Open Discussion – December 23, 2011

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christmas twitter avatar small Open Discussion   December 23, 2011If you celebrate the holiday, here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 23, 2011

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    • I would say they are refining the cg/mo-cap skrulls for the next trailer, its probably taking more time than expected.

    • My guess would be the Super Bowl

    • Probably end of January. That´s the last thing I´ve heard…

      • Probably during the Superbowl

        • ^ Yeah, the American superbowl was my first guess as well.
          I don’t mind waiting actually, I love all this build up, the anticipation, the guessing, the theories, etc. — it’s the best :D

  1. 4 hour work day today. Happy Holidays to all as I probably wont be around to annoy you until next year.

    Oh wait… uh…

    I saw a Movie advertisement on TV it was cool.

    (had to cover my post to relate to something movies, TV or the site)


  2. merrrrrrrrry Christmas fellow ranters and a happy new year to Vic and all the Screen rant staff.

    • Ditto this!

      • Happy holidays!!!

    • Merry christmas & Happy New Year to all u fellow ranters, & as well as Vic & everyone at screenrant keep up the great work great site. :)

  3. I’ve been wondering why Hollywood has gotten away from the bad guy who appears over multiple films. In watching MI:IV this weekend, I think the film could have benefitted from such an arrangement (although it didn’t detract from the story), much like Mr. White from the Daniel Craig Bond films. Bad guys like Darth Vader, Voldemort, and groups like Spectre really fire the interests of fans, keeping discussions hot even when the next installment is far from release. I swear if the Avengers don’t have deal with the Skrull and Kree over multiple films I’m gonna lose my mind. I’m tired of the “bad guy of the week” concept!

    • Well Loke will be present for The Avengers, so that’s a multiple “bad” guy story arc.

    • I’ve got fingers crossed that Thanos will be the main villian who’s behind all the other bad-guys in the Avengers movie(s).

  4. Although it´s one day early, I wish my fellow ranters a merry Christmas!

  5. I too want to wish everyone a merry Christmas! Many thanks to Vic and the rest of the staff for their hard work in making SR the best movie site around. Keep up the great work! I also enjoy the great discussions with all you ranters and appreciate the respect you always give. I hope you all have the best Christmas ever!


  7. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays to everyone else. Season’s Greetings to the rest.

  8. @Vic, you look like you are a skinny santa, but instead of waiting for christmas to give out gifts, you give us all the info and scoops about whats happening in the world of cinema…

    Happy holidays screen rant!!!

  9. Has anyone else read that season 2 of American Horror Story will take place in a new location with a new cast? If so what do you think?
    I love the idea. And I hope they move it to the south. Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Georgia seem like great places for a horror show. Anyone who has spent a fair amount of time in the south can tell you there are plenty of rumors, myths, stories and locations that can serve as a great background for the show.

    Happy Holidays fellow Ranters, Rantettes, and Rantstaff….

  10. Anyone know the release day for Prometheus the trailer says June but in my smartphone app for movies it listed to release in march I’m thinking its a typo, either way I’m excited about the trailer that was released yesterday watched it on my big screen LCD HD Tv. and it was freaking awesome.

  11. Best site ever! A very merry Christmas (yeah, I said CHRISTMAS!) to the SCREENRANT staff and all the ranters!

    Hey…no ones mentioned [insert film title] yet!!!!

  12. Who was your favorite character of 2011?
    Cesar from Planet of the Apes. I was suprised I ended up caring and rooting for him.

    • Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander. She deserves an oscar, as does the movie.

      • Agreed

      • Missed that. What role is that.

    • I just watch Rise last night and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I know it got good reviews and word of mouth was great but I really thought I would blow it off.
      I kind of laughed at the talk of Andy Serkis for an Oscar but after last night I can understand why. Because just like you I found myself rooting and caring about Ceaser (sp?) more than almost any other character in a movie I’ve seen all year.

    • James macavoy as charles xavier

    • My favorite characters of 2011 (hard to pick just one) are Koyata (from “13 Assassins), the seemingly crazy guy found in the forest, whom acts as the conscience/spirit of one of the samurai; and Rango, that crazy, confused lizard with an identity problem, as voiced by Johnny Depp.

      • NICE! Dude was mad cool. One of my top 5 of 2011

        • Which dude? Rango or Koyata?

          • Ignur Rant, I just saw some of your later posts, referring to samurai movies, so I imagine you’re referring to Koyata, from 13 Assassins….

            • @Hiro

              Yea Koyata. He was wild. And i like his blantant disrespect of the caste system. And the nephew (the gambler) to the leader was also a favorite.

    • Megan (Melissa McCarthy) from Bridesmaids

      • YES!

    • Nick Nolte as Paddy Conlan in Warrior.

    • Paul.

      • I see alot of Paul in you lol

        • I know, right?

    • Can’t pick one, so here’s my top 5 (in no particular order):
      Loki (Tom Hiddleston)
      Erik Lensherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender)
      Ceaser from Rise Of The Apes
      Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr)
      Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper)

      • Oh Yea Loki. Def classic status.

  13. Haven’t saw rise of the apes or cowboys & aliens hope to see’em both this christmas weekend.

    • i bought Cowboys&Aliens on xfinity & fell asleep 47 minutes in. $4.99 I will never get back. lol.

  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! In the world of cinema, here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2012:

    1. The Hobbit
    2. The Dark Knight Rises
    3. The Avengers

    • Not Prometheus?

    • Those are my top 3 most anticipated films for 2012 myself. Prometheus is #4.

      • 1. The dark knight rises
        2. The avengers
        3. Prometheus

        That’s my list

    • 1. The Avengers
      2. The Dark Knight Rises
      3. Men In Black 3
      4. The Hobbit
      5. The Amazing Spider-Man

      • 1. TDKR
        2. Dredd
        3. Django Unchained
        4. 47 Ronin
        5. Skyfall

        • We are in total agreement. I knew I wasn’t the only one down with 47 ronin

          • Ahaha I have been a big fan of samurai culture since Usagi Yojimbo (the Samurai Rabbit) made his first appearance on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show. 13 Assassins was my favorite film this year. So slept on.

              • The Last Samurai? That’s just a Tom Cruise movie, wrapped in cheap samurai-looking giftwrap.

                You should check out any number of Akira Kurosawa movies, most notably Seven Samurai. You’ll forget all about that Last Samurai travesty.

                For a more recent samurai movie not done by Kurosawa, check out the new version of 13 Assassins. That’s very well done.

                • I feel like Cruise is just insane enough to feel like he let himself become totally immersed in the Samurai culture, and who could hate those guys with the claws??? but hey like i said i’m totally ignorant to the samurai genre. Judging by your name i’d say i’ll take your advice on the movies, i’ve heard good things about 13 assassins and it’s a cool title.. at least cooler than NINJA ASSASSIN (why???) god at times like this i wish i had netflix so i dont have to go out and buy the movie and risk hating it and possibly resenting you for the rest of our time on this site. But i’ll give em a go, thanks for the recommendation.

                  • Ninja Assassin was a deplorable (nice word choice) on every level LMAO.

                    Actually I didnt find The Last Samurai too “hollywood”. There were certain elements stretched in the pursuit of telling a story but I didnt see it as too out there. The culture & setting was pretty much intact. But Takashi Miike(sp) work and 13 Assassins are def leagues ahead in terms of accuracy.

    • 1. TDKR
      2. The Hobbit
      3. The Avengers
      4. Prometheus
      5. Django Unchained
      6. The Amazing Spiderman

  15. I can feel the sun (nice and warm)  I  also see the sun (nice and bright) but what dose the sun sound like???? Dose it rumble and rock in a nice melodic and ryhmic hum or does it (and more than likely destroy your speakers in the process) crack,bang a have (quiet literally) the most earth shattering and unprodictalbe bass note ever?? Just syn….. “Let me hear the sun” ; p.s having a cold + to many cold antidotes= a very active mind, acthoooo!!

  16. here’s a topic … screen rant’s software is dated, it feels like 1998 whenever i come here to post topics… update your software Vic.

    • Update it to what? The bloated Disqus or some other third party comment app that makes it even easier for trolls to drop flame-bomb comments?

      I’ll stick with this, thanks.


      • There’s no need to change a thing Vic. One of the reasons I’m here everyday is because of the format. It’s easy to read other comments and interact with other Ranters. Disqus is a mess

      • Site is perfect as it is, Vic.

      • Screenrant is perfect as is Vic.
        Don’t change a thing.
        (There’s a reason why Screenrant is so many people’s favorite movie, tv and gaming site)

        • perfectly agree with this. there’s a reason i haven’t needed to go looking for another similar site.

          plus, i love to see the staff of screenrant soundoff against trolls.

    • 1998? Really? Do you still have dial-up or what?

      • He probably posts with a Fax.

        No need to change, Vic. It´s as good as it is.

    • Merry Christmas jbm!

      Now Vic him the give the gift of BANHAMMER for his insolence!

      • Wow. I type really drunk for someone who doesn’t drink.

      • I don’t ban people for giving feedback on the site. :)


        • w

          • Rally? I don’t remember getting in a heated discussion with you.

            • *Really

              Still drunk I guess.

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!! Kudos to Screenrant for being the BEST movie site on the interweb!

  18. I’m just curious who everyones top 3 favorite directors are. And not whose the greatest just who you like. My list is 1. Martin scorcese 2. Christopher nolan 3. David fincher

    • My favorites would be…
      1) Robert Zemeckis
      2) Quentin Tarantino
      3) Kevin Smith

      The fanboy in me wants to put Spielberg on here instead of Smith, but one of Smith’s movies taught me the double Dutch rudder and that is why he should honestly be #1 on this list.

      • 1. Chris Nolan
        2. Quentin Tarentino
        3. Sergio Leon

          • My current 3 favorites (in no particular order) are:

            Christopher Nolan
            Peter Jackson
            Takashi Miike

            (List subject to change at any moment!)

            • Takashi Miike. Nice.

              Have to throw Nicolas Refn for honorable mention. I loved Drive, liked Bronson and then I saw Valhalla Rising. Wasnt sure if liked or hated but I watched again and now I really like it. Its differet kinda of film. Now im tryna get into his Pusher Trilogy.

    • My favorites right now,
      1. Fincher
      2. Nolan
      3. Tarentino
      I’ll give Jackson honorable mention.

  19. I would like to wish all my fellow ranters (and screenrant staff) a very, very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    I hope that you all get that awesome present you’ve been hinting at for months ;) and that you have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends

    Best Regards from Cape Town, South-Africa
    John-B (a.k.a. TheAvenger)

  20. Well I would just like to say Merry Christmas to everyone on/ant Screen Rant and I hope you and yours have a great time together.

  21. Hey if guys could afford to make your own movie, and you could choose any book, play, etc., to adapt and have anyone in Hollywood to direct, star, etc., who would you choose?

    • Power Rangers; Directed by Michael Bay.

    • Screenrant doesn´t spam you. Never. Those are just notifications you get when someone comments on the same thread as you.

      • Actually… some of my comments have been “flagged as spam” for no reason.

        A while back, LOADS of my comments were flagged as spam, so I emailed Vic and luckily, he got em’ all back…
        And just the other day, I posted about which movies I think Marvel Studios will be releasing in 2014, and when I hit the post button, a message appeared that said “Your comment has been flagged as spam”. (It took me a day before I could/was allowed to actually post my comment)

  22. I’m a day late here but i just need to talk about this. I bought apollo 18 yesterday, can someone tell me why everyone hates it so much? I saw it a few times in theaters and i admit it’s far from perfect but it’s not THAT bad.. ya know? I hope i don’t lose any credibility i MIGHT have had from saying this.

    Also i’d hate to jump on the “Merry Christmas” train because i’m a bad person, so i’m just going to say have a good weekend guys…


    • apollo 18 is one my new favourite ghost-paranorm movie,it has some very frightening scenes, specially the minimal how the movie was made gave it good creepy atmosphere. this movie is more for home,watch it with your girl-or boyfiend or alone at night.

  23. Merry Christmas everyone

  24. Just browsing the net, and saw a rumor that former wrestler King Kong Bundy could play the kingpin!!! Frank Miller agreed with Jason Statham about letting him play Matt Murdock (aka: Daredevil) is any of this true? or is it just some rumors to keep the fanboys like myself drooling?