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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   December 25, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 25, 2013

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  1. Merry Christmas Scranters!

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Oh, and I would love to know what you guys think would make a Justice League movie work!

      • A blessed Christmas to all!

        …and I would agree. Have Snyder direct, as he has a flair for it (e.g., 300), but someone else should develop the script/screenplay, after the debacle that was Man of Steel.

      • bad idea to let Zack Snyder to direct Justice League movie. he is already doing too many comic book movies someone else should take the role.

    • @ Danny

      Aslong as they don’t use A giant starfish Starro or a army of star fishes, id be happy. I could only think of good sequels that could follow. Ones that could involve Amanda Waller & Cadmus.

      • But i love starro, he could really be horrifying if done right.
        With starro the conqueror as the main body.

      • There’s nothing wrong with the original Starro story arc, just the name itself. All they have to do is allow them to remain nameless. I mean how would we actually know their race name anyways? If push came to shove though they could call them the Hatorei.

        • I am starro for we are many.

        • As a comic fan, id pick The Avengers debut over Justice League’s with Starro. Doesn’t matter if they’re nameless or go name is changed. Some ideas from comics & animation shows don’t look as good in live-action. It would be cheesy imo.

      • Get with the times. New 52 JL is formed to stop Darkseid.

    • I think a combination of playing to the strengths of the heroes would make a Justice League movie work. But not only that, I think they should also play to the strengths of the villains and all those in between as well.

      I think the best way is to have a combination of Lex and Brainiac work together while Brainiac lets Lex think he is in charge. And additionally Lex should be in consult with a newly created shadow intelligence/black ops agency which was created as a response to the new Superman/Superman-like beings threat, Cadmus. They could be experimenting into creating super-beings of their own, ones under their direct control. Lex would be the genius mastermind in this role as well as the manipulative entrepreneur with his partnership with Cadmus.

      This’d allow political/industrial/detective aspects for Batman/Bruce Wayne. Flash could provide good publicity for all the new superheroes to combat mistrust from the general public. Superman grows slowly to become Superman from the comics. Green Lantern could open up the scope of the universe to make it galactic and introduce galactic level threats. Wonder Woman could provide a general spirit of cooperation with world leaders and a diplomatic role for everyone by being a sort of emissary for her people. Aquaman could introduce a somewhat industrial vs environment aspect to combat Lex Corps machinations as well as a more aggressive superhero aspect. By that I mean, he doesn’t feel he needs to be held up to an ideal; instead he thinks humanity should reciprocate and hold up an ideal on their end if they want him to be help up to an ideal. He thinks the opinions of people are below his concerns.

    • Their powers should all be different and ultimately Superman should be the strongest and the only person strong enough to take him out should be Wonder Woman (and Batman under special circumstances). I don’t think that Wonder Woman should fly only Superman and Green Lantern, because if more people can fly than not it will just be a pain the the butt to carry them all and they will get an awesome jet of some sorts and David Goyer said that this Superman can’t just fly into deep space so they will most likely have some sort of transportation. I think Wonder Woman should bring more magic into play in the DCCU her powers are more supernatural so therefore she can help take on magic villains when Superman can’t do as much and if they use a supernatural villain they can find a way to shoehorn Guillermo Del Toro’s Justice League Dark movie. Green Lantern should be re-cast not becuase Ryan Reynolds was bad just because the movie was bad an his face will most likely not bring in much more money, they could also introduce Green Lantern John Stewart in Hal Jordan’s new stand alone after Justice League 1 and promote Hal to star guard and have John fill in for him (diversity/I grew up with JLU). The Flash should be a amalgamation of Barry and Wally kind of like the JLU version he can be the comic-relief sometimes but not overkill, and even Wonder Woman can have some funny moments learning new ways of life and words (haha if youve seen her Animated movie). Batman should definitely be more active in this than stay behind and get people out of the city he isn’t Captain America so he can actually do something useful save the crowd control for Booster Gold (JLU joke). I want to see the Batwing, different types of Batarangs, The Batmobile, Grappling hooks, and maybe even some enhancement armr like in The Dark Knight Rises with the leg except everything is augmented (only when fighting HUGE villains of course). For villains they have to use someone cunning, tough, and sensible not just evil maybe Darkseid or Vandal Savage to set up Inustice League for a later movie. What if they used multiple villains like in Superman/Batman public enemies it could be Lex elected as president and then he sends Metallo, Ares (from hopeful WW standalone), Star Sapphire (hopeful GL standalone), Solomon Grundy (Idk I like him), and Lobo might hear about this “Superman” and what a jab at him. I really want to see Martian Manhunter intorduced in the Justice League movie and it be about him kind of like Justice League: Secret Origins from the Justice League original series where the white martians invade so it can be a MMH origin and Justice League origina all at the same time. Well these are my thoughts guys please add or reply I LOVE TALKING ABOUT THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE!!!

      • I’m experiencing the same amount of enthusiasm, despite not showing it much.

  3. !! *** Merry Christmas to ALL *** !!

  4. I think the key to making it work (other than proper writing, directing, etc.) is making a true team-up movie. Don’t focus too much on one or two characters in particular. I thought the Avengers did fairly well with this.

  5. Okay, Superman VS Batman.. I would like to see a new villain, No More Lex Luthor with Kryptonite stories, Throw a locomotive train at him and be done with it. Let’s See Darkseid or Doomsday and even Brainiac, let’s bring someone new and more formidable to the table.

    • I just watched the 1990s animated film the Superman Batman movie and I know you dont want lex luthor or kryptonite but the story would make sense for this kind of movie where Joker has the kryptonite and tries to kill superman with lex luthors support. it would make an interesting story

      just a thought

    • in my opinion it would be better to use lex, because they need bigger threats to make the justice league team up.

    • As much as I want to see new villains in the next film, I find Lex Luthor is almost vital. I mean, he’s practically the face of Metropolis (after Superman I suppose), plus I’m sure Goyer and Snyder will be bringing the character up in a very different and unique way. To be honest, I was hoping for Superman Vs. Batman to have Luthor, Black Mask and Brainiac somewhere in the background. Follow that up with Justice League focusing on Brainiac.

  6. Merry Christmas, everyone!
    I hope all you Scranters have a blessed day.

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter! (You can see what I’ve been watching.)

  7. Merry & Happy Christmas to my fellow Ranters…
    Traffic here will most likely be low today but to everyone who still need their movie & TV news fix I hope you all have a great one.

  8. If they use Lex, id like to see him experimate on different kryptonite other than Green K all the time. Besides Lex id like to see someone Like Maxwell Lord, Morgan Edge,Intergang. Besides the heavy hitter villains, id like to see villains like Metallo,Toyman, and Parasite.

  9. You play nice, Paul Young.

  10. I started my X-Men movie marathon last night and I watched X-Men two as far as I got and I have to say that virtually every scene in next two I was sitting there saying to myself oh this is a good scene oh this is a good scene oh this is a good scene it really is an excellent movie were things just clicked and I hope we find that again in X-Men DAys Of Future Pasr(which Siri auto corrected as “Mindys a future pasty!” Haha

  11. Well, I just watched “The Time Of The Doctor” christmas DW special…..I’m a bit undecided on it TBH. I think I actually heard a million fangirls hearts breaking when the regeneration finished. I’m looking forward to seeing what Peter Capauldi does with his portrayal as the Doctor, because what we saw was too short to gauge.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  12. What stories do you guys think they should do on the new Flash show?

  13. Merry Christmas Screenranters!!! :)

  14. Seeing Wolf of Wallstreet now! Hope it’s great!
    But I think, and hear me out, Justice League shouldn’t have Supes and Bats featured. They might draw too much attention. But It should instead feature Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, GL etc. Man of Steel was so epic that Justice League would be a un needed if Superman were to show up.

  15. +1 Moz
    And I’m assuming Afleck won’t want to headline his own Bats film…so let Bruce/Bats play a Samuel L Jackson role in making cameos in future films to bring the heroes together…

    • I think they signed Ben Affleck because he is a good actor and an amazing director and likes to direct movies he is in…-Justice League- or -Batman stand alones-… He already has Chris Terrio making these changes to the script or at least polishing up the dialogue and whatever he is doing is fine with me. I think that General Swanwick will appear in everyone’s movies and help to bring the team together for example when Wonder Woman comes to America bringing back Steve Trevor from Paradise Island where his jet crashed his boss just happens to be General Swanwick and he notices something about her or she picks up table effortlessly and he notifies Superman because they might have ‘alien watch’ now that Zod and Faora are gone but now that we know they exist more can always come. At the end of WW’s movie Superman and General Swanwick tell her they need her help because they’re forming a team when something is out of the military’s league. But then I realized she’s going to be in Batman vs Superman before a stand alone so my plan won’t work out. But I still believe Superman will be the hero that everyone revolves around and we will see more General Swanwick he had serious presence in Man of Steel and they aren’t finished with him I can feel it.

  16. Does anybody else think that Carrie Ferris is going to play a bigger role in the DCCU?

    -She had multiple scenes in the movie

    -She actually had lines

    -If Swanwick is around so is she and he seems to be playing a role in the universe

    - They ended the movie with her little joke which lightened the mood if you didn’t notice the last scenes were filmed with a brighter look and not as gritty just think about it.

    - Her name is DANGEROUSLY close to Carol Ferris’ (Star Sapphire’s name)

    - They are most likely doing a Green Lantern reboot as they’ve said that Man of Steel is launching the DC connected universe.

    TELL ME WHAT YOU GUYS THINK AND Do you think that General Swanwick will play a role in the future of the DCCU?
    - I count her as a cast member just barely because she was memorable

    • Possibli

  17. Dr who special is coming up.

  18. Merry christmas everyone!

  19. i really want to see the new batsuit!!! lol

  20. @josh I thought the same thing, if they do expand then she wud turn into Star sapphire.. Nd also I was kinda hoping the general wud turn out to be the manhunter… Lol wishful thinking

  21. Merry Christmas Screen Rant and folks in the discussion boards! Hope you had a fantastic one this year!

  22. Hope all my fellow Screen Ranters had a Merry Christmas!

    Let’s hope that we ALL get AWESOME movies in 2014!!

  23. Goodbye Matt Smith. Hello Peter Capaldi.

  24. -spoilers for dr who special-
    from the trailer i thought the doctor would go out fighting but he waited years and died of old age, touching but needed some more action.

  25. Merry Christmas all!! :)

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

  26. I want to see the X-films get away from Magneto and Wolverine for a bit, I mean the X-men films should be Global and they need to get back to the actual Team.

    • One angle I think they could take is the X-Men Evolution route where a lot of them are teenagers and Storm, Wolverine, and Professor X are mentors. It would bring a fresh take to the team and take the spotlight from Wolverine for a while and it would speak to a whole new generation of children about acceptance, bullying, alienation, and loving everyone for who they are it ultimately would speak the loudest message out of all CBM’s and that’s one thing I look for when rating these movies.

  27. Great podcast! Loved how everything pissed someone off.

    Loved the Nathan Fillion observation!

    And yes, SHIELD has been the best thing that could ever happen to Arrow. Though I still also watch it on DVR. Sorry. Isn’t that the same time as Supernatural or Originals? Yeah, I’m a chick. I’m just glad those shows are good anyway.

    So, I should get Showtime?

    And SNL was awesome! I love Fallon and Timberlake together.

    Also blew my mind when I realized that was Stephen Bauer. I immediately paused the show and IMDBed him to make sure.

    Yes, I like Elementary better than SH (the Winter Finale of SH is still on my DVR)

    got interrupted. Here’s what I have so far. Sorry! Disjointed too sorry. Whatever >.>

  28. I took my wife last night to watch ‘Saving Mr. Banks,” and I agree with what Ben said on the last podcast, “what would have this movie been without being a “Disney Film?” I knew before going in that Mrs. P.L. Travers in real life never cared for what Walt Disney did, and his twenty years of pursuing her to sign over the rights. My Wife was crying in the movie, and I looked around and saw others too. The acting by Mr. Hanks, Mrs. Travers (Thompson), Driver (Giamatti) was Fantastic, but Colin Ferrell touched me the most. I’m a father now and I Hate Money, & I Work at a Bank. I Saw myself in him a lot, which is why my wife was holding my hand when he was on screen and started to cry. Imagination is a wonderful thing, never let the child inside of you die because of a stressful job. I enjoyed the meaning of this movie, but some scenes just seemed to drag on and beat the point of both Mr. Disney and Mrs. Travers Past. I can’t wait to show my daughter ‘Mary Poppins,’ but this movie ‘Saving Mr. Banks,’ was way to adult for children to watch till their older in my opinion.