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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 16, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   December 16, 2013

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  1. “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” was excellent…Now, I want to see it in IMAX.

    • I agree. Saw it in IMAX 3D HFR, and it’s well worth the price.

      Don’t know what people think about HFR, but I like it! I wouldn’t want it on all films, but I think it makes the Hobbit special.

      • there is no HFR IMAX 3D here, only imax 3d, or hfr 3d, or 2d

  2. Good morning and happy Monday, fellow Scranters. Hope the weekend was good for everyone.

    I had 2 holiday parties to go to. The wife’s then mine. Hers is low key. It was at her boss’s house. It was fun but mellow. Mine was crazy as always. Huge venue and great acts.

    On to recent movie news…

    1. I’m not sure I am okay with the rumor of using Paul Walker’s younger brother as a fill in that they could just CGI the rest. Its kind of weird…
    2. I am a super fan of Indiana Jones. As a kid when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would answer saying “Indiana Jones”. With that said, why are they continuing the franchise? Why not reboot the series? I guess they are just trying to milk it for whatever is left.
    3. Naked Gun remake? Really?
    4. Spider-Man spinoffs seem to be cool. If done right, and in a way separate from the current SM franchise, it would be awesome.
    5. I know nothing about who they casted for Sarah Connor. And what is the premise about anyways? Is there continuation of the series or is it a full reboot?

    • 1.Who knows? The franchise got hit by a size-able amount of irony in having it’s lead involved in a fatal accident. I’m not very invested (read:interested) in the franchise to begin with, but I do hope however they handle this situation with as much class as possible.
      2. Yep, milk it for whatever it’s worth seems spot on.
      3. Refer to #2. I’m a big Naked Gun fan and Ed Helms fan so it might work out okay.
      4. I think a Venom movie would be spectacular. It would be neat to see Sony be the first to venture into “give the villain there own movie” territory first. I want to see this done with Dr. Victor Von Doom, but I doubt FOX has any plans until they can copy someone else.
      5. She is Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, Queen of the Andes and the First Man, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons. She knows how to fuss and look really good naked. In all honesty, not at all who I picture when I think of Sarah Conner. She can play billy-bad-ass chick when she needs too though, so it could be a great choice. I’m pretty sure it’s a full on reboot.

      • IMO Lena Headey was a great Sarah Connor. All I’m saying about the new casting is watch her eyebrows, thety have a life of their own. Once you notice it it’s really funny.

      • @ DR. Mindbender

        So you don’t think Terminator 5 will have any connections to previous films?

        • I really don’t know. It’s my understanding that this isn’t a continuation from the previous installments.

    • Good Morning all……


      1. I agree, it’s a little creepy.
      2. I am also a HUGE Indy fan, and couldn’t agree more. The franchise should be rebooted. I’ve said this many times before, but I’d like to see them “James Bond” it. After every so many movies, re-cast Indy. This franchise could have been much bigger and better if Lucas hadn’t dragged his feet for so long, only to give us the ‘Crystal Skull’. I really hope who ever Kathleen Kennedy puts in charge of this franchise understands it’s true value and the direction it needs.
      3. I have always loved the Naked Gun franchise, but a remake/reboot? I’m not sure how they can improve on the originals, they were classics.
      4. I agree, especially Venom. If they do him right, that could be a huge franchise for Sony.
      5. No idea on this one. I’ve kind of lost interest in the whole Terminator series.

      Anybody know why we have to keep putting our information in for every comment? Is it a glitch, or is that just how it’s going to be from now on?

      • Not trying to fight or anything but what is the difference between 2 and 3? You WANT them to reboot Indy every so many films yet the Naked Gun shouldn’t be?

        Are you saying the original Indys can be improved? (I dont count the Skull)

        This goes to LC also.

        While these are personal opinions I would think your love for the originals would want Indy/NG remade/rebooted. Indy could benefit from better stunts/SFX and NG could be upgraded to the times.

        Granted they need to be done correctly and not just thrown together.

        • No fighting Aknot, we are civil.

          In regards to Indy being, I would like to see a reboot. Not a remake. Reboot with a new cast and new stories. Don’t re make the same ones. Maybe a prequel but better than the series that they had on TV.

          As for TNG, they are remaking it, right? Not rebooting it? Reboots are all good. Like what they did with Star Trek. A remake IMO is like what Zombie did for Halloween. It was almost scene for scene the same. New stories, same characters. Keep it fresh.

          • +100000 On the Zombie remake of Halloween comment. It really should serve as the standard that which someone compares an idea to when contemplating the possiblity of a reboot/remake. Is there a unique angle/spin/addition you can successfully integrate into this already solid product?

            • “Is there a unique angle/spin/addition you can successfully integrate into this already solid product?”

              ^^^ This is the main thing that bugs me about the Carrie remake. I liked the movie, Chloe Grace-Moretz and Julianne Moore both shine in their respective rolls…

              …but the frame by frame, line by line adaptation of the original ending into the modern one doesn’t make any sense.

              The original Carrie was in the 70s. You can get away with dismissing the “stories of the children of what happened that night” because there is no substantial proof.

              In today’s modern world however, where every single person in that gymnasium has a camera-phone, (not to mention that there are cameras on every single corner now)… the same ending of complete dismissal without any evidence doesn’t hold up as well.

              • Agreed, Carrie made more of a cash grab than a kardashian.

          • Gotcha. I just dont think all remakes take the scene for scene approach. Granted some do. I think they will update it hopefully adding new gags and a current news event (a murder on a reality tv set?) for Frank to solve/prevent.

            I agree though if it appears to be a frame for frame im out.

            • Nightmare on Elm Street was a remake that was done right. It was a new take on the character and delved into the character immediately instead of waiting through a series of films.

        • @ Aknot

          Nobody’s fighting here, don’t worry.

          I would like to see Indy rebooted so we can enjoy more adventures with a new Indy. With a younger actor as Indy, the franchise can go on for longer. Harrison Ford is a little bit old to care on as Indy, IMO, so a new actor would be good. I’m not saying remake Radiers of the lost Ark, and the rest, I’m saying keep it going from there, like James Bond.

          With Naked Gun, IMO, Leslie Neilson pretty much owned Frank Drebin, and it would hard for me to see them remake the Naked Gun movies an better than they did. I could see the son of Frank Drebin going on, but not the character of Frank Drebin.
          That’s just me though. :)

          • In regards to Indy being like James Bond… I would disagree. I love Indy and I never want to get burnt out from Indy. That would probably make it happen.

    • At first I was on the fence about an Indy reboot considering how iconic Harrison Ford is, while I would prefer sequels featuring his son (doesn’t have to be LeBeauf) I could see a reboot like they did with Star Trek (since Shatner is just as, if not more iconic).

      And the form is still not saving my information making it a task to post comments.

  3. So it is confirmed apparently that War Machine will be in Th Avengers 2 and in a key role. I’m not really all that surprised after the end of Iron Man 3, but I’m curious if that means Tony Stark won’t suit up again. After all, he doesn’t need to have that reactor in his heart to put on the suit.

    • Stark doesn’t suit up because he “needs” it for his heart. He suits up because he’s a hero. :)

      I wonder if SR will keep my comment form information.

      • Yes, I know. But some have wondered how he would fit into an Avengers sequel or Iron Man 4 after the ending of the third film.

    • Is it actually confirmed other than Chealde’s comments?

        • Not an official confirmation, but better than just having Cheadle’s words.

    • I wonder if War Machine becomes Ultron?

      • Good point. Don’t forget AIM had access to Iron Patriot and they may therefore be tied to Ultron in this variation of Ultron’s origin story.
        Or, maybe Jarvis jumps ship and reclaims War Machine as his own tech leaving IM without an AI buddy.
        Jarvis is probably working right now in the debris covered basement of Tony’s Malibu pad building his ultimate version of IM from the many interchangeable components Tony designed.

      • @ Stark

        What if Rhodey suits up as Ironman down the road? RDJ contracted for Avengers 2 & 3. Not sure of another solo outing. Though RDJ would like to because still stuff he wants done.

        • @ Frank Castle

          IMO, I don’t think Rhodey or War Machine can carry a movie by himself, even if Rhodey is Iron Man. I think that once RDJ is done, Iron Man might be as well. You could get another actor to play me, but I don’t think it would be the same. The charisma and attitude it takes to play that part could be hard to find or replace.

  4. American Dad was amazing last night. Very enjoyable from start to finish and I believe this is Seth Mcfarlane’s strongest animated show.

  5. Watched Olympus Has Fallen on Saturday.

    Has there ever been a non-spoof film that has robbed more like for like scenes. All that was missing was a yippee kia yeay

    It was like watching Die Hard and Under Siege rolled into a single film. Fun brainless nonsense, perfect for a Saturday Night In

    • hmmm maybe it WAS a spoof……

    • White House Down is the spoof… more like Die Hard than Olympus Has Fallen… even down to the tank top and the first name.

      • I noticed that too…

  6. Is the character of the lizard is pretrade in the amazing Spiderman worthy of more screen time I personally did not care for the character is pretrade in the movie I think maybe a scene of him in prison revealing information that is salient for Peter would be fine but as far as the lizard returning for sinister six I would prefer another character take his place? Whattayathink?

    • ” Whattayathink?”

      i think you meant portrayed, not pretrade.

  7. I think the lizard should come back only because he had a connection with peter’s parents. The lizard will have to have the snout and the labcoat, otherwise it will look goofy.

    • I agree about the labcoat thing. A snout would have been nice but honestly I thought the face was fine w/out it. The best shot of lizard in TASM was when he had his labcoat and the swat dudes surrounded him. Then he IMMEDIATELY takes it off?! I wished he would have kept it on for longer.

    • @ Black knight16

      I agree. Would enjoy the Lizard better if he had a snout & ripped lab coat.

  8. (SPOILER Maybe)

    Ok, I think I figured something out from the X-men Days of Future Past, maybe. Ink is a character I am not too familiar with, but as I did some reading on him I found out he is given tattoos from a mutant, and each tattoo gives him different powers. Ok awhile back before they took it down Jean grey Femke had a stunt double posted up for DOFP. Well one of the Tattoos is the phoenix force, and I just thought that maybe she could somehow be connected through that character. Any thoughts?

  9. *Very minor Inside Llewyn Davis spoiler

    I saw Inside Llewyn Davis this weekend. If you like the Coen brothers’ character driven movies, it’s extremely good and absolutely worth checking out. All of the performances are spot on and the music is fantastic.

    Question for anyone who saw this: Were the opening/closing scenes supposed to be the same (ie some kind of flashback)? Or did a week actually pass and we’re just seeing that nothing has changed for Davis and that he’s destined to basically repeat these events?

  10. Im thinking about checking out all my Paul Walker films again, and trying to catch several of them that I haven’t seen. My first one was Takers. I thought it was pretty good. Nice to see Idris Alba in a bigger role than I usually see him in.

    • Sorry *Elba.

  11. Is this weeks podcast up yet?

    • Since there is no news item containing the podcast yet, I’d go with No.

      • Just checking.

        • I’m axiously awaiting it as well. It’s always a great start of the week.

          I think this is only the second time that I’ve seen the reviewed movie before the podcast came out. The first one being Gravity.

          • Me too. First being MOS.

  12. If Jackman doesn’t return as Wolverine, who should they recast for the role?

    • Jason Momoa

  13. Okay so theres been some dumb criticism(more like complaints) of Man of Steel that I seek to rectify now that ive had time to watch it closely

    First dumb complaint
    The zod fight goes on forever
    this is false, the zod fight take place over 5 minutes

    Second dumb complaint
    Superman endangers citizens by throwing zod directly into buildings
    this is also false, not once does superman do this, for most of their fight, superman is just defending against zods attacks and is in fact the one being thrown into building.

    Third dumb complaint
    Superman shouldnt/didnt have to kill zod
    Yes and no
    no he didnt technically have to kill zod, in fiction, no character has to but to make it actually interesting, it is good to see a hero confronted with a no way out situation, otherwise you have the boring perfect ideal superman that is uninteresting to watch or read about.

    • About the 1st complaint. When people say “the fight goes on forever” they aren’t talking about factual minutes but about how long it FELT. A boring fight that takes 5 minutes can feel way longer than that, while a great fight can feel a lot shorter than 5 minutes.

      Unfortunately the fight in Man of Steel felt very long, because it was a bit too abstract and out there to feel any connection. There is no real emotional attachment when you see two CGI puppets fly through building after building after building. At the very least they should have mixed it up a little more, because we’ve seen people fly through buildings for half the movie at that point. 😉

      • [really hating on having to reenter info]

        they should have had a couple of shots similar to when he was fighting faora and the giant guy [forget his name] on the ground with the fast motion. the constant flying was a bit boring.

      • Completely agree with you point regarding the MOS final fight scene. It FELT way too long. However, a good fight scene, executed well, can’t be long enough. I still can’t believe how good, for example, the last third of 13 Assassins is, which was pretty much a 45 minute fight scene!

        • I will find all of you
          I will find…all of you.
          I WILL FIND YOU!!

      • Well then people should clarify, I have heard them specifically say it implying length and I stand by my point, if you like the fight like I did, it was just long enough.

      • Agree completely with how the MoS fight felt. No emotion to it. Didn’t care about the people in the buildings that we’re blowing up all over the place, too much CGI, didn’t enjoy the choreography. That ending was my main problem with the movie.

        • Yeah, it was like the final showdown of Matrix Revolutions all over again, sometimes even with identical shots, for example Zod and Sups flying into each other and creating a shockwave, just like Neo and Agent Smith did back in the day. I don’t know why Zack Snyder thought that what bored people 10 years ago would rock their world all of a sudden? Just because it’s Superman? Nah… the showdown was more like a letdown.

          Having said that, I really do like Man of Steel. 😉

    • First complaint – I see where people could say it goes on forever… but then they should also complain that the entire LOTR series is a waste of time.

      Second complaint – Agreed. He actually tries his best to do what he can to save humans but this being his first real outing as a hero… Ill give the guy a break. If you can’t… then your dumb.

      Third complaint – Again this refers to it being his first time out. He didn’t want to kill Zod and without having ANY experience in battle, he didn’t know what else to do. It was quick and simple. He obviously regretted it afterwards. It will probably haunt him forever.

  14. Chetc , I think Tom Hardy could pull off a great Wolverine but as much as I want more characters like Cyclops, Archangel, Gambit, Rogue, Iceman, Psylocke, Colossus, Beak, and Nightcrawler. I still want minor roles for Wolverine and Jackmon playing the part.

  15. So after the mid-season finale of Arrow I’m very eager for the Flash show. Does anyone know when the pilot will air? I’m assuming next fall but also hoping its sooner

  16. I finally got to watch Pacific Rim. What a fun movie to watch!! I loved every minute of it. I wonder if there is any hope of a sequel because I just loved all those giant monsters!! Sure would love to see what Guillermo del Toro could do with a Godzilla or King Kong film!