat.

        I say Broadway should be the new Batman/Bruce Wayne?

        What ya say Broadway?

        • @Jeff

          HAHAHA!! Yeah right….I don’t think so.

      • @ Broadway

        If Joker is first villain, then i wanna see Harleyquinn by his side. Depending how good the scripts is, i don’t think every film needs two or more villains. Imo two villains is enough for one film unless the film is really good.

        For the reboot im more interested in them introducing the rest of Batfamily properly aswell supporting characters like Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Renee Montoya. Imo we had have 5 films outta 7 where Batman worked alone on the streets. Id like to see the net wider when it comes to characters from the Batman comics whether supporting characters or villains we still haven’t seen yet. Hope same goes for Snyder’s MOS.

    • I don’t want Batman to have ANY solo films actually. I would rather him be the MAIN character in JLA, or a duo with Superman. Like mentioned, we have had 7 movies with Batman, all with different interpretations. JLA will be ANOTHER one. Lets just leave Bruce alone and let him be that jerk in JLA lol.

      • You do know that will never happen, right? As much as some people would like to, both Warner Bros. and DC know Batman is their big money maker whether it be comic books, movies, video games, or toys.

        Now, what I was trying to say about the Batman reboot is for it to be a part of the Justice League universe. There has to be a rogues gallery for each hero eventually, they’re not going to just give everyone except Batman a movie for the Justice League. It’ll be after it, but still in the same universe.

        Which brings me back to the frustration that you all are giving an opinion on something I didn’t even want to discuss as a whole

        • Haha. If they ARE to give Bruce his own solo movies again, I do believe Dan Craig would make a good Mr Freeze. Or even Matthew Goode. Because of the shared universe though, I think Mr Freeze might be too small of a villain. Not in size but maybe also in sanity. I think Prof Huge Strange would be a good one because it would involve exposing Bruce and possibly the rest of the JLA which would involve cameos.

          • I’m thinking Freeze as an anti-hero, perhaps. Because he never wanted to be a villain, all he wants to do is help his wife and will do what ever is necessary to create a cure. Plus, Freeze and Batman are probably on the same level of empathy.

            To have a good Mr. Freeze, you need someone who can reflect the colder side of Batman’s motivation. Daniel Craig instantly comes to mind when I think of that

  12. I’m shocked at how The Hobbit is doing in the box office.
    I was sure it would have crossed $650 million (int.) by now.

    • @The Avenger

      We had a discussion a couple of days ago about FOX & Disney/Marvel teaming up, but didn’t get a response from you to what I wrote. Just wondering what your thoughts were.

      This is what you wrote: Honestly, I don’t think Marvel WANTS to acknowledge them, lol.

      So far the only mentions of Fox’s “universe” merging with Marvel’s MCU has been from the people over at Fox… what does that tell you?
      To me it says Fox knew they screwed up and now they want to get in on what Marvel’s done – while across the street, Marvel’s more than happy doing what they’re doing with the characters and story-lines that they have availible (as said by Kevin Feige).

      So until Marvel Studios officially announces it (which I very much doubt they will), the FF movies have absolutely nothing to do with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

      (And even if Fox and Marvel come to an agreement, I’m fairly sure the FF reboot would then form part of the MCU, not the old movies starring Chris Evans).

      This was my response: I totally agree, but think about the advantages Marvel could bennefit from this type of team up. The “Fab 4″ has a universe all to themselves that dabbles in exactly what the MCU is looking foward to incorporating themselves in the next phase, The Cosmic Universe.

      Using characters from that side of the Marvel world says A+ in my book all the time.

      • Ah sorry. Must have missed that one.

        Look, I’d love to see all the Marvel heroes under one house. The possibilities would be endless and like you said, the FF would fit in perfectly with what Marvel is doing with Phase 2.

        The thing is though, once you have two studios trying to do their own thing, but still trying to remain in-continuity with each other, things are gonna get a little messed up.

        That’s why I’m still a little skeptical about Fox and Disney “teaming up” so to speak… especially since the only good Fox produced Marvel movie I liked was X-men: First Class (i.e. they still have a long way to go before I’d even want their stories and characters to coincide with Marvel Studios’)
        So yeah, in short my real problem just lies with “what if Fox screws up again?”.

        Another thing to consider is that Marvel Studios is still a fairly new and up-and-coming movie studio. They have limited resources and limited staff, so expanding things to quickly (with cross-studio “team ups” and such) might lead to them not paying as close attention to their individual movies as they would otherwise be doing if they were just focusing on what they’re doing (and not also what the other guys over at Fox or Sony are doing).

        • Random, I know! But Marvel studios has teamed up with Sony. Iron Man and Spider Man appeared in a movie together! Its called Satan’s Alley… Yup…

          • Hahaha!

  13. Who else thinks Ryan Gosling should do more sex scenes? Have you seen Remember the Titans? My god…yummy ;)

    • -1

  14. so i got the dark knight trilogy for x-mas when i only asked for the 3rd one (lol), but it’s okay i guess. actually, the avengers was on top of my list, but those ran out quickly so they had to go with my second choice. oh well, whatever it don’t matter. besides, it included an extra feature: “the journey of bruce wayne” – plus, “the art & making of the dark knight trilogy” so that was cool. :)

    • I’m holding out for the “Ultimate Collection” next year.
      Hopefully it’ll have some cool extras too.

  15. Whats a videogame youd think make a good tv series?

    • Hmmmm Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect?

    • Grand Theft Auto

  16. The “Bond 50″ box set is pretty friggin sweet. The box itself is a nice piece of art, all 6 Bonds lined up next to each other. Just makes you feel proud to own something like that :)

    • I don’t understand the point of a box set when they are still in development of movies with the SAME Bond. If I enjoyed those movies so much, Id wait until Dan Craig was done. Not buy it now and then have 2 straggling movies sitting next to it.

      • It’s purely for the 50th Anniversary of Bond in cinema, something you may not cherish but many others do, including myself. It goes from “Dr. No” all the way to a special reserved spot for “Skyfall” when it is released in February.

        Yes, we all know Craig isn’t done yet, but this is a good way to bring in what he has so far AND the other 20 all in one collection. I doubt James Bond will end any time soon so you can’t really have an official number of movies for a complete box set. But anniversarys do matter, espescially for this being the longest running film franchise of all time.

        • I didn’t know that it had a reserved spot for Skyfall. That’s legit. It should have the rest of his contract in there. I definitely understand the specialness of an anniversary collection. What I believe they should do is just release the bonus features as a separate purchase for the people who have already collected the entire franchise, or atleast their favorites. Duplicate movies annoy me.

          • They can’t add the rest of his contract because nobody knows whether he’ll do more than 2 or not. It’s up to MGM and Craig’s mood at the time. Right now, he really wants to stay

  17. I was watching Back To The Future again the other night on cable, and one thing that occurred to me, when Doc Brown sends the Delorean through time for it’s first trip, when it reappears it’s covered in ice.

    So, why exactly every time after that when it travels through time it doesn’t happen? Not an icicle in sight.

    Star Wars: This is another bug that ‘grinds my gears’ (thank you Peter Griffin), and this has probably been discussed before, and this pertains to gravity, and artificial gravity at that.

    In Episode 4 when they escape the Death Star, there are clearly (at least) 2 gravity plains, there’s the normal one which is in line with the Falcon’s normal interior, then the second one is in the laser turrets, both Han and Luke are on a completely different gravity plain, one is looking directly up (sitting in a seat and not falling out of it), the other is looking down (and also sitting in a seat and not falling out of it). Then, Episode 5, the Falcon is being chased by Star Destroyers, he changes his flight path and simply flies straight down (and no one falls over or slides down the corridors, etc…), Ep 5 again, the Falcon is clamped securely on the back of a Star Destroyer at 90 degrees, again no one falls A over T.

    Star Wars Episode 3, all of a sudden artificial gravity does not make any frikkin sense, it stays on a single plain and doesn’t move with the ship!! Everything is sliding all over the place, all the crap in the hanger is sliding to one end of the ship, poor old R2 is flying A over T, Anakin and Palpatine can walk along the walls of the elevator shaft, then the ship rights itself and they suddenly fall down the shaft! Just who the hell designs such a stupid starship anyway! Who in their right mind would come up with a gravity system like that! Why can’t George Lucas come up with a story that doesn’t have to include some illogical slapstick nonsense which has no place in science fiction and is consistent with the prequels!

    Damn it George, what the hell was that all about! Can anyone really give a feasible reason for having gravity that doesn’t follow the ships centre of gravity and keep everything level no matter what direction it’s going in!! That really ‘grinds my gears’.

    And R2 should have just been able to fly away and not get captured by the Jawas, that was just stupid, he can fly but he just forgets that he can.

    What grinds your gears?

    • By the way, you might want to use the voice of Peter Griffin while reading my last post, I kinda wrote it with his voice in mind.

      Scuse me, I gotta go fight a giant chicken!

    • In regards to your BTTF comment, on the special features of the Anniversary edition that I own, they talk about the icing on the DeLorean. They don’t talk about why it doesn’t have it in the rest.

      I agree with your rant about gravity in space and how ships only sometimes show that it works. Take for instance warp drive. If you are flying at warp 6 and have zero effect to that as in not flying straight to the back of the ship à la Spaceballs, then why does the ship shake so much when fired upon by a photon torpedo? WTF?

      What is really going to bug me is Thor in the next coming movies. Thor is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe. He can punch a planet and destroy it. But can’t take a few blows from a giant steel robot? Granted, he was mortal but still. If he ends up not being able to stop a baddy by himself because he isn’t strong enough, that will be so dumb.

      Also! Ignorant Fanboys really grind my gears! Get over yourself. Get off your high horse.

      • @leather c.

        Calm down man It’ll be okay. Just take a deep breath & exhale.

        • I’m having a hard time trying to stay awake. I need to be fired up to not fall asleep.

      • One of the main reasons why I don’t like comic books is the amount of completely overpowered super heroes. If a character can punch a planet and destroy it, why should I care about the story?

        That can only result in one of the following things, each of which are similarly boring:

        - he can obliterate the villain in a second, sucking all the drama out of a story.
        - the story finds such contrived and unbelieveable reasons why the hero doesn’t use his powers that it gets stupid as hell.
        - villain and hero are both overpowered and basically stuck in stalemate and beat each other up until eternity.

        Reducing the power available to a character is the single most important thing that is necessary to make him/her even work in a live action movie.

        • In Star Wars, they have a ship that has a laser that does the same thing that Thor can do with his fist. Regardless of how its done, the same thing gets done. What is the difference between the 2 films? Why can Star Wars have such a success but Thor can’t?

          • The Death Star isn’t a person and isn’t the main character. A seemingly unsurmountable enemy makes for a good story (struggle, sacrifice etc.). A seemingly unsurmountable hero makes for a snoozefest.

            • +1

      • Is Thor the strongest?

        Or is a totally pissed off-we are talking death of Betty Ross Pissed off Hulk.

        Thor is a Demi-God, not a God.

        • Thor has beaten the Hulk twice.

          • Which Version of Hulk

            Savage Hulk, Banner Hulk, Red Hulk, Gray Skin Goliath, Ballerina Hulk, Accountant Hulk, Magic Mike Hulk? Eric Bana Hulk? Ground Hogs Day Hulk? Mormon Hulk? Jehovah Witness Hulk?

            Which Hulk did Thor Beat?

            • @Jeff

              “Ballerina Hulk, Accountant Hulk, Magic Mike Hulk? Eric Bana Hulk? Ground Hogs Day Hulk? Mormon Hulk? Jehovah Witness Hulk?”

              If you don’t stop Jeff your going to make my insides burst out from all this laughter.

              • @Broadway

                Well, there is a lot of hulks.

                And nothing wrong with making people laugh.


                • @Jeff

                  That’s for sure. It’s always good to goof off now & again.

                • Nothing wrong with making people laugh

                  It does if the person is drinking soda while reading on his laptop. BTW, you owe me a laptop. :-P

    • All I can say for The Falcon.

      Containment fields in place that work in conjunction with gravity. For the Turrets, I think because passive restraints were used. I think they had seat belts.
      As for the rest of Star Wars, I cant begin to explain that.

      As for Leather Cheerio and Warp Speed.

      They explain it. Internal Integrity Field. Keeps them from being a blot on the back walls. That is when the ship is in Warp. A Photon Torpedo cannot lock onto a ship that is in warp, unless you fire in front of the ship at the right time, but torpedoes cannot travel at faster than light speed. So when a Ship is hit, it is because the ship is stationary and as a result can be hit, and everything and everyone goes flying. Why in Star Trek, you never see any ship getting hit with Phasers or Torpedoes when in a warp. Unless you are on the same path as the ship, and then there is enough explosion to disrupt the Integrity field, or you are behind a ship and it fires in your path and detonates about your ships warp bubble coming into contact.

      As for the Ice on the Delorean, it only went back in time 1 minute. Might not have been enough time to get rid of the ice.

      • Why not have the internal integrity field on at all times? Less red shirt fatalities that way.

        • Funny you said Red Shirts.

          Finally got to work with the Atlantic City Coastguard Station Resident Red Shirt.

          We refer to a redshirt as person so stupid, they will get killed falling out of their bunk, or they are a Hot Woman who can bash her eyelashes and get to have a soft duty day. So today was the return of blonde bombshell. She was on injured reserve.

          She comes in and looks at the duty roster,and she was assigned to Marker Maintenance, which means check the Mile Markers for defects, lights out, audio signal and so forth.

          First thing out of her mouth was ” Oh I cannot do that, Cliff always have me in her on dispatch.” Cliff Being the Senior Operations manager and a First LT. He comes in and says, well ” Lacy, you can do dispatch. No need to have you out there, you can assist me in the Operations Center.” I said, “Oh I am sorry Lieutenant, I did not know you decided to overrule my duty roster.” I am sorry, forgive me. I am just a Captain. ” He wants to talk to me privately. He says in the office ” Look Lacy just got back off Injured Reserve, she hurt her ankle 2 months ago.

          So I told her to follow the Work Roster and report. She goes out, 3 hours later, they return because, she was not feeling well and wanted to go home. I said, “Medic!” Medic came in and checked her out, said there was nothing wrong with her. So, she got written up, and came back yelling at me! saying ” Cliff and the Other Officers never had me do menial duties.” I said, “The Other Officers do not have a hot wife like I do.”

          • That is an amazing story!!! I actually had a similar story recently at my place of duty. To make a long story short, I offended all women at my place of business by saying my wife is hotter than all of them. Love the story though! Please keep sharing.

          • Sounds like she’s a conniving slack arse who wants all the easy jobs.

            That really Grinds My Gears!

      • @Jeff W

        Actually I don’t have a problem with the gravity with the Falcon, I was just using that as an example of artificial gravity that makes sense. Having a different gravity plain for the gun turrets actually makes a lot of sense. It’s especially obvious in Empire when they’re flying through the asteroid field, changing orientation several times, flying upside down, horizontally, even doing a complete loop to go into the cave/space slug. They’d have had a hell of a time if they’d had the same gravity field as in Episode 3, they’d be bouncing of the walls, ceiling, you’d have to tie everything down. Just plain ridiculous.

        The gravity in Episode 3 was the problem, doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to have a field which stays on one level plain and doesn’t adjust with the ship when it changes orientation. I hated that.

        With the Internal Integrity Field, I thought it was interesting in Empire, right at the end when R2 activates the Falcon’s hyperdrive, he flies backward and falls down one of the service holes in the floor. They appear to at least need to be strapped in their seats during lightspeed jumps, as in Episode 4 Han says “Go strap yourselves in, I’m going to make the jump to lightspeed.”

        So at least you have to be seated during that at least.

  18. I saw Bradley Cooper on Craig Ferguson the other night and I thought that he looks a LOT like the Joker from the animated Batman shows. Then I thought he should be the next Joker. Picture his face in Joker makeup with the hysterical laugh. I think he’d be great.


    How will Sony Pictures respond? Did Disney do this to be a bastard? Something is truly fishy.

    • Something tells me Garfield’s Peter Parker isn’t going to be alive by the end of his trilogy


      • This is perhaps the dumbest idea for a comic book I have ever heard.

  20. Happy 90th Birthday to Stan Lee.