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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 21, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   December 21, 2011

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  1. My theory: bane will break the bat, NOT kill him.

    • My theory: the inclusion of Catwoman will make an otherwise good film bad.

    • My fact: We are never going to have an Open Discussion without references to TDKR. 😀

    • Finally someone talks about TDKR!!

  2. In before Dark Knight Rises conversation starts.

    • Dammit.

      • You have to be quick, dude. :-)

      • You made me choke on my cereal!

  3. I love me some Hobbitses!

  4. you know what? I think Star Trek made a mistake going with Khan as the villain.

    The thing I really liked about the first movie was that it set itself apart from the original by diverging into unfamiliar territory with completely new twists on the characters. Bringing Khan in is going to be the antithesis of that.

    First of all, there’s going to be the knee-jerk and incessant comparisons of (actor to be determined) to Montalban.

    Second, there’s going to be an entire argument/debate about the fact that Khan in this universe is exactly the same Khan in the ST:TOS Universe because he was freeze-dried before the entire temporal anomaly occurred and created this alternate timeline. This, of course, will lead back to more Montalban/??? comparisons and escalate to ‘Khan would never…’ or ‘Khan couldn’t…” uber-fanboy hyper-ventilations.

    Third, Why not take this opportunity to really strike out on your own and create a wholly different ST Universe? You know, kinda ‘Boldly go where no other ST writer has gone before’. Why not use the events in the first movie to have widespread repercussions and alter the balance of power and bring the lesser, more unfamiliar races up into power? Maybe the Tholians? How about the Andorians or the Cardassians (snicker)? Gorn, Horta, or the mighty Tribble Hegemony. According to Wiki, there are 340+ unique races already introduced in the ST Universe. Why not shake things up for real and give us something great? I mean, if you can wipe out the Vulcans, why can’t you raise up the Betelguisians?

    I just think that the Powers-that-be at Universal and in JJ’s head aren’t taking a golden opportunity and running with it. Instead, they’ve decided to re-hash a character that doesn’t need to be re-hashed and are opening themselves up to failure, ridicule and disappointment.

    • I still think this prequel/reboot thing was a mistake. I would have preferred another Next Generation movie.

    • I agree with your third point. I’ve been saying this for a good while, this is a NEW frachsie and needs NEW characters. Them rehashing Khan is just plain lazy on the writers part.


      Star Trek was a dead franchise. Fans stop going to the conventions, stop watching the show, and stopped going to the movies. They needed to reboot the series and introduce it to a new crowd.

      • Well, at that time there wasn´t a show. At least no new episodes.

    • Has it been confirmed that in fact it will be Khan? I’ve still only read and heard rumors. Also, a race that was introduced in DS9 could have a major impact on the Alpha quadrant: the Breen. We know that federation shields were useless against Breen weaponry but Klingon shields were very effective. After a Breen attack on a federation ship and a Klingon ship, the federation either has to try to befriend the Klingons (good luck with that) or somehow get the specs for Klingon shield design.

      And as I have said before, JJ can squash all the Khan rumors by destroying the Botany Bay before Khan and crew are revived.

    • i thought JJ squashed all rumors that Khan was the Gillian? You’re getting upset over an already failed rumor? I really don’t think they’re dumb enough the make the villain in the reboot sequel the same as the original sequel; especially after the effort they went through to create a new timeline. Just seems like a silly thing to get upset about.

      I really thought there would be more TNG films after Nemesis, but the critics destroyed it. I personally love the films, especially Nemesis, but I guess no one else did. I thought they left it open for one more TNG flick to wrap up the saga; sad they didn’t.

      I don’t understand haters of the reboot. I was cautious about it, but it turned out to be an amazing movie! You can’t deny that the new Star Trek was a great time at the movies.

      • Lesson in Hollywood: Filmmakers lie when news they don’t want leaked gets leaked. Abrams is always secretive about his films, and he obviously didn’t want the news to leak. I agree that we can’t make it official that Khan is the villain, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. The rumor originated at Latino Review, and they’re reliabel when it comes to inside info. Besides, Vulture published a story like a week afterwards that helps LR’s info. Not to mention that Damon Lindeloff made a wierd comment on his Twitter saying “VULLLTTTUUURRREEE” in the same fashion that Kirk yelled Khan’s name in the second film.

        So, yeah, it’s not confirmed just yet, but it might as well be.

  5. Did anybody watch the Terra Nova season (series) finale? I have to say that this 2 hour episode was far from the family show that the producers were going for. And I must say that it was awesome. I couldn’t stand Terra Nova’s pilot and would have gave up watching the show there, but my wife watched it and liked it. So, it became a show we watched together (if you are married, you understand). The rest of the season was episodic family adventures that made me care less if the show got canceled. Then, the show’s season-long story-line picked up a few weeks ago. It got really interesting, and I was super-excited for the final episode. It was really good story-wise, so it allows me to overlook the not-so-good CGI (but pretty good CGI for television standards). When this final episode started, I thought it would be another slow-going show that picked up in the last fifteen minutes. Instead, it was action packed from the start. It felt like watching a movie. I liked it. I hope that the show gets another season, but if it doesn’t, that episode is a pretty high note to end on.


    The ship thing they found at the end to peak interest for a second season, worked for me. I wanted to know more about the badlands. So if another season isn’t made, maybe another 2-hour movie-like episode can wrap up that for us.

    • I loved the finale, but I’m tired of TN’s desperate attempt to be the new LOST and the ship at the end was them continuing to do that. I am a huge fan of the show, but you can tell that’s what the producers are doing

      • I agree about the ship mystery resembling LOST, and I had that same feeling at the beginning of the season with the formula drawings. The difference is that they answered the questions regarding the formulas in the first season. LOST answered questions with questions with questions and then bent us all over and @#$%!& us in the final season.

        • They want to be LOST, but not all the things that upset LOST audiences. Its a good show and I like when it follows the mystery plot, but don’t like when its just episodic. I’m sure the Badlands will be some Bermuda triangle thing.

      • Let’s stop referencing new shows as “the next Lost”. Lost was good the first two years, but then, it drifted and turned into a total sham, not worthy of mention now.

    • I thought the finale was awesome as well, definitely not for the kids. Wash….. that was harsh.

  6. Im still waiting for the heroes wrap up special. :/

    • Apparently so is Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli). I’ve seen almost every other cast member in something else on television or movies.

      • same here. I wish they would do it. They left the series too open ended. I understand they didn’t know if they were coming back but still. It didn’t end right.

        • I actually didn’t mind the open-ended close to Heroes. With Claire showing that supers existed on live TV (not to mention how it sort of went full circle with her personal video trials), it sort of lets the viewer ponder what that world would be like. I think it could be fun to see how everything changes, but not necessary.

  7. Quick question,did anyone see kevin smith’s red state i know his last few movies have been so so,but i was looking foward to seeing it,but never got around to it i reserved it at the library,but if it’s a terrible film i think i’ll pass.

    • I saw it and enjoyed it. My problem is that it starts with this great horror film vibe, but suddenly jumps into an action film. Its great that Smith attempted a whole new style, but its 2 genres in one film. That’d be great if there was some transition, but the action comes out of nowhere. There was some great opportunities that he passed up in it. The film did show Smith is capable of writing and filming something new

  8. Has anyone seen the incredible Spanish film CELL 211? Its one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. I heard they’re attempting an American remake, but I don’t see how. I’m not against American remakes, I just don’t see how this one can be Americanized. Anyone know anything about this?

  9. Dear Screenrant crew,

    I just wanted to say (I’ve said it before, but I mean it) that this site is awesome!

    • Thanks, foopher – that’s always nice to hear. 😀


  10. What’s the deal with Ghosbusters 3 and Bill Murry.

    • I sense that, for Bill, that Ghostbusters ship sailed away “egons” ago.

      And everyone’s pressuring him to do it, but he simply doesn’t want to. I think that, even if he did finally relent, he’d turn in a tired, “what time is lunch?” performance.

      • “what time is lunch” performance? That sounds like Venkman.

  11. Isn’t the Prometheus trailer supposed to debut today?

    • It supposedly debuts tomorrow from what I heard, I can’t wait!!! :)

      • Yup, the word is it arrives tomorrow – of if studios follow the recent pattern – really late at night after all my writers are whipped from a full day. 8)


        • Crack that whip Vic!

  12. Here’s the 3rd scene in my fun, for-the-heck-of-it treatment for X-Men: First Class 2. (or “the Uncanny X-men”). this vague treatment makes an attempt to go with the style of the first film, in the 70’s now and having a plot that involves the forming of more groups/factions of mutants and the finding of Scott and Jean and an epic battle with Magneto and his brotherhood, X-Men and Mr. Sinister and the Marauders.

    anyone wanting to see scenes 1 and 2 see last OPEN DISCussion.

    Scene 3

    There is an orphanage, an old stone semi-castle in the forests of Colorado. John Denver music plays. It looks legit but underneath is another level of higher security rooms.

    A young man with a red metal hood locked to his head feels around in the dark. A white and green haired woman brings him a cup of food he can suck through a straw. He pleads for help, then collapses with nausea. The woman’s hair becomes more green, she emits spores like a mushroom but the man is blinded by the hood and does not see. She says that his brother Alex was safer in prison, Mr. Sinister will find him now that he’s joined another group of mutants.

    She leaves and is suddenly held in place by an unseen force. Out of the shadows comes Mr. Sinister. He tells her, “Keep him sick Vertigo.” She says he’s is defenceless. Sinister grabs her by the throat and says, “That boy can do something no one can. That power can be turned around, his strength will become my weapon. Do not underestimate the summers brothers, the first one got out didn’t he? Keep him sick.”

    Lila Cheney appears, now possessed by Malice. Sinister says, “Good Malice, you’ve got Lila Cheney, teleporter extraordinaire. Malice says, “They are coming together. Picking sides. Alex Summers and others, they prevented us from obtaining the energy producer.”

    Sinister says, “Gather the marauders. Miss Cheney gives us a shortcut to immortality”

    Malice teleports away, Sinister strides back to the darkness. Vertigo still hears the groans coming from Scott summers deep below the orphanage.

  13. To change the topic
    If the world is ending there’s a chance it will be done by ASHTON KUTCHER
    coz when he cn destroy somethin like Two and a half men the earth is nothing.

    • That show does suck now.

      • This is pure observation on my end haaa. I loved the Sheen episodes because the dialogue and the storyline for each show felt like they would cover a lot of ground and things were going on. The kutcher episodes feel like there isn’t much going on for some reason. I don’t feel the same way after watching it. Yes, the show has definately changed. They were digging on the bottom of the barrel w/ that monkey episode. Cryer is still the same but kutcher’s character is just a tool. Just turn him back into Kelso already!

          • Turning him back meaning, not making him such a weenie. When I saw his name was Walden I knew they were in trouble. I’m not saying even that would save the show. He’s not even close to kelso, come on now. He’s always an “emotional” wreck and isn’t comedic at all. I also hate how they turned Jake into some little burnout. I agree, was sad to see they didn’t take the Stamos route.

      • that show WAS charlie sheen. Ashton kutcher didn’t kill it. It died when Charlie “died”. Ashton is a tool tho. Not funny at all. He’s like the jock who thinks he’s funny.. Emphasis on the thinks.

    • That show should just get canceled!!!

      • lol…Are you serious ?

      • My bad i thought you said it did get cancelled.

    • I haven’t seen a single enjoyable episode of that show, ever. Never laughed once. I’m baffled by its popularity.

    • Is Kutcher the half man?

      • I don’t know,but i can tell you that show is halfway out the door the way it’s going.

    • Where’d you hear this? Not exactly sure how I feel about that idea…

      • That rumored almost a year ago, and debunked the very next day.

    • I’m pretty sure I read an article were reeves said he has read a script for a matrix 4 and bill and tedds 3

      • Bill and Ted’s Mediocre Matrix Vacation = instant box office success

    • I’m surprised that there hasn’t been talk of re-releasing the Matrix films in 3D yet.

  14. Are you guys seeing any obtrusive pop ups that block content in articles? I’ve gotten a few complaints but I have no idea what ad could be the one they’re referring to? If you have seen something like that last few days:

    1. What was being advertised.

    2. What browser were you using when you saw it.

    3. Was it only on one particular page or random?

    Thanks for any help.


    • haven’t noticed any except the main “Tattoo” one. But it doesn’t interfere, it just bumps the content down for a bit.

    • I haven’t noticed any pop-up adds recently…

  15. Just finished Warrior and thought it was great. Edgerton, Hardy, and especially Nolte gave excellent performances.

    • Just watched it last night; it was phenomenal!!!

    • Protein shakes through a straw

  16. Good question?

  17. @ Pitt Man have you ever thought of writing a screenplay and just submitting it to Fox? If not you should.

    Also I forgot who brought it up but I miss Heroes too. Maybe in a decade they could reboot it and have it pick up ten years after where it left off?

    • @ Brandon. I’m a playwright by trade, but I’ve been thinking about the jump to screenplays. I wrote a short film that got produced a few years back but the stage has been my bread and butter.

      superheroes/scifi/fantasy/comics has always been my hobby, my escape… if it becomes work I don’t think it would be as fun anymore. I’ve always had this idea that screenplays submitted to Fox end up in this giant pile about 20 feet high, and the studio exec has a claw machine that just reaches into the pile and randomly picks one to be greenlit. lol

  18. Soooo… I just watched the new ‘Mission Impossible’ movie, and IMO, it was fantastic!
    There were one or two shortcomings, but for the most part it was incredibly enjoyable and entertaining.
    The plot was good, most of the acting was great, the dialog was spot on, it was surprisingly funny, and of course, amazing action sequences.

    I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone interested in a little ~escape~ from the real world (or, as a matter of fact anyone who just wants a good way to spend 2 hours).

    Great movie: 4 out of 5 from me.

    • I thot it was great too! Brad Bird did an awesome job of putting Mission Impossible back in the loop.