Open Discussion – December 26, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 26, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 26, 2011

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  1. What movies did everyone watch yesterday?
    Mine’s where . Jingle all the way (Dont care it’s awesome to me)
    Moneyball & the Inbetweeners Movie

    • Tekken Blood vengeance, Lord of the Rings (Ralph Bakshi), and The Champ (1979)

    • Home alone and the directors cut of alien.

    • Win Win, Defendor, and Kevin Home Alone. I was intending on watching Warrior (which for me, is the best movie of the year) instead of Defendor, but my brother forgot to get it for the weekend.

  2. Hope everyone had a great Christmas or Hannukka or whatever you may celebrate this time of year!

    @jamie: Jingle All the Way is one of my favorite Xmas movies :) “My son keeps bugging me about some goofy butt toy – some fruity robot named Turtle Man” lol

    • Tehe Yay! glad I’m not alone when it comes to that movie

      p.s I trust everyone else had a cracking day. All the best people

  3. Sadly I didn’t get to watch any Christmas movies yesterday. I only got to watch the new episode of Leverage and it wasn’t even holiday themed.

    So did everyone have a good holiday?

  4. Oh Sinbad, you’re what’s really been missing from Hollywood these past years!

  5. Christmas Eve: Die Hard
    Christmas: ALIENS (directors cut)
    Last night: the Straw Dogs remake (it was awful!!!)

    • I didn’t keep up with it, but wasn’t there oscar buzz about straw dogs?

      • I believe the buzz was: James Franco & Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars was more disturbing than the Straw Dogs rape scene.

  6. What movie related gifts did everyone get?
    From my wife and daughter I got Star Wars on Blu-ray. This will be the first time I’ve watched the prequels since they were in the theaters but I still love the gift. 3 Discs of Bonus Features oh boy!!

    • Great gift I picked up the complete saga on Blu-ray when it was released and let me say the extra content will keep u busy for a while. I got Captain America & Thor on Blu-ray and Though its not a movie but I’d say its movie related I got the collectors edition of the old republic and the batman arkham city wireless batarang controller for PS3 & a 46″ LCD TV :)

    • I got a blu ray copy of inception and the dark knight to replace my dvd copies then got the xmen quadrilogy on blu ray

  7. I watched captain America and a christmas story

  8. Didn’t get to see what i wanted but what i saw was pretty cool,Red starring bruce willis & how could you not watch A Christmas Story at least once when it’s a marathon on every year(: Classic Movie.

  9. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Mine was a bit ruined due to being sick with the stomach flu but it was still a fun few days non the less.

    I watched a Christmas story, jingle all the way which is one of my favorites. And the Santa claus which is my all time fav Xmas movie. Also played a lot of uncharted and watched the first season of the walking dead. Great show. I’ve been missing out.

  10. I can’t wait til the New Year. My new years resolution will be to never walk out during another movie ever again. So basically, no more Sandler films…

  11. Hey what happen to Jeepers creepers 3 anyone know??? IBM HAS IT FILMIMIG.. what about remake of childs play?? And last mel gibson spoke to WB finaly about letal wepon 5 any one know…well hope you all had a great Christmas..

    • 3 will be out in 2013 and rumors of 4 filming back to back and due out in 2016 just type in jeepers creepers 3 in a search box for more info , Childs play is in development with a release date in 2013,

    • Been waiting on that myself even though i didn’t like the last one it grew on me (Jeepers Creepers 2 that is)from what i read part 3 will be out in 2013 & don’t have a clue about the rest you mentioned.

  12. Is Anyone else watching TerraNova besides me, hope it gets renewed

    • I started to watch it but after the 4th episode or so I kept forgetting and didn’t try watching after that cause I’d probably be lost since I had missed a couple of episodes but I liked it thought it was pretty good, I plan on catching up soon as its available.

    • I’m a big Terra Nova fan. I heard that its ratings are good, but not enough to support how expensive the show is.
      I think if it does get renewed, it needs to stop being episodic and follow the mystery more.

      • I tried to get into the show, but the combination of too many off weeks (due to baseball and other specials) and just forgetting about the shows other weeks has, has made the show fall off my radar. All the money they spend on production aside, they show is just flat most of the time. Many aspects of the show just also are not that well polished.

        One major problem is that they are trying to do several different things; a jack-of-all trades and master of none. The whole family dynamic really drags the show down and the kids (the son in particular), tend to be annoying more then anything else. Lang is the only interesting character out of the main cast, and even he is saddled with the resentful son deal.

        The use of another faction working for some other secret group was the only plot point they built up, and if the shows gets cancelled there will be no pay-off to that. And if they do get a chance to finish will it be worth it? The show basically is an odd combination of Lost, Jurassic Park and Land of the Lost, with a price tag that I doubt can be warranted. If the show was on Sy Fy the cancel notice would already be on someones’ desk, and I couldn’t really blame them.

        • Wait a second, you said the show fell off your radar when the baseball playoffs started? So what makes you an expert on how the rest of the season went?
          I’d say you are a closet fan, but if you actually watched the show, you’d know there was a huge payoff for the secret group (as you called them). That mystery was explained this season and created one of the best season finales on network television. It reminded me of the first season finale of 24, so action packed that it could have been a movie. Terra Nova turned out to be a well crafted show show that I’m glad I gave a second look. I couldn’t stand the pilot. The son annoyed me and the family dynamic wasn’t believable in my opinion. But after a few episodes, characters (other than Lang) were developed and gave this little village a sense of community. And the villains…well you should have watched to see what they ended up doing. Oh yeah, with all this human drama unfolding, they also had dinosaurs and a prehistoric environment to deal with. So before writing a long-winded comment about a show you watched only 2 or 3 episodes of, do a little bit more internet research to get your facts straight.

          • Wow, is really that serious? I just made a comment on what I did see, which I said was spotty at best because I never got into watching the show every week. And whether I should have watched doesn’t erase the fact that I only saw what I saw, which is what I commented on.

            And what does doing internet research have to do with anything? I can’t say I liked or disliked the show based on what someone else wrote on the internet. I don’t know what is going on with people, but folks on this site really don’t seem to know what the words opinion or discourse means.

            • Don’t blame the entire site or other readers for my thoughts. I simply did not like how you stated your opinion on a show that you clearly pointed out that you didn’t watch on a regular basis. I would have been fine with your first paragraph and let it go at that, but you continued on trashing it with no knowledge of the show after 2 to 4 episodes. There is a difference from stating your opinion about a show that goes downhill after you’ve watched it for multiple seasons (e.g. House or Family Guy) and ranting about a show that you never gave a chance and only watched a few episodes of. I haven’t watched American Horror Story since the second episode (it wasn’t a show that suited my tastes), but I don’t go around to internet forums and trash that program just to get my rocks off. Trust me, there have been discussions about that show on these Open Discussions, but I stay out of them because I’m sure nobody wants to hear my opinion of a show that I watched for the first few episodes. I’m pretty sure that I’m right about that ;)

  13. Hearing The Darkest Hour is garbage. I guess I’ll just go see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo again instead.

    • Didn’t need a review to know that would be trash from the first time i saw the preview.

      • Yeah, I’m starting to think the alien invasion genre is just dead. Skyline, Battle: LA, and now this. The only films I’ve enjoyed from the genre recently were the Transformers films.

        • Really?? I just watched the last Transformers and couldn’t bear how awful it was. It really let me down.

          But yea I don’t think the Darkest Hour will do anything to help the genre at all.

          • There’s really nothing you more you can do with the genre. The next film is in that category will be Battleship and that looks like Transformers 4, but w/o Michael Bay and Shia.

        • I really liked attack the block this year

  14. Sherlock Holmes 2 was FINALLY released in South-Africa today and I have to say (in my opinion) it was LEGEN-waitforit-DARY!
    Definitely more based on the books (which is awesome) and I have no doubt in saying, it was almost as good as the first one (SH1 got a 5 out of 5 from me, but SH2 managed a 4.5 out of 5).

    The best movie of 2011 (that I’ve seen).
    Recommendation to those who have not seen it: (you guessed it) GO SEE IT NOW!

    • Glad to see another HIMYM fan. Agree completely with your sentiments about SH2.

  15. Warrior – moderately dissapointing except Nolte who deserves an Oscar

    And Tom Hardy is tiny.

  16. got around to watching rare exports and nightmare before christmas on christmas eve, very entertaining. i watched a bit of a christmas story, but watched the entire length of the santa clause with my girlfriend on christmas day.

  17. Question. What movie (or movies) were you highly anticipating in 2011 but instead disappointed you the most (and why).
    For me its Captain America. I didnt like Joe Johntson’s(sp) style, the tone of the film and lack of WW2 vibe. I wanted Saving Private Ryan (albiet less bloody) with Captain America. I was “ok” with the first half of the film but the second half was really a dissapointment. Bucky’s death, Cap horrible plan to get captured and puttin him on ice were all horribly done.

    • Battle LA. I was expecting a good alien invasion film, but what I got was a film that tried to ripoff all the other films in the genre instead.

      • Aaww man I really had high hopes for Battlefield: LA. Im still hoping for a sequel. Battlefield: England (or UK) which I think would be a great location due to its location by water.

    • 1. Cowboys and Aliens
      I thought the premise was interesting but I was bored throughout. Harrison Ford has been mailing it in lately and it’s sad.
      2. Battle L.A.
      I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.
      3. Thor
      I know for some it was their favorite but I wasn’t to thrilled. I’m not saying it was bad but I expected more.
      4. Green Lantern
      It wasn’t that high on my list of must sees but I still expected it to be better. The 1st time I watched it I fell asleep. 2nd time same thing just farther into the film. I finally finished it on the 3rd try but wished I used the time to take a nap.

      • LMAO at your attempts to watch Green Lantern.

        I tried watchin Cowboys & Aliens but i fell asleep when Olivia Wilde started talking about being abducted by aliens.

    • Sucker Punch. Hot chicks, machine guns, dragons, special effects galore so much potential to be awesome and instead it just sucker punched me in the nads

      • I guess it’s a good thing but I forgot about Sucker Punch. I was warned to stay away but I went to see it in the theater. I have to work on being such a hard headed snob. I could have saved the money.

        • Sucker Punch was a deep thought provoking allegorical film describing club/bar women in today’s society. Visually appealing while lacking any sort of meaning bbbwwhahahaha

    • I would say Green Lantern, but since I knew it was gonna be bad, I wasn’t really disappointed (I didn’t walk into the theater with high hopes ;)).

      I guess the answer to your question would have to be Cowboys and Aliens: there was quite a bit of build up and hype, but in the end, it was fairly disappointing and boring.

    • Funny you should ask that. We have an someone working on an article that addresses that very question. :D


      • Vic

        Nice. looking forward to it.

  18. A friend brought over some crap called Ra-one, bollywood super hero, got drunk and laughed through the whole film. So bad, so freaking bad!
    Then I watched Warrior and realized half way through I should have watched Fighter, same movie with better actors.
    Nick Nolte is awesome in Warrior and I loved the film the first time through but found it draggy and boring this time.

    Started watching Shameless UK season 1 yesterday, I like it but the American version is way better, not because I relate to the story more, the Showtime show follows the original story line exact and reinforces it with a much stronger cast of actors and writers. Anyhow 3 episodes down, 4 to go…may just stick to the new one after the first season of the UK show.

  19. Just throwing this out there, but what ever happened to the live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie? I got excited about it a few months ago from a Screen Rant article but never heard about it since.

    • -_-

  20. I finally saw M:I:GP, and oh my goodness was it awesome!!!

    • I have to agree with you M.I.4 GP was indeed AWESOME!!!! :)

    • T’was indeed AWESOME. (Not as awesome as Sherlock Holmes 2 though ;) – IMO)

      • I neither agree or disagree. I thought they were both very awesome, but different types of awesome. Types of awesome that can’t really be compared.

  21. I was watching Alien on Blu-ray and listening to Ridley Scott commentary. He mentioned that Ash is a Replicant a la Blade Runner. That was interesting to hear. So in Scott’s universe, that may mean that Michael Fassbender’s character in Prometheus is a Replicant too?

  22. So does anyone think that after TDKR they should just continue on instead of rebooting? Or am I alone on this.

    • Continue.
      BUT, if they’re gonna use new actors and a new director, they might as well do a reboot.