Open Discussion – December 2, 2013

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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   December 2, 2013

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  1. the walking dead = most overrated show ever!

    what a bore fest. why do you people love it so much?

    • It’s not for everyone.

      Some people like dystopia-style dramas, others like vampires that sparkle in the sunlight.

      • LOL

      • Lol Bignerd( Vampires that sparkle in the sunlight.)

    • that finale certainly wasnt boring.

  2. Happy Monday everyone!

    Anyone see any good movies over the weekend? I checked out 2 Guns last night; a little out there but fun. Also saw We’re the Millers. A lot funnier than I thought. Slow..but funny.

    Hope everyone had a good holiday!

    • I saw We’re the Millers as well. It was a fun film. I agree it was slow but it had a lot of funny moments in it.

      • I saw the Chang-Up this weekend. Thought it was ok, it had some funny parts, but was a little to raunchy for my tastes.

    • I saw White House Down.

      I think it was more entertaining than Olympus is Fallen but just as unbelievable.

      Although I think if I were to rate which one is more plausible, probably White House Down’s overall premise but the detailed execution not so much.

      Both still should have been retitled Die Hard in the White House.

      • I enjoyed them both.

        As far as being retitled “Die Hard in the White House” I think that is almost word for word what Emmerich said when he was describing it. So i guess that’s a good thing that that’s the title you think of when watching it.

        • I saw White House Down right after watching Olympus has Fallen on Netflix…I just didn’t like the over acting on White House Down but both were what you would expect from the trailers. Both did make me want to watch the old Die Hard movies though haha

          • Channing’s character’s name was John too.

            He had a daughter like both John McLain and John Matrix (an off-shoot of Die Hard).

            Helicopters shot at him on the rooftop.

            And he wore a tanktop during the second half of the movie.

            Near the end, it reminded me of “The Rock” or “The Patriot” (see if anyone gets that one).

    • I watched “The World’s End” again. I adore everything Edgar Wright touches, and have no qualms declaring myself a biased Edgar Wright fanboy.

      • I still have yet to watch World’s End…I know…I suck. Maybe I’ll rent it so I have something to watch on my flight to Vegas this weekend. I enjoyed the other two from his “trilogy” so to speak.

      • such a great movie. one of my faves for the year.

    • I went on a Gene Simmons flick kick and watched Runaway and Wanted: Dead or Alive. Ah, the eighties!

      • I’m STILL curious who “Waldo” is…

        • You understand why it’s pointless for me to actually call out specific screen names, right?

          That’s the beauty (for lack of a better term) to all of this.

          “Don’t mind that Dr. Mindbender… he’s delusional.”

          • Hail HYDRA?

            • “Hail, HYDRA! Immortal HYDRA! We shall never be destroyed! Cut off a limb, and two more shall take its place! We serve none but the Master—as the world shall soon serve us! Hail HYDRA!”

              HYDRA hailed.

              Hail the HYDRA

              HYDRA. Hail.

              I can do this all day to promote HYDRA. So, Waldo watch that! 😉

              • Hail HYDRA!

                • I like it if sometimes you added (Cut off one head, two more shall take it’s place). Hail HYDRA!

    • That’s why I prefer video reviews on Youtube: when people actually show what they like and don’t like and you can see it for yourself, it gets much more believable.

      • Depends on the people to me on Youtube on their likes/dislikes. You fid very pro & anti people giving reasons about films. I watched on one MOS before. And there things I agreed with & some I didn’t.

        • In case of movies that very true, but these review companies affect much more areas. I meant product reviews for itmes that can be made much more objectively, based on features, build quality etc. For example I just ordered a Manfrotto tripod (055XPROB) based on Youtube video reviews.

    • @ Dr. M

      Wow, that is quite a story. Do you think that this is or already has happened in the movie review industry as well? I guess it wouldn’t surprise me, nothing really does any more. I do agree with you with regard to comments though, whether here or any where really.

    • As as over-taxed citizen of New York I am more concerned over all the other corruption both public and private that Schneiderman seems to turn a blind eye to in this state. I think anyone with an ounce of comprehension knows that not everything they read online is legitimate, and like you said catching a few companies really might not mean much since there could be so many more out there. Just the jurisdiction issues and possibility of some of these companies working from other countries means that there is only so much the US Government can do about it.

    • opinion spamming? I’ve never heard of such a thing. By the way, Ghostbusters is the best movie ever….EVER!

      • ^WIN

  3. So I finally gave in after soo many people have told me to watch Vampire Diaries to really understand the whole Originals storyline and I must say it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I really enjoy the Klaus character in which he plays someone who can be your friend one minute and then rip your head off the next

    • Heh… I’m a TVD convert. The romance drama is bleh but the storylines runnning through it are interesting.

      I’m expecting a Damon Doppleganger this season. :)

      The Originals is a bit slow to me… Hybrid with a lisp.

      • LOL. The BigNerd is not a fan of lisps. 😀

        • Gah… used the magic moderation word.

          My response was:


          • Wow… I am the suck.

            One more time, my response was:

            Hehe… especially when someone is trying to be 1nt1m1dating.


        • Incontheevable!

      • Yeah, I was surprised. My wife has watched it since day one so at the beginning I thought it was just another Twilight thing. I am glad that it’s not. I actually like the characters and aside from the bleh romance stuff the storyline is pretty good. Also it seems like each season has gotten better. The Silas storyline is pretty interesting.
        Yeah, I do agree that the Originals is pretty slow but I do like the Klaus and Elijah characters and it seems to be a theme with CW lately with shows starting slow their first half of the first season but then improves dramatically later on. The CW is starting to win me over with shows like Arrow, TVD, The Originals, The Tomorrow People, and now they are adding a Flash series. Not a bad lineup

    • I’ve not watched the series, but Hayley is so damn hot, she makes me want to cry.

      • Yeah she is and I also like Caroline. Something about her…….

        • Chicks with cat eyes…

        • She would make a good Supergirl.

  4. Bought MOS but haven’t had time to watch it yet.

    • What format? If it’s blu-ray and you have a flatscreen that exceeds 50′ you are in for a treat my friend.

      • I have the flatscreen but no Blu-ray.

        • Gotcha. I have a feeling you may enjoy it more the second time around.

          • Im a big Superman so most likely will, just as DC’s universe starts to moving along. Just not a fan of the New 52 is all & wished they do what Marvel does by taking the old & ultimates and using them both was all if that makes sense.

            • big Superman fan,lol.

          • I certainly did. The first viewing takes care of your expectations, but the second time around you can appreciate the movie for what it is.

            • @ TheLostWinchester


    • I was going to buy it on Black Friday but there wasn’t a deal or it. Regular price so I’ll wait till it’s on the discount rack.

  5. when will they reveal details on the batcostume, batmobile,etc? anyone know?

    • You might get bits and pieces, but it probably won’t be until Feb/March/April of next year, when they’re filming in Detroit.

      • That’s what I’m thinking.

        You know what REALLY excites me? Comic Con 2014. Has all the makings of something extremely special.

        • Im hoping for a greyish batsuit with the yellow oval back. Hopefully a sleek Batmobile like in Burton’s Batman films.

          • Apparently, Kevin Smith’s interpretation is that the look is “Jim Lee” influenced… so you may very well get your wish in both departments.

            Either way, I’m beside myself when I imagine the Batman that I’ve always wanted to see on film: a closer comic book adaptation that exists in the same world as Superman.

            • DR. Same here. I thought DC/WB would bring their universe first as Metropolis & Superman were mentioned in Schumacher’s Batman films. Of-course I was young.

  6. Good morning all….

    I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!

    What a relaxing week last week was. Spent the week with family and friends, enjoyed the holiday, and enjoyed the football. Holy Cow there some exciting games on last weekend. Amazing!

    Only movie I watched over the week was The Europa Report. All I can say is, don’t bother. :(

    Anybody catch that story on 60 Minutes about Amazon and the behind the scenes look at how they operate? They know what they are doing. I was thinking of Leathercheerio and his addiction to Amazon while I was watching it. :)

    R.I.P. Paul Walker.

    • I did not see 60 Minutes, but I’m curious. My wife is addicted to Amazon. Are aliens going to abduct her?

    • Ha… Thanks buddy. I am excited for that delivery service but scared at the same time. It is kind of creepy lol.

    • Was kind of hoping Europa report might be good,ah well,will wait for dvd at some stage.

      • It is streaming on Netflix. I added it to my queue, but I keep ignoring it.

    • I don’t even know how feasible that Octocopter delivery by Amazon would be.

      You know that some person would be trying to shoot those things down to get whatever package its carrying.

      Could probably only work in remote areas.

      • And less windy areas.Not sure how safe it is either,would it be possible to hack it,probably.

    • @ Stark

      I heard the story but not on 60 minutes. I rarely shop on Amazon anyways. Still im not sure about drones delivering my stuff that way.

  7. I think when the first trailer for Bats vrs Supes is out the internet may just explode.

    Watched MOS at the weekend and liked it again,very good comic book movie.I hope they find a way to bring Russell Crowe back in a sequel at some stage.

    And Amazon will be using drones.

  8. I’m now worried the next Spider-Man movie’s going to blow it – It’s already failing to inspire fans with the designs of the villians – Rhino looks terrible so far – and instead of Spidey flying alongside the other Marvel smash hit movies of late – he’s going to plummet to the ground for a long time.
    I hope I’m wrong – and it’s brilliant.
    But gut instinct – and lack of clarity surrounding it all – is making me nervous.

    • It has to fail pretty badly to land on bottom of the Spidey movie list. I wouldn’t worry so much until you actually see it…or at least see a trailer.

  9. So with the passing of Paul Walker, he was one of my top 5 favorite actors R.I.P., what do you guys think that’s going to happen with the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise? Changes, with story, screen write, actors changing, etc. How much will it effect the cast and story? Will it do as good as before without Walker on board? Let me know what you guys think.

  10. I finished the Wolverine last night (2 night event because I was dead tired after traveling).

    I really enjoyed it. I like the different styles of films being used for comic book movies this year. Iron Man was a great action/thriller with a superhero as a side note. Man of Steel was a sci-fi alien invasion film with a guy in a cape. Thor had a Demi-God with a hammer on a thrilling fantasy adventure sprinkled with space opera. And the Wolverine was by far the most interesting style choice of the year with it’s samurai film influence and dramatic style. I was quite impressed with all the big name superhero films in 2013. I hope this trend continues and the comic book movies of the future do not back peddle to the days of a guy in tights fighting someone who is hell bent on world destruction.

    • not sure why I hyphenated Demigod. not sure why I pointed out that I did that either. Vic and SR programmers, may I suggest an EDIT button as a 2014 upgrade?