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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 16, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 16, 2011

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  1. Morning Ranters.

    I’d prefer it if Patty jenkins DID NOT end up directing Black Panther, she’s more of a Runaways type.

    I actually think Spielberg could do Panther justice, but I doubt Marvel will ever bend to the will of a spielberg level diector. The action of an Indy movie with the intensity of an amistad/schindler’s list could make Black Panther a new type of superhero movie, a much higher caliber.

    • Haha. I doubt Spielberg would even be interested in doing a Black Panther movie.

    • THIEF!!!! ;) “she’s more of a Runaways type.”

      Same thing I said about 7 mins before you in the PJ thread.

      • we think alike.

  2. I went to the midnight showing of sherlock holmes 2 the movie was solid about as good as the first one…way more action though…however What i wanted to tell everyone was there is NO hobbit preview and they show TDKR teaser only, no new preview…half the reason i went to that movie was to see those previews (i figured since this was WB’s winter blockuster they would be attached). So if your looking forward to TDKR trailor enjoy jack and the bean stock instead >:0

    • I thought Robert Downey’s Sherlock Holmes was highly overrated. If you’d like to see what I believe to be a better rendition of the story and character, watch the British TV series “Sherlock”.

      • I’m not a fan of the series:
        That portrayal of Sherlock Holmes isn’t accurate to the books at all IMO.
        And the guy who plays Holmes comes of as a total homosexual as well (and so does Watson) – IMO

        Nah, I loved the movie. The acting is more than solid, the script and plot is very intriguing and original, the humor and action sequences are done well – Can’t ask for more in a movie.
        That’s why the Sherlock Holmes movie is one of the best films I’ve ever seen.

        • Looks like this weekend’s audience disagrees with you. It’s been reported that there was a poor turnout for the movie.

          • So just because it didn’t do that well in the first week means it’s a bad movie?
            Sure ;)
            And since when was 40mil a “bad turnout”?
            Look, these types of movies (Sherlock Holmes) attract HUGE numbers of people overseas. (So just because it did ~okay~ in the US, doesn’t mean it’s a failure at all).
            Do me a favor: wait for the worldwide figures to be released before you make a statement like that.

            Still, even if SH2 makes $1 billion, that still doesn’t mean it’s a good or bad film. Avatar made loads of money but the actual movie was pretty bland (t’was the special effects that raked in the cash).

            It’s a matter of opinion: I think the movies are more accurate to the books, and you think otherwise (that’s your problem). Doesn’t mean one is bad and the other one isn’t.

            • 35% drop from the opening weekend of the first film, so that could be an indication that those who saw the first movie did not particulary care for it as much as you did, and thus, less repeat business.

    • We had a new full length trailer playing at the movie theatre I work at. Must just of been the theatre u went to

      • what?!? i feel cheated!!! hope it goes up today

    • I also agree that Sherlock holmes 2 was as good as the first one. It had a few less laughs though, but the action more than made up for it. I had a full length TDKR trailer at the theater I went to.

      • i loved the scene in the woods(i wont go into detail) crazy scene!!!

  3. Does anyone know anything about the Japanese live-action movie Space Battleship Yamato? Will it ever be released in America, either in theaters or on DVD? Thanks.

    • I haven’t heard anything but that would be awesome

      • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I know it’s been released on Japanese DVD and Blu-ray, on versions that are playable in the States, but I have yet to see or hear anything about it being made strictly for Region 1.

        On the down side, I heard murmurs that Hollywood was going to make a whitewashed version of it. I surely hope not. It would be yet another anime show/movie ruined by the big Hollywood studio system.

  4. How was TDKR teaser? I hate the fact theres a combination of Bane/Mutant character rolled into one in the film. Bane is my 2nd favorite villain & appearance-wise is the 2nd time i havn’t seen the character done proper. Im sure Hardy’s performance as Bane will be good, better than the character being a mindless lapdog thug as seen in Batman & Robin of-course.

    I liked the teaser for Expendables 2. Norris & Arnold both having guns w/them had my attention. I kinda have a feeling it will be better than the first perhaps. Even G.I Joe 2 might be better than the first film, hopefully. Why do most of the movies i wanna see are summer ones? lol.

    As Han Solo has said “I hate long waits.”

    • I really loved the full length trailer

      • of TDKR?

        • Yeah it was a very nice trailer. Showed all the character from marion cottiarld to joseph gorden levitt. Show some nice lookin cgi I can see why banes voice my need altered but it was horrible I understood his line he had. But he is very menacing

          • *wasn’t horrible

            • jeez sounds awesome i hope it goes online today

              • People have been posting leaked versions of it online. I have yet to actually see it though.

                Maybe they’ll release it officially some time soon. Hopefully within the week.

                • Just saw sherlock holmes 2, tdkr trailer was awesome! I was in shock, i wasn’t expecting them to show it. Best part of the movie :D

  5. has anyone heard any of the cast of the dark knight rises compare the movie to the dark knight? Just curious if they think it is better/more epic.

    • Gary oldman said it was a huge epic movie. While christian bale just complimented joseph gorden levitt, tom hardy and anne hathaway for there spectacular work

  6. Joe Simon died a few days ago. At least he lived long enough to see his greatest creation on screen.

    • Another great one is gone.

    • He never actually got to see it though…at least I don’t think he did..I know at the premier of the film there were a few of his grandkids in attendance and they said he wouldn’t be attending the premier..he was ailing at the time I think the movie premiered..let’s hope he at least got to view it in a private screening.

      • I´m sure he saw it.

  7. Anyone know if the plot of the first Sherlock Holmes 2 will carry over into the sequel. I have yet to see the first film, but I’m going with some friends to see this one.

    • saw sherlock already ya it is directly connected to the first movie

    • It is directly connected to the firs one, however I feel that you can go see it without seeing the first and be ok.

    • I hope the plot does carry over Ghost in that I hope they use Moriarity for more than one his greatest nemesis I think that would be doing the character justice..

    • The plot from the first movie ties into the plot from the sequel (the whole Moriarty thing…) and apparently the ending to SH2 also has a bit of a lead-in to SH3 (that’s just what I heard though).
      Unfortunately, I won’t have the opportunity to watch SH2 for another two weeks :(, but from what I know, I’d recommend that you watch SH1 first before you see the sequel – it’s not necessarily though… – you should still be able to know what’s going on even if you didn’t see the first one.

  8. Saw Mission: Impossible 4 last night. It was awesome. Anyone who thought Brad Bird will not do a good job because he only has done animated movies before. Guess what, you’re all wrong. Go watch and feel dumb. :-)

    • thats good to hear, I like all the MI movies. Can’t wait to see MI:GP, now more than ever.

      • This was kind of like the third one with more humor. Brad Bird seems good at combining serious character moments with humor. Although I’ll have to say that there was maybe one or two scenes where they seemed to try a little too hard at the humor, but they were not really big moments so it won’t bother you much…

    • Looks like a double-header weekend for me: MI IMAX on Saturday, SH after-wards or on Sunday.

      • I definitely enjoyed it in IMAX. When they showed the scenery of the desert, Budapest, or Russia, you see every little detail, very gorgeous.

        I wasn’t really so impressed with the first Sherlock Holmes. I think I might save my money on this one and wait for the rental unless friends really want to see it…

  9. Saw a promo for an animated Napoleon Dynamite on FOX starting in January. Good news in two ways – hopefully it will be funny and secondly, hopefully it will get the crap-fest of a show “Gregory” off the air.

    • haaa i loved the movie. just hope this cartoon can at least stay on par w/ that. also in agreement, get that garbage jonah hill show off the air. struggled getting through the first episode and haven’t gone back.

    • Allen Gregory was already canclelled, but seriously I can’t beleive that people are excited for Napolean Dynamite. Its one of the 5 worst movies I’ve ever seen, so if it stay on par with the film then that spells doom for us all.

      • It admittedly requires a particualr taste. I would have preferred a sequel to an animated series, but we’ll see…

      • I totally agree. Napolean Dynamite was a terribly stupid film and I am so sorry that I watched it and wasted 90 minutes of my life. I wish FOX would just try to make a good comedy instead of trying to stick with Animation Domination. They need to find their next “Married with Children.”

  10. Hilarious take on the Amazing Spider-Man posters at the-gutters:

    Thought it was a nice poke at the Untold Story line.

  11. Anyone who thinks the Batman will die in this movie is really wrong. He lived long enough and saw himself became the villain at the end of The Dark Knight. What else needs to happen? will he die? then what’s the point of fighting crime? He will face Bane and fall at the beginning and totally hit bottom but he will rise again.

    Gordon says in the trailer ” He must exist “. It clearly shows Gotham needs the Batman. The Batman just can’t go away and die. He didn’t die a hero in the 2nd movie. He already saw himself become the villain. He is not required to die.

    I think the main theme of the movie will be some sort of redemption. In Batman Begins, the theme is about learning to pick himself up. To wrap the whole thing it needs to happen after the Batman became the villain at the end of The Dark Knight. He will rise again which is why this movie is titled ” The Dark Knight Rises “.

    • While I too doubt he will die in this movie, Bruce Wayne will die some day but Batman will live on in another person. I’m sure there will be a Batman movie set in the future where an aging Bruce Wayne is helping some young man/woman become the next dark knight.

      • Do you think Nolan and writers set TDKR 8 years in the future and was inspired heavily by Miller’s TDK returns, so he could force the next film to be a re-boot, not a continuation?

        Although it would be interesting to see another take up the batman persona, the studio will always use Bruce Wayne cause thats what they think the fans want. The same reason we are going to see yet another Zod or Khan, name recognition.

        I agree, he won’t die… but Nolan will make it hard for the next guy to carry on the story. I think we’ll see a re-boot fastracked, like the incredible hulk from anglee’s hulk.

        • If they got a great older actor (like Clint Eastwood or Mel Gibson) and a charismatic younger actor (like Michael Fassbender) to play the protege, I can see a winner. But like you said, studios like name recognition.

          Also, I don’t think it’s official that Khan will be the villain in the next Trek movie.

      • You mean like Batman: Beyond? ;)
        Where Wayne trains Terry McGillan to become the new Batman…

        • Yep. Couldn’t remember the name of the series.

  12. So i watches my first two episodes of Bog Bang Theory. Here’s a question. What’s a popular TV show or movie that you have yet to see.
    I still have yet to see anything Star Trek relates or Titanic. The latter of which makes me quite proud.

    • I just watched my first episode of BUFFY a few weeks ago. meh.

    • Have never seen one episode os LOST

    • Have yet to see mad Men and Breaking Bad, the two most acclaimed tv shows currently airing. The latter is on my Netflix queu but I’ve yet to make time for it.

    • Never saw Dexter. I keep reading people rave about it.

      And you never saw anything Star Trek related?! Kahless, you’re up!

      You are without honor, petaQ!! :-D

    • I´ve never watched any episode of Angel, Breaking Bad, Mad Men (well, actually I tried to watch the pilot but I guess I´m just not interested in it) and Dexter.

      But you have to watch Titanic at least once. Just for the sake of the climax when the ship sinks.

      And if you wanna watch a Star Trek movie, I recommend “The First Contact”. It´s my favorite ST movie. Patrick Stewart at his best.

      • I loved First Contact, but my favorite trek movie is The Voyage Home. Has the original crew, a great story and humor. Isn’t OVERLY science-fictiony, which is what doomed ST 5.

    • TV shows: I’ve never seen ‘Walking Dead’, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Buffy’, (now that I think about it, there are WAY too many shows I haven’t seen to be able to list all of em’ here)
      Movies: I’ve never FINISHED watching a Star Trek movie (it’s like a curse: every time I try to watch one from beginning to end, something gets in the way), I’ve also ever watched Titanic.

      • @ TheAvenger

        Im the sameway about tv shows & some movies.Some shows i tried to get into like Terminator:TSCC but lose interest quick. Most shows most of time i forget when they’re on or set my DVR. I was skeptic at first with Smallville & True Blood but got to liking them. As for movies, theres countless ive yet to see, old & new. Still havn’t seen It’s A Wonderful Life to watch for Christmas time. One of my friends said they would lend it to me to watch as i must see it,lol.

  13. Looks like I’m gonna be watching MI4 and Sherlock Holmes this weekend, can’t wait to watch TDKR prologue the release day for TDKR can’t come fast enough. :)

    • Me and my oldest son will be watching MI in IMAX; I don’t think he’s interested in SH, but I am.

  14. Saw conan last night i liked it what was the noise all about,but couldn’t say the same for your highness had to take it out half way through very disappointing to say the least.

    • I remember stepping into Your Highness after watching another movie (I was waiting for my son), and all I could do was shake my head. I was glad I went to the other movie.

    • Conan the movie? I thought it was terrible. The original, with Arnold, was far better, though the special effects were admittedly dated.

  15. Christian Bale must not realize just because a camera is on that he’s in a movie. Keep messing around in China and they’ll be doing a documentary on how you went missing Batman….

    • Huh? Did I miss a news event or something?

      • Bale got roughed up by some guards when he went to visit a blind chinese activist. it’s on youtube, check it out.

        • It made the local news here in New York. Guess he felt bold after snatching that guy from that building in Hong Kong, oh wait that was make believe. Seriously these actors need to step carefully in other people’s country, accidents happen……

    • I agree Slayer. What an jerk.

  16. “The Dark Knight Rises” prologue was… okay. Bane’s voice made it feel too much like “James Bond”.

  17. Anyone read Fables? I feel like alot of bis ideas have been ripped off by hollywood. Hansel and Gretel witch hunters, jack the giant killer. Lame man. I know these are old concepts but the revisioning(?) of them is so taken from .the comics

  18. Only one person saw the DKR prologue? What did people think of the prologue. I am seeing it tonight!

  19. Dear Santa. If you could arrange one Open Discussion withouth any TDKR mentions/a$$licking/worshipping, I´ll never ask for anything again.



    • Well Scape, it is an OPEN discussion, so …

      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!
      Dark Knight Rises!

    • No one is doing any of the things you described in this chat. I was simply asking what were peoples thoughts on said prologue. That is all.

      • I didn´t mean to offend anyone. But there´s actually threads about this particular topic. A lot of threads.

        • don’t worry Scapegoat is just a loser who complains about everything.

          • I´m sure he´s not. I guess he´s new to the site. And he didn´t say anything offensive. I´m just tired of all this Dark Knight hype, that´s all.

          • Oh wait. Did you mean me with “loser”?

            • Pretty sure he did

              • If that´s so, I wonder if he´d had the guts to say that to my face. But he´s probably one of those guys who feel secure behind his keyboard in his mommy´s basement. I couldn´t care less.

                • yeah i did mean you as the loser and I would have the guts to say it to your face.

                  • ok back up people….LETS GET IT ON!

                  • Sure you do. What the heck is your problem? You don´t even know me. If I were you, I´d be careful what I write. Vic likes to ban people who can´t behave.

  20. Didn’t know MI:4 was due this weekend probably catch the last show with a freind who’s been begging me to get out & catch another flick with him,i swore the immortals would be the last movie i saw this year especially since i enjoyed it so much,don’t wanna ruin the rest of my going to the movie year with a crappy movie at the theatre if this movie suck’s i’m coming for you all…lol

    • @hi-c

      Um, if you thought Immortals was awesome, then MI4 will be the best movie ever made for all time… lol :-D

  21. Anyone watch raimi’s original screen test for the green goblin? Wish they would have went that route instead of what ended up being in the movie!

    • Yea I watched it. I liked it. I actually did like what they ended up using in the film but if they would have gone that route with the Green Goblin I would have liked that also.

    • @ cgisuperman

      original screen test for Green Goblin? What do you mean?

      • Probably this:

        • Wow, that would have looked SO much cheesier than what they actually used. Some things just WON’T work on film like they do in the comic books.

          • @ Andy S

            I have to agree. I wasn’t too fond of the Green Goblin costume neither but after watching the original screen test with that other mask, some things don’t look as good on film as they do in the comics. Some things are more complicated than others.

  22. Yea checked it out yesterday,it was ok nothing spectacular

  23. After watching the GI Joe trailer i wounder if they are going to kill off all the good guys who are not in the movie. Say what you want about the first one, it did make a ton of money. It might be a buzz kill for some if they see Duke get killed in the first few minutes.

  24. Just watched MI4 and it was really good, during the previews the underworld trailer looks pretty good too Kate looked so hot as selene :) also the trailer for act of valor looks awesome.

  25. Bane is the next James Bond

  26. So does anyone else whose seen the TDKR prologue think that Bane sounds like that German smoke guy off of Hellboy 2?

  27. I hate how Bane speaks. His voice sounds electronic like or somthing. I hope it’s not in the final cut because Bale’s Batman voice hard enough to be tolerated. Hathaway looks ok perhaps but still seems little young. I prefered someone little older.