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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 17, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   December 17, 2012

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  1. I finally got go see “The Hobbit” yesterday, and it was wonderful. I loved the actors (and their characters), the gorgeous scenery and sets, the action, the progression of the story, and the battles (few though there were…so far).

    I was amused, afterward, to recall that Arthur Dent, Magneto, V, and Doctor Who had gone up against a corrupted Sherlock Holmes…albeit, indirectly :)
    I feel 4 out of 5 stars is well earned in SR’s review, although I would personally go as high as 4.5 out of 5 stars. A couple of spots DID have some glaringly obvious CGI, but they did not distract me or detract from the overall experience. I saw the film in HFR 3D and found it fantastic for this film AND this type of film. The scenes flowed in a sort of hyper-reality that made me feel as if the film was simply being projected to me instead of having been shot and recorded as a movie. It felt more involving, more intimate, to me.

    I will, likely, see this again next weekend for even more enjoyment. I cannot wait for Part II!

    • I am seeing The Hobbit Tonight! So Styched!

    • I can’t comment on the HFR, but I think our opinion of the movie is pretty much the same.

      It was so good!

  2. Just finished watching the Watchmen,(No Pun)the “Ultimate Cut” & I have to say that after seeing the other versions many times over this one just reassured me of one thing I already knew all along. This is how true “dark” comicbook films should be made. The length of the film(over 3hrs.)was the one negative I took away from it. Other than that I felt everything else perfectly fit the type of story that was being told. Movies like this,Dredd & Punisher:War Zone are great examples of how you can still be apart of the PG-13 crowd within the same genre as Batman & the rest, & not having to tone down anything just to mass market to an “Age Appropriate” group who probably won’t go & see it anyway.

    This also reassures me that “Man of Steel” will be great seeing that it’s being done by the same director.

    • I actually hated Watchmen. It seemed like it was more appropriate as daytime soap opera fare than a movie. The characters being “super” seemed irrelevant to the story, and I thought it was TOO dirty looking. I couldn’t wait for it to be over! lol Each to his own, I guess?

  3. Ted was great, I finally saw this with the wife and we both loved it. I was marky mark the instant he met Flash Gordon. That is all.

  4. Favorite sports films?

    I for one am a sucker for an inspirational sports movie. Things like hoosier, remember the titans and miracle.

    • Great question. Overall favorite, Major League. It works as both an inspiration as well as a comedy and thought the casting was great. As for purely inspirational, it’s got to be Rudy. I can still hear Charles S. Dutton, “You’re five foot nothin’, a hundred and nothin’, and barely a speck of athleticism and you hung with the best football players in the land for two years. You don’t have nothing to prove to nobody.”

    • We are Marshal is good as is The Blind Side, but my favorite is Faceing the Giants.

  5. Survey: What Movies or TV Shows can everybody think of in which the lines,

    “Are You Afraid of me?”
    “well you should be”


    I can think of at least two.

    • Twilight 1,2,3, and 4(pt 1&2)


    • van dame in expendebles 3 just before he kills Hemsworth

    • van dame in expendebles 3 just before he kills Hemsworth.

    • In the trailer for Ghost Rider 2.(I haven’t seen the movie)

      • Lol… Forgot that one… the phrase is becoming as ubiquitous as the old disney line, “follow your heart”.

  6. Where is SR review of the last couple Fringe episodes?

  7. Anyone curious how far WB/DC would expand their shared universe? What im asking is will they try makin a Steel remake or Supergirl film that would be connected to the Superman reboot films after Justice League? Firestorm, Legion Of Superheroes. It would be awesome if there to be a JL francise running & a JS franchise excisting at the sametime. It’s a possibility if they didn’t wanna include Hawkman or Hawkgirl within the JL. Absolute Justice episode from Smallville introduced Hawkman, Stargirl, Dr.Fate,Sandman great on the show. I can’t imagine how they cannot do the same on film.

    • Their “Expansion” of a shared universe would depend on 2 important factors.

      1)Money. How much profit their early projects bring in. If there’s no money there’s no expanding anything.

      2)Competition. If it’s worth competing with MARVEL over top billing then DC will always be interested in expansion.

  8. Hey I was enjoying some dc animation over the weekend and I was curious to what you guys thought and that is why is dc animation so much more better then marvel animation but in live action marvel takes the cake is it just focused on one or the other. Dc has some really cool and great animated films and marvel has fantastic live films but not so great animated films.

    • I think DC has the advantage of having more interesting plotlines, espescially with Batman. Marvel has their share as well with someone like Spider-Man, but doesn’t convert those stories to animated films

    • It depends on who works on their respective projects. Maybe the animated people at DC should lead their live action devision, & MARVEL should have Joss Whedon do all or most of the animated stuff.

      • @ Broadway

        If Bruce Timm & Paul Dini & Co. lead the live-action devision, nothin would make me happier.

        • Agreed. They make “Almost” any & every live action film look inferior when compared to their stroke of animated geniousness.

          • Agreed.

    • @ The mighty avenger

      After reading your post, id have to agree. DC released more animated shows/animated movies i enjoyed than Marvel. But when it comes live-action, Marvel has the upper-hand. Especially films released by Marvel Studios. DC pretty much right now has Batman/Superman goin for them. Green Lantern was rushed, Jonah Hex,Steel,Supergirl,The Losers, to general moviegoers Watchmen itself wasn’t well recieved.

      It’s why i wonder WB/DC considered asking Bruce Timm/Paul Dini & Co to make the jump to being involved making live-action films since they’re great at they do now & familiar with characters of the DC universe as they put as many as they could in JLU. Even they had no speaking lines but point was they asked who all they could put on the show for the first time in who knows how long whether it be animation again or live-action.

      • Although Watchmen “flopped” when it failed to double it’s profit margin, it is still one of my top favorite films in that genre that uses the typical dark & serious tone style of a comicbook film.

      • Yeah for sue dc has the right guy to focus their live films and that is Bruce timm. That guy is awesome and I would love Whedon to focus kn the animated well.

        My favorite dc animated film is under the red hood. Love that one.

        • I thought about getting that. My favorite is Batman:Mask Of The Phantasm.

          • I prefer anything with more than one hero character in it(Justice League films or Superman/Batman team-up movies). Those should be the blueprint for DC’s “Cinematic Universe” to compete with MARVEL.

  9. Riddle me this:

    I see Santa and have no human soul, but he can fuel my anger whenever he gives me coal. What am I?

    • Good one “Riddler”. My answer would be soulless children. HAHAHAHA!!

    • Hulk? lol

    • Frosty the Snowman.

    • The abandoned North Pole Express…?

    • 42?

      • LOL Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, love those books xD

    • A fireplace?

      • Correct!

    • a fireplace.

      • i briefly scrolled down to see if anyone guessed this and did not see $2’s answer.

  10. What are your ten most anticipated films of 2013?

    42 (The Jackie Robinson Story)
    Man of Steel
    Elysium (Dir. Neil Blomkamp)
    Gravity (Dir. Alfonso CuarĂ²n)
    Zero Dark Thirty
    Anchorman: The Legend Continues
    The Wolverine
    Pacific Rim
    Jack Ryan

    • Man of steel
      Star trek into darkness
      Pacific Rim
      The World’s End
      Gangster Squad
      Wolfs of wallstreet ?? (That thr scorcese title)
      200000 leagues under the sea
      The wolverine

      • Iron Man 3
        Star Trek Into Darkness
        Thor: The Dark World
        Pacific Rim
        A Good Day To Die Hard
        Fast Six
        Man of Steel
        G.I. Joe: Retaliation
        Red 2
        The Wolverine

        and so much more… there are 42 films on my most anticipated list for 2013! Its gonna be a good year!

    • Iron Man 3
      Man Of Steel
      The Hobbit 2
      Thor 2
      The Wolverine
      Star Trek 2
      Red 2
      Die Hard 5
      Pacific Rim
      The World’s End

    • “Man of Steel”
      “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”
      “Pacific Rim”
      “Star Trek Into Darkness”
      “Despicable Me 2″
      “Red 2″ (It IS coming in 2013, right?)
      “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”
      “The Wolverine”

      • Actually, having been reminded of two other films, I’m amending my list: Instead of “Gravity”, I put “After Earth”. Instead of “Red 2″, I put “Ender’s Game”.

  11. Man of Steel
    Into Darkness
    Pacific Rim
    20,000 Leagues Under the See
    Ironman 3
    The Wolverine
    Ganster Squad
    Monsters University
    Despicable Me 2

  12. Not tv or movie related.

    Son asks me, “Dad, why would someone want to kill so many children?”

    I told him, “I have no idea.” was my response.

    Then felt a strong urge to walk him to is classroom this morning.

    He asked Why I did it. I responded “Because I can.”

    Did not have the heart to say “Because I no longer know if I drop you off at school, this may be the last time I ever see you.”

    • Thank God for home-schools!

      • I don’t feel this or any other tragic event should put people in a state of fear though. We should all remember that anything can happen at any given time in our lives. We shouldn’t have to go on constantly altering the way we live just out of fear alone. Just being aware of one’s surroundings & making sure to alert anyone if they feel suspicious of something is the best thing they & everyone else can do or ask for.

        • Good response.

        • True o king, but i dont deny that a home-school could be the scene of a similar tragedy. the diased mind of a killer would probably gravitate towards what has a more devistating impact though. home-schools are probably lower on his priority list.

      • That doesn’t help…home invasions are just as possible and just as common. Apparently, this school had just gotten new security measures set up.

    • Yeah, it’s terrible what happened. First the theater shooting in July and now this? To little, innocent kids no less.
      It makes me physically ill to know that there are so many sick, twisted people out there in the world.

      My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who was affected by this tragedy…

      • Amen everyone. It definitely has been a crazy year with these senseless random acts of violence. Let’s hope for the better in 2013.this has really upset me even though I don’t have kids. I can only imagine.

        These shootings could change our country And it could affect Hollywood, because once again violent movies and video games are being brought 2 the forefront.

        • The entertainment industry always gets used as the scapegoat. I wish people would stop doing that & search for the real reasons why these tragedies keep happening.

          • I agree. As much as i feel for the lost lives taken, i just wished these people who did these acts got help. Or their family,people at school,workplace,etc noticed anything wrong with them.

      • @The Avenger.

        Everyone with a heart and soul was effected.

  13. I watched Red over the weekend and really enjoyed it. John Malkovich was hilarious, Karl Urban was great, and Bruce Willis is always fun to watch. I kept replaying the step-out-of-the-moving-car scene, and I look forward to seeing the sequel!

    • @ $2

      That is nothing. I did that once..Stepped out of a moving car like Bruce did in Red.

      But unlike the Car in Red, it was actually a bumper car and there was a spider in it and I sort of jumped into my wife’s arms…But hey.

      • Jeff,

        I’ve been sitting here grading essays for hours as my brain slowly turns into goo, and then I alt-tabbed to SR and saw your comment. Thanks for the laugh! I really needed it. :)

        Also, you reminded me of when I was in high school. During P.E. one day, our teacher told us group of boys to run through some football equipment, but there was this HUGE spider on it, at least the size of a waffle. We all hesitated, and then the teacher smacked the spider, shoved it in his mouth, and chewed. We watched in horror as the legs disappeared into his mouth. One kid puked. Then the teacher screamed for us to run through the equipment again, and we all took off at once. Every time I see a spider, I can’t help but see the teacher shove that monster in his mouth!

        • @ $2

          Now that made my day ! :)

          And as a Parent of Former and Current Students. Thanks you for being a teacher.:)

        • Ha, here is one for you.

          3 Years ago, we were about to go out on a SAR Mission (I am a pilot in the coast guard.) So my team and I geared up, and ran to our helicopter.

          Now take in mind, all of us were well conditioned memembers of the USGG….Well this was the summer, down in Elizabeth City NC. We are not wimps, all of us over 6 feet and the smallest in weight 220.

          There was a Plametto bug in the copter…We all ran in…and then ran out screaming! A Plametto Bug is a cock roach on steroids that can fly……Now we were all mostly Yankees….Little Lisa Sue, born and raised in The Swamps of Louisana, comes in and says ” You big ol babies, it just a little ole Pamlmetto Bug, he can harm no one.”

          I Said ” That aint no bug, thats a creepy terrorist!…GET IT OUT OF OUR SIGHT!”

          Then we got the call to cancel the SAR. The boat had return to a different dock slip.

          So……Little Lisa Sue chased us around the base with the bug in her hand saying loudly” IM GOING TO GET Y’ALL!

          So Picture 5 In shape big bad coast guards…Running from a bug and a little 105 lb Woman!

  14. I think people care too much about star treks continuity and should let the new films do their own thing even if they reject past lore.

  15. I finally got a chance to watch Looper today and I have to say, I was expecting more.
    The story was very good and JGL was terrific, but I dunno, I guess I was just expecting something a little bit more intricate or complex.

    Still a solid 4 out of 5 from me though.

  16. Here are mine in no particular order

    The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug
    Iron Man 3
    The Wolverine
    Thor: The Dark World
    Pacific Rim
    Die Hard 5
    Gangter Squad
    Man of Steel
    Fast six