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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 20, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 20, 2013

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  1. Happy Friday Scranters!!! Who is excited for the weekend? Who is fortunate to have all of next week off?

    I honestly think I am working on Christmas but thats the fallback for working for a company that is 24/7 365. Hopefully not but we will see.

    Has anyone seen Anchorman 2 yet? What did you think of it? I read part of the review on this site. It was everything I was afraid of but I wont judge until after viewing.

    • I read on facebook, “best movie ever”. But I don’t think that is accurate. I’ll probably be seeing it after the New Year.

  2. Happy Friday Ranters!

    Paul Rudd, eh?….I like it. What do you guys think?

    Finally saw KickAss2 last night…not bad…not bad at all.

    • When they first rumored Paul Rudd a few months back, I thought the RDJ scenario all over again. Either its gold or its trash. I can only hope for the best. I’m not an Edgar Wright fan but this script has been penned for what, 10 years now? That says something in itself.

    • I really think that the Avengers need some star power and sadly, Paul Rudd is a more well known name than Ruffalo, Evans, Hemsworth (rising).

      • I don’t know, I don’t think star power is exactly what they need. They need the actors they can turn into stars, and that is definitely what they have done. I think Marvel has discovered they don’t have to fill the screen with (well known)all-stars in order to cast perfectly for the roles.

        • I think if they want a new franchise though, they will need a star. RDJ is basically done outside of Avengers. I think if they want a franchise to hit the $1b mark, they need a bigger star.

          Not arguing the formula, just the “next big thing”. <— Ha, see what I did there?

          • No, I agree with that, they will need someone to start being the leading man for the franchise. However, do you think Paul Rudd is going to be that person? Star power is great, but the character of Hank Pym/Ant Man is not a leading man like Tony Stark/Iron Man.

            I would love to see Chris Evans take the reigns, and make Captain America the leader he needs to be. I just don’t think they have written the character so far to be that kind of leader. I am hoping that CA2 makes me change my thoughts on this though.

            • I think when it all boils down… they are going to take a look at all Phase 2 movies, see which ones made the most money, and then while writing the Phase 3 films, they will decide the new leader of the franchise.

              I hope Cap makes it. But I think Thor might make more?

              • You’re right, which I wish it didn’t have to do with money though.

                On a side note, does anyone know if the Chris Evans Cameo counts as one of the 6 times he is contracted to play Captain America?

                • I remember reading that Evans was not happy about the films he signed on for so he waas wanting to get all of his movies out of the way so he can just be done with it.

                  To answer your question, no, I dont know if it counts.

                  • Wasn’t happy? I think this was probably pre-avengers right? I know he didn’t want to do 9 and settles on 6 movies, but I thought that after the avengers he was gung-ho about it. I remembering seeing an interview with Hemsworth and Evans about doing cameos in the movies together because they liked working together so much.

                    • I thought that was more of a ploy to get through all of their appearances when I saw that interview.

                      Things may have changed after Avengers and that Evans enjoyed the role more. Also on the SR Underground, I recall the guys saying that he isn’t as marketable as the other guys so they can probably resign him for cheaper.

    • I have no issue with the casting of a fictional character. Now, after I see the finished project…I might have an issue with the story, the writing, the directing, the music, and occasionally an actor’s performance. I think Rudd will do fine. He’s an actor, that’s what he’s paid to do.

  3. This is pretty awesome:

    • Agreed. Very awesome. Thanks for sharing! I like how a lot of them went back to their childhood in their answers. That’s why I would pick batman.

      Batman:TAS was my fave tv show growing up, I grew up watching tim burtons batman films, and when Batman Begins came out I just about died. I was 14 at the time and I thought it was the best movie I had ever seen.

      Had I grown up with Richard Donner’s Superman films in the late 70s early 80s my answer would prbly be reversed.

    • @ Dr.

      Great read! My pick would be Superman. He’s everything to me for the sake of good & hope, such a iconic hero anyone could look up to. I remember seeing Superman for the first time as I did Batman. Only on VHS, like Hugh Jackman I didn’t mind the yellow belt/red briefs.

      Batman comes in 2nd to me as seen the 60′s show first, then Batman 89′ on VHS, and then finally Batman Returns in theaters w/ my brother since I was not old enough. But Batman:TAS really does it for me than any of the live-action films by how more faithful it is.

      After these two id say im 50% DC & 50 Marvel from the get go.

    • Supes.

      • i liked Harrison Fords answer ha!

        i have always leaned towards underdogs…no super powers

        *my replies are not posting*

  4. I’ve been wondering about where Marvel are going to go with The Avengers & Thanos storyline – I know Agent Coulson is being mentioned as Vision along the way – but Adam Warlock is also a major character in the Thanos Universe.
    Will we see this storyline take shape soon ?

    • I remember GOTG may make a cameo appearance with the Avengers with regarding Thanos. Other than that, Phase 3 still ways away.

  5. I think DC’s animated division are talented enough to possibly do this and don’t know why they haven’t. If you could launch a shared DCAU, how’d you go about it?

    I don’t know much about the comics but you can think of this as maybe an alternate universe? I’d start pretty exposition heavy I think. I’d go about showing the rise of the Kryptonian empire and the eventual downfall when the other civilizations team up against them. Maybe even have a younger but still powerful Darkseid help and establish in him a hatred of Kryptonians. Then show a prison planet and indoctrination that is established in Krypton by the victors because the Green Lantern corps do not want to completely wipe out Kryptonians. This would show how Kryptonians changed over time to become so xenophobic, reliant on artificial birth, and the society that evolved over time. I had another idea that included the origin of the lantern corps, but I can’t seem to find it on this site.

    Then you’d go through all of the other characters origins to establish the earth universe. Probably would have to start with Amazons origin and go through that exposition leading up to Wonder Woman being born. Then maybe how Atlantis came about and Arthur. Basically it’d be in order of time. Maybe not do Batman’s origin again unless they want to modify it for future story purposes or something. Have Superman be the first alien introduced to the world sorta and the political/militaristic fallout from that leading to the development of Cadmus and getting Bruce involved so that Superman and Batman meet, etc.

    I have more ideas but too much to type up here. Wish there was a forum here, could have long prolonged conversations rather than this flash convo format that OD is.

    • @ Moz

      Not sure how id set up my version of DCAU but id probly start with Superman first. Probly spend pilot episode exploring the planet Krypton,etc. Episode 2 deals with young clark Kent/Superman makes his debut in Metropolis and go from there. Id work on a series a year maybe. I might start Batman series off Superman’s. Id want a Justice League series.

      Like DC direct animated films, I would include events that took place in the comics. Such as a world without Superman when he’s killed by Doomsday. But I won’t have the Justice League debut with the villain like Starro the Star Fish or even a school of Starros. It’s been done sorts.

      Id also wanna work on a X-Men series.

      • Ahh, a world without Superman. Think I read a comic that had that scenario once, Superman gets sucked into a wormhole or blackhole. A year passes and Lex steps up to battle Superman’s foes. Think it was in Miller’s run of the accompanying comics to the animated series or something.

        I forgot to add above that the civilizations that confine Krypton also set up an AI that keeps track of everything, this AI will evolve to become Brainiac as it becomes corrupted over time.

        • I know I wouldn’t have Brainiac come from Krypton because he wasn’t in the comics. Even though it made a good origin for the villain as Bruce Timm & Co stated.

          Loved the villain Lock-Up from Batman:TAS so id use him more than once. Id like to try to go through all the Robins except the female one. Id to have Bane break the bat & introduce Lady Shiva. A lot I would wanna do but probly be wouldn’t be able to.

  6. My midseason TV Spectacular. These are the opinions of the Professor. Direct all hateful comments to Dr. Mindbender (he’s the HYDRA PR guy!)

    I’ve really enjoyed some of the new shows this fall. Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human both started off real strong for me, but I’ve since fallen behind in my viewings. The last few episodes of Sleepy Hollow that I watched actually put me to sleep. The Blacklist is another that I watched the first few episodes and then let the rest build up on my queue. It actually got so far behind that Hulu deleted an episode. I’ve since caught up on it and really like it. Grimm returned and that show is one of our favorites, but it started feeling stagnant and now I’m three episodes behind. I’m caught up with Supernatural and Arrow. Both of those are shows that I watch next day…no matter what. The other two shows that I’m caught up on are guilty pleasures…Revolution and Agents of SHIELD. Both shows started slow and keep improving whereas Sleepy and Almost started great and have been slowly fading. I don’t think Agents of SHIELD or Revolution has reached the same quality of writing as Sleepy and Almost, but they set their bar so low that each week the slightest improvement makes me think, “this is getting better, I wonder what’ll happen next week” instead of “well, that episode didn’t compare to the one three weeks ago, are they running out of ideas?”

    Sitcoms are a different story because I don’t need a plot, I just need to laugh. Modern Family has been horribly boring this season and I can’t even watch Raising Hope any more. Perhaps I’ve matured…but then I watch Brooklyn Nine Nine, the Goldbergs, and Trophy Wife and laugh hysterically. The only long-term sitcoms that I currently watch regularly are Parks and Recreation and New Girl.

    In conclusion, I’ve summed up that my two favorite current shows are on the CW (which makes no sense) and I like ABC sitcoms that will most likely be cancelled. Also, don’t make your premiere episode your best episode…but don’t make it horrible either. Straddle that line of mediocrity…and then WOW them with your episodes later down the road.

    Hail HYDRA!

    • My top 5 television shows:

      1. Game of Thrones.
      2. Walking Dead.
      3. Arrow
      4. Almost Human
      5. Agents of Shield

      Finally, Big Bang Theory: overrated, or not?

      • Big Bang Theory has gotten stale for me since they started getting girlfriends…but recently they started getting back to the Raj, Howard relationship which i always liked, it’s not a must watch for me anymore but i do keep up just to see whats happening

        • Good points!

          For me, everything is Sheldon this, Sheldon that.

          Move away from Sheldon, and start to focus on the other characters.

      • My top 5 television shows

        1. Spartacus(at the beginning of 2013)
        2. Breaking Bad(at the beginning of 2013)
        3. Game of Thrones.
        4. Walking Dead.
        5. Arrow

        Big Bang is starting to run it’s course so I am hoping they get back to S1-2 basics that made the series just outstanding

  7. If you like Parks and Recreation and the Justice League, check out where I stole my new gravatar picture.

  8. AMAZING!!

  9. To The Big Dentist and movieDude, sorry I didn’t respond in the earlier OD, was busy with finals and finishing up my degree, I’ve seen Primer a long time ago, I didn’t like it. I was just not invested in the characters, every version of em, nor the story to care. It was also needlessly convoluted, almost pretentiously so, and I felt the dialogue was choppy. All in my opinion of course.

    I’ve seen the 70′s Solaris a long time ago, did not like that either. Focused more on his obsession with the girl and not really the alien world he was in, felt detached from the main character. Is the 2012 one better?

    • I have to admit I was a bit drunk when I first saw Primer, and didn’t care for it much either. I think what made me come back to it again when I’d sobered up was that I refused to let the thing outfox me… and yet it still does to this day, which echoes the characters having messed with the past so extensively that even they’ve quite literally lost the plot.

      The Solaris remake is totally character-driven, and at a bare-bones 94 minutes long doesn’t muck about. It does something the original doesn’t try at all, which is to give the perspective of the duplicates Solaris creates. Steven Soderbergh and James Cameron do a brilliant DVD commentary too. Best thing is that, having bombed at the box office, you can pick up a copy dirt cheap!

      Best of luck with your finals there. What are you studying, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Thought the Primer plot was simple, they invented time machine without much explanation, then they decide like every materialistic person to try to make money from it. I was immediately taken out of the movie cause of that. Most scientists, I think, would rather study the science behind it and whatnot. But then again, they were engineers.

        Yeah, I’ll look into the Solaris remake. Studying math. Or finished, well hope to continue studying, haha. I posted that post about 4 times, and it finally shows up, jeez.

    • Reply lost again!

  10. In case this is the last opportunity to do so, I just want to wish a Merry Xmas to all contributors and all who grace the comments section with regularity.

    A website is only as good as the people who frequent it. Suffice to say we got a good ‘un here.


    • +1
      Well said!
      Merry Christmas, Scranters!

    • Agreed. Thanks SR/GR as well for all of the great articles this year!

    • Awe shucks :$ thanks Ajeno….Merry Christmas to you too from all of us (just me) at HYDRA HQ (my cubicle at the plumbing company I work at).

    • Hope you have a good one yourself, Ajeno.

  11. Anyone think that the Flash would be better as a female character?
    Also has anyone seen the alternate ending to the Last Of Us?

  12. After watching TDK and doing some thinking I might have come up with a solution to Arrow’s ‘Laurel problem’ (not that they haven’t thought of this already because this is where I thought they were headed anyway).

    She could be Arrow’s Harvey Dent (w/o the Two-Face and coin). Hear me out. Dt. Lance knows where the grime in Starling city is, but crime bosses have too much muscle. Judges won’t sign off on warrants because in post-quake Starling city crime bosses have reach as well. Dt. Lance points Arrow to the bad guys. He catches them and provides Laurel with enough leverage to prosecute. He tells her to step up her game as an ADA, blazay blah. Everybody wins.

    I know it’s not much and will be hard to implement with all the villains and sub-plots that’s been introduced, but the Laurel Lance character can sure use some love right about now.

  13. So last night I purchased the Spartacus series(start to finish) along with the Blu Ray copy of the extended edition for LOTR. I must say that to this day I still consider Spartacus one of my Top 5 series of all time. There is no question that Andy was the star but seeing Liam fill in the role as Spartacus in Vengeance, I think the guy did a great job. He started out slow but eventually made the character his own. Also War of The Damned was just amazing. It was full on pedal to the metal, no holding back type of season which I though was great. I hope someday we get a show of this type of caliber again because it’s the only show that I can literally watch every day and still not get tired of the show.
    Also seeing the LOTR last night it’s soo far superior in every way to The Hobbit that it’s not even in the same league. I always wondered if Jackson would have taken another action/fantasy trilogy after LOTR if we would have some better products of as late. For instance, I’ve always wondered what could have happened if Jackson took on a project like The Chronicles of Nardia right after the LOTR. Would it have produced something more special and thus having some better sequels? I think his decision to take on King Kong was just a huge mistake and he should have stuck with his LOTR type of genre. Maybe had he done that we would have a better version of The Hobbit instead of him thinking more about the tech rather than the overall story.

  14. Vic,

    Any word on if/when you will be fixing the auto name and e-mail fill in thing not working with FireFox yet? Really curbing my desire to post more quick and short responses.

  15. Still no resolution on the information retention in the Comment form? Or is it just happening to a few users?

    • Okay… cleared the cookies and site data.

      Let’s see if that helps.

      • Sigh.

        Still not keeping my information.

        • It doesn’t work for me anymore either. I’ve just accepted this as the way it is now. I miss the glory days of laziness of not typing all my info into comment form.

          • it doesn’t stay in the box anymore for me either but i don’t have to type my info in each time just click on it and it remembers

  16. You think the actor who plays dorian on almost human should play dc cyborg?

    • I think that would be great casting. :)

    • I think Micheal Ealy would make a fantastic Jon Stewart.

  17. Last night I watched the last hour or so of The Great Escape. It’s one of those movies that if it’s on I’ll stop and watch it to the end. I started thinking about how this film would be received by an audience if released for the first time in today’s world. Unfortunately, I could imagine “Everything Wrong With”, “Honest Trailer,” and “HISHE” videos for The Great Escape. (I did a quick Google search and such things don’t appear). A lot of blogoshpere contributors would be quick to discount all the building materials and infrastructure for the tunnels. Some would be disappointed only a few escaped to freedom while the majority were executed. When did we get hyper-critical about our movies? Granted there’s no excuse for a bad movie. But why do decent to good movies get raked over with such a critical eye that nothing short of perfection could seemingly ever be tolerated by viewers? Any thoughts on the new level of scrutiny our entertainment products go through in today’s post consumer world?

    • The most ridiculous recent example I remember was someone on one of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer threads critcising a split-second clip of Alice Eve screaming for bad acting. The full sequence in the finished film wasn’t much longer either, and that particular part genuinely was the least of its problems.

      I think it’s down to the over-abundance of information available about films before they’re released these days. That and the average attention span having been eroded to the point where anything made and/or edited pre-’90s gets dismissed as “boring”. People seem to obsess over inconsequential details and lose the bigger picture altogether.

  18. My girlfriend broke up with me last night.

    • Sorry to hear that, Ken. The ladies do pick their moments, don’t they? I got dumped on my 30th birthday, and a friend of mine managed to top that by getting the old heave-ho on his birthday… whilst on holiday in Spain. The flight back home must have been wonderful.

    • Sorry to hear that. :(

    • Sometimes I wonder if I want a girlfriend. I know if I stayed with one of my past ones, I wouldn’t be the same again as she passed on early this year.

  19. Sorry.

  20. Ok I hear Rogue is cut from DOFP, if so I lose all hope in getting a real X-men film. Instead we only get Wolverine and Magneto films with Mystique and Charles in them and other mutants in the background. After this news i not look forward to seeing any more of Fox X-men because I am sure they will not use Cyclops, Archangel, Gambit, Iceman, Colossus, or Rogue all the characters who made me love with the X-men characters as much as I do.

    • WHAT? Can you provide more context (behind Rogue not being in DOFP)?

      If not, I’ll have to look it up…

      • Wish they’d reboot Rogue and Gambit

  21. Man, Sons Of Anarchy and Person Of Interest’s finale and fall finale makes me so sad and I want more.