Open Discussion – December 21, 2012 (Mayan Apocalypse Version)

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 21, 2012 (Mayan Apocalypse Version)

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice – especially since this is supposed to be the last day on Earth! icon smile Open Discussion   December 21, 2012 (Mayan Apocalypse Version)

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  1. Who else wants to get a ‘I survived the Mayan Apocalyspe’ T-shirt now?

    • The day isn’t over yet.

      • That’s true…

    • I thought I’d be dodging meteors and dancing on lava by now.

  2. I’ve been digging a bunker for the last 2 years! It best bloody well end!!

  3. So, I would like to ask people what they think of Kimberly Peirce’s new remake of “Carrie” that’s coming out. While I don’t usually like remakes, (a lot of the time they end being worse than the originals) I think that the new version of “Carrie” will be really good–also, I think Chloe Moretz playing the role of Carrie is pretty neat. What are you guys’ thoughts?

    • I really liked the trailer and the cast seems solid. My only concern is how shocking the ending won’t be. We already know how it’s all going to end, I think it could hurt the movie.

      • @ boogoo

        I think the ending might be a lot different than you think. The director, Kim Peirce, said she was following the book closer than De Palma’s version. If you read the book of Carrie, the ending is a lot different from the film’s ending. (The ending in Carrie is about the same in the book and movie, things just happen in completely different ways and in different places with different emotions.) Of course, the shock-factor that the ending had will probably be completely demolished since the infamous prom-scene in Carrie is such an icon in today’s media. Although I do think it will turn out good, I’m really looking forward to it.

  4. Who cares man, Its the end of the world,
    just pray that heaven is middle earth and we all get elvish swords to fight the orcs of hell, hmm actually death sounds like a good craic,

    • @ A. Hogg

      Yet so far, I haven’t seen any fire and brimstone…

  5. Not to sound “preachy” or anything, but I’m kind of wondering why so many of us on this website(including myself sometimes)like to leave response comments aimed at a specific individuals’ opinion, but never have a follow up answer when that other person continues the conversation. I’m not saying that I’m perfect in anyway which is why I included myself, but at least I always try to answer someone else’s comments directed specifically towards me. Especially if it’s something personal that I don’t agree with negative or positive wise.

    A comment/conversation that goes unanswered always leaves me thinking one of two things…..

    A. The person who’s supposed to respond doesn’t have the time to check all over the place looking for “every” single message aimed towards them.

    B. That specific individual feels everyone else is so beneath him/her that their not worth his/her time, & effort to have to write a follow up answer. Which puts him/her in an arrogant/jerkish sort of position, & yes jerkish is a real word. Look it up.

    • @Broadway.

      Sometimes, I do the same thing, but it is more a matter of what post did I respond to?

      Then when I figure it out, the post has grown and I have to go back to see who responded to me, and then I respond.


      • @Jeff. You don’t have to wait 5 anythings for my response, because I’m answering you right now. I noticed that you used three exclamation points at the end of your comments. Just so I don’t misunderstand what you meant by using that many I’ll give you a chance to explain more clearly why you did that before I give you a more appropriate response.

        • But the Smiley face should have been a dead give away, I was joking.


          • @ Broadway Yeh I think similar thoughts on this issue, but practice contrary actions. :)

            The Principle downside for me on this issue is when it becomes a “Who can get the last word on this dispute” contest.

            (B.T.W. was anyone over on the Iron Man damaged thread yesterday. I saw it was going to get sticky saved myself hours of pointless contradiction by staying out of it)

            • I try to stay out of the sticky subjects as well, even when I want to make a ranting comment.

              However on the subject I find that I forget to go back and check what I commented on earler in the day. As well I live on the west coast of the United States. So when I finaly get around to reading SR for the day most people around the world have had their conversation and moved on.

            • @superedje. The Iron Man thread was shut down due to the “conversation”(more like intense feuding) getting heated with everyone. The moderator told me that yesterday.

    • Because this isn’t in a thread style page. Its wordpress. Doesn’t have the social app that it can have. You have to DIG to find out if someone actually responded or replied to something you commented on. And sometimes its so hard to even see! Even harder on the mobile version. The mobile version gives zero indication that there was a reply to your comment or post. Once there are more than 50 comments on a subject, I usually give up reading. Keep in mind tho… Ive maybe slept 6 hours in the last 4 days. I don’t use my computer at home. Just my cell. I use my work computer to be on this website because, well, I have that much free time HAHA.

      • Ha, I got to work at 12 am. Did my patrol of New Jersey and New York Ports.

        Came back to base.

        Have time to kill, since this is my 24 hour day on base.

    • That reminds me, in regards to your reply on the IM3 image thread, I was going to post a reply, but the comment section has been shut down (and frankly, I can’t blame Paul for doing it since things got very out of hand there).

      It wasn’t my intention to play “judge” on who’s comments were intelligent (I mean, who am I to say who’s smart or who isn’t?), I was just stating that in my personal view, Ajeno and Ezra’s comments were the only ones that made any sense and had merit – mostly because I was in agreement with them and they were of the few level-headed people contributing to that “discussion”.

      I’m all for people expressing their opinions and I respect people for having their own opinions (and I think most long-time ranters who’ve read some of my comments would agree to that), but when things turn into what can only be described as a flame war where people start bashing good/great movies (for the sole purpose of making their favorite movie seem better), and even bashing each other for liking a certain movie, then all aspects of an “intellectual discussion” go out the window IMO.

      • Yeah I know, but you can’t expect everyone to carry on a conversation the same way seeing is it that we are all different in how we speak to one another. That’s why I felt your comments were inappropriate, because it sounded as if you were calling everyone else dumb & making yourself superior in intellect which is called judging in my book, & a few other words that I’ll kindly leave out for the sake of choosing not to use that type of language.

        • Well, then what I was trying to do was misconstrued by you (and probably many others), and I apologize for having come across as an a-hole, but like I said, it wasn’t my intention to play “judge”, nor was it my intention to try and come across as “superior”.
          I was indeed trying to make others’ comments look dumb, but that’s only because a lot of those comments were dumb (don’t believe me, go back and read through some of that idiotic arguing again).

          I just can’t stand the marvel vs dc, or Avengers vs TDK feuds and as much as I try to stay out of them, it’s very difficult to do so.
          When there are valid points being made and level-headed discussions going on, then it’s great, but what I saw from most people on the IM3 thread was anything but “valid points” or “level-headed discussions”.

          • Thanks for clearing that up man, & I do agree with everything you said. It’s fun when a feud like that(DC/Marvel)gets discussed by the many fans who support one or the other, but when people start gettin’ crazy then it’s about that time to get the heck up outa there.

        • Yeah, I tried to stay as civil as possible, but the conversation didn’t stay civil for very long…

          I think Ron Burgundy put it the best:

    • But as to the actual topic you brought up here, I’d like to offer my view of the replies here on SR.
      I try to respond to as many replies I get from my original comments, but since I post a lot, that gets pretty tough after a while.

      The only times I don’t reply to someone is when
      1. there isn’t anything left to be said and the discussion has pretty much come to an end
      2. someone else already said what I wanted to say (in which case I’ll usually respond to THEIR comment with a “+1″ or something)
      3. when I realize the person replying to my comment is only trying to spark a heated argument (i.e. the classic internet troll) – but even in that case, I’ll usually try to continue the discussion in a calm matter.
      4. I just don’t have time to respond and by the time I do, everyone else has moved on to another topic and the one I posted on is “old news”.
      … and when someone doesn’t reply to one of my comments, I usually accept one of those 4 reasons as the reason why said person didn’t respond.

      A person can’t expect everyone to always respond to what he/she said and as great as some of the discussions are on ScreenRant, all of us still have lives outside of the interweb and I think I speak for most of us when I say we all know and respect that there just isn’t enough time in the day to do our jobs or go to school, have social lives, eat, drink, sleep, watch the movies and tv shows we rant about here and STILL have the time to engage in every responce on this great website.

      • I think it is matter of how so many of us neglect the fact, not all of us are in the same country, let alone the same Time Zone. So some people respond to one person, and that could be 3pm their time, and 3am their time and they are sleeping.

      • YIKES!

        I heard about that IM3 thread. I was curious, so I went to see for myself. I am SOOOO very happy I did not get caught in THAT quagmire…sheesh.

        • I Know. The bloodbath there nearly matched the Zombie attack bloodbath comments on wednesdays open dicussion.

        • Honestly, I think the moderators might have blown it a bit out of proportion. True, it wasn’t directly about the picture of Iron Man, but it did have to do with superhero movies. It was just essentially a Marvel vs. DC with a lot of very closed-minded people on both sides. Sure, it’s difficult to be civil, but it’s not like there was so much profanity, personal attacks, or racism.

          • So true ezra, so true. 100% correct.

        • @ Archaeon, completely off topic but I know you likeed TDKR, I was wondering if you purchased the Blu-Ray with the cowl? Just wondering.

          After getting my pre-order canceled I finally got my hands on one, I honestly did not think it would be so difficult to acquire one.

          • I got the blu ray trilogy. My cousin Mark got the SE with the cowl. We both pre ordered on Amazon and got them the day of releasse. I know you didn’t ask me but I’d figure I’d share anyway since we both live in the valley.

            • No, that’s cool. How is the book/magazine that came with trilogy?

              I’m actually not from the Valley, just a frequent visitor for concerts and/or Imax, but I am from AZ and there is alot of snow on the ground. :)

              • Ha, delayed response as well. The book was cool. I own a lot of Batman books so I added the lil guy to the collection lol.

          • Thimmy…

            Sorry for my delayed response, but I wasn’t able to go through all of my e-mail since Thursday (a LOT of e-mails to catch up on…sigh).

            Anyway, as it stands, leathercheerio was able to give you a much better answer than I would have; I, too, only got the boxed Blu-ray trilogy (I DID get the TDKR steelbook to complete my set and WANT to get that cowl edition).

            Sorry I couldn’t be of more help…

    • The main problem is that the comment system makes it hard to keep track of all the topics that we participate in, and I don’t like to spam my email account with notifications. It would be easier if we had a dedicated message board.

    • @Broadway – I’m going to go with “A”
      A lot of times, I see that I have 70 e-mails from a thread and I delete them all because honestly who has time to read that many comments. Then, I forget to go and look to see if anyone responded to something I said. The worst is when I respond to someone, then they respond back, and then I go eat a Popsicle and forget what I was doing.
      Honestly, it depends on the day and how busy I am. I responded a lot more before having a newborn at home and changing my smart phone (which the new one is POS compared to my old one so I can’t comment on go).

      • @The Professor. I completely understand my friend. Lots of people are in your situation & it is rough I tell you. By the way, where the heck did you get that avatar?! I love it! Professor Spidey.

        • @Broadway – It’s actually a picture of myself. My friend was getting married and President Obama was speaking at the college campus adjacent to the church. I got the Spidey mask when I bought Raimi’s 3rd film (best part of that purchase). I planned on wearing it and seeing if the secret service would take me out, but my wife told me not to be an idiot. So she snapped a picture of me in my suit with the mask and I left it at that. Kind of a lackluster ending to that story. The point is…someday I’ll find my balls on the bottom of her purse.

  6. Well, it’s past 4pm here in South Africa and no horrible apocalyptic event has occurred yet, to my knowledge ;)

    On another note, it was my dad’s birthday yesterday (55 years old) and among other things, he got a movie called ‘Searching For Sugar Man’. It’s an American-made movie inspired by the true story of two South Africans who go on a journey to find their idol (a rock’n’roll artist from the 70′s).

    The movie has a pretty good rating on IMDb (so I’m expecting great things), but I was wondering if any of you guys have seen it?

    • Yeah its a pretty good movie, saw it at our local art theater. Worth a watch for sure.

    • Me and the Wife will be in Johannesburg sometime in the spring. She has an Med School friend who will be getting married in May.

      • Joburg isn’t exactly the nicest part of South Africa… to put it mildly ;), but I hope you and your wife enjoy your time here!

        If you ever get the chance, you and your family should head down to Cape Town. There’s loads to see and do and we have some fantastic beaches along the coast.

        • We plan to get there two weeks early, we want to go to Cape Town, one of the places we always wanted to visit.

          • Great to hear man!
            I sincerely hope you guys enjoy your time here (contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to worry about wild lions running around in the street… that is, unless they won the ‘Currie Cup’ ;))

  7. It is not Saturday in Melbourne Australia. So I guess we are safe.

    • On the other hand it’s still 13 hours until it’s midnight in the last time zone in Mayaland (aka South America). I wouldn’t count my chickens yet. Also, according to some reports Honey Boo Boo was sighted in several cities.


    Screenrant….PLEASE ADD AN EDIT FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Among lots of other things! lol

      • We tried a third-party commenting system and long time visitors didn’t like it, and neither did I for technical reasons. I realize this comment system seems “old school” but it’s what we’re using. Down the road we would like to enhance it, but it’s not high on the (very long) site feature priority list. Plus, our developer is very part time – so we do what we can.

        • @Vic

          Vast Majority of us appreciate a place where can geek out.

          and I just switched browsers, Firefox has a spell check. lol

          • As does google chrome

            • As does……something I can’t think of right now, D’oh!(Homer Simpson)

              • @Broadway

                Not being nasty or anything but if you make a comment like “D’oh!”, I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t know it was Homer Simpson.


                Speaking of catch phrases though, name who said these ones:

                You rang?
                You’re despicable!
                Missed it by that much.
                It’s hero time.
                Victory is mine!
                I’m ready!
                Book ‘em Danno!
                I see nothing-NOTHING!
                Up your nose with a rubber hose!
                Oh the pain, the pain!

                • I did forget one good recent one:

                  I am getting the pig!

                  • Only cuz I just watched that movie less than an hour ago… RED

                  • Marvin Boggs-Red

                • 1: Lurch
                  2: Daffy Duck
                  3: Maxwell Smart
                  4: ?
                  5: Stewie Griffin
                  6: ?
                  7: McGarrett
                  8: The guy on Hogans Heroes
                  9: I hate that show (Big Bang Theory) So I don’t know his name
                  10: Mr Smith

                • 1 Lurch
                  2 Daffy Duck and often Sylvester the cat
                  3 Maxwell Smart
                  4 Ben Ten
                  5 Stewie Griffen
                  7 Steve McGarrett
                  8 SGT Schultz
                  9 Vinnie Barbarino
                  10 Sheldon Cooper
                  11 Dr. Smith

                  • Ha. I completely missed the Vinnie one. Oops!

                    • I have the added advantage of having watch Welcome Back Kotter…..during its broadcast run on ABC….Sadly lol

                  • @To all

                    Number 6, Spongebob Sqarepants.

                    “I’m ready! I’m ready! . . .” etc…

                    • *Squarepants*


                • Name the Movie these quotes came from

                  1. “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass! And I am all out of Bubble Gum!”

                  2. “What we have here, is a failure to communicate.”

                  3. Yes, of course they’re serious… You do?… You have?… No kidding! Just gimme the address… Oh sure, they will be totally discreet. Thank you…WE GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  4. I’m impressed. For a moment there, I thought you were just a dumb hick who only has sex with farm animals.

                  5.”The Hard part about playing chicken is knowing when to flinch…Right full rudder, 30 degree down angle.”

                  • 1: They Live? I think. But Duke Nukem says it best.

                    2: Cool Hand Luke

                    3: Ghostbusters — Janeane sp?

                    4: Star Trek O’Houra

                    5: Love me ALL Jack Ryan films. THFRO

                    • Impressive…Most Impressive.

                    • I am that bored…

  9. Very preachy indeed(and boring),,,out of all the old remakes that are coming out, evil dead gives me the biggest boner, a shame ash doesn’t chainsaw his hand off though,

    • @A.hogg. “Which puts him/her in an arrogant/jerkish sort of position”. It’s nice to know that you fit one, or possibly even both of those desciptive words. As far as me “boring” you….I’m not here to entertain you or anybody else. I was simply making a “comment” on how I felt about something that meant a big deal to me. If you didn’t like/appreciate what I said then all you had to do was ignore it & move on. Not be a jerk about it with your “arrogant” reply.

      • @Broadway.

        Allow me to pass on the Wisdom of My Grandpappy.

        “Never argue with ignorant people. They shall drag you down to their level, and proceed to defeat you with experience.”

        Just saying.

        • @Jeff. Saying that your quotes/comments are only meant as a joke gets kind of lost in translation when you leave messages like this,“Never argue with ignorant people. They shall drag you down to their level, and proceed to defeat you with experience.”

          That simply makes me think that you were obviously calling me the former(ignorant), & you the latter(wise). Please tell me that I misread that so I won’t make the mistake of misunderstanding you…..AGAIN!!!

          • @Broadway.

            A.hogg said something that was both arrogant and ignorant.

            You have never said a bad thing to anyone, or loss your composure. So, I was telling you, not to argue with A.hogg, it is not worth your time and effort.

            If, I were referring to you, then I would have said it at A.hogg. Your statement was about lack of response from certain people.

            • @Jeff. Thank you for clearing that up man. I admit that I’m very easy to push a red button for when it comes to my emotions, & hot headed temper. No hard feelings? You & your family have yourselves a merry christmas.

              • @Broadway

                No Problem Man, I am easy to get along with, and harder to offend.

                And Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  10. Oh I’ll see you all tomrrow

  11. As a teacher, there are students I instruct who come from a poor home life with very little money, food, and clothing. So when I receive a present from them prior to Christmas/winter break, it warms my heart that they are thinking of me, but it also breaks my heart because I know they have virtually nothing. One student brought in cookies for the class and me, and I know her family is struggling. To quote Willy Wonka, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

    Merry Christmas!

    • @ $2

      I understand that, a family at the school my son attends, the father passed away 3 months ago, and the family has been struggling, on top of his medical bills, they loss his benefits when his company folded last year. So they been having some bad times.

      So, as we are out shopping a couple of weeks ago, my son asked us if he could use his allowance to buy his friend some presents, because they cant afford to buy any this year.

      So, we said we will do what we can.

      So, my wife found out their situation from the school. We bought presents for their 3 kids.

      Jen, is having a bake sale today at the school to benefit them today.

    • @ $2 And Merry Christmas to you and your family.

      • Beautiful, it warms my heart knowning that there are wonderful caring people such as you two out there.

        Merry Christmas.

        • Thank You Thimmy,

          I have my Parents and Grandparents for that. Talking to my mom yesterday, she wants to go out and get toys for kids at her hospital. Or as she likes to say.

          “My Kids are grown, my Grandkids are happy, need to make others happy.”

          • Jeff W you’re a good man. This world needs more people like u. Merry Xmas to u n ur loved ones

        • Thanks, Thimmy. As one of my students told me the other day, “Get out in the world and make someone smile.” :)

      • Thanks, Jeff, and right back at you. It’s good to see your family and you have giving hearts. I used to think that receiving was the best thing about Christmas/life, but growing up, I realized that giving is much more rewarding (especially being a teacher). Sometimes I wish I made more money in order to help all the students and their families in need, but my wife says that I’m already doing my best in giving – giving smiles, a listening ear, and praise each day in class to kids who may not get it at home. I’m far from perfect, but if that’s what I can do, I’ll never quit.

        • I met two men during Hurricane Katrina.

          One was a wealthy man, that had a duffel bag full of money. It was his, he was rich, but lost his home in the flood and needed to be rescued off his roof, so we did.

          Next man, clinging to to a tree, flood waters around him, holding on with one hand, the other hand holding on to his dog.

          Got into position, and lowered the basket and they bought him and the dog up, the dog was a puppy, I had the man with the money, a crew of three, and already picked up 8 other people, I was maxed out on my copter.

          There was barely no room for the dog. The Man with the Duffel filled with money….Threw his money out the door…slide over and let the man and the dog sit down.

          When we landed at the area around the dome, I asked the man why he threw the money he said.

          “I have more money than I can count, I am CEO of a Very Large Car Dealership network in 18 states. That bag had 150,000 dollars in it, some gold and some jewelery. That Man had nothing but his dog and was holding on to the dog to save his life, when he knew both could go away with the water. Money can be replaced, two lives cant.”

          I went back and retrieved the bag because it had landed on a roof. Returned it to the man and said ” Maybe you can help some of these people in here who cant afford anything right now.” Sure enough, he did.

          That was the time, I met two men, with compassion and caring for his fellow man and the other willing to risk his life for his dog.

          • :)

          • Incredible story. I’m assuming your Nat G or CG. Either way, very honorable.

            • Coast Guard.

              Going into my 25th year next week. It was one of those stories, that me have faith in humanity. Katrina did a lot of damage, to the city. but some people were far worse.

          • Incredible story. I’m assuming your Nat G or CG. Either way, very honorable. Thanks for sharing.

  12. If the world was gonna be over-runned with zombies, what way you destroy them? Me: I would use bow & arrow w/sticks of dynamite attached. Shoot, BOOM!

    • @Wally

      Um, er..Wont the explosion draw more zombies to your area? I would hope you would have hearing aids as not to shatter your eardrums from the constant explosion?

  13. Best way to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Wait it out for 30-60 days. After that time, the body should be so decayed, because even if they manage to find people to eat on, they cannot process nutrients to the muscles and there is no blood flow, so their bodies would decompose, and eventually their brains would actually rot.

    You cant leave bacon in the sun for a month and expect to eat it.

    • How about a vampire invasion? Not as easy to detect, & can sneak up from behind to byte you on the neck. Hey! that actually rimed!

      • @Broadway?

        I will worry when I see a shortage of Sunblock, in winter.

        And Real Vampires…No Sparkling Vampires with moody disposition. I want The Lost Boys type Vampire.

        Stake to the Heart, Holy Water, Garlic, and Ultraviolet Light.

        Which means, If anyone grows pot in their home, they have a safe room.

        • Haha!

    • @ Jeff I was thinking the same thing last night let nature (decomposition) takes it course.

      By the way, out of context, in every zombie movie, show, etc. would it be difficult to have a zombie or even a pack of zombies sneak up on you because of the “decaying” smell. That’s always bothered me, I assume you would be able to smell them.

      • @Thimmy

        Well look at this way.

        Zombies would have the ability to run after first bite, but then they would get rigor in them, then it will go away, they will not be able to run.

        Yes you would smell them, and they really do not know how to be quiet. You will smell and hear them, the problem is being surrounded by fresh Zombies. But, I would just barricade me and the family in the house, Good lord my wife loves Costco, we got enough food to last a family our sizes for a year. OODLES OF NOODLES anyone? Tuna fish, Beef Jerky, dried apples…yeah we set.

      • Well, the writers usually get around these problems by determining that the undead decompose slower than the regular off-the-shelf-dead. I suppose that would also reduce the smell.

        • Very true indeed, I guess it came to my mind because a dog was run over on the side of road close to my office and shortly thereafter is began to smell o so horrible. Animal control removed it, but smell was strong for one little dog, so yeah also make sure if you have a dog make sure it doesn’t get of the house or yard.

          • Tell me about it. I once had to scoop up some dead fledlings from my patio that must have fallen to their deaths from their nest in my pergola on a hot day in August. They must have been there less than 24 hours but they stank like a doorway to Hell. I breathed through the collar of my shirt when I disposed of them, and the smell actually adhered to the fabric of the shirt. It was disgusting.

  14. Haha, Broadway and Jeff w,merry Xmas you whinging animals, u can both go and have a bore off, i wouldn’t wanna call who the winner will be, a good day to you sirs.

    • ::Snicker::

  15. If the world comes to an end today, at least have a last fascinating look around at the top of the world with this amazing gigapixel photo of the Mount Everest:

  16. Well someone has a good sense of humor.

    There is a Cargo Ship in the Pacific that changes it transponder so it reads.


    So Godzilla is 145 Miles out from the Port of Los Angeles

    • @Jeff. Hey I just read that comment made by that punk A. hogg. It’s guys like that(I’m assuming he’s a guy)who make me wish people that can’t contribute to this website in a “mature” & “intelligent” fashion should then stay off it. Sheesh!

      • @Broadway.

        Why I just ignored him and gave A.Hogg a :snicker:, I do not let petty people get to me.

        You and I can rise above people like him.

  17. Merry Apocy… Apocali… Apoci……. (dang this where is the spell check)… yeh well merry zombey attack from my coven to yours.

    • @Superedje101

      Merry end of the world-gee made my last payment on my car-won the lottery-day.

      Because if any of us either paid our last car note, or won the lottery…It would truly been the end times.

  18. Ha, talking tripe about rising above, then trying to provoke by calling me a punk, pathetic and i’ll sat it again “yawwwn” good day and seriously chaps, lighten the f**k up

    • @leathercheerio,Jeff,superedje,Aaron,Avenger,ezra,LostWinchester, & WallyWest

      Sorry about the long list of names, but you guys are the only ones(so far)I’ve felt comfortable talking to since joining this site without getting into any arguments.

      Anyway, here’s a question that I had on my mind while watching a movie recently, & I wanted to know what you guys think. Now that DVDs’ are taking a backseat to Blu-ray, & Downloading has become more & more popular, which of those two formats will be the DVDs’ successor? I say downloading, because of convenience.

      • @Broadway.

        Blu-Ray will have a shorter life span than DVD, but will be around a little bit longer, till they figure out how to get everything on a Blu-Ray into a compressed file.

        I however, and this is strictly my opinion, I do not need everything on the Blu-Ray, to me it has always been a gimmick.

        The last 20 movies me and my family have purchased, were all downloaded.

        • I know right. Plus, you can always download movies in Blu-ray quality. Granted it’s not identical to the physical discs in terms of visual detail, but it’s close enough for you not to complain about it. More convenience over slightly better quality will always win out.

          • I do love the fact, I can download to a server, and just add a hard drive to a server, then upgrade the hard drive.

            just checked, I have like 750 gigs of movies downloaded. Now, I can send wireless to my tv. Now thats cool.

            • Home networking is incredible. Just sayin

              • I was stationed in North Carolina when our house was being built. My Wife asked me if I wanted it modern, I said sure.

                Got home, and there were solar panels, a wind turbine, on demand water heaters, and the house was designed to be wireless from the start.

                I have a Smart Home.

                and yet, my fridge tells me the milk is 3 days part its expiration, and I still drink it…sad..really sad.

                • How’s Jarvis these days?

                  • We call him Hal.

      • Thanks for the feedback. I’m generally an a hole, hence the name leather Cheerio. But I’m only one to the silly ones that act a fool. To answer your question, I believe that hosted content (aka cloud based tech) will be the ultimate turning point. Ultra violet is pretty awesome because i can watch whatever i want, whenever i want, on whatever device i want. BUT!!! Because of piracy, you can’t get rid of hard copies such as DVDs and blu rays. Todays why they come with the digital copy disc to download. What will happen though is that the disc will fade out and we will have our beloved films brought to us on flash drives or SD cards. The reason why its still on discs is because you can stop a disc from being over written. You can’t stop a flash drive or memory card.

        • Leather Cheerio? Honestly thought you were a Motorcycle Riding Breakfast cereal. :)

          • That works too!

      • @ Broadway

        Sorry I don’t have a strong opinion on this one… hazarding a guess, Blue-Ray because it is a quality upgrade rather than an ease of access upgrade.

        About your comment, I’m pretty new here, and I comment pretty selectively. That being said, the conversations w/ you guys has been pretty darn good. broadened my opinions!

        (stops being mushy)

  19. Well, my 22 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER

    Finally got her first acting job.

    She will be playing a cheerleader who gets her body split in half.

    • Huzzah! Gotta start somewhere! Better that than well… A fathers worst nightmare lol.

    • “She will be playing a cheerleader who gets her body split in half.” With that description let me guess……it’s a romantic comedy? HAHAHA!!

      • @Broadway.

        Long as she keeps her clothes on! LMAO…Wait really..Nothing to laugh at…..

        Do not think I can watch a movie with my daughters …well…her…Woman parts!

  20. It is past midnight here and the Apocalypse never came, so that means…4 day weekend! Time for some quality time with the wife and kids. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. I’ll be back…next week.

    • Same here except that I am at work for the next 8 hours lol so Ill be on here til then!

  21. Still here… what a disappointment. Worst apocalypse ever!

    • No…Apocalypse was contained to my home.

      In-Laws are here.


      • Please accept my sincerest sympathies. Stay strong and you can make it through it!

      • My in laws live with me. At least they leave your house lol!

  22. It is now 6:50 AM December 22nd 2012 told ya so.

  23. Worked 24 Hours

    Come home..In-Laws are here.

    Cousins have to sleep in my kids room.

    Mother and Father in law come at 8am

    My Cousin comes…unannounced with his wife and 4 kids.

    Suddenly….I know what Clark Griswald felt like.

    • Yeah, after reading the first 5 lines I was about to say “Time to watch Christmas Vacation”. ;)

  24. Lol