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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 19, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 19, 2011

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  1. I just saw the new Avengers trailer in german. Strangely I can´t find the englisch version… For those who can´t wait:

    And yes, there´s a couple of new scenes.

    • Danke Scapegoat

      It seemed like an extended version of the old one. Can you translate what Banner and Widow are saying to each other? and Guten Morgen from Newfoundland, Canada.

      • Sure. Here you go:

        Widow: “You need to join us.”
        Banner: “And if I say ‘no’?”
        Widow: “I´ll convince you.”

        And here´s the translation for the new scenes with Stark´s voice over:

        “Let´s see who we got here… We got a few super killers, a guy with incredible anger management problems, a semi-god, a super soldier and… Me.”

        The rest is just the same as in the first trailer.

        • And just how will Widow “convince” banner? Maybe a head scissor or two? lol

          • Probably with those 100+ SHIELD agents that surrounded the house.

            • I always wondered if Whedon would have an “avengers fight the hulk before he officially joins” scene. Perhaps this is the opening.

              I think we’re about to hear HULK SMASH!

              • I´ve read a description for a new trailer a few weeks ago. It goes like this:

                Banner´s eyes go green, the Widow pulls a gun and steps back. The SHIELD agents get ready, but Banner calms down and joins her eventually.

              • He fights the Avengers early on in the film. Well atleast Thor.

                • If she wants to convince me with a headscissors takedown, I’m good with that. But she’ll need to buy me a drink first.

                  • It´s a nice way to die…

                    • So I’m not the only one who thinks that?

                    • It’s like seeing heaven before you get there. (insert dirty joke followed by giggle)

                • Where’d ya hear that?

                  • @TheAvenger

                    That thor fights Hulk? its in the first trailer.
                    There is a scene where the whole gang is in the room with the blue Loki staff. Than you see two people blowin up out of glass. Thats Fury and Banner. Flash forward to the end where you see the Banner tranforming b/c of the explosion. Than rewind where you see Thor retrieving his hammer on one knee in the same room where Banner transformed (freeze frame and u can see the details). Thats thor fightin the Hulk. Dont know yet if other wills join in.

  2. So does anyone have any idea as to when TDKR trailer is coming out since it wasn’t attached to Sherlock Holmes 2

    • It was attached to my screening of Sherlock Holmes, but I heard that it would be online (officially, not bootlegged) a week after the film. So, this Friday I would imagine.

      • I saw it.


        Was it just me, or did Bane say (after the football field collapse) “A young man’s wish to die”? is he begging Batman to kill him?

        • when Gotham is in ashes, you have my permission to die.

          • Yea I was hopin for a latino accent on Bane I def dig this knew accent he has goin on. Anyone have an idea where it may be from. or an combination of?

            • It sounds Russian or Eastern European to me.

  3. Holy crap, what do you folks think about the season final of Dexter? Where do you think it will go?

    • Ahh I haven’t seen it yet! I have the episode downloaded. I’m so excited! Was it any good?

  4. MI4 did about 14-15 mil in select theatres. Is that good or bad?

    • I bet Scientology digs it.

      • How much did Battlefield earth make? Careful, Hubbard is somewhere… watching. haha

        • I´m not afraid of him. I have a Hulk.

    • yes. It was an IMAX limited release. 30,000 dollars per screen compared to sherlocks 10,000. It exceeded expectations

    • Well my understanding is that is was a limited release and also only in IMAX format till this coming weekend, so if thats true, then I think it was pretty good. I went and saw it with the wife, and it was pretty awesome… I thought the action was pretty intense all the way though. Like screenrant said in thier review there were a few points that got bogged down with talking, and I personaly thought the chick who played Carter was too hammy, but otherwise awesome flik.

  5. I posted this on an older thread, if Vic don’t mind I’m putting it on OPEN today. Get some x-men talk going. Here’s the first 2 scenes from an idea for an X:FC 2.

    X:MEN FC 2 or “The Uncanny X-men” (early 70’s)

    Scene 1

    Prof X is in Vietnam looking for the culprit of a massacre of G.I’s, it’s Sunfire – a Japanese mutant mercenary working for the Vietcong.
    Prof. X has his own defence, a Russian ally – Pioter (Colossus) looking for his missing sister, Illyana.
    Prof. X, Colossus and Beast assault a prisoner camp and fight Sunfire. They learn that he is possessed by Malice. They defeat and convert Sunfire and rescue Illyana. Prof X senses mutants near and knows malice works for someone called Sinister. Malice enters a guard.
    In the distance there is a man who’s got them all in a crosshairs, it’s Scalphunter. Malice says “Another day… the songbird is next.” We see Scalphunters checklist and Dazzler is next. Wolverine – Japan is seen along with other names of mutants that are scratched out.

    Scene 2

    Moira, Banshee, Havok and new x-man, Thunderbird are in San Francisco at a disco club line-up, They enter to see the band already performing… it’s Dazzler and band rocking out some groovy disco tunes.
    After the set Moira approaches Allison (dazzler) and explains who they are. Allison flirts with Alex (they had a relationship in the comics started around post-inferno with Jim Lee’s first run).

    Then the band get back onstage to perform and are attacked when the whole side of the building collapses and a giant whirl wind enters the club and dissipates, left behind is Riptide. Then Scalphunter and Harpoon charge from behind shooting and throwing charged energy weapons. Prism also appears (later deflecting havok’s beams).
    Banshee, Moira, Thunderbird and Havok fight the 4 marauders and protect Allison. The place is trashed, people run screaming and Allison’s keyboard player is hit with a tranq from Scalphunter, Allison yells “LILA!”
    Then the roof comes off the place and Magneto is hovering, he’s says “Riptide, your desertion is not acceptable.”
    Magneto, Azazel and Angel Salvatore enter the fight. Malice (as guard she entered) enters Lila, she wakes and teleports she and the Marauders away.
    Magneto gives the x-men a warning just before Prof X arrives with Collosus, illyana, Beast and Sunfire.
    Prof X enlists Dazzler, her wanting to find her friend Lila, and then tells Alex that he sensed that this Malice entity that he chased from Vietnam knows where Alex’s brother Scott is.

    I have a scene 3, it involves a young Cyclops and Mr. Sinister.

    • Responding to your request for “talk”…scrap X:FC 2 and lets have X-Men 4. X:FC was highly overrated, and myself and others are not interested in a sequel.

      • Just because you’re not interested, doesn’t mean lots of other people aren’t. That’s not really a nice thing to say to someone who has taken the effort to come up with something like that and share it.

      • Hey I was a hater for a long time, the whole messed up continuity thing really got to me but it is what it is.

        There ain’t much we can do about it now, and outside of insulting the source material, I thought X-Men:FC was a pretty good cinematic experience. We still got to see an interpretation on film of some of the x-folks I’ve been reading about in the comics since Uncanny issue #199. You have to admit, those scenes with prof. X and Mags were top notch.

        anyway, these are just fun fantasy for a sequel. imo

        • The way I look at FC, the only way to look at it, its not the First Class of the comics, but of the movies, yes it makes a few continuity errors but most of them are fixed by ignoring the awful XM:O:W

    • Cool opening sequence, that could defintely work, its a good idea to keep it tied to actual historic events.

      And Sinister? Hell Yes!

    • Sounds good. But there´s one thing you haven´t considered: Xavier wiped the memories from Moira´s mind…

      • I’d like to wipe Moira…

        • yeah I forgot about the whole mind wipe thing. Moira… wiped from scene.

        • So I can have Rihanna then?

          • uh sure… on a side note, when I posted this last, Rob Keyes rightly pointed out that Charles is now crippled and unlikely to be trekking through the jungles of siam.

            I think one aspect of charles journey to become prof. x should be him still plunging into the fray and realizing that he now has limitations and is now a hindrance in the field. Maybe by films end he becomes that stern wheeled man, bitter but knowing his place in the mutant world.

            • As long as macavoy and fassbender are in it I’m in. My favorite duo to watch on screen all year

            • I personally wanna see a x-men 4&5 there was still alot of story to tell they just left it unfinished & the only reason they started the first class thing was because of greedy studios looking like hay we need some more of that x-men money while this comic book frenzy is still hot no X4 no problem get origins started asap,im not a first class hater i liked it untill the end when proffessor x got paralized im like wasn’t he walking in the beginning of X3 & even wolverine i know those were bad movies but come on you just can’t discredit them that way & say this is not a reboot in anyway,sure it was just go ahead & say it so i don’t have to leave pissed off & scratching my head,but i’ll still welcome the sequel im over it now.

          • No, Rihanna is mine. We have been over this!

            • But we had a deal, remember? We wanted to trade…

              • the girl is mine! **paul mccartney**

                • No she’s mine! ** Michael Jackson **

                  • Nope. “She Mine”!

              • Hmmmmmm, I don’t recall such a deal. Not for Rihanna.

  6. Just rented the new Conan the Barbarian. For those who haven’t seen it…don’t. It was pretty bad. Poor acting and poor story. Yes, the special effects were a bit better than the original, but the original, over all, was superior.

    • I agree with Jeff the original is way better than the remake, I was disappointed with the outcome of the film the story in the original was way better.

  7. Is anyone looking forward to spartacus vengeance I’m not happy with the new guy taking the lead he is in need of bulking up sum, its sad about Andy’s passing he portrayed an AWESOME spartacus he will be missed in this ongoing series R. I. P. Andy the one and only true Spartacus IMO.

    • Andy was skinny too IMO especially infront of Barca&Crixus. Im def looking forward to the new season. Its sad Andy died and it was real cool of the producers to make a mini series in an effort to see him return to full health. Im not gonna knock the new guy till I see atleast 4 episodes where i can measure his range. Andy helped choose him. I hope people are open to his performance instead of bashing b/c he is not Andy. Replacing Andy in a role he excelled at is really hard to do. Liam is gonna recieve criticism for emmulating Andy portrayl or making his own.

  8. Im looking forward to the avengers movie like anyone else,but i don’t think this will be the best superhero movie ever like it’s hyped up to be,it’ll be good,but not a classic, so my expectations are average untill proven wrong,& lets be honest there is never going to be a perfect movie it’s too many things have to go right from the script to the director & the studios & so on.All we can do is pick the things we love from it & hope it’s not horrible & keep moving.I feel the closest to being perfect was Superman 2,but that’s my opinion.That’s why im looking forward to the reboot of supes so they can create that magic all over again for the old & new generation & quite frankly i wanna see luthor in it he’s essential in supes world he just can’t be the main villain everytime you look around…Oh yea what’s with the avenger’s clip if thor hit cap with his hammer that would break that shield in half? im just sayin.

    • Nope. Cap’s shield is completely vibration absorbent (that’s why they call it vibranium ;)) — it can even absorb a blow from Mjornir (just like in the comics).

      Just wondering: what’s putting you off towards ‘The Avengers’?
      If anything, I’d be WAY more skeptical about Man Of Steel than The Avengers (looking at all the available info).

      • You just wait the new superman movie will be a extroidinary…( hope i spelled that right )followed by it’s sequel’s raising the bar even higher than before.I just don’t get that feeling with avenger’s,but we’ll see.If im wrong you can be the first to call me a dumb jackass & tell me to take up bowling in my spare time(:

        • I’m psyched for the man of steel but i really wish they would have adapted Grant morrison’s pitch for a trilogy in which the first movie would explore his origins, the second would show him becoming superman (and i’m assuming fight a villain or two) and the third would be him stopping the sun from going super nova. my source is wikipedia so maybe i’m wrong but i feel like they were against Morrison’s idea because it took smallville ten years to get to where they wanted to be by the second movie (4 years tops?) in his trilogy. Still i have faith in Snyder

  9. Really need wifi at my house again so u can comment on here more.

    I hope every Ranter on here has a merry Christmas or Happy Hanakuh or Happy Quanzah or happy holidays.

    Has anyone heard any news on the new Godzilla film? News just stopped a few months ago.

  10. Hey I’m all for all new x-men films. Hopefully the new one will tie into the other ones better.

  11. Batman Topics:

    1. I know I’m behind the times, but I just saw Batman: Year One and really enjoyed it.

    2. I’m staying away from all things TDKR, wishing to watch the movie spoiler-free. Anyone else doing the same? Have you ever avoided a preview for a film/TV show to experience a spoiler-free viewing?

    • Actually yes, aside from one viewing of the trailer, I avoided everything for Sherlock Holmes 2, wanted to go in with zero knowledge. And I must say, it was much better for it.

  12. Can’t say that I have. Especially nowadays with tv spots galore out there.

  13. Just finished watching WWE to see last night pay-per-view results,yea i know it’s a guilty pleasure.

  14. Well TDKR trailer’s here now. So what else do we have to look forward to in the coming new year other than watching them in the theatres or cinemas as some of you might call them?

    To be honest when I first saw the TDKR trailer I was kind of let done at how little it showed. But after I watched it again I have to say I’m way excited to see this movie.