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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 19, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 19, 2012

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  1. transformers 4 leaked script….

    • Thought that was confirmed as ‘fake’ here on Screenrant?

  2. With the Apoclypse upon us.

    How do you want the world to end.

    You have the following scenarios.

    1 Meteor/Asteroid
    2 Super Volcano
    3 Zombies
    4 Honey Boo Boo

    Which one would you want to face more.

    For me, Zombie outbreak. You can more likely survive longer.

    • For me, ground zero during a meteor/asteroid strike…IF the whole world is going to end (actually end, not merely limp into an uncertain future), I’d rather go quickly than deal with any of the other nightmares for ANY extended time.

      • I was thinking the same thing.

        Depending on the ‘type’ of zombie they are fairly managable and I have already planned for that……. yes I just said that.

        If it was a definite ‘die’ I would want to just be standing there and then poof.

        • @Aknot

          Like you are the only one to plan for it…

        • Aknot, I with you on that depends on which one. Slow and whiny. I’ll take that challenge all day but fast and unstoppable, not so much. Not with my 6 years old and two day infant.

    • Meteor/Asteroid, but please on my side of the planet so I don’t miss the spectacle (it’s truly a once-in-a-liftime opportunity!).

      No human being in the whole wide world, regardless of what he/she has done in his/her life, would deserve to end by Honey Boo Boo. Not one.

      Anyway, on Friday I’m gonna watch “2012″.

      • I had to put Honey Boo Boo there, it seems to be a fear of most people.

        As for the Meteor/Asteroid.

        I am thinking Simpson like, as it goes through our planet and all the pollution turns it into a pebble.

    • As a family man, I would like zero pain and suffering for my loved ones. So Id go the option #1. As for the adventurer inside of me… BRING ON THE UNDEAD!

      • THEE UNDEAD!!!!!….lol. My bad leathercheerio it reminded me of some dialogue in a film. Funny stuff.

      • Best case Zombie

        Your first encounter will be the people at curves and jenny craig.

        Worse Case.

        First encounter Zombie Usain Bolt.

        • I just had a terrible thought: Zombie Honey Boo Boo! OMG!

          • Nope…TARGET PRATICE!

            or she will feed on her momma!

    • Wow. I am going with Meteor/Asteroid if death is certain but I would love to try my chances with the zombies, well, which ones are we talking about? The slow, I can drink a sprite as I move around them zombies or the incredibly fast, I am on steroids zombies? So it kind of depends I have kids, an infant(born yesterday…proud day I must say).

      Anyway, I have thought about this “end of the world thing” for a while, and if you excuse me Jeff W on adding to your game. I have always thought if we lost all of our money and history in computer systems. Like just everything was lost in the systems. A huge and incredible virus that just cancels everything. Debt, credit, money, criminal records, social security, etc. Everything gone. That would be something.

      • Congrats on the newborn, mine is 7 months. Still new to me considering he’s the first.

      • @ d-man

        No excuse needed, feel free to add what you want.

        I have already bought all remaining Twinkies…Twinkies will be the new cash…..

        I am ready for that, we got one of the last print of Encyclopedia Britannica this year, the last year it will be printed. We have a lot of reference books on medical, as my Wife is a Surgeon. So we can pass that on.

        And we have a complete board game collection…we good!

        • I’m afraid I’m behind my cardio… :(

      • d-man

        Congratulations on the birth of your baby. :)

        • @leathercheerio and @Jeff W, thank you both. I truly appreciate it.

      • I have 5

        4 girls age 16-24
        1 Boy age 8

        A Lifetime of asprin

        And stock in Jack Daniels!

        • lol…Wow that is beautiful. My oldest is 16, so yeah it is getting uncomfortable. Boys, car, independence, all starting to show some type of gleam of life. Man. Lifetime of asprin, stock of JD. Sounds like my type o cure.

      • congrats d-man. My second child is 7 weeks, so I’m getting to that point where he sleeps a little longer through the night. Have fun with your restless nights…and congratulations!

        • Belated Congrulations to Professor.

          Did not know.

          • Thanks Jeff W…you were probably too busy with a Jeff vs Jeff battle ;)

        • Thanks professor.

      • Congrats d-man!

    • Well since we follow the Roman calender and not the Mayan calender, the apocalypse actually happened three years ago. lol.

      • @Ingur Rant

        Are you sure?

        I thought it was a bad burrito?

    • World ain’t gonna end on Friday folks.only the man upstairs knows the hour and the day when the apocalypse will happen, and besides we haven’t seen the justice league movie yet!!

    • Zombie outbreak!!

    • I’d go for whatever’s the quickest and least painful (so the meteor shower).

      A zombie apocalypse would be cool though (as “cool” as an apocalypse can get, I guess), but only if there’s a chance of the outbreak ending and surviving.

  3. Does anyone remember that REALLY underrated sci-fi horror film Pandorum??
    Remember in Pandorum when the captain goes insane and fires all the escape pods into space with the sleeping passengers in them and Dennis Quaid is like “All those people launched into Oblivion”?

    And now we get the trailer for Oblivion and half way through the trailer a bunch of sleeping survivors land in little escape pods things

    I’m not AT ALL suggesting a connection it was just a funny thing i noticed…WELL not funny but kind of neat…WELL not kind of’s just a thing.


    • I liked Pandorum. But I like weird sci fi. I will have to check out the trailer for Oblivion to see the connection and re visit that movie. I own it as well lol.

      • Pandorum is excellent and I look very much forward to Oblivion.

        • Oblivion is essentially wall e

          • Superficial similarities hardly meet the criteria for it being “essentially” Wall E. ;)

          • Actually WAL-E is what I first thought of while watching the trailer to Oblivion. Looks good anyhow. :-)

        • Yeah, I love Pandorum..have no idea why it was received so poorly back in the day. I guess coming out after District 9 folks expect more

    • I appreciated that film greatly.

      I love when you can connect two films together that share some simliar elements and story, that can be match together.

      I have always thought that way about the The Terminator fims, being that in that film we all rejoiced when we gave birth to A.I. and the Matrix. The resistance loses. Centures go by and A.I. begins to use crop grown humans for energy supplies.

      I know it is a stretch but fun none the less.

      • I hear ya on that score. It also adds a ‘cup half full’ type of thing if you’re ever feeling like there’s no more originality in hollywood. The films are so much alike because they’re all ONE big story!

        • Truly….

  4. I was watching the animated “The Cat in the Hat” from 1971 the other day and for some reason, tears started to well up in my eyes near the end when The Cat returned to the house and sang “Sweep Up The Memories”

  5. Watched It’s a Wonderful Life for the first time and it was pretty good. It dragged a bit at times, but older movies tend to be slower than what I’m used to. I really liked the story, but I found the angels talking to eachother goofy and kind of distracting to the more serious story they were trying to tell. All in all it is a good Christmas movie, check it out. It is fun to check out these classics that I’ve heard so much about, but haven’t seen yet. :-)

    • Helix,

      That’s my all time favorite Christmas movie. I’ve actually thought about starting an ongoing feature here where we review/bring attention to older, classic films that younger people may have never seen.

      • I gotta go with A Christmas Story.Though everyone in my immediate family loves Miracle on 34th Street with a passion.

      • I like that idea, that would be a cool feature for the site!

      • I like the idea too! you should bring attention to classic films, indeed :))

      • My all-time fave Christmas movie is White Christmas, followed closely by A Christmas Story. We have a few family faves we don’t miss=)

      • As a younger person, I love that idea! I’m always looking for some good classics to watch.

    • Never Watched It’s a Wonderfull Life. but i am seriously into old movies.

      Back then it was real “Movie Magic”

    • I think that back in those days, the movie makers were able to take more time telling a story than they can now. We live in a society of instant gratification, and movies that move too slowly get hammered

      • Agreed! Ever see High Noon? Awesome movie that takes to long to get going for most people.

  6. Wondering why the 9 min preview of Star Trek was only released for IMAX viewers? The vast majority of people who will see the movie don’t have access to IMAX. Don’t understand why they won’t release it online for everyone to see, especially long standing fans of the franchise.

    • So that more people flock to IMAX theaters to see that very exclusive preview: mo’ money.

    • Here in AZ, IMAX isn’t the biggest. Therefore I don’t attend.

      • I thought Imax is pretty big here in AZ, esp. with the screen in Tempe.

        • Cine Capri is much larger. There isnt a true IMAX here unfortunately.

        • Cine Capri is much larger. There isnt a true IMAX here unfortunately. In Tempe as well

          • I met in terms if people wanted to go and watch a movie in Imax, seemed like alot of people go to an Imax theater. I may have taken your commet wrong.

            Your comment brings up a query, I am positive the Imax in Tempe (AZ Mills) is a true Imax, it’s one of the few that is not digital. How big is Cine Capri? I believe the AZ Mills Imax is 6 stories tall by 8 stories wide, I unfortunately don’t know the dimensions in “feet”.

            • I stand corrected. They rebuilt it to be a full size IMAX. So if you’re into the 3D then its worth it I suppose. I am not though. I fall ill to 3D. The Cine Capri is the largest in AZ in terms of a traditional screen. (More wide, less square compared to an IMAX.

              • Ah, I see. Thank you for the clarification.

    • Here in AZ, IMAX isn’t the biggest. Therefore I don’t attend. And this comment doesn’t want to publish.

      • Of course that would happen :-\

  7. Who Is more Awesome?

    Anthony Hopkins or Jeff Bridges?

    • Hopkins

    • Jeff Bridges while coming around can not hold his own against SIR Anthony Hopkins.

      Although I would also have to say they are two different types of actors and would never approach the same character the same way. However still SIR Anthony Hopkins IMO is more Awesome.

      • +1

    • Yeah definately agree that they are two different type of actors. I would say one fits a certain role better than the other. Cowboy, king, doctor, zen master warrior, country singer, knight, nobleman,etc.

      Ones a little more hip, one is a little more sophisticated and reagal. Love them both.

      Still, I feel Hopkins might be a little more knowledgeable in the philosophies of the craft.

    • Hopkins.

    • Uggh! and here i thought I had two similarish actors. clearly I need to watch more of their movies.

  8. hey Screenrant, where are your reviews for the most recent Fringe episodes? you guys are usually on the ball with those, but have missed the last couple.

  9. Hey people i need your opinion on 3 TV shows – Anger Management, Episodes and Go On…

    • I have not seen those yet but I am interested in them.

      • What would all of you do if there was a “Real” zombie apocalypse?

        • Depends,as I stated in a previous post.

          Curves and Jenny Craig is the best zombie type.

          Worse case. Your first encounter with a Zombie is Usain Bolt. In which case, you and I and everyone else is screwed.

        • Start buying up all the machetis and shotguns i could find. Not Food. ods are i will soon be a zombie znd there will be plenty of brains available.

        • Grab the spartan armor shield and spear from our local museum… game over for them

    • I like Go On a lot. it’s a fun sitcom, Matthew Perry still has the comedic chops and it’s just a nice show, makes me smile. it’s also nice seeing John Cho on a show :)

    • Anubhav – Of those 3, I’ve only watched Go On which I enjoy. It’s not the funniest show of all time but it’s great to see Matthew Perry’s comedy. And Brett Gelman’s character (Mr. K) is hilarious.

    • Anger Management is okay… Charlie Sheen is pretty much the only reason I’m watching. The rest of the cast is kinda boring and unfunny.

      As for Episodes: LeBlanc is great and the show does have it’s moments, but there is some pretty amateurish acting and forced jokes too.

      I haven’t seen Go On, but yeah, I’d recommend watching an episode or two of Anger Management and Episodes.

  10. Just remember the Golden Rule about Bears.

    Apply it to Zombies

    You do not have to outrun the zombies, just the person closest to you.

    • lol…that’s funny. Don’t run close to me I’ll trip you(lol)…just kidding,well…..

  11. My House sits on top of a hill.

    Behind my yard, there is a 900 foot drop.
    Our Yard is fenced in….really do not have to wrorry about zombies climing 85 degrees to get to my house from the back.

    I would slater the front of the hill with silicone gel. All the way across. Turn on the hydrant let it dillute the gel and carry it down the hill. pour more gel…water down.


  12. Which sitcom from the 70s or 80s would you want 2 see an Big screen adaptation of? For me I’ll say Sanford and son if its done right.

  13. Me and my wife are going out Thursday night for dinner, and a movie. Will not be home till after 12.

    So I issue this warning……IF YOU SHOULD HAPPEN UPON ME AND MY WIFE..AND YOU ARE DRUNK…STAGGERING AND SLURRING YOUR SPEECH and my watch says 12/21/2012 0:01 HOURS……….Im sorry, it will be over quickly, or 1480 fps. Not taking chances, if you want to get drunk………KEEP YOUR BUTTS HOME!

    I shall not be bit by a Zombie.

    • Ahh Darn i Ws Plnning no slummng n ur nebroood. (wipes drool away from mouth) skuuzie gotr go getmoor Jagdanls. hic

      • LMAO!

    • I’ll be at work like every night. Living the 3rd shift. This beats paying for day care. Hence why I am somehow awake right now lol. But I’ll be making sure the internet is kept up and alive like I do every night. No zombie killing for me. I’ll get the scraps when the sun comes out.

  14. so what do you think of the idea that the avengers somehow got a free pass from scrutiny while the d. knight rises was looked at critically?

    • @Cody

      I think the Avengers was just what it was, a Movie made to be fun and exciting. While the Dark Knight took a more serious tone and specter about it.You went to Avengers and you were like wow and laughed.

      Dark Knight you were more Damn and cerebral, which allow for more scrutiny.

    • Avengers got a pass? I have read some pretty critical things about Avengers from critics.

  15. Went and saw the Hobbit last night half expecting the movie previews to be the best part. But it was A pretty good movie,I’ve never been A big Tollkin fan. Althought this was A fun movie it was A bladder buster(NOTE gotta skip the soda pop).

  16. Should the world really go down the toilet tomorrow, there´s only one thing I have left to say:

    Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

    • (Gets out towel and prepares for Armageddon) :-)

  17. I just came out of the “Iron Man 3 image of a damaged Stark” thread, and all I have to say is, “People, IT’S JUST A MOVIE! You with the cowl, you ever kiss a girl? GET OUT OF YOUR MOTHER’S BASEMENT!” (in William Shatner’s voice) :-)

    Seriously, Paul, I don’t envy your job. I don’t know if I would have had the patience you showed. After reading the comments, I had to go back to see what the article was really about.

    Kudos to Paul and the Screen Rant staff.